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  1. fantastic files - !!!! thanks...

  2. Game crashes at city loading

    --- EDIT: oops posted in the wrong thread. Dear moderator please move this reply to 'Game crashes at city loading ' thank you! --- I occasionally get the typical DBGhelp.dll crashes but it's not such a big deal as it tends to happen long into the game. However yesterday I started getting the "crash upon loading" problem with my 750,000 main city. Autosave and all 5 previous checkpoint saves all crashed upon load. I thought I have lost my main city forever. After much testing I have managed to load the city again. The offender/ culprit = C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Focus Home Interactive\Cities XL 2011\live\offline\solo\solosaveregion00map00\auto\bp.CXL It seems (in my case) the "ghosts of past blueprints" are causing the crash, which happen at the end of loading city or a few seconds after city load. This bp.CXL contains 3 stage one blueprints that I plopped earlier then deleted. Yet the ghosts remain. So I manually deleted these suspects then launch game. I got my main city back, and playable as usual. So far so good. The same "bp.cxl" file exists in other checkpoints folders in this city. Somehow (in my case) deleting only the bp ghosts from the bp.cxl autosave version does the job. I purposely leave the other bp.cxl files with bp ghosts in there to see if I could continue to play without issue. If so the real culprit is most likely the autosave. The bp.cxl file in my 23/11 checkpoint1 contains only the first bp ldnmilleniumwheel which I plopped/deleted many days ago. Prior to 28/11 I haven't experienced any crash on load issue. On 28/11 I tested two user modded BPs, desalination and sydneyoperahouse (karel's). These two BPs were also plopped and deleted then removed from my pak folder, yet their ghosts remain. So this "crash due to BP ghost bug" could be uniquely related to (some?) modded BP's ghosts. However, as I don't build original BPs in my cities I can only guess if the original BP ghosts also cause permanent crashes. In any case, "BP ghost in bp.cxl" is a confirmed bug. For those who wish to test if this resolves this crash on load issue - I use Notepad++ to open bp.cxl and delete only the bp ghosts (the unwanted BPs only) from the first (tab) to last (/tabl) of the ghosts/, save, then launch game. Be careful to not accidentally delete your wanted/existing blueprints. If you can't see any Appdata folder in your user folder do a goodle search on how to unhide it. Do feedback here if this workaround applies or not in your case. Good luck in saving your cities! For tech support ref: my system: Dell Prec/Win7/64b/12G/QuadroFX1800. Meanwhile I feel BPs, as they are, are really not worth the precious game time and trouble they cause. I'm slowly converting all BPs into Landmarks and Leisure buildings to my own specs.
  3. Pollution Reduction Mods

    Updated today with a super power cheat version of the Environment Agency... Check it out at the first post of this thread! Cheers......
  4. Pollution Reduction Mods

    Here's what the Environment Agency could do when you need a "high environment" spot to plop a tourist hotel CBD before plopping environment agency... And after... The environment agency works by broadly reducing just enough air and noise pollution to raise environment point. The effect can be detected from the main Environment layer menu, but the tourist hotel layer shows the clearest rate of environment improvement. The red circular area in the middle of new green zone remains red due to a few existing tourist hotels. One positive side effect of fresher air and less noise is cash flow seems to increase. People probably become more productive and happily pay their taxes with improved environment, like in real life...
  5. Pollution Reduction Mods

