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City-building game(s)

Found 41 results

  1. IRM Expansion Blocker v1.0

    Version 1.0.0


    INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MOD Expansion Blocker 1 - INTRODUCTION / OVERVIEW If you use the IRM Base Pack and some IRM W2W stuff, you probably have the blockers you need to switch back and forth between regular IRM and wall-to-wall industry. What about new regular (non-W2W) uploads, though? This little blocker file ensures that you will also be able to block future IRM (non-W2W) lots. This current version 1.0 supports all of the upcoming IRM industry files that I am about to upload shortly. If you don't use IRM W2W anyway, this file is irrelevant for you. It is only needed to make a complete switch between W2W and non-W2W for those who would like to use both. Future IRM uploads will have a link to this blocker file, and as soon as you need a new version, I will inform you in the download description. This shouldn't be so soon, however, since I have a nice stash of uploads up my sleeve (little hint: it's no longer a two-digit figure!). By the way, the screenshot doubles as a little teaser and shows a teeny-tiny fraction of what's in the release queue. 2 - USE Simply add this to your plugins folder if you play with the upcoming IRM custom lots, but want to have the option of switching back to IRM W2W lots by blocking all non-W2W stuff. When you want non-W2W IRM lots to grow again, simply move this little DAT file out of your plugins again. When this file is updated to a more recent version, simply overwrite the existing file with the new version. This blocker will grow and encompass more and more custom lots. It should exist only once in your plugins folder. You will see in the description (and in the HTML readme) of upcoming (non-W2W) IRM downloads which version of this file you'll need so you know when to check for an update. The file should extract to the path IRM\z_IRM Lot Blockers, so you can extract it to your root plugins folder. If you have the IRM Base pack installed (and you should if this blocker is to make any sense), then this folder should exist already. 3 - DEPENDENCIES Since this file is just a blocker and doesn't add any new content to your game, it doesn't really require dependencies. However, it is designed to be used with regular IRM and IRM W2W stuff. You can find the IRM (and read more about it) here. The IRM W2W Base Pack can be found here. For more individual IRM content, just use the "Find their other files" option right on this screen - or click the link in this line. You will find links to optional complementary downloads in the descriptions of the IRM and the IRM W2W Base pack. 4 - FINAL WORDS Thanks for your continued support and for all the positive input concerning my little IRM endeavour - I'll do my very best to reward your patience with a healthy dose of IRM content during the upcoming weeks and months. T Wrecks, Jun 06, 2017
  2. Replies: korver: Thanks, really glad your enjoying it. As for the road network I'm surer there is many places that use a similar design in the real world though admittedly I haven't seen it either. If you like the road network though you should be happy with the below entry! Entry 3: Adding more infrastructure! So, basically this was the whole point with this city, to try and create a functioning densely populated island city that relies entirely on road, plane and boat for transit (no trains, subway etc). As such, since the last entry I've been doing a lot of road work starting, with this small spur in the industrial/incinerator area which had this issue. So, a bit of shifting stuff aroudn and some small scale demolition and we have this distribution spur which, is a much better solution to the traffic. Next up was the entrance area, where we needed to put in a large scale split to facilitate traffic heading north. A much larger project than the one before and massively oversized for the state of the city at the moment but at least it should hopefully be futureproofed for a little while at least. Random overview of what the city looked like at that point. Right before it saw some large scale growth that meant I needed to make a few changes to the interchange. The other reason for this highway interchange being completed now is to help facilitate the first high rise development outside the city centre in the district centre of Pranada. Finally for this entry we have the biggest roadwork project, the re introduction of the harbour splitter, which, was present in the previous version and seemed to work really well so was always going to be in this one as well. The difference however is that I changed the way the connect to eachother and added a third harbour to the system for the local freight that doesn't need to use the highway to get to them (located immediately right of the interchange. Some bits of the system look a bit unusual but basically I designed it so that they get relatively equal usage, hence why some of the road types are a bit odd in choice as they make the journey times for the different sides more or less equal. At least it seems to be working ta the moment but we'll have to see as volume increases. Though, seeing as we did have an issue already when building it that meant I had to build this small local only harbour on the otherside of the city, we could be seeing more harbours in the network in the future. For now though, that's a lot of road so we'll end it here with the usual current overview Till next time!
  3. Frontier Star Issue 2

  4. Buena es una continuación de mi ciudad piloto :s

    Buenas acá les presento 6 fotos de mi ciudad , que como les dije solo tengo 50000 habitantes, agradecería mucho si alguien que sabe del tema me recomienda algún mod o alguna forma de mejorar la ciudad. por cierto tengo graves problemas de trafico xd.
  5. Mi ciudad piloto :)

