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City-building game(s)

Found 25 results

  1. Ritz-Carlton Toronto

    Version 1.0.0


    Darknight only. No dependencies! Enjoy!
  2. Models uploaded so far : NA Medium density housing - 01 NA Medium density housing - 02 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OLD Hey guys first post here and first model for C:S ! I have a bit of experience with 3D modeling (followed some tutorials on DT, made a few models, and a made map on Source ) but i'm pretty much a beginner I just finished my first model for C:S, took some time (~7 days), got confused a few times but i'm pretty comfortable now and next ones will go much faster. I based it off the kind of houses you find around Toronto ( THIS house in particular). Heres the model on sketchfab and the model in the workshop you'll find it in parks plazza (don't know if I'll leave it up its just a test for now). 890 tris for the building and front yard thingy, no LOD yet, textures( D N A I S ) are 1024x1024, 32 tris for the 8m fence, 4 tri LOD, and 128x128 textures (which are temporary until I do a better one). For a few questions : I'm really unsure about how my normal maps turned out and have spent way more time than i'd like to admit fiddling with it, inverting re-verting, and getting more confused, would be appreciated if someone could go over it (the windows in particular look off ) : normals diffuse I also have some windows where the illumination will just be a white line PIC how do I fix that ? My textures seem fine to me illumination spec For the tris would it be fine to delete polys such as under the window trim and the ceiling of the porch ? I know some people like walking around the city in FPS view just as other people don't care so i'm not quite sure if I should leave them or not. I unwraped the uvs so that there is nothing overlapping for AO but I doubt i'll be able to do that with other more complex buildings. What is you guys stance on AO ? Important ? or is it fine just to let it aside ? Finally whats your prefered format for saving textures ? Right now its all PNGs. Edit : And the scale, does it seem fine ? PIC I'll probably make more of theses houses and maybe make a Torontonian collection if all goes well. THIS is what I expect a neighboorhood of theses will look like (containers = garages). Makes good practice!
  3. Laying the tracks part 2

    Here is the second part two of our journal in laying railway through the city. The previous post was meant to be one journal, but I ran out of file uploads. Thanks for the comments, as I am now going to be using imgur, so these two-parters should be a thing of the past. I have also taken on comments about the bend in the road from Browns Line. As takemethere has very kindly shown, by using one-way road instead of avenue, it alleviates an extra tile needed to convert from avenue to road and allows the 90 degree curve. It also adds additional realism with the height of the bridge and the centre markings. If anyone can recommend a good terrain smoothing mod, I would really appreciate it. I have left the terrain unchanged for now, as I'm sure a mod will do a much better job than myself when I get round to it. Here is a snapshot of the altered bridge: Moving on. Next is the Kipling Avenue overpass. This is also where the railway starts to fork. Based on the width of the railway, there should be just under four tiles worth, but because it will be crossing the avenue orthogonality, I will go with three. The line coming off at the south follows an almost orthogonal route through the rail yard, whereas the northern branch follows the same fractional angle of the main line, but it had to be offset using a diagonal route, because you cannot have two parallel FARR one tile apart. The final road/rail interface along the mainline is Islington Avenue. This is unfortunately where the railway is at its widest (458 m or 28-29 tiles!). As NAM does not have puzzle pieces for road viaducts over FARR, I will need to use diagonal rail under the entire length of the bridge. Dual diagonal rail seems to resort to the Maxis default, so I will stick to spacing them further apart, although even these will resort to Maxis default for the road viaduct intersection. Here is my attempt at it. It does look rather ugly, but perhaps when the rail depot comes into place and the lines are expanded, it won't be quite as "bare". I've used 15m viaduct avenue for the entire stretch. Next step is to smooth off the bridge at either end. At the northern slop of the bridge it meets Judson St (which I've marked off using my previous map coordinate system). The intersection is very close, so the gentle ramp for the avenue viaduct is out of the question. The much steeper ramp will be needed; this also allows a few spaces for turning lanes. Whilst I was figuring out if I had enough space for turning lanes, I completed the intersection in its entirety, so here's a first glimpse of Toronto's road intersections. At the southern ramp of the bridge, it meets New Toronto St in almost exactly the same circumstances as Judson St. One major difference is that there is now enough space to fit a smooth sloped ramp AND the turning lanes. Again, I have completed the intersection. This one looks much nicer with the gentle ramp and I have also started to curve the avenue off at a fractional angle immediately outside of the screen. This is one of very few "kinks" in the city's strict grid system. Presumably it kinks to align with the optimum location for the bridge over the rail tracks. Let's bring back the OpenStreet Map and focus on the railway line heading north to the boundary of the map. It's 120 tiles east of the western boundary. For the most part, it is a dual track, with spurs merging on and off along its route. There isn't a built-in 72 degree rail split with the latest NAM, so I've converted the main line to follow a diagonal path for the junction. The northern line can now branch off smoothly with a NAM puzzle piece. The main line does look a little strange and it's hard to tell which one is the main line and which is the minor! There is also a small dual line serving local industry that branches off closer to Browns Line. I've gone for a different approach to its junction here, which does leave a rather sharp bend in the rail. It heads north towards Horner Ave., where it splits into two single track lines and terminates. I think this concludes the entry on rail. Obviously, there is more rail serving local factories and of course the huge rail depot(s), but as far as laying down the tracks, we're done here. Next up is laying down the (main) roads! Thanks for reading.
  4. Laying the tracks

