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  1. Your buildings.... I marvel at them. I launch the game to just look at them. They're beautiful.

  2. Between 1936 and 1950, General Motors and other automobile interests bought up the streetcar lines of 45 American cities, and dismantled them, replacing them with bus service. This wasn't the sole reason for the decline of public transit in America, but it was a big one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Motors_streetcar_conspiracy. Seattle was a victim of this practice. It's just now restoring public transportation with light rail. The train station next to me opened around 2009. The light rail line is nearly the same as the streetcar line pre-1950. It's a shame that progress took a 60 year hiatus only to enrich a few people who lacked any conscience.
  3. Jahnri, I agree it's not without potential. It has a certain draw, and even addictiveness at first. But after playing a lot of games and all of them ending in disappointment, the addiction is cooled fast. I could even live without the modding ability if they'd just make the cities a lot bigger, add some visionary transportation and power options, or some modern ones even. If they're holding these things back in order to charge for them later, well f*** them. I'm happy to pay for more if the game is at least passable to begin with. It's not. I was happy to buy the Rush Hour expansion to SC4 because the game was already amazing. I will admit that SC4 had a lot of problems too. I played it modded all to Hell :-) So perhaps this goes to T Wrecks' point that it's a slim chance that mods are going to save SC2013. And speaking of T Wrecks, hello again! :-) I think SC4 has run its course for me, as great as the gameplay is. After I quit SC2013, I shopped around for something I might like, and I'm really happy to have found Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, the 2012 standalone expansion. Those people really know how to make a flawless game.
  4. Hey folks! I know that perhaps the last thing you want is another rant about this game, but I haven’t seen a lot of discussion from the perspective of the SC4 BAT community. Anyway, I’m Darren Cobb. You might remember me from such buildings as the Cobb Altura Tower and Cobb Central Park West. :-) I am so disappointed in this terrible game. Here’s why: Even if I could BAT something, the epic buildings many people created for SC4 would look ridiculous in this game. Have you plopped the Empire State Building? It looks pretty silly in a town the size of Spokane, Washington, which is all this game offers. The limited city size is my primary deal-breaker. And if you must limit the city size, then why must all the horrendously ugly utility and mining/trade structures have to take up such gigantic footprints? The second thing I hate about this game is the depressing late 20th Century sanitized suburban soulless society it simulates, where everyone needs a car, public transportation is nothing but an expensive, clumsy drain on the town, and the sole focus is on making money. Some may have wanted to simulate that occasionally in SC4, but I’d never want it to be my only option. Whenever I’ve made any kind of progress in this game before the whole crummy, confusing, buggy economy collapses, I’ve never been very proud of my creation. My real life city (Seattle), and many others on the planet, are grander, more imaginative, more fantastic, and feel 25 years ahead of the towns simulated in this mess, so why would I waste time to create a fantasy about a place that pales in comparison to reality? The creative and forward-thinking element from this series is dead and buried. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone who used to BAT for this series would feel anything but frustration and sadness when they try to play this. Ironically, as much as I hate this game, I’ve had very few server issues or problems saving. I lost one city, but… why would I care? I started playing this a few days after release, and stuck with it for quite a few hours/days. It’s just not fun. I haven’t played it since mid March and probably won’t ever pull it up again. I even started researching chargebacks. I find it amusing that if you start typing “chargeback for” in Google, the third suggested hit based on the entire universe of Google users is “chargeback for Simcity.” I really wish I’d bought it from Amazon. Live and learn. This game is like an old Jaguar sports car: from some perspectives it’s beautiful, but it causes far more expense and headache than it’s worth. It will strand you and disappoint you, because it’s a disaster underneath its pretty surface. Pretty soon you’ll want to get rid of it and never think about it again. So in summary, I’m sad to say that this series is dead to me. I’ve been quiet on here for years, just dying to get back into it, but what a colossal letdown. I might possibly return for a SimCity VI, but I can’t see giving EA any of my money again, EVER. Thank you for the opportunity to vent. --Cobb
  5. This is one of my biggest dislikes about the game. Thanks for the link. --Cobb
  6. your uploads are amazing

  7. HK JW Marriott Hotel

    GRRrrrr! I was trying to rate 10 and the dropdown missed and it was on 9 before I realized -- sorry to drag you down. :-( Other people after me, please give him my intended 10 :)
  8. HK JW Marriott Hotel

    I love it, Paulv -- great job!
  9. Igreja de Sto Ildefonso

    That's a bazillion times better. Thanks for putting your computer through such a hard render a 2nd time (fan blowing high enough?) Roof textures are the hardest part of BATting -- I've done a lot of them and it's still my weakest area. Super awesome job, miguel
  10. NDEX Modern GLR Station

