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  1. Original Thread: SC4 Extra Cheats DLL First look: <img src="http://www.epicedit.com/drawpaths1.jpg" alt="" /> Do I have your attention? Okay the first round of getting "more" from the game than you thought possible is here. The Extra Cheats DLL file is now primed and ready! Put in your regular plugins dir Open up a city, hit "Ctrl+X" and right click the box. You should now see a list of "cheats". DrawPaths does the above, HidePaths... duh... "Moolah #" add funds into your city. :-) I'll post a complete list of cause/effect cheats when I have it all compiled. EDIT: The Extra Cheats DLL on the STEX Original Thread: SC4 Extra Cheats DLL Return to Top
  2. A lot of these features are currently done with mods. So it's nice to see those get integrated into the main game.
  3. It's an attempt to woo the Asian market.
  4. The new DLC announcement baffled me. I just wrapped up a Youtube series with Natural Disasters, and this new DLC offers really nothing unique enough to warrant another series. Fact is, we already have mass transit in the game, why add blimps if not to squeeze more money out of an already shaky fan-base?
  5. I'm truly disappointed by this announcement. I read the post and nothing in it caused me to get excited.
  6. The coolest thing, you can land a meteor in water and cause a tidal wave
  7. A new Cities Skylines series kicks off today with After Dark and the new Natural Disasters DLC! https://www.youtube.com/c/FlexibleGames
  8. A Cities:Skylines series starts today! Including After Dark and Natural Disasters DLC!
  9. Yes, I loved the work that went into Abby's avatar to much to let it fade into internet obscurity! HA I forgot about THAT avatar!
  10. Cool! I always encourage modding! I just uploaded the map I've been using for that series as someone requested it.
  11. Yeah! There's a new DLC due out for Skylines and I'd like to cover that. Not sure how I'd schedule it though, covering 3 games has me busy 7 days a week.
  12. Several years ago I was actually in talks with Maxis to get the full source of SC4, all was going well until their 'legal' team stepped in.
  13. It's one of the oldest time-stamped files on my computer at the moment. Dated 2003!!
  14. I couldn't let this wonderful avatar die!
  15. I've always had the source to the extra cheats DLL. I thought I posted it when I sent out the DLL file. Anyway, it's attached. extracheats.cpp