    From the previous thread, we have gathered the resources in the form of maps to start laying the foundation of the city. I will start with railway, as these are the least flexible and therefore it is easiest to building things around the railway rather than vice-versa. I'm going to pull up the map from the previous entry and post it below this paragraph for reference. You can see the railway lines marked by black-white dashed lines. The main line goes from south-east to north-west. This is a quadruple track and it carries both freight and commuter trains. There is also a line that goes directly north from the main line. This is double track and can't be that busy, as there is a road-crossing. The rest are single tracks serving industrial facilities. Indeed, a look on Google Maps indicates there are quite a few spurs leads to industrial sites not on this map. Finally, there is a gigantic rail maintenance depot to the north-east of the city tile. With this in mind, it is obvious to start with the most major track (the SW-NE). To get a reference point to start work, I will find out the furthest west and east point of the line (where it reaches the city limits). There are 256 tiles across one axis in the map, and my map is 606 pixels wide; therefore there are 0.42 tiles per pixel. Why did I calculate this? Well, I can measure (in pixels) on my map how far down from the top of the map, the railway line is at the boundaries and multiply this by 0.42 to get the distance in tiles and then to plot it on Simcity. The western point is 281 px (119 tiles) down and the eastern point is 87 px (36 tiles) down. I can also deduce the angle of my railway line from this. The difference along the northern axis is 83 tiles across the whole city (256 tiles). Bit of trigonometry and you get an angle of 18°! The fractionally angled railway that comes with NAM is 18.4°; hence the exclamation mark. However, things won't be quite as a easy as plopping one straight line of FARR, as the only FARR interface with road networks is a Maxis road crossing. There are four road-rail interfaces across the main rail line, so it will need to bend into orthogonal at these points. This will render the line slightly off track. But I will intend to start from the west and work my way eastwards. The final road interface will be at the rail maintenance yard, so I don't mind switching it to diagonal before getting back on track at the eastern city boundary. The next step is to make a note of where the road interfaces occur. Similar to as before, I will measure (in pixels) how far the roads are from the map in Photoshop and then convert this into city tile units to measure across on the map. So far west to east we have Browns Line (49 px, 21 tiles); 30th street (in grey; 189 px, 80 tiles); Kipling Avenue (345 px, 146 tiles); and Islington Avenue (509 px, 215 tiles). I think they are all avenues (two lanes either side), so I will plot them onto the map roughly where I think they will intersect with the railway line and start building a FARR railway line. As I mentioned earlier line uses quadruple track, but I will be using the standard dual track instead. Why? Quadruple track doesn't exist (or at least not yet) and if I were to do two parallel dual tracks, it would be three tiles wide at fractional angles (48 m, compared to the real-life scenario of about 16 m!). Also, the two tracks wouldn't be used by in the game, as I have no way of separating freight and passenger trains. Next step are the detailed interfaces with road and rail, as they are currently just rail crossing... not ideal for a busy commuter line in one of the largest urban areas in North America! I will work from west to east. The first one is Browns Line and is composed of a an avenue bridge with a very gentle slope from the north and to the south it immediately splits into two one way roads and turns perpendicular with a moderate slope as shown below in Google Maps: This was mostly successful. I haven't covered the topic yet, but I did have to check the location of Lake Shore Blvd W to see whether I would have room between the bridge to get a nice curved ramp to Browns Line. Unfortunately I couldn't use the NAM curved pieces, but I did move Lake Shore Blvd by one tile so I could get a smoother gradient: Next up is 30th Street. A rather simpler affair with this one. As shown by Streetview, a simple avenue under rail underpass should do. Looks like I've hit my file upload limit. I will carry this on as a second journal entry or hopefully as a second post in the entry. Still have Kipling Avenue underpass and Islington Avenue bridge coming up!
  5. Gathering resources

