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  1. Hello friends!

    I would not good sir! Classic. I'm wondering about some of the NDEX creations. I'm interested in updating some of them in accordance with quality control -- and I'm definitely getting rid of the installer for the NDEX global essentials in the next couple of days. Anyone have anything they'd like changed or think would be a good investment of my time? So far, I've observed pollution is too high from some of the default lot editor configs. Also, is there a post available somewhere that documents growth of growables by the engine? ex., if I want a building to appear less often, is it better to turn down the occupants or turn them up to a more balanced level?
  2. What is your Number 1 all time video game?

    Hmmm geez. I'd say it's a shakedown between Shift 2, Forza 1, SimCity 4, Mirror's Edge, and Descent 3. Possibly also D2 if you want to get technical, by games that inspired me at a young age. Let's be honest though. I'm just refraining from mentioning SimCopter and SimTower. EDIT: To those above: Yes. Red Alert 2. Yes. So good. Also, dat soundtrack.
  3. Hello friends!

    Thank you Nonny Moose, I'm glad to see a familiar face! I have the STEX discs but I was actually getting frustrated by the lack of batch installs there as well. Turns out I applied my +1 Shorts Of Patience and had greater success. Glad staff is still doing well around here. And in fact, I had just picked up the Steam version of the game for exactly the patch reason since there were no no-CD patches for the latest patch and my new desktop lacks any optical drive. trololol. I'm sorry about missing the WB thread... my bad! I'll chalk it up to wanting to know about 2013 as well. I hope some mods take off for that, I found it to be a rather interesting game, if (indeed) a bit limited in scope.
  4. Hi there, and welcome to the forum! I purchased 2013 at launch last year, and was very excited about it, and eager to disregard all the virtually immediate criticism. It is the internet, and it was a videogame - an EA one, at that. The game is interesting. In fact it's quite nifty. The simulation is cleverly programmed and the data views and such are there right in front of you in a way they just never were in 4, mods or not. In terms of games to get into, 2013 is definitely a bright and fresh take on the series. It's fun and it isn't as unbearably difficult to turn a profit as it was (at least for me) in base SimCity 4 all those years ago. (That being said, there are other parts of the game that have equal difficulty, like creating self-sustaining cities.) The resource balancing is certainly interesting, and I won't comment on whether or not it was thrown in just to support the need for DRM; as far as that goes, it is one of the more earnest attempts at adding functionality to publisher demands I've seen. It adds an element of regional gameplay totally missing in 4 -- actually working together towards goals. I have no idea how this works in offline mode. I'll boil it down this way: 2013 should really be called SimTown. The cities are just too small. The lack of a region editor is killer too. These are the two bummers in my book about 2013. If you are drawn to either of those features there's really no question; it's 4 for you. If you want to spend hundreds of hours crafting a region from scratch, building it into a metropolis with lots of control and custom content, 4 is your game. If you want a shorter gameplay life, less time until you feel like you've created something pretty cool, I'd think about 2013. I'm also pretty sure this is the most unbiased advice you'll ever receive asking this question, lol. I'll definitely be making a return to 2013 once some more mods trickle out. The game is too interesting, albeit limited, for me to stay away from forever. In short I don't regret the purchase after about 60 hours in, and I'm now playing SC4 again.
  5. Hello friends!

    I HAVE RETURNED. I was out for a drive today in the Olympics and I happened to have made the fateful decision to bring the SimCity 4 soundtrack with me. The combination has proved irresistable and I am now pillaging the STEX for all NDEX content I can find - not sure what else is good yet. It's been 8 long years friends. What's been going on? How in the world does my profile have 2 point something million views? Is everyone here as grouchy about 2013's SimCity as the rest of the internet was? What's the future of Simtropolis looking like? Can I batch download files from the STEX?
  6. SimCity 3000 Unlimited Freezing

    Good heavens, unlimited freezing?! That's quite a lot of freezing!
  7. Member of the Month Awards: January 2012

    I just met Maarten and Capt_City, and they are awesome! So congrats!
  8. Your favorite cartoon animation

    I am a huge animated TV fan. I watch more of it than any other media by far. I like... um there are lots. Boondocks, Simpsons, Futurama, Samurai Jack, Ugly Americans, Frisky Dingo (my all time favorite), Family Guy is alright - I especially enjoy season 9 when they strayed away from the cutaway humor a bit more, Archer is okay although Frisky Dingo is far superior, like every other college student I do enjoy Adventure Time quite immensely, I like the old Looney Toons but I find them difficult to obtain in this digital age -- especially the Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyotes of course. There are many more, but I don't have my external harddrive connected at this immediate moment...
  9. Show us your annoying ads

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess someone uses a site prefixed with a disc image format. You know what are the worst though? Popups. I mean seriously. There were years there where that was totally not a problem! And now it totally is again! Do I really have to get an extension? This stuff was builtin for a while there!
  10. What are you reading?

    Well, I definitely fit the key demo you are talking about. It is very interesting though because I can only take the ideals of libertarianism in limited doses. They are frankly impractical, especially applied to an entire group or culture of individual human entities; it forms no coherence. To me her Soviet era background is quite evident in the strength and near brutishness of her philosophy. I have only read The Fountainhead so far and it resonated with a lot of the way I feel about humanity from growing up in two very rich, predominantly white areas of the United States; my views were severely jaded and shaped by these experiences in ways I am only beginning to put together now. Neither this post nor I are directly defending Rand, and frankly, I have yet to read her credited masterpieces, but I did find some things I liked in The Fountainhead. I am extremely interested in her other works and hope not to be disappointed or overwhelmed by Atlas Shrugged, for example. On the other hand though, I don't know if I've ever found one particular political or philosophical ideal that ever appealed to me in total. I take bits and pieces; I see no reason to insist upon things being purely black and/or white.
  11. Explain the story behind your avatar.

    You, sir, are full of win. I attended the UW from out of state and am planning on moving back there sometime soon. Related to your post more directly though, have you seen any WaMu Tower BATs around the STEX?
  12. What grade of school are you in?

    I am positive, too, that my ennui is from lack of experience. There is a lot of personal factors behind this actually, that I am just coming to terms with now. I want to get a job for a year or two, build up some money and stuff, and then I think I will do just what you recommend. I really want to see Canada, like a lot. Take a train from coast to coast. Later in life, drive a train coast to coast. You know, that kind of stuff. Right now though, I need to push through the situation I'm in and get at least a bit of a start on adult life. I have a plan, and it involves banks. ...by that I mean I am going to be a teller for a little while, not rob one.
  13. Explain the story behind your avatar.

    Best record label ever, Anjuna. I like the housey side myself, Anjunadeep. Anjunabeats (trance) is also grade-A legit though.
  14. What grade of school are you in?

    You know, I would be okay with this, but frankly a) I don't have the money, and b) I just can't justify doing further school until I really have a concrete passion I want to pursue, nail down, and tackle. I just don't have that yet in my life. Which is interesting in a way, because I feel like that is exactly what college was for, yet so many of my friends (and also just the acquaintances I have met) don't have this clarity, and instead are filled with an almost sort of disillusionment and uncertainty. It will be interesting to see the future.