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  1. Hello everyone this is JEC’s brother. JEC has been very busy for the past couple of years and is pretty much done BATing Before he stopped he started building a Formula 1 grandstand, and now, with his permission, I am looking for someone to finish it. Here are a couple of pictures. If anyone is interested you can PM me or post here. Thank you
  2. To The Boy, I don't really want to get in a debate or anything I just wanted to say something on your statistics. I am not refuting it, I just find it amusing that for guns, the statistics are labeled "ACCIDENTAL" deaths - this is of course only a fraction of gun related deaths from armed robberies, homicide, etc. And also about your comment on "gorebull warming" - do you not believe in climate change and the extremes of a greenhouse effect, or do you just believe that the issue is being overexaggerated? - if you think the latter than OK, but if you really don't believe in the general science, then please go read a book.
  3. BATs Currently in Progress

    I decided to show what I was working on at the end of summer, even though I might not be able to finish it as I have not gotten very far (but I won't be taking a studio course next semester, so maybe I'll have more time). This detail is actually fairly small relative to the rest of the building (and one detail out of many), so if I decide to put the finished structure into Simcity, I will probably just use a lower poly/optimised version of the above. This project is mostly to experiment with different modeling techniques, and I am confident that I will continue with this because there is so much structural variety (and I love art nouveau).
  4. USA to ban Mars missions?

    Duke87, understanding the nature of other planets can greatly benefit our (as humans) knowledge of Earth which will in turn benefit humans. Earth is still very active geologically; planets such as Mars do not have active plate tectonics, any volcanic activity, life forms that inhibit the planet, etc. By understanding the current state of other planets, we can know the history of our own, and even possibly the future. If it benefits science, that almost always means that it will benefit human nature. If science didn't benefit human nature, what would be the point of its existence? Of course there are many things the US needs to fund instead at the moment, but knowing what Congress has accomplished (or should I say unaccomplished) thus far is not very comforting to see where they would put those extra funds.
  5. USA to ban Mars missions?

    "never put a man on the moon", don't tell me you think the Moon landing was a hoax? Back on topic, since the US has more than a few problems to take care of, then if Congress actually put those extra funds to good use then maybe I could see this going through (although I still somewhat disagree as I love astronomy), but we all know that is not going to happen. Another week wasted in Congress.
  6. Suggestion for Maastoren BAT

    Apart from the architects' site, there is an 116 page book solely on the ING House called: ING Group Headquarters, Amsterdam : Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten publisher: Rotterdam : NAi Publishers, c2003 text by Hans Ibelings
  7. Suggestion for Maastoren BAT

    Simfox, I normally don't do this for buildings I want to make (but you always do such a great job that I'll make an exception; and you rarely ever finish anything either, like me), but here is some information regarding the ING House: The architect is Meyer en van Schooten: http://www.meyer-vanschooten.nl/ The pdf has all four elevations, some detailed images, section: http://www.meyer-vanschooten.nl/pdf/ing1_web.pdf Also, on his site, there are several videos of a 3d model. I could of course scan images from my university library (which is apparently one of the largest of its kind), but I don't even do that for my own projects.
  8. Madison Square Garden

    Glad I could help, especially since my tip went to a recreation of Pink Floyd's famed prism/spectrum album cover to The Dark Side of the Moon. I wonder if its possible for mental ray to actually create the spectrum mathematically without volume lights at all by using a physically correct glass prism (using mental ray material) and a standard white light...hmm
  9. andisart, you just have to use 'volume lights'. Go to Rendering>Environment then to Environment and Effects, then Add: choose Volume Light, then Pick Light (assuming you already created a source, most likely a spotlight of some sort). You should play around with the settings as it does not always produce the best effect.
  10. Solving the World's Problems

    I would like to add someting as well. The royal family does not just sit around in Buckingham Palce or Windsor Castle drinking tea and eating biscuits (which many do, but not all). Because of their status and the connections they have, several often do diplomatic and charitable work. Just look at Princess Diana. There was a reason why millions of people around the world mourned her death. It wasn't because she was royalty, it was because she actually did something with her royal status and royal money to help others (unlike many other "celebrities" that are idolized around the world). I would much rather give a small percentage of my income for the slightest chance that someone will actually use it for a good cause then give it to a bunch of politicians who believe global warming is a hoax.
  11. Just to warn you, I had exporting issues (memory shortages) when using raytracing for reflective material; but if your pc has the power, and you don't mind waiting a while, it certainly is worth the trouble.
  12. La Tour Eiffel

    Andreas Roth, originally, I was going to send it to someone else, however, the model took a bit longer than I had thought. In a few days I will have to leave, and I won't be able to use my desktop for several months (no access to simcity, bat, etc). I did not know the specifics for what I wanted modded, and I did not want to give it to someone else when I could not test the lot or monitor its progress.
  13. La Tour Eiffel

    Well, thanks everyone. r-one, the scale of the base should be almost perfect (within half a meter of the real one). The height, however, was a bit more difficult to fit within simcity since the simcity angle tends to "squash" buildings. The antenna goes a bit above the Chrysler Building's spire in reality, I tried as close as possible, but since the exporting takes about 8 hours, I couldn't do much trial and error. I think the height, though, is within 10-15 meters in simcity standards.
  14. La Tour Eiffel



    It has been over a year since I have uploaded anything to the STEX, but I finally managed to export something, a monument that needs no introduction. There are no special modifications to the lot, or any other graphical improvements within SimCity besides the tower itself. Although, I had originally intended to have the lot modified, I simply did/do not have the time to worry about any further progress. However, the model itself is greatly improved over the past uploads. This model includes the new esplanade, the Restaurant Jules Verne, elevators, stairwells, etc. Everything is scaled correctly (although, in real, life the Tokyo Tower is larger, in-game, it was scaled poorly; I used the Chrysler Building as my source of scaling). I must thank SimFox for helping me with my exporting issues and providing mea new lighting rig for BAT4max, and I must also thank the members who helped me in other issues during my progress. For my progress with this model (and to see the amount time and effort I put into the detail), view this thread: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=37&threadid=79068&enterthread=y
  15. I don't want to use deltree as a result of paranoia (I have had enough problems with harddrives in the past); so I just need a few things cleared up. From what I have read in this thread, the purpose of deltree.exe is to clear the "outputfiles" automatically and that is its only purpose. If I just uncheck "AutoExecute" and do not use "Clear Outputfiles" in BatchCMD/ DATCmd (for every seperate render I do), I should not have to mess with the .fsh files manually, and I will just have to do steps 15-17 everytime I render a model? Subsequently, all I would have to do is delete all the files and folders that are contained in the "Outputfiles" subcatagory before I render a new building? Am I missing anything?