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City-building game(s)

Found 42 results

  1. Hello, someone else recently posted a similar question. I would love to get back into SimCity 4, and may upon purchase of a new laptop. I am wondering if either of these options would suffice. I also know I would have to download a copy online (ex. from Steam) and then copy over my files. http://bit.ly/2xLqco4 http://bit.ly/2xjLGZa Thank you.
  2. I suggest to ban the upload of third party relots. If I relot a bat or a prop done by another user, I can't know if this bat or prop is still online tomorrow. The creator might take it offline any time he likes. As me as a relotter can't control this and I even can't check if the dependencies I used are still online every few days - so with every relot the risk grows that a single dependency might result in hundreds of lots not to work properly. Those lots, if not fixed - and this can be done only by the original creator of the lot and not by third party - may cause harm or frustration to end users/players. If relotting is furthermore allowed it might happen a batter taking his models offline causing hundreds of lots by different lotters not working correctly anymore - which will cause the STEX to become quite unpopular if the content dependend isn't taken too offline and so (somewhere in the future) browsing through 20.000 download of whom 5000 not working because of missing dependencies. This will make the STEX out-of-favor. So to limit the damage single data loss can do to the community as a whole and to avoid that people leaving having a cascades effect on several third party content, so to prevent lost dependencies causing a mass mortality of custom content - the use of models on lots has to be controlled the way that the model creator and the lot creator has always to be the same. And therefore to give future stability to custom content - the reuse of props and bats to create custom content by people other than the creator itself must be banned. [EDIT] Okay if banning is too radical, at least one could think of a way to limit it to avoid a scenario as described above.
  3. SimCity 4 Is Still Great

    SimCity 4 is a spreadsheet that will never be balanced, but that’s what makes it so fun, even 14 years after release. Yesterday, an article about SimCity 4's Network Addon Mod, a comprehensive mod for roads and traffic in SimCity 4, reached the front page of r/Games.”Not only has SimCity 4 survived, it has thrived with new creations offered daily by content-makers, and has even evolved with substantial player-developed modifications like the Network Addon Mod,” author Dirktator wrote. While that’s definitely true, and the thriving mod community for SimCity 4 is a joy to browse through, after playing until two in the morning I can safely say that SimCity 4 also holds up on its own. Full article: http://kotaku.com/SimCity-4-is-still-great-1796823071
  4. It was working fine like 30 minutes ago no all of a sudden it will not run. The window opens but it is completely black. shows nothing. If I open the task manager, it shows "SC4Fix Pre3" as "Not Responding" If I kill the process and reopen SimCity 4, immediately after opening it says the same "Not Responding". In fact the SimCity 4 window always opens up to a "Not Responding" every time I open it. Not sure how in 30 minutes time with nothing added to SimCity 4, it goes from running flawlessly to a 'not responding' state every time I open it. Does anybody know what the problem could be?
  5. SimCity 4 was made more than 10 years ago, And now there are a lot more newer SimCity games out there. SimCity 2013, SimCity U build it, just to name two. Today, what kind of fan base does SimCity 4 have after all the advances in technology, and newer games. How many people still play SimCity 4? I got back into it when I got back into 3d models. With my Pokémon models and such. Of the people who still play SimCity 4, why do you still play such an old game? Is there something SimCity 4 offers that newer games do not?
  6. Everybody need Corn! Have a look into my VID
  7. Because I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I mostly set up SimCity 4 with American and Canadian styled buildings, mostly stuff that fits into the majority of Canada, The North East, North West, Mid West and Central parts of USA. Though lately I've been thinking about building cities in a different style like United Kingdom or Asia. I did get the no maxis files mod to block all levels of Residential and Commercial, though I wonder is there a way to just block American buildings in general and leave the European set alone? Other then that I know where to get british themed lots and what not so that wont be an issue for me, I just want to block the American stuff for my British SimCity 4 setup. EDIT : I KNOW THAT YOU CAN DISABLE THE AMERICAN TILE SETS, but not all of the mods/lots I download may fall into the European category and thus may not spawn if I just disable the American tile sets alone. I'm downloading stuff right now that mostly looks british in my opinion but may not actually be strictly European/British and may not be enabled in the European tile set. I just want to disable the American buildings and leave the European stuff in, that way I can enable all the Tile Sets and let the European set grow and let mod lots/buildings grow incase they don't end up under the European tile set.
  8. Sim Airport

