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  1. @baduncansd Yeah you're right, they are basically reskins of regular 2L and alley roads. @andreharv There's still this one which could be added to complement 2LTL:
  2. @andreharv If you want I can pick up those suburban and cobble roads, it's just been a long while since I worked on those... Or perhaps if you have other new ideas?
  3. A mod would be a great idea, but for now I'll just share the assets. I just got word it's okay for me to share them on the workshop. One thing that will be different for the workshop versions is their texture resolutions will be upped compared to the ones in the DLC. I think many of them were lowered to 512/1024 but most of the originals are 2048. So that will be one advantage to sharing the ones I have locally...
  4. Anybody want RICO versions of these? I can ask Paradox if I can share them on the Workshop (you would of course still need the DLC to use them).
  5. We could pick the theme and choose what buildings we wanted to create. Paradox was very helpful with suggestions. CO did not get involved until the QA started and some issues had to be fixed. I'm not sure what the plans look like for future packs. I think it'd make sense for another asset creator to do the next one (I'm assuming there's gonna be more but no official word on this). A Station DLC would be pretty sweet. Tbh I'm still hoping there will be a public transport DLC created by CO.
  6. Lazarus, perhaps this is a good time to dig these out of the ground? Or would these be a better fit for NS?
  7. Thanks everyone! Neither Paradox nor me expected the DLC to be so well received! A 100% positive rating on Steam is just wow! There should be another patch fixing some minor issues with the next game update (I don't have an exact eta for this). I wanna return to making stuff for the workshop again so stay tuned.
  8. The Moderator is actually Lazarus / Andre lol
  9. Thanks @boformer for the screenshots! @Kaschperl I'm sure there will be more packs in the future, maybe there will be something for you at some point. @Avanya Thank you, I sent some of my own screens to Paradox but they are a bit busy atm with all the DLCs coming out on the same day, maybe the will still update the ones on Steam...
  10. Thank you! I will continue to make assets I just want to make sure any issues are fixed with this release. (Many were already fixed during QA but you never know.)
  11. Hey guys and girls! Today I would like to present the second Content Creator Pack created by me. The pack only contains Unique, Park and Service buildings... Unique buildings: Research Center Electric Car Factory Semiconductor Plant Robotics Institute Nanotechnology Center Television Station Software Development Studio Biodome Space Shuttle Launch Site Electric Car Factory Service buildings: Intelligence Agency (Large Police HQ) Medical Laboratory (Semi Hospital) Cryopreservatory (Advanced Crematorium) Faculty (Small University) Wave Power Plant Park buildings: Vertical Farm Biodome Some screenshots down below... If any of you find any issues with the buildings or the DLC in general, feel free to let me know because there's bound to be a patch down the line.
  12. I would at the least try to remove some holes in those faces. You could have some big flat polygons where parts of them are underneath the rooftop elements. That will definitely lower the tris count, but it will add some unused areas to the uvmap. I sometimes use these areas for texturing other smaller faces.
  13. Yes, all triangles add to the tris count. This big complex ones are called ngons (they show up as one face but can have dozens of triangles in reality). You could try to work with your own layout of squares. That usually also makes texturing a bit more easy but it may require more vertices.
  14. Great work! You are improving your texturing skills very quickly.
  15. If you are gonna build NS assets, make sure you build in a 10% delay rate, 25% chance of detours and 40% customer dissatisfaction. Kidding aside these are great assets and I'd love to see more Dutch stuff.