    Great station! I'm so glad to see you back, Brenda. Having you around makes it feel like the good ol' days back in ought four. ;-) And here's a 10 for this awesome BAT too.
  11. Version 1


    The Cobb Central Park West -- 3x4 Growable R$$$ and/or ploppable CS$$ with jobs. The Cobb Central Park West is an early 20th Century luxury building for 785 high wealth residential dwellers, or 195 hotel service workers. The Central Park West design was inspired by buildings you might see in the New York neighborhood of the same name. To install the C.P.W., place the model, desc, and lot files in your MyDocuments\SimCity4\Plugins folder. The picture and readme files are optional, for quick ID and reference, but not needed for the building to work. If you don't want either the growable or the ploppable, then you can delete those lot and .desc files. This lot does not have any dependencies. To grow the C.P.W., zone 3x4 dense residential (with 3 tiles streetside -- Hold the ctrl key to keep out the auto-streets.) You will grow it if you are also growing similar-sized Maxis buildings, like "The Hogan." To plop the C.P.W., zone 3x4 dense commercial (with 3 tiles streetside), select the building from your landmark menu, and plop it. The main query (not the transportation query) will show 195 jobs. Although 195 might be a low number for a typical building this size in SC4, hotels normally do not staff such high numbers. If you want a different number of jobs, it's extremely easy to edit this with Andreas Roth's SC4Tool. I hope you enjoy the Cobb Central Park West! --COBB Statistics: GROWABLE R$$$ Occupants: 785 (1793 when dilapidated to R$$; 3245 when dilapidated to R$) Lot Size: 3x4 (NOTE: the 3 is streetside) Growth Stage: stage 7 Zone Type: Dense residential Value: § 49550 Worth / Bulldoze Cost: § 1180 Flammability: 35 / Stage 4 Power consumed: 99 MWh/month Water consumed: 150 gallons/month Air pollution: 19 over 5 tiles Water pollution: 15 over 6 tiles Garbage generated: 10 tons/month Ploppable CS$$ Occupants: 195 (260 when dilapidated to CS$$) Lot Size: 3x4 (NOTE: the 3 is streetside) Zone Type: Dense Commercial Value: § 10995 Worth / Bulldoze Cost: § 320 Flammability: 43 / Stage 4 Power consumed: 99 MWh/month Water consumed: 150 gallons/month Air pollution: 19 over 5 tiles Water pollution: 15 over 6 tiles Garbage generated: 10 tons/month No Dependencies
  12. Outdoor Chess Plaza

    very clever and fun. The rest of the lot around the chess board looks really nice too.
  13. korean pond park

    Awesome park. Great job!
  14. Princess Tower

    Great job, ks -- extremely excellent modeling!
  15. Version 1


    The Cobb Emperador Hotel -- 4x4 Growable R$$$, and Ploppable Landmark. The Cobb Emperador is a fanciful resort hotel housing 1580 high wealth guests. It was originally conceived as a building that you might see in West Palm Beach, or in Monte Carlo, but it might fit in with other types of cityscapes as well. Thak youSandraSim1, SimGoober, and Debussyman for helping out with great advice during the creation of the building. To install the Emperador, place the model, desc, and lot files in your MyDocuments\SimCity4\Plugins folder. The picture and readme files are optional, for quick ID and reference, but not needed for the building to work. To grow the Emperador, zone 4x4 dense residential. You will grow it if you are also growing similar-sized Maxis buildings. The landmark version will appear in your landmarks menu. I'd like to make a ploppable C$$$ version of this with jobs. Bear with me until I gain the modding skills. For now, I've provided the landmark, rather than give you something buggy that might crash your game. :-) None of my lots have any dependencies. I'm not against using dependencies on lots; I just don't like to keep track of them, so I haven't made any. I hope you enjoy the Cobb Emperador Hotel! --COBB Statistics: GROWABLE R$$$ Occupants: 1580 (3613 when dilapidated to R$$; 6543 when dilapidated to R$) Lot Size: 4x4 Growth Stage: stage 7 Zone Type: Dense residential Value: § 99800 Worth / Bulldoze Cost: § 1512 Flammability: 35 / Stage 5 Power consumed: 125 MWh/month Water consumed: 160 gallons/month Air pollution: 20 over 5 tiles Water pollution: 15 over 6 tiles Garbage generated: 10 tons/month LANDMARK Plop cost: 45000 Bulldoze Cost: 100 Landmark Effect: 40 radius 20 Mayor rating effect: 10 radius 256 Power consumed: 60 Water consumed: 100 Garbage generated: 10 tons/month No Dependencies