    Hallo, mein Airport nimmt so langsam Gestalt an. Meine Region heißt SaMara. Die Hauptstadt wird auch SaMara heißen. Weitere Städte werden Reneburg, Virginia, Dinaville, Bonnyderry und Lucytown. So das der Flughafen den Namen SaMara-International Airport bekommen hat. Leider läuft hier noch nicht alles glatt. So das ich noch ein paar Fragen habe. Als erstes will ich gerne wissen was ich wohlmöglich falsch installiert habe das ich so ein Bild zu sehen bekomme. Also warum ist der Boden der Flugzeuge nicht richtig dargestellt ??? Dieses Phänomen habe ich aber nur bei diesen Modellen. Auf dem nächsten Bild möchte ich gerne wissen warum einige Gegenstände in den Farben rot/blau/grün dargestellt werden ??? Was ist hier das Problem ??? Im dritten Bild würde ich gerne wissen warum die zusätzlichen Gebäude als Pakete dargestellt werden ??? Es sollten eigentlich Gebäude für das Cargo Center sein. Zu finden sie bei Stadt Werkzeugen --> Parks bauen -> und werden als "freie Grünfläche - 40§" angezeigt. Das Gleiche habe ich auch bei einigen Eisenbahn Erweiterungs Paketen. Also das dies als Paket angezeigt werden. Die sind allerdings bei Verkehrs Werkzeugen -> Eisenbahnen und Frachtlager bauen zu finden.
  9. I'm going to start editing some of the models from Sim City 4. I read somewhere that these models are not editable, though, but are a container for the models. So, how exactly would I import a Sim City 4 game-original model to use to create new models? Such like this: Edit the model(s) of the Fire Station(s) to create new looking fire station?
  10. Marvel/DC in SC4

    There is a ton of custom content out there, so if I have missed anything that fits here, please point me in the right direction! I am simply looking to add some fun custom buildings or content to my SC4 cities that are inspired by the Marvel and/or DC universes. For instance, has anyone ever created Stark (or Avengers) tower for SC4? That would look great in my dream skyline. Or Oscorp? What about The Daily Planet, or perhaps rival media conglomerate The Daily Bugle? Heck, I'd get a kick out of seeing the Batmobile (classic 1960s TV era or more modern editions) roam around town (I already have a DeLorean time machine). So, anyone have anything worth checking out, or perhaps will anyone be inspired to fulfill this request? If so, I'm ready to download and add to my cities!
  11. Hi. I have both the CD version of Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition, and the Amazon.com download version of SC4:DLXE. The CD version will absolutely not work with Windows 10. In addition, I have installed the patch twice already to my PC for Amazon's Deluxe Edition/Rush Hour; but NAM is somehow ignoring the fact that the version is up to date and keeps telling me to install the patch from SC4Devotion's Website. I don't know what to do right now, except play the game "as is". The download game is located on my desktop, but the CD game is located in Program Files. I think that NAM is trying to access my Program Files and check if it's there. How do I get around this "check"? There is no option currently to check for another location before it checks the version. So, the solution I found to work was doing a system recovery on Windows by wiping all of the files and such from the computer on Windows 10 Pro, and then downloading to the desktop via the Amazon Downloader, and choosing to install from the option in the downloader. Then, select install from Maxis' Installer, leave the directory default, and proceed as normal. I'll let you know if mods work with this solution. Cheers, Brandon N Thomason
  12. Teddy City- A Redo

    A Redo- Welcome back to Teddy City- I decided to redo the city- I came up with better ideas to beautify the city. The city is now a forest side city, with some elements of its past remaining. Throughout you'll see the valley's and forests that make up this beautiful city. We enter the city on the Kingston Interchange at Kingston Pkwy- While there's the Industry Row exit nearby, Kingston was designed to make exiting easy for people who come into this city and don't want to use the industry exit to get places. Designed with ease in mind, this exit is a great example of the infrastructure of the city. A residential area on the north side of the city. These homes here are next to a high school, and homes go as low as $250,000 in a city with an average home cost of $675,000. These "affordable houses" are hard to come by on the market- and the market is hot in Teddy City. Mixed use in the city- including a news station- News 3 RWGA and its tower occupy this area off K-97. These homes here are similar in price to those of the previous area, given the TV tower. However they are in an area thats less popular given the highway and tower. Hospital Park- located at the Ashbury Medical Complex off K-95. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the city itself, and a great location to live. Homes her are at a premium given the park, averaging around $456,500 for a 2 bedroom home. Chamberlain Bvld and Warren Rd- again same neighborhood as before, but on the other side of K-95. And again homes come at a premium- higher in fact- averaging at $495,000 for a 2 bedroom, these are older homes, but they fit in nicely with the surroundings. Close to schools, hospitals and stores, this is a neighborhood people want to live in. Its living at its finest. Hope you enjoyed Tour 1.
  13. Hi all, I've been playing Sim City since I was 3 years old, and Sim City 4 since its launch in 2003, but one thing that has always staggered me since finding Simtroplis in 2009 is the scale of detail you see people put into the cities in city journals and the "Show us your x" threads. I'd love to know how players did it, I've been working on the same region for six years and yet its nowhere near city journal quality. I've tried experimenting with pond mods over the years, but I find them very difficult to use and ultimately just give up trying to make a realistic stream. Do players plan how their city will look on paper before creating? Or do they not actually play for the simulation but just play for the modelling? If anyone has any tips on creating such detail I would be glad to know. Thank you.
  14. Conquering Mount Fitz Roy

