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  1. Pukan Tower 4N

  2. Linda Swampy Medical Centre

    good model, but there is a distinctive lack or correlation between the the wall paneling and those exuding bits, as well as windows
  3. Maxis References

    Actually it is possible... since all we see are pictures those could be open in, say, Photoshop, and color corrected to just about anything you want! You also, if you good with the tool (said Photoshop) add or remove any details and so on...
  4. BAT advice

    What version of 3ds Max do you use?
  5. Preview shouldn't look better, it should look accurate. Game background isn't black. so you need something of more or less similar brightness to accurately judge your model's brightness levels as well. For instance side wall of the main tower is just too black - it's neither sits well in game nor is it realistic. Reflectivity of the glass under such an view angle would be greater that that of the front wall. I would also say that the roof is too dark, or too monotonously dark... It doesn't look like it is under the direct sun. You would also need to hick up AA settings in order to recover disappearing lattice. But all in all good work on a building!
  6. BAT4Max v.5

    Just saw this response and thought I'd chime in, though I haven't really had time to mess with my "fixed" version to test the preview render issues I discussed. As I look at it now, I actually DL'd the source files from v2.5 HD rather than v4.5 as that DL seems to have been deleted from the STEX. HERE is the link to a Rapidshare DL of the v2.6 version. That DL contains the files themselves, with no installer script. I found that if I simply navigated to the location that the BAT4MAX tool was looking for (the one in red/the one that seems to be corrupted) and replaced the file itself with the older version, the problem seemed to be fixed. I imagine that there hasn't been a change in the TB2_CameraLightRig.max file iteself, so that's why the older version works. Keep in mind that I did not alter the installation of BAT4MAX v5 itself, only replaced the single .max file. Like I said, once that's done, then the basic problem of the unopen-able file seems to be fixed. Yaay, thank you very much! I put the TB2_CameraLightRig.max file from the BAT4MAX v2.6 in place of the existing one and it works now and lets me render. I'm not sure the settings are correct, though, as the render result window was about 8 times higher than it was wide, with nothing but black at the top and my model very small at the bottom (it was at the correct Camera 5 size when I zoomed in to that). I'm guessing this is a LOD issue but I haven't really had time to fiddle about with it properly yet. I copied the objects from my BAT project into a new scene and there was nothing obvious that was causing this. I will try experimenting with it and creating my own LODs but if I get stuck again I'll post here. Anyway, thanks for all your help, I'm getting there! It's much appreciated. Regards, Gary Garry, I think I know what was at the root of your problems - the RIG files included in Bat4Max v5 were made in versions of 3ds Max newer than yours. These new versions of Max have some plug-ins that are missing from your version. And when you try to open such a file Max looks for those plug-ins and failing to find them spits out that error message. Problem is that at the moment I don't have access to the old version of 3ds Max in order to fix those files. Taking them out of Bat4Max v2,5-2,6 may be a problem though... as I simply don't remember what do those contain. Do they have lights in them, or only cameras... Rig files that would be compatible with Bat4Max v5 must have ONLY CAMERAS in them. So, check the Rig Files you're using now and delete all lights if there are any. The problem you see at preview - disproportionately tall and largely empty window is most likely cause by the fact that you haven't set up you system units right. If I remember correctly... What you should do is to set them up (remember system unit HAS to be meters) before you start modeling anything. This set up will be performed when you click any of lighting setup as well. But if you had modeled something already it may end up being scaled. This works somewhat different in different versions of Max that's why in instructions it's said that you should click on lightning setup first! Before you start modeling anything. This, I may add, hold significance only the very first time you run 3ds Max since unit setup will stay what you've set it till you specially go and change it.
  7. BAT4Max v.5

    Stephen, I've tried to read and re-read you message several times...And, sorry to say can't really make heads or tails of it! I'd say go lighter on "LOL"s and heavier on meaningful details and precise (perhaps illustrated) descriptions. Here, for instance, what exactly "nothing i have made so far has been successful at creating" ? Again, it's utterly meaningless phrase. "Appears" , "simply does not like"... I mean are serious talking about piece of software as it would be a person? The worst thing about such an approach is that it completely removes out consideration the only actor that actually is responsible for any of it - you! Like it all magic.. It is, I assure you, NOT! BAT4Max works just fine with both Windows 7 and 3ds Max (Design) 2012. The only reason why it doesn't work in your case is some erroneous actions on your behalf during either installation or operation of the tool. Or both... The real problem here is that give info you've been providing the only conclusion I can draw is that you have no clue about things you're trying to do. For instance you're posting this picture: and right under it write: You don't see anything strange here? Where did you install Bat4Max? in GMAX or in 3ds Max? How about BAT? You also write: Together with the picture I can only say that you didn't follow the instructions. Unfortunately I can't be exactly sure of what you didn't do... In fact instruction were written precisely in order to avoid this guessing game. I just have a nagging feeling you don't understand the difference between GMAX, Max, BAT, BAT4Max Again it is totally non-descriptive! It could mean anything and everything and as such means nothing. Well, you trying somehow to prove that the problem is external, in a sense that it has nothing to do with you, but just about anything else. Yet I assure you this is not the case. The problem is in your actions, or failure to take such according to the instructions. Changing Windows or Max version will not help. Unless you yourself somehow, accidentally perhaps, make things right. Above above ... Same problem I've addressed , well, above... You are quick to jump to the most bizarre and ungrounded conclusions/explanations - software versions, file sizes texture resolution etc, etc, etc. All are total non-sense. If for no other reason than for for the simple fact that you can't really provide any logical connections. I know this reads harsh. And it is. But it is absolutely necessary if any of your problems to be solved. Otherwise you'll be getting polite silence, or generic try this, or that. which rarely help, simply because they are generic, meaning practically never (rather than by chance) have any connection to the actual problems. So, you really want to solve it than you should understand the issues preventing you from doing so and others from providing meaningful help. Now, please give step by step, with precise names of programs used and order, what exactly you've done while installing and than running the tools. Also all the messages you've been given by programs in the process. It may be tedious that that is the only way to know for sure at what point you gone astray.
  8. Lots of good stuff here! Trees are fab by any count! As for the platter over EDF entrance, and generally for other metal bits and pieces, you may try to turn on the Physical Sky as a background. Right now it all reflects gray background, Having something more like sky with it's specific hue (may be adjusted a bit to reduce not too game like cyan component) may prove to be beneficial... anyway there is no harm in trying!
  9. BAT4Max v.5

