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  1. Dogg, I just want you to know that your EULA on your terrain textures dependencies made me crack up hardcore. I'm working with a bunch of JAG officers this week, and they LOVED it too! Best EULA ever!

    Also, just a heads up, your terrain mods may cause my head to explode with awesomeness. While I have no problems with that, my mother might. :P



  2. How do you create the terrain texture mods

  3. is there any snow mod for the olympic terrain mod???? thank you!!!

  4. Um, can you PLEASE fix the problem with your trees! The pine ones. I have a wide selection of trees and rocks, but when I download your pine tree, I can't get to my other stuff, because your selection of trees just go on and on, repeating them selves as you go down the mayor mode tree list! I really want these trees, but not if they keep on blocking me from getting to my other trees.

  5. Hey Dogg was up? I'm new on this website. Just activated my account this morning. Do u have a Redwood tree download for Windows XP users?

  6. Please guy, we need your trees.

    The Environment department of my city will give you a condecoration =]

  7. hello cycledogg. i really love your Terran mod. However i want to use your trees. The link you provided for CP_PropPack_Vol02.dat will not work :( could you please let me know where to find this? thank you very much!

  8. vda Amsterdam Prins Hendrikkade 182 183

    Looks great, as always.
  9. Dutch Riverside Buildings

    Very nice. Great detail work as always.
  10. German W2W Shops

    Wow, VERY nice.
  11. German Modern Shops

    Excellent. Especially like the windows. Thanks
  12. German Police Station

    It's beautiful. Thank you.