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  1. Hello everyone, I'm experiencing a pretty bag bug since this morning. I haven't change anything nor download anything to my game, and suddenly, Cars are stopping in the middle of the road for no reason and didn't move anytime blocking all my city. It's not due to rerouting after upgrading or build road, and after spending the whole day trying to find what is happening, I'm desperate. Hope you can help me! I have a pretty fine computer which can easily run a city of 200k, and the city I try to run is 30K... I have observed the car are stopping most of the time when they are doing an action ( truck making delivery, police responding, bus at bus stop ) and also some random car on the road. It get worse if I play the simulation. For example, when a fire happend, all the car in the neighbohood stop and never start again. Here's some pic to demonstrate this pretty strange bug. 'Doing deliveries' 'Cruising an avenue' 'No ones move in this picture.' As you can see, I have lowered the setting to see if it helps and it doesnt... Please help!
  2. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    City of Cairns, Nova Scotia.
  3. Show Us Your Interchanges

    City of Cairns, Nova Scotia. The south Bell Tollway Interchange. Lefort Valley Corridor. Harbor Interchange The five way interchange.
  4. Show us your Area view

    The City of Cairns, Nova Scotia. 1850s 1900s 1950s 1960s And finally the 1980s.
  5. Pensatucky - A City from The Great Plains

    Pensatucky - Second Entry. The Big Dig The city grew a lot. Eastern and Northern suburbs have spred into the plains and the city now has a big challenge to face. The Big Dig. For now, the Interstate goes through downtown since its building 45 years ago, and the scare is big for the town. As the city of Boston, Pensatucky will dig an urban tunnel for this interstate and another connection in the north part under the city center. Above will grow a nice and pleasant park where pedestrian and buses will cruise without beiing drown by private traffic congestion. Let's take a look at that work: A view south from the 5 way interchange heading downtown. The junction ahead will turn into a tunnel to reach downtown and the interstate after it. First step is to interrupt traffic on the interstate, and deroute it northern to the belt freeway. The constructors next add the tunnel itself above the actual road and fill it after with gravels and grass. The only lane remaining is congested a lot. The Eastbound tunnel is already done. Let's continue with the westbound. The access road are destroyed and the next step will start Downtown now look really empty without the traffic but it won't last long. A few weeks later, surface road are done and the park is here. A boulevard now connect downtown with the rest of the city were the freeway stand. The East entrance is monumental. A view from West. And for the end, a general view of the city with the Big Dig completed. Hope you enjoyed my update. If you like it, plase leave a comment and subscribe to my steam profile for others pics.
  6. Welcome to Pensatucky, a 1.2 mi city located in the north of the Great Plains State from the fictional country of Simland. The City is car-centered and has many interstate and interchange in it's area. Pensatucky has many things to see. A very modern Financial District with a lot of good hotel and nice apartement, a lot of Skyline view park, and a few monuments like Space Needle Tower. The easiest way to come to Pensatucky is Interstate 1 running South to North in Simland, but you can also use the North Plains Airport, or the newly inaugured high-speed rail system running though the Avalon River. I let you enjoy de beauty of this town : First an aerial view of the city towaring south-east. We can see the CBD with many parks and nice place and a lot of suburban area with many freeway. Here's another view of Downtown taken from the other side of the Avalon River. You can also see North Plains Airport. Here you can see the downtown Gardens, with a little flyover. This particular structure will be soon underground because it's really ugly and was made before tunnel were added. You can see here a better view of Interstate 1 running from left to right in this picture. This part of I-1 will be underground too in a few years. View from the top of the tallest building of Pensatucky to the north. See there's no limit to the suburb to the edge of the map ( nearly ^^ ) A top view of the City. In West Pensatucky is a huge interchange with 5 freeway. In a less develloped zone, a freeway in construction. A lot of people will soon move in this area. And for the end, a little view of North Plains Airport, the Avalon River, and the CBD for background. Hope you enjoy the visit. You can see more pic at my steam profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/grockefeller
  7. CJ #1 From Scratch to Pensatucky

    It actually look like this Packersfan :
  8. CJ #1 From Scratch to Pensatucky

    I actually destroy the freeway as soon as the game start, and replace it with those gravel path. Work pretty well so far, But I'll rebuilt freeway when cities grow up!
  9. Los Santos from GTA V

     No I can't. It's not my mod, and I do not own it. But here is the link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405879157 Feel free to contact the authors if you want an upload.
  10. Los Santos from GTA V

    EDIT : External Link added. Original steam version is also available here : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406684124
  11. Los Santos from GTA V

    I'm sorry, it was Paleto Bay, I get San Andreas mixed up! And for those requesting external downloadable link, I'm uploading it in a few minutes!
  12. Los Santos from GTA V

    I'm sorry, but the website doesn't let me download file with that format (.crp) But if you want, I can send you a zip via email. Just contact me. ( And whoever want the savegame's file directly. ) ;)
  13. Show Us Your Interchanges

    I love the look of youre road system BorisS1990! Great job
  14. CJ #1 From Scratch to Pensatucky

    Hello everyone and good morning for those living on the old continent! Welcome to my first CJ from Cities Skyline, named Rock Valley from... Well.. Rockefeller ^^ that's me. Caution : I've linked the screenshot directly to my steam account, and had to enable HTML for those to work well. Please report any error or not showing pictures, thanks! I wanted to create a town from nothing. No prebluid track or highway, just a small sandy track from the outside and here it is, Pensatucky is born. I'm going slowly, so every decision is rational and well thought. Step by step, my city growth peacefully. The second decades of the 20th century isn't finished yet but the town has nearby 2000 inhabitants! I let you discover the first pictures of this town. You could also download the savegame of this point on the link at the bottom of the page! Enjoy, comment, and subscribe! First sign of life in the Rock Valley back to the 19th century. The rural settlement stand between two quite strands and is nearby a pleasant lake. As you can see, the community is small but spread all others the map. If there's on thing that my first abandonned cities teach me, it's the importance of room. If you build your town compact, arrived at a certain point, the amount of infrastructure needed make you destroy part of the city, and the result of freeway in tiny space for exemple is desastrous! The Fox Lake is home of multiple middle classes families which enjoy the peacefull mood of the neighbohood. In 1920, a bridge is built, and connect Pensatucky to Concord Heights and to the northern counties. Currently, the power is provided by two wind turbines, but it's not enough, and the city is planning to build a coal power plant on the hill north of Concord. At the convergence of the stream to the Rock Valley River, a small industrial area specialized in wood has grown. A scenic path enable citizen to have a panoramic look of the river! What a pleasant place for hiking Somewhere upstream, the city has built a dam to prevent dry period or flooding on spring, and the reservoir was transformed in a pleasant and relaxing park with some view on the city. Back to Pensatucky, the nearby hills has been colonized by houses which residents wanted scenic view from their backyard. In north, the Vermont Height Power Plant has been built, and now provide enough power to feed the city for a long period. Are we close to the industrial revolution? An aeriel view of the region as it stands actually. I had to delete the field in order to upload the savegame with no dependancy. And for the last, the actual city as it is in the savegame with names. I encourage you to use unlimited money mod because the city is now in red. The next step is the building of a railroad track to enable a better transit for goods. You can watch me streaming this cities and maybe others from steam in my profile - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067447346/home/Subscribe to see more screenshots! Feel fry to like comments, share and subscribe! You can also have a look yourself at the savegame which is downloadable at this link -> http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067447346/home/( It's current version 1.1, others version will be upload separetely )