    Jutting 11,020 feet out of the southern Patagonian landscape, the imposing sheer granite walls of Mount Fitz Roy makes it the one of the crown jewels of the southern Andes. Technically challenging climbing routes coupled with notoriously bad weather makes it one of the toughest climbs in the world, but the view from the top makes it all worth it. Day 1 Our journey starts off in the sleepy little town of El Chaltén, Argentina, right at the footstep of Mount Fitz Roy. Our group meets up to discuss our routes in the upcoming days - the weather looks like it'll be manageable, but in this part of the world, that could change in the blink of an eye. We set off for Fitz Roy, and we're immediately in for a treat. The fall foliage is in full swing surrounding the misty Rio Fitz Roy, making for an absolutely gorgeous view. We won't be here long however, as the terrain quickly starts to get much more challenging. After several more miles of walking, we start to approach the base of the mountain and get our first up close view of the surrounding peaks, Techado Negro and Aguja de la 'S'. They're beautiful, no doubt - but they pale in comparison to the peak we're headed to next. Nightfall begins to set in, so we set up our tents and call it a day. Day 2 The day started off fairly easily - a straight forward climb up the mountain. However, our plans quickly got derailed when a storm approaches us, making any technical climbing an impossibility. We decide to instead take cover in a rocky outcrop and wait it out. Conditions finally improved just enough for us to continue on - and we begin to make our ascent up near-vertical granite cliffs. We had originally planned on setting up our tents on a small, flat plateau a couple hundred feet away - but due to previous setbacks, we fall behind and the darkness combined with driving rain makes any more climbing far too dangerous. We're forced to precariously hang our tents off the side of the mighty Aguja Poincenot instead. Day 3 Conditions still aren't great, but we continue to push on. The granite cliffs are coated with a thin layer of ice and storm clouds begin to roll in, making things far more dangerous than we had originally thought. However, despite the conditions, we persevere and finally reach the peak of Mount Fitz Roy. We proudly set up our Argentinian flag and take in the beautiful view - it's just as good as you would imagine. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver
  15. Journey Through The Sahara

    Our next stop takes us to the famous Sahara Desert - the world's largest hot desert. For thousands of years, nomads have adapted to the harsh terrain, with an extensive knowledge of the terrain being absolutely vital to their survival. Knowing exactly where each and every oasis is located is perhaps the single most important aspect to this, and we approach our first one in the Ennedi Plateau of Chad. Guelta d'Archei is perhaps the Sahara's most famous oasis, and has been used since prehistoric times, note the cave paintings on the walls. The water's distinctive black hue - caused by untold amounts of camel dung over the years - hides the lake's most dangerous species quite well, the Nile crocodile. Hopping from oasis to oasis is crucial for anyone traveling in the Sahara, and fortunately we're able to find another one just in time. The small town of Bardaï, Chad, has been an important trading post in the region for centuries. Unfortunately, droughts have ravished the landscape and the riverbed is almost completely bare. There's just enough water left over for the camels. After a month-long northern excursion in search of pastures, the caravan finally starts to head back south through the mighty Grand Erg Occidental, but not before they come face to face with one of the Sahara's greatest dangers. An enormous sandstorm engulfs the caravan, and rages on for nearly an entire day. Fortunately, by sitting to the side of their camels, they're able to lessen the blow and eventually get back on their feet. After nearly a month more of traveling, we finally reach our end destination of Djenné, Mali. Every Monday, the entire region takes part in market day - truly a sight to behold. Just under the shadow of the magnificent Great Mosque, the streets come alive with countless shoppers and market vendors, giving them the much needed opportunity to trade camels or goods. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver
  16. The Sims has a program that contains the info of all custom content and indicates if it has issues withiin the game. I wonder if Sim City 4 has one as well? I'm asking that because I have some failed plugins and I don't know exactly what files are theirs, so I can't seem to easily remove them.
  17. Tokod County-Comeback