    Good know some find this useful! @Ilikeseattle - yeah I really hope the CXL mod team would somehow find a way to get new 3D models into the game. It would make a world of difference. The modders are doing a good job already given how little official support there is. But sure I would share as I mod... This game has a lot of buried/hidden gem - if handled right, will have longevity surpassing SC4. But that's stuff for another thread... Cheers
  6. Two ways to control pollution in your cities: - Air Cleaning Tree Plazas: small tree and big tree versions. The original woody park plaza does nothing at all to clean air no matter how many woody parks you build. These two air-cleaning tree plazas realistically bring down nearby air pollution over time. The small tree one has the same tiny trees as the existing woody park plaza; the big tree plaza has denser larger trees and is slightly stronger in air cleaning effect, and allows for fast creation of lush forest looks or old leafy neighborhoods. Same construction cost as original plaza. Find them in the Plaza/Area menu. - Environment Agency : For large scale, highly effective raising of overall environment quality. Realistically reduces noise and air pollution within wide radius. A few professionals are hired to tackle noise pollution around those leisure buildings and to regulate air polluters. A very effective environment-improving civic service if you want to build a lot of tourist hotels but find no green spot for them. Costs 15000 a plop and around 5000 to maintain. Find it in the Park menu. Both mods, like the current big park, improve overall environment and nature score. The goal is to allow some realistic control of pollution but not miraculously wipe them out in one stroke. As with all mods use at own risk. All items come with custom in-game menu. NEW!! ON 15 Nov - Utopian Environment Agency - the cheat version of the Environment Agency. Relative effectiveness of these mods: Tree plazas - SC4 style tree effect - only improves air quality and thus immediate environment - not strong enough as a cheat - not even as powerful environment effect as the original big park YET has just enough effect to control nearby air pollution and make sims happier - allows for realistic gameplay Enivronment Agency normal version: - effect similar to the large fire stations in SC4 which reduces some pollution within wide area but only some - costs the same as CXL large fire stations so still require some thinking planning to make economical sense - even if placed right next to the small harbor, will take about 3 buildings to totally wipe out AIR pollution at small harbor; $15000 a month to keep one small harbor clean is not economical nor ideal as a cheat - even if placed right next to the large airport, will take about 5-7 buildings to totally wipe out NOISE pollution at large airport; $30000 a month to keep one airport quiet is not economical nor ideal as a cheat - will require a few agencies strategically placed around the city to totally green up the environment screen and satisfy all sims depending on how dense/dirty/noisy the city is - allows for realistic gameplay Utopian Environment Agency version: - cost $10 to plop or maintain - if placed near center of red zone one building will do the job of total greening of entire city. - shameless cheat !! *also on Nov 15 corrected the download link to small tree plaza file. Some of you who downloaded all files before this date may have downloaed the environment agency twice haha so have to download the small trees plaza again. Air Cleaning Tree Plazas - relative sizes Environment Agency Download Small Tree plaza Download Big Tree Plaza Download Environment Agency Download Utopian Environment Agency Have fun! And do share feedback as well your pics containing these mods! Cheers Goldiva
  7. CXLPO Unlimited - a Long View

    I’m on board CXL limited edition and have been keeping up with the latest on this forum. It seems to me the scene could be a lot more…vibrant. There seems to be a disconnect between what is being offered and what people really want. I’m not entirely excited by CXL myself but my strategy is waiting out this chaotic post-launch period. That said I really like to see both CXL fans and MC have their expectations met, hopefully soon. Status quo is, MC apparently needs to meet their investment in PO with monthly members. Problem is, a large pool of hardcore citybuilders don't seem to be biting due to a lack of attraction in PO. Something has to give soon for things to progress. IMO the issue is not because PO is a new frontier in MMO. PO is a “macro” SimsOnline, sort of a SecondLife, with more constraint and focus on traffic and population growth simulation. The issue is not missing transport or trees, all will be addressed in time. The issue is PO needs to appeal to the Original Aesthetic aspect of citybuilding player psychology. Earth wasn’t built in a few weeks. Lifeforms need to feel safe before they want to incarnate on any planet, like, assurance that their homes won’t disappear anytime anyhow without notice because these things do and have happened on other planets. And then, certain attractive conditions need to be there so that citybuilding lifeforms will stay and proliferate ... Lest we lose sight of the big picture, CityBuilders mostly enjoy 1. Tailoring and shaping a city to their own design like a child at play 2. Flying over or wondering around their own cities like a happy mayor 3. Sprinkling ORIGINAL buildings and objects and signs around the cities like painters 4. Showing off their UNIQUE looking cities to others mayors with much parental pride 5. Explaining the UNIQUE features in their cities to visitors with great enthusiasm SC4 players, myself included, enjoy looking at other people’s city journal pics for ideas (especially what people do with custom objects or mods). Both SC4 and CXL do cater to 1 and 2. But in terms of visual uniqueness, both get repetitive soon after. For SC4 it was Simtropolis which filled the needs of factor 3, 4 and 5. For CXL/PO to overcome this “void”, I see an “Architect” GEM, modelled after SC4 Lot Editor and TheSims’s BuildMode. This Architect GEM, an obvious and sure-fire income stream, may even have a positive side effect of making PO an attractive idea to even the most stubborn solo player, in the long run. When CXL Cities become truly UNIQUE looking due to visual originality and diversity, two things will happen… A number of PO cities will become real tourist attractions – known not just for their sizes or functional layouts, but for their interesting custom buildings and “ambience”, that X Factor. This is when I would want to check out other people’s cities in person and marvel at their interesting cityscape and buildings and parks from every angle. Solo members will have real desire to showcase their creations - a real, natural demand for a 3D Display Central of their cities. And it is PO. While size is one important aspect of city building, people tend to visit or aspire to live in a city not because it is known for 20 million population, but because it has unique culture & quality of life. Citybuilding games do have an competitive aspect which ensures its longevity. But the nature of competition leans towards qualitative (aesthetics/originality), rather than quantitative (population/superior statistics). While in real life "quantity of life" yardstick could be wide-ranging, in a virtual city it has got to be visual (and aural) experience for the time being. Summary: release an Architect GEM first to allow the creative potential in each mayor to flourish and multiply. Keep the flow open between SoloPlay and PlanetOffer: everyone gets to buy and play every content packs and transport. Let them build their cities real time or offline or both ways. Free flowing creativity will generate excitement, Soon the desire to showcase their VERY UNIQUE babies will take over, MC won’t have to nag at people to sign. PO may become the ultimate 3D City Journal for years to come. Perhaps, the real CXL/PO economy will be based on seriously exciting tourism of virtual cities. Other possibilities: if we see a GEM building we like when visiting a particular city, we have the option to “buy” that building for a C$. Now that’s real intercity trading! Earth wasn’t built in a week. Create the right CREATIVE condition, lifeforms will come.
  8. Paris AUX QUATRE SAISONS shopping center

