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  1. thanks for your work. very nice, bro

  2. I really like the detail you add to your lots. Overall, they are some of my favorite and I think I've probably downloaded every lot you've ever posted. Thanks for your creativity. 

  3. bravo for your Artwork and thanks


  4. How to install the texture pack?

  5. SimGoober, can you make a Wawa? I was also thinking a plop a shop mall!

  6. you have the best stuff here on this site :)

  7. Very nice stuff man. You should make more of Miami style buildings :)

  8. I just wanted to say that I think you're one of the absolute best modders out there for SC4 and your stuff goes a long way to making the game even better for me. Thank you.

    1. euphonial


      I completely agree - well said, Huxley. . .

  9. Do all SimGoober's growable buildings (restaurants specially) work with CAM?

  10. You need to make more siding colonial and southern houses like you made before, now those were amazing. Could you?

  11. yeah dont you dare delete your content, its simply put the best retail lots bats available period. I mean I think if Maxis saw your work they'd be paying you to work on their game. Thats how good they are. But your queries are hideous.

  12. Don't delete your content it is awesome. I hope STEX memory isn't being lost.

  13. Well said, you are the king in retail lots thats for certain no one has more of them or the quality but dude what the heck happen with the custom query windows they are so dreadfully ugly in the game, but besides that, excellent work, I have all your stuff in my plugin folder in its own simgoober labelled folder, which says alot considering its the only of its kind beside pegasus and paeng. ;-D

  14. Goober's nuts have always been the best to me. Wait a minute, that didn't sound right....

  15. ur adds rock!! thank u very much and greetings from buenos aires city, argentina :D