    Bueno procedo a mostrarle por parte mi ciudad que aun esta en desarrollo xd , apenas tengo 50000 habitantes :s.
  6. Entry 11: Recovery Begins

    Replies: eufl: Thanks, I'm really glad your enjoying the CJ. Yer the water pump is a little on the large side lol but oh well. As for the farms they do take a while which is probably why the road layouts for them are beginning to outpace the actual farm detailing but I'm sure I'll catch it up. As for the power poles I'm not using any mods in this CJ sorry. Plus it makes sense to have the pylons as there coming from the actual power plant which is further down the single lane highway. Entry 11: Recovery begins So, were back in Antario and as the title suggests, were glad to say that the city has begun its recovery plan in regards to the failing industry that supported our city and has benefited from several knock on effects from this recovery which we'll show you in this entry. Jumping straight in, you'll remember that the former oil sights were left like this as nature retook the areas they used to operate in. 1. Well we've used some set aside money to offer grants for forestry companies to take up management of the area and bring some industry and jobs back into the city and am happy to say that the response has been promising indeed. True not all the land has been bought but at least its a sizeable start and ones that we have a number of plans for in the future. 2. Moving back toward the city you'll remember the intersection for the village of Froska was getting a bit clogged up and frankly, dangerous. Well we've gone ahead and turned it into a simple but much more effective diamond interchange. 3. Which has a,lso allowed us to expand the growing network of villages that are popping up around Antario. In this case were In the new village of Londhei where farming and forestry are the main way's of life. There is also a cider brewery here as well that uses its own and other local orchards to produce several varieties of refreshing cider for the local area. In the background you can see just how close it is to the city, sitting just across the highway from the suburbs. 4. Meanwhile we also have expansion in the aforementioned suburbs as the sprawl continues to spread outwards. 5. Also more expansion in Skjar, which is fast becoming a little town in its own right, what with the new neighbourhood and the preparation to use the land around it for farming and forestry. We do however probably need to do something about the pollution that might be beginning to threaten the fishing industry that it was founded around. 6. Finally for this small entry we have the obligatory overview, marking the moment that our city and its surrounds have hit the 50k mark, now showing no signs of stopping with the focus on new industries and, as usual the list of things on the councils minds. 7. -Improve the lacking public transport network? -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area? -Expand on the forestry industry. -Financial district substantial expansion? -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half done? -Agricultural expansions -Housing expansions
  7. In this episode, we continue with our suburb area, and realise one design floor, the steepness of the roads!
  8. This episode we start work on some suburbs. This area is one of the first parts of our city to use 2 way roads! The area uses low density housing, which means that our citizens are more spread out, and have a nice view of the river that passes by the city.
  9. We are back in our city, and are continuing to expand!
  10. Another newbie question... So what happens when you've maxed out and filled up all nine tiles? All 25? How does it affects game play at those levels? What kind of hardware to you need to go "above and beyond" that? ALL responses welcome!!
  11. YES YES YES SMILEY FACES Everybody board the hypetram!
  12. Chronicle of Agrophilia #1

    Chronicle of Agrophilia: Issue #1 This chronicle shows the growth and expansion of the Kings Town and Blackwell Academy areas. It is also giving clues for the upcoming areas. From humble beginnings to a prosperous rural area. The need of prosperity led to a successful sustainable development of the area. Year 3 Ab urbe condita #1 Year 10 Ab urbe condita #2 Year 13 Ab urbe condita #3 Year 15 Ab urbe condita #4 However, Agrophilia had to cope with several problems. The land capabilities are not infinite. This led the Greater and Lesser Assembly into a further strategic development. The renovation of Silvercastle in order to serve as a major tourist destination and capital of Agrophilia. The creation of Kings Port as the main passenger harbor. The creation of a dam in Black Lake area and the foundation of a new town for energy reasons. There are also rumors for terraced farming areas but the authorities declined to comment over the issue. Kings Port and Silvercastle #5 Black Lake Thank you for buying Chronicle of Agrophilia Issue#1
  13. Episode 4 - Fire Fire!

