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  1. I want to ask, do you also recreate real buildings on here as well?

  2. New 3Dsmax projects are on hold until possibly early 2013. Sorry for the delay :(

  3. The Trixie 2011 Awards

    First off congrats to all the winners out there and well done to all the nominees and runner-ups. I just wanted to say thanks for the people who nominated me and thanks everyone for the award for the WTC project, I'm glad so many of you liked it. Keep on BATting everyone
  4. First new 3dsMax BAT comming summer 2012

    1. kellydale2003


      yaay! btw, im still doing the WTC project. I'm just waiting for a portion of the buildings to be built in real life so I can have a more accurate reference for the glass (:

    2. Ion_Cannon


      I look forward to seeing what you're creating :) Fingers crossed for Shard of Leadenhall.

    3. nycc06


      See Status update

  5. BATs Currently in Progress

    Great job Kellydale2003. looking forward to its release. What ever happened to your WTC project?
  6. I'm back everyone and have started work on my first 3DsMax project. check out my thread later for updates. :)

    1. JakeMD


      Good to have you back. :)

    2. Zelgadis
    3. Ion_Cannon


      Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  7. lighting building please ayudame

  8. Nycc06's BAT Workshop

    As a quick update everyone, I will be taking a short break from the world of BAT modelling whilst I focus my efforts on getting my new visualisation company up and running. Please note that I will return to the stex but probably not until just after Christmas.
  9. From Corby?! have they initiated the hourly service to St Pancras yet? Oh and why is it your last gmax project ever?

  10. New World Trade Center

    [quote name='narkussos' timestamp='1316010527'] i finally managed to download the file but now there's a new problem. tower 2 seems to be cut in half. is anyone else experiencing this? [/quote] [quote name='TmarTn' timestamp='1316073292'] nothing works, one of the buildings sticks out of the lot. 1/5 [/quote] Let me assure you both, the BAT and the upload to the stex have been thoroughly tested and they appear to be working completley fine. All of the buildings remain on the lot and they are displaying correctly. My advice; remove all copies of the trade center bats and the dependencies listed and try and re-downloading the stand-alone buildings first, then the WTC essentails pack and then this model and see if that works.
  11. Nycc06's BAT Workshop

    Well, thats me done with gmax now. Next step, learn how to use Max. If anyone could provide any tutorials or info on how to use the latest version of BAT4Max, particlarly involving texturing glass, nightlighting and exporting. The help would be really appreciated so I can start on my next project.