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  1. Simcity Free Mod

  2. Baby, it's cold outside...

  3. Hey man, I've loved your Simcity modding guide so far, when are you going to post something new there? And I may be able to help with the agriculture project, since I am a programmer aswell :)

    1. TheCraftKid


      The agriculture project is a bit on hold, due to life and whatnot involving projects and work, but I'd be happy for the help!

      The modding guide is getting sort of a new format, but I'll post something new when I have the time. The next part will actually be what to do in SimCityPak.

  4. pipe overlay for freight?

    Seriously, the heavy data layers are one of the most under-appreciated things about this game, but here we go: There already is a data layer for freight, and it's the industrial one. By the residential and commercial resource maps, you'll find the Industrial Map which shows the bars for the factories and freight trucks in your city. The commercial map should show which commercial buildings are low on freight. Freight is not a pipeline entity. It's an agent represented through freight trucks.