    In this episode of Cities Skylines, we continue to expand the city. When fire strikes the city, we find the the firemen are watering the plants!
  14. Cities: Skylines Snowfall

    In Snowfall, the difficulty heats up when the city cools down, thanks to a new in-game temperature reading that will have residents bundling up for warmth when the weather outside is frightful. Cosmetic weather, composed of rain and fog, will be added to Cities: Skylines as part of a free update, along with other features to be announced soon. Players who own Snowfall will get to face new challenges such as ensuring that their city infrastructure can handle seasonal heating demands – and, when the snow starts falling, that the roads can stay clear. New snowplow services will be required to prevent traffic from freezing in place, while new all-weather trams and expanded public transit options can help residents and visitors alike get around town – and visit the new winter parks and landmarks available in Snowfall. Snowfall will include: Now is the Winter of This Content: Rain and fog for existing maps, plus a new “Winter” map theme with snow and all of its challenges The Streetcars You Desire: Expanded public transportation options, including easier management of existing lines – and Trams, a new system demanded by fans World Warmth, Too: Cold weather increases demands for electricity, unless new water-based heat systems are in place Plowers to the People: Build a snowplow depot to keep traffic flowing during winter weather, and employ new road maintenance systems to keep your streets in shape New Chirps: #yeahthereare
  15. Episode 2

    Welcome back to cities skylines! In the second episode, we work on expanding our city, and regrettably our industrial zone. If you are enjoying the videos, maybe consider subscribing here
  16. We expand the South Side of CapTown in hopes to get more people to move in! Enjoy!
  17. I've got the After Dark expansion pack! That means new stuff to play with!
  18. Paradox have released After Dark, the first expansion for Cities: Skylines. Building on the features from the base game, a range of new gameplay and simulation options are introduced, giving greater control of how your city interacts and functions. It includes ways to specialise district areas (e.g. leisure & tourism), and changes in activity based on the new day/night cycle. There's also expanded city services and additional transportation options, including bike & bus lanes! Dev Diary #1: Night Time, what is it? Dev Diary #2: What's new with Modding? Dev Diary #3: Expanded city services Dev Diary #4: Commercial specializations Dev Diary #5: Almost there! Price: $14.99 / £10.99 / €14.99 The expansion requires the base game installed, and is a separate purchase. Launch FAQ Patch Release Notes (includes the differences between the free update) Mod Compatibility Guide (community created)
  19. After Dark Expansion released for Cities: Skylines!

    Paradox have released After Dark, the first expansion for Cities: Skylines. Building on the features from the base game, a range of new gameplay and simulation options are introduced, giving greater control of how your city interacts and functions. It includes ways to specialise district areas (e.g. leisure & tourism), and changes in activity based on the new day/night cycle. There's also expanded city services and additional transportation options, including bike & bus lanes! The expansion requires the base game installed, and is a separate purchase (currently $14.99 / £10.99 / €14.99). Launch FAQ Patch Release Notes (includes the differences between the free update) Mod Compatibility Guide (community created)
  20. At Gamescom 2015, Paradox have announced the first expansion for Cities: Skylines. It will feature a much requested day & night cycle, new specialization, service and transportation options: Will you construct a bustling city that lives and breathes at night or will your city succumb to the perils and misadventures of night life? You’re only limited by your imagination, so take control. The sky is the limit! Find out what life is like in the city when the sun goes down! Main features Day and Night Cycle: Day and night changes in the city and affects citizen schedules. Traffic is visibly slower at night and some zoned areas do not work with full efficiency, further easing the traffic. Service vehicles move around as usual. A free update for all users. Leisure specialization: Commercial areas can specialize in leisure activities. Leisure areas are especially active during the night, but work like regular commercial areas during the day. Beach specialization: Commercial areas such as beach bars and restaurants, small marina and fishing tours on the shoreline can specialize in beach activities. Expanded City Services: Criminals will now be taken to Prison from Police buildings. Taxi service will help citizens and tourists travel around the city. Cargo hubs are harbors that accept cargo trains straight to the terminal. International airport is a huge airport, allowing much more traffic than the previous airport. It has a metro station attached to it. Bus terminal allows citizens to transfer to other bus lines in the terminal building. New transportation options: Bikes and dedicated bike lanes and bike ways let citizens opt for a faster alternative to walking. Bus lanes can be used to help the public transportation run smoother. System Requirements: Requires Cities: Skylines Base Game. Release: September 24th 2015 Price: $14.99 [More info] Full source: https://www.paradoxplaza.com/cities-skylines-after-dark
  21. So with Colossal Order making a big announcement today at Gamescom, and with AzureSpecter dropping hints to keep an eye out for a big release...anyone have any hopes or guesses as to what it will be? Moved to a new thread: http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/68698-cities-skylines-after-dark-expansion-announced/
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_f75zM4t6o The expansion... has me foaming at the mouth.

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