    Makes me feel like taking another trip to Paris... Gorgeous. 10.
  9. PARIS Faubourg Saint Honore PLOP and GROW

    lovely BAT work. 10.
  10. Ocean River MOD final

    I like the greenish feel. The marsh is nice too, though in the region view the colors remain flat. Keep trying! 7/10.

    Thank you all for your positive vibes. Makes the sharing all worthwhile :)
  12. GDV Mayor Mode Tropical Sea Set

    daihtnaoz: I'll look into more ploppable water flora. And reminder: these are essentially tree objects so are therefore stuck to ground level. They don't float until some mod genius finds out how to make them float ;)
  13. GDV Mayor Mode Tropical Sea Set

    Thank you the generous ones for responding to generosity with generosity. Good karma to you. :)
  14. Version


    Plop water-enabled boats and rocks around your beaches and water edges to make your sims happy. Spray some reefs on shallow ocean floor to create your ultimate simdiver's resort islands. These plops have the same desirable "tree effect" on your sims and city pollution MENU: MAYOR MODE - TREES DOWNLOAD PACK CONTENT: * 3 dat files * 6 original gdv bat models - 4 boats: sail x 1, speedboat x 1, kayak x 2 - reef - rocks SPECIAL FEATURE: * To conserve menu space, the single boat plop contains 4 boats. To cycle through different boats click and drag your mouse. * You can plop them on your favorite user-made city canals, rivers and lakes. DEPENDENCIES: NONE COPYRIGHT/ PERMISSION: Lotmakers are free to use these particular GDV BAT models as props or dependencies. IMPORTANT: Kindly refer users to download the original GDV BAT files from the original location. SPECIAL NOTE: This Goldiva creation is inspired by the wonderful mayor mode tree works of CycleDogg, Andreas Roth, and Jeronij SIDE NOTE: Check out the GDV Mayor Mode Tropical Trees Set too. Clicking on Goldiva will lead you there. For a clearer view of the set got to http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=49563&pageNo=5&num=30 So...have fun tropicalizing your cities...!
  15. Version


    Plop fully grown tropical trees around your city. These trees have the same positive tree effect on your sims and city pollution MENU: MAYOR MODE - TREES DOWNLOAD PACK CONTENT: -6 tree files : Coconut single tree Coconut group of 3 Coconut tree over water Oil palm tree Banana tree Mangrove<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> -6 original gdv tropical tree models SPECIAL FEATURE: The mangrove is "water-enabled". You can plop them near or even under water. DEPENDENCIES: NONE COPYRIGHT/ PERMISSION: Users are free to use these particular GDV BAT models as props or dependencies. Kindly refer users to download the original GDV BAT files from the original location. SPECIAL NOTE: This Goldiva creation is inspired by the wonderful mayor mode tree works of CycleDogg, Andreas Roth, and Jeronij SIDE NOTE: Check out the GDV Mayor Mode Tropical Sea Set too. Clicking on Goldiva will lead you there. For a clearer view of the set go to http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=49563&pageNo=5&num=30 So...Enjoy.