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  1. Hey there! yor uploads are amazing! I went to Portland and Vancouver for the first time in January and was able to recognize buildings because of your Simtropolis posts!

  2. Madison Square Garden Gay Pride Version

    Very nice! well done.
  3. Portland, Oregon

    nice! great transit map! cool to see burnside and sandy! that intersection is a nightmare. i can't wait to see more, especially downtown. :-D
  4. North American Stadiums

    Stunning, I've seen the mariners play here numerous times. Your model is spot on. Great work.
  5. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    Amazing job sparky! i'm really happy the way it turned out. it looks 110% better with that base, and it kind of reminds me of the hanging gardens. i really like what you did with the windows, makes it look even more realistic. i cannot wait to see hatfield complete. i'm looking forward for the next update.
  6. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    wow sparky, the final product looks really good! i love what you did with the textures, the roof looks perfect. as for that problem, have you tried re-rendering? or maybe try copying and deleting the old roof piece to replace it with the newer copied piece? if non of this works i wouldn't let this stop you from posting it on the stex, it isn't actually that noticeable. and i doubt most people play at that zoom level. i'm not sure what that happens, must be a texture problem with bat/gmax. keep up the morale, it looks amazing. i can't wait to see it in my cities
  7. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    that new wall texture looks great sparky! it really add's depth to the building. one last suggestion, did you make it so the window's are their own poly? if so you should tottaly do the random window textures, to give it a little variation, just like this: there's a plug-in somewhere on the stex that will allow you to do this. can't wait to see the finished product
  8. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    hey sparky! i say #2~! the first one doesn't flow as nicely. as for the textures, you might want to make it look more matallic, more shiny. try something like this: http://img459.imageshack.us/img459/4032/metaltexture096sa.jpg (might want to make it a little more darker though) also, for the main building texture, you might want to make that texture go from dark to lighter as the building goes up. right now it looks too momocolor. like this: http://img459.imageshack.us/img459/631/marble097fg.jpg (this is just an example of the contrast changing that i'm talking about) these changes will give the courthouse more depth and make it look more realistic. also, i think that's plenty of roof junk, i wouldn't want it looking too busy. This is amazing!!!!!!!! i can't believe we made all of those portland buildings, just beautiful. Rickk, real nice job! your's is a lot more accurate than the one i made, mine was kind of a mix of two portland buildings lol.i can't wait to see it textured and in game. bixel, your holiday park plaza looks fantastic! looks very realistic and will fit in real nicely next to lloyd center. it's too bad it's too big to grow, or actually hasn't the BSC figured out a way to grow lots larger than 6x6? keep up the great work everybody! all of these amazing works almost makes me to want to start batting again!
  9. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    the Hatfield is looking great! now the hard part of texturing, metal isn't easy to pull off. as for your panorama's, you should use autostitch, its a free program that automatly stitches your pics together, get it here: http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~mbrown/autostitch/autostitch.html
  10. The Portland Building

    Amazing job Sparky! looks just like the real thing.
  11. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    Hey sparky! The Portland Building looks AMAZING! the textureing is great. i love the black/grey windows. Ripptide made the most accurate Portlandia ever, it's unbelievable. you do plan on removing that base plane right? as for next pdx building i'd love to see the Fontaine, it's my favorite on the east side.
  12. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    the portland building looks amazing! you must get rid of that mustard color and try using a darker marble texture that u used for ODS. as for the turquoise base texture, try to make that look less repetitive. and i hope that blue top part is going to be the same main grey/off-white color lol the windows might look better if they were abit bluer, try using this: http://img459.imageshack.us/img459/5702/ama032mi.jpg and try this for the main off white color (it's the marble texture but i me it a tad beige. http://img465.imageshack.us/img465/5488/marble07110ae.jpg also, just for fun, here are some picutres i took of the building a few years ago:
  13. ODS Tower

    Amazing job sparky! looks just like the real thing.
  14. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    wow, that looks A LOT better with that darker green window texture. and i would not worry at all about that wacky thing on the lower right corner of the building. it is hardly noticeable. i never knew about using wireframe instead of smooth + highlights . i wish i had known about that sooner! haha either way, this looks perfect to release, is there anything else you plan on fixing? i can't really see anything. except for perhaps darkening the white marble texture a little. it is almost bleached white on the upper right corner of the 2nd pic. updated or not, it's still amazingly realistic to the real ODS
  15. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 1

    looks really great! here are two new textures you could try using for the window and white texture: http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/6343/ama04green1uj.jpg http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/5999/marble073uh.jpg