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  1. Monas Monument

    Version 1


    Monas is an monument located in Jakarta, Indonesia. This file was from roe99.weebly.com but I reuploaded it into Simtropolis. If you want the specifications, then here they are: Specifications Name: Monas (Monument National) Origin: Jakarta Indonesia BAT type: Ploppable as Landmark Lot Size: 8 X 8 Plop Cost: $110,000 Budget Item: 150 Bulldoze cost: 100 Flammability: 10 Landmark Effect: 100 / 100 Mayor Rating Effect: 10 / 256 Pollution at center: 1, 1, 15, 0 Pollution Radical: 1, 2, 0, 0 Power consumed: 60 Water consumed: 0 P.S: idk why the landmark effect is 100100 or 100 100, probably it is just a broken text. -CB Edit: Changed file ownership to the original author. (Thanks @RandomDownloadLotsGuy for uploading it.)

    I uploaded this was 4 years ago, and I've been a long time not to visit simtropolis, even I forgot my pasword for sig in, cause I don't play this games again, but that makes me surprised and amazed, it turns out there are still people download this building, even on the list of most popular bat building simcity 4, meaning that there are still the playing SimCity 4, OMG I became homesick to play SC4...thanks and salute to simtropolis.com
  3. gan upload cara buat bangunan simcity4 ke youtube donk.. supaya bangunan indonesia bisa berjaya di simtropolis.....(y)

  4. one cause that makes me pleased to visit simtropolis is because seeing batavia towers are among the top 5 downloads

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    2. shenandoah


      dear roe, i am from indonesia too, can you please make the ritz-carlton kuningan hotel, it will be a great honor for you to make it.

    3. lordmuda


      Roe, would you please make Borobudur Temple? or you can make Komodo's Reservation Area...

    4. KonstantinII


      Whatever is a good BAT...

  5. keren gan... keep up ur work

  6. indonesian SC4 mayor pada ngumpul di -http://www.kaskus.us/showthread.php?t=7018182

    silahkan maen kesana

  7. Hi roe99, andai ketemu sampeyan lebih awal, sudah melanglang di dunia SC4 sejak 2007 ndak ketemu rekan senegara yang sehobi (sorry for not using English here).

  8. On001222 Thailand Bat Thread

    wow... the building model is looking impressive! how long it takes to complete the building?
  9. gan tolong buka forum kita yg dikaskus donk, ada yang ane tanyakan ( maaf nubi gan ) :malus

  10. hallo gan,,

  11. udah ane timpuk tuh

  12. Gan, ane boleh barcen di simtropolis gak?

    Disini bebas barcen. Tanpa harus 2000 post bisa barcen :ngakak


    [quote name='T Wrecks' timestamp='1310557699'] once again I don't see a query window when I click on the building. I guess the BAT needs something from an older upload of yours, but it would be good if you mentioned that in the description. [/quote] [quote name=]to display quiry UI properly, you need a Elsham_query_UI.dat placed in the plugins folder, that you get from my previous file, as I include the tower batavia, or wisma46, if no Elsham_query_UI.dat in the plugins folder, buildings can still run normally in the game, only when clicked then no information will be shown[/quote] ah I thought I had explained about this query window since the beginning of the description but I was not smart to say it properly, what a good step which should I do?