    Have you installed original BAT?
  10. Bangkok Insurance PCL

    Your modeling is good, but you really have to start paying more attention to materials and textures. As they are really letting down overall result of your work. Model looks washed out and fake, neither realistic no fitting the game environment. And it's all due to the material setup. It isn't really find a pic of this building but here is one take a look and compare to what have you made out of it: [img]http://www.ebangkok.org/pictures_gallery/pictures/S03794_bangkok_insurance_pcl002.jpg[/img]
  11. Parisian Factory for NYBT

    Rig is actually technical term, term used in a tool you use for quite a long while already. So, it's actually irrelevant what is your maternal language. I bet if you set to the street of NYC and ask first person what is a RIG in GMAX you wouldn't get much of an answer... It all question of attention and perseverance. You don't understand what RIG is - you open one of the Rig files and learn... It's that simple. If on the other hand you'd just expect to press a button and things would tern out great, well you'll be waiting for a long time. The longer the more people with such attitude and excuses will be around. Cause no problem will ever be solved with such approach... No matter how small or trivial. Reliance on such is the reason why after soooo many years this problem keeps coming up again and again and again... So, open one (any really) of CameraLightRig*.gmax files and see what they contain and try to think how it all works.
  12. I would like to step in and again warn against "merge everything into a new scene" pseudo solution! It's utterly useless! It would carry on all the problems cause by geometry and geometry grouping - most common source of the problems as it stands. The only possible way this could work is by resolving some settings issues. But these are, in couple of latest versions of BAT4Max, have been divorced from actual modeling and file structure anyway. Every time you would click on day, or night button they will ALWAYS be reset! So, I would like to ask everyone - PLEASE don't be a witch doctors. If you believe you know solution make a little test - try to write up explanation why you think it would work... before going and sharing it publicly. Otherwise you only spread misinformation and superstitions! And generally - learn your tools. You all seem to spend quite a time with it! And one more RTFM read the freaking manual. It's there for a reason!
  13. Thanksgiving Tower Dallas, Tx

    Hope I'm not barging too late into this discussion. Let me first congratulate you on a good work already done! But there are couple of points I would like to stress. First of all material setup is a very important issue in any model, but on a structure like this it's of paramount importance. Basically almost all you see is your glass material! As such, I believe, it is first and foremost thing you should get right. And I don't quite think you are there, or let's put it this way in right ball part yet. Main issue with your glass is that it's too reflective. Look here: see how your reflections are brighter than the stuff they reflect! It is absolute physical impossibility! And little things like that really make or break illusion of reality. Our eye knows it, even if our brains don't have handy explanation. Then there is a matter of roof. Here as well there are major inconsistencies. I_ personally, don't really believe one should stick to reality no matter what. I recognize the fact that sometimes in adopting some RL buildings to game one can make some adjustments in order to either fit model better in to game grid, or simplify something, etc. But than again recreating things faithfully, especially when you accompany this process with some thought helps getting some internal logic of the structure in question and more generally... In my mind one of the most common mistakes some BATers do is attempt of "beautifying" their roofs with excessive roof junk. Result, almost inevitably, very bad. It is especially odd when you in fact skip on the details that are in fact there. For instance your roof top structures are mere boxes. Virtually never in RL those are like that! Also structurally your recreation is flawed. The central "island" isn't really raised. Take a look at this picture and the shadows I've pointed that are indicative of the relative hight of the various elements: Compare the hight of outer "parapet" wall and that of the "island" or to be precise it's enclosure (1). Also take a look at the depth of the AC pits (2)and diameter and how much is the air pipe is raised (3). hight of the fencing around helipad could serve as a good measuring stick here (4). Also I strongly feel that there is no need what-so ever to populate that area (5). I'd say that all roof is at the same level (with few elements like helipad) rising above it. The "island" perimeter "wall" is raised slightly and used, I'd suspect, as a mere guidance system for track based windows cleaning lift.