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  1. Electric Power Lines

    If you want to use these roads with Project Orion, you should use both files (ordinary + Regional). If you want to build in the city only (without Region), you can use only ordinary file.
  2. Bi-level Streets Pack

    Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate your opinion! :)   Hinata did this UDON Bi-level. I do not. (If you talk about some bags in Udon Bi-level).   I thought about entrances and exits on the the road below. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to do. This is due to the technical features of the game .   With best wishes, Max.
  3. Bi-level Streets Pack

    When Max gets some free time from school I recond =)   Not school :D
  4. Bi-level Streets Pack

    I'll try to do it as quickly as possible! Thank you for being so stay tuned!