    This is my first entry and my first every journal, so I will introduce my goals! I am planning to recreate the Greater Toronto Area (the city of Toronto and its neighbours) in full scale. I am a resident of Toronto and have had some experience with creating real cities on SC4. I don't know how large it will get or how detailed yet, but let's start things off. First up, I need a map. The last time I recreated a city (Exeter, England) I was fortunate enough to have digital terrain models (DTM) of the area on my laptop. This time, I don't have such and since Toronto is such a big place, there are several maps out there already. So I stumbled across this one from dobdriver http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2827 . This map is exceptional: it contains a huge area, has smooth terrain, and has rivers. Finally, it has been rotated so that Toronto's "north-south/east-west" transport grid aligns orthogonaly. So before I even begin my work, thanks to dobdriver! The next step is where to start. I live in the Etobicoke-Lakeshore area of Toronto and this is where I'd be most interested to recreate. Logically, downtown would come first. However, the lack of industry would stunt the growth of any development. Etobicoke-Lakeshore has a great mix of industry, commerce and houses, as shown by this land-use map http://www1.toronto.ca/city_of_toronto/city_planning/zoning__environment/files/pdf/city-wide_allzones_569-2013.pdf (the area is located in the very south-west corner of the city of Toronto's boundary). Now I will create a transport map that can be referred to while constructing the city. This rather small image below was taken from dobdriver's map's description page. It's a crop of the city tile that represents Etobicoke-Lakeshore. Then I took a few screenshots from OpenStreetMap of the rough area in question. After stitching them together and rotating them 16.8 degrees clockwise (remember, this is because of Toronto's street grid) I came up with the following map, which contains railways, highways/roads/avenues, streets, transit stops, and green space. I also included an unrotated scale measure for later use. Now I overlay one ontop of the other in Photoshop. I used the transport map as my background and inserted the city tile terrain map ontop in a semi-transparent layer. According to my scale, there are 74 pixels per 500 m. Knowing that a tile is 4,096 m wide, the tile should be 606 pixels wide to be full sized, so I increased it to these dimensions. Then I moved the image around until it aligned with the coastline on the transport map (shown below). The crescent shaped harbour was very helpful in using as a reference point too. Then just crop it and hide the terrain overlay. With this map, I am able to start marking the locations of key transport routes such as rail and highways. I will show in detail how one can do this in the next post.
  6. Bay Adelaide Centre West

    Version 1.0


    I (Kellydale2003) present to you Bay Adelaide Street West! HISTORY Bay Adelaide Centre West is a real life 51-story tower in Toronto, Ontario. Located at 333 Bay Street, the 218M skyscraper was completed in 2009 and is located in the heart of Canada's largest financial district. With preserving heritage an important part of Toronto, the developers of Bay Adelaide Centre preserved the historical corner building by building over it whilst maintaining the facade of the building - with some restoration help, of course. This is also a very unique building due to its revolutionary night lighting. Using photometric realistic lighting combined with strategically placed bump maps, the illusion of realism is created. The total project rendering time for day and night is 332 hours (almost like the real life address - 333 Bay Street). This is the largest building ever exported using this revolutionary and high-memory-intensive technique. DEPENDENCIES NEEDED .... JUST KIDDING! ONLY DARKNIGHT IS INCLUDED! Unfortunately, due to high rendering times, the dark night version can only be exported. If you do not have Simfox's DarkNight Mod, download it (link is in the read me of this file). Support my thread by leaving a comment! Enjoy! , Kellydale2003
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmD7G-5vng0 Another quick update video. Yay...yay...YAY!!!
  8. Just a quick update video regarding my Building Downtown Toronto Challenge series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSMh60ql9oU
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTpl2I-Nh1Q Just an update video on what I've done off-camera.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI-uAroes-k The "CN Tower" has been placed... but where?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx4xUTwpLW4 I'm a tad bit insane. But that's okay, right? RIGHT?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6zfacF_5qQ Maps are fun .
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVVbvX9H-yo It seems like this series is gonna take longer than I thought it would.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7zUAXBlNrI Welcome to my brand new series! In this series, I'll be building downtown Toronto in a response to a challenge posted on the SimCity Reddit! Enjoy!
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7zUAXBlNrI Welcome to my brand new series! In this series, I'll be building downtown Toronto in a response to a challenge posted on the SimCity Reddit! Enjoy!
  16. Flashpoint: SimCity

    Hey! so here's the thing, thinking about starting a Flashpoint series, but in SimCity. any thoughts? I loved the show so I thought it would be cooler if it were in SimCity. Leave me your thoughts! http://imgur.com/zwEpR0W
  17. 3D MODEL - Bank Of Canada Toronto

    Version 1.0


    THIS IS A 3D MODEL. DOWNLOADING THIS FILE WILL NOT MAKE BUILDING APPEAR IN SimCity. FOR 3DSMAX USERS ONLY. Bank Of Canada - Toronto This is a