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  1. Toys R Us & Babies R Us

    Oh yeah! Toys 'R' Us is coming to game version!
  2. MGB - Tennis Club

    Is time for enjoying tennis! Let's Roger Federer, Rafeal Nadal etc will try it right now!
  3. RRetail Development

    Option E: Toy 'R' Us with Babies 'R' Us
  4. Maxis References

    Nice Maxis buildings with the real life buildings!
  5. RRetail Restaurant Relots - Previously Completed

    Wooaaah!!!! Tooooooo.... many relots! Well done!
  6. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @edwardjeria, Here! Just look the building picture carefully and click the building to download it! http://sc4batworks.web.fc2.com/dbat.html
  7. RRetail Car Dealership Relots

    Link to SuperSHK Mega Parking Texture was invalid! Here the correct one!
  8. Simgoober Food Lion Shopping Center Relot

    Link to SuperSHK Mega Parking Texture was going to RRetail Car Dealership Relots? Here the correct one!
  9. RRetail Development

    Nice building! Downloading!
  10. BAT Request Thread

    My request! Please make SUGARBUN restaurant which appear in Malaysia (also in any worldwide)! Official website:- http://www.sugarbun.com/ Sorry! There are no wiki for Sugarbun! Information about Sugarbun, please visit here! http://www.sugarbun.com/about-us
  11. Lagos (Preview)

    Wow! Nice real life buildings, cars etc are here! Keep moving forward @korver!!!!
  12. You should use this road system

    My memories! I also make roads at land by drawing it with anything likes sticks! Also, using sands for making roads using some rolling things! After that, I stop it because land was replaced into cements because of growth my cities. Next is draw roads on paper with pencil. Another memories! When PC was introduced, I draw roads by using Paintbrush (Windows 3.XX) or MSPaint (Windows 95 until now). Still remains until SimCity was created by Maxis!
  13. Regional Night View Mod

    Nice mod! Sound likes.... Ohhhh.... APRIL FOOLS!!!
  14. No large schools available

    You also use mouse and right click at the box after pressing Ctrl X to see list of cheats!
  15. SM2 Ciechanow Water Tower

    Ohhhh.... donuts! - Homer Simpsons