    Welcome back people!It was a while,wasn't it?Finally the time for a new update! I've Had a large hiatus with city journals(thanks captain obvious) I've been imagining/working on my region,on it's infrastructure,aesthetics and other thingies. Let's get started! Here's the town of Heidelberg,the oldest town in the mountains.Established in 1898 it's one of the central towns in the Lappe mountains. Here we see the interchange between I97 and I96 which is a major diamond interchange in the region. Here's the town of Cascade Falls which is far far far from the earlier town shown in the picture. It's a sprawling town in the region which provides workforce to a nearly industrial area. Here's the interchange between I78 and I53 which is also a major junction in the region where is Cascade Falls located. Still the highway is uncompleted but the plans are in the work now,so they'll be no longer just sitting there without traffic. That's for the final picture guys,i hope you enjoyed this small update! I hope you had a good time watching my CJ!
  18. Hello everybody, don't know if I opened the topic in the wrong section, if so, please move it, thanks ^^ The thing is that I started using the Mayor Mode forest tool after a pretty long time without using it and surprisingly, mixed with the trees and vegetation, appeared some Maxis props (concretely construction props, rubbish, dumpsters... nothing custom made). It seems that they were added when I installed lots of mods and plugins some time ago and that are an addition for the brush or maybe are causing conflicts. I looked for a cause in the mods folder, but I don't find it, so I'm asking for your help. Does anybody know what I've installed for uninstalling it? Thanks a lot! Pics:
  19. brown boxes remove how to

    need help I can,t fine a mod to remove brown boxes help me
  20. See attached file. The city is still there, and I've found that the most common solution for my city to come back is to save in game, then exit to main screen without saving, with/without some playtime of letting it just run for a while. I reckon it's a bunch of conflicts in the gazillion plug-ins I play with, but any other suggestions and/or potential fixes? Also, here it is all fine, but when I turn on traffic view, it does this. Not a disaster, but it annoys me. Fixes I find is just, again, going on the city, and leaving it for a while and then saving and exiting to world map. I know I am using a version of NAM but I think the alternative traffic world map view is a separate mod, but one I downloaded years ago...
  21. Hello, This is the 1st time I am trying with NWM. I use NAM 32. 1. What is a Turning lane avenue? What is the significance of this "Turning"? 2. What does this 3-Lane Asymmetrical Road (ARD-3) do? Features I mean. 3. I made a road using 6-Lane Road (RD-6) and tried to cross it with a normal road and normal avenue. The normal road can cross it but the normal avenue cant. Is this correct? What to do so that a normal avenue can cross the RD-6? 4. How to cross a RD-6 with a RD-6 road? While I tried to cross a RD-6 with a RD-6, only one part of the horizontal RD-6 can cross the vertical RD-6. How to solve it? More questions will be updated later in this thread of mine. Thank you.
  22. Hello, I am a little new to modding sim city 4 and I have gotten the general gist of how it works, but I saw that there is possibly a way to make traffic STOP disappearing. I saw some mods and tried installing them and they havent worked. I was just curious on how to install them and what I have to do. I have NAM installed, and if I could get step by step how and a link to one that will work I would really appreciate it. thank you.
  23. Let's Play SimCity 4 @YouTube

    Well, I suppose this my City Journal in video format I started to record myself playing SimCity 4 a while a go and the first episode just went up. So go and see: You can find the playlist on the channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePressurewasherman Episodes will come out every other day, so if you like the videos, subscribe to the channel or check me out at twitter (https://twitter.com/PressureWasherM). And when it comes to facepalming a lot, bare in mind that I'm just a casual player, not a pro or even anywhere close. For the same reason, it's not a tutorial or anything like that. Just me battling against budget crisis. Forever. Likes, hates, comments etc. are all welcome. I'm not that good with commentary, but I'm sure I'll get.. probably not good, but better at it
  24. Hi guys, Need your help here. I just installed my old copy of Sim City 4 + Rush Hour and tried it on my Windows 8.1. It opened full screen and everything was going fine from the regions down to the landscaping, until I started with the cities: It seems there are blades coming from what looks like the direction of shadows. Also, intersections between roads, especially between roads and streets, aren't rendering properly. The worst is when entire buildings like the Coal power plant just disappear (but continue to function). Please let me know if there's any solution for this. Here's some computer stats: - Windows 8.1 - Intel i3 - 4GB RAM - 500 GB drive - 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor - standard video card, nothing special
  25. No connection problem

    I've got a problem in Sim City 4. I deal with the no connection zot. I do know that this problem is often caused by wrong zoning, no workplace or no possibility to find a path to the workplace but I don't want to talk about that because I know that they can't be the reasons why I deal with the problem. I use NAM and I only have this problem in cities which are rather large and have a highly developped road system so my question is. Is this problem due to technical reasons? Is there a way that the game can work faster because the no connection signs disappear, but they need 3 or 4 months to do so.

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