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  1. SUGC Simcity Modder's Guide

    Thanks god (and the moderator) the guide is back for everybody to download. I hope this will not happened again.   Oups: small mistake in page 64. In the example, The date should be before the version. Will be corrected in the next version.   Should read like this:   Example: 001-OFFLINE_Roads_SUGC_20140710_1.70_Udons.package   Lots of problem today to upload version 1.01. Now it is finally there to download. Good reading!   Pinky!
  2. Version 1.01


    Hi everyone! Finally, after 6 months of work, I present you the SUGC SimCity Modder's Guide! You will find in this guide, all the technical articles find on the net regarding SimCity in one place. It also include new tutorials made by SUGC modders. This guide is there to help you understand the mechanics in SimCity. With it, you will be able to learn how to do small modification to the game, create menu icons and marquees, modify an in-game building and create a sub-menu in the User Interface as in Project Akar. This guide is a work in progress. More will be added when new tutorials will be produce by modders. Warning: It is a huge document (32MB) and already 300+ pages. Be patient if you download it using a slow internet connection.. Good reading! Pinky!
  3. SUGCPack

    thanks for the info guys we will look into it and made a note for now ;)
  4. SUGCPack

     ofc i will craft i will make an album out of them eventually when they are done ;)     Both packs are made by the same person this is just made for the simtropolis site
  5. SUGCPack

    oke thanks for the info wel will look into it ;)
  6. SUGCPack

      not sure we tested it on several machines and it was working fine on a clean install     ofcourse if you gonna use the 3k map mod to create bigger citys the game will take a performance hit cause it has to render more things on the screen
  7. SUGCPack

      you need to point the installer to your simcity folder not the simcitydata folder as stated in the installing instructions ;)
  8. SUGCPack

    nop not yet sorry, were looking into a mac thingy no promises though ;)
  9. SUGCPack

    Version 1.0


    SUGC’s ModPack For SimCity 2013 To help promote SimCity SUGC have compiled the most current mods that have been created into one downloadable and simple to install package. Installing Instructions: The Installer will take care of the uninstallation of the old packs/mods. If you installed SimCity to the default Origin folder you can start installing right away. If you installed SimCity to a custom folder you need to browse to your \simcity folder and start installing there. Some mods need a game restart after you have created a new region for them to work. Also some mods needs a bit of background explanation how they work so if you don't get how a mod works, please visit the respective page. Cities of Tomorrow Expansion pack is needed for some mods. Does not work on pirated copies of the game. Simtropolis does not support pirating in any manner. Changelog: Added: December 2014 Credit for each mod goes to the individual author's and teams who created them. If you like our work please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SUGCTeam/283275895198835 Compatibility This modpack includes mods which have been tested for compatibility with each other. Disclaimer Electronic Arts (EA) does not pre-screen, endorse or officially support SimCity mods and you use this product at your own risk. Notes: If you are having troubles with crashes on the launcher try installing without the old worldtradecenter plaza mod. Staff Edit: Minor revision to description.