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  1. Update 1: Beginnings

    Between me and you, I'm no good at interchanges either there are tutorials out there though. Just experiment!
  2. Update 1: Beginnings

    A very small nice start. Can't wait to see how this develops! Instead of maxis highway, try using NAM. -Jed
  3. Entry no.37 - The Suburbs of Baycole

    What a beautiful update! Welcome back!
  4. Entry 36 : Transitways Pt 1 : LRT (5E136)

    I never got the hang of City Skylines, but this is amazing. I am envious of your skills. Tell me, how did you make the map?
  5. Concrete Jungle in the Tropical Jungle

    That's a very dense city tile! Try leaving the city to play to avoid the yellow bar around the screen, and remove the bar from the bottom. Wonderful entry though
  6. Stunning industrial zones and very green!
  7. Ozan's Utilities

  8. Dashin - And so it begins...

    Wow, a fantastic journal! I absolutely love how green and lush it looks! Keep it up!
  9. Dashin's modest beginning

    What an absolutely fantastic journal! Your MMP-ing skills are phenomenal! Keep up the good work!
  10. Starting South Bartholomew: Old Town

    Wow, I love this old town! Hope there will be some cool highway shots and some more urbanized areas.
  11. Ozan's Utilities

    Interesting. It would work well in suburbs where you don't really want large garbage dumps or tall water towers.
  12. Oil Buoy

    Such detail! It's fantastic! Downloading right away. 5/5
  13. Tokio PGRI (Region)

    Have to agree with the comments above. An amazing region, looking forward to seeing the cities next.
  14. An Introduction to the Northward Isles Protectorate

    Interesting. I look forward to see how this city journal develops! 
  15. I - Newton City

    What beautiful pictures. I particular like the ones of the residential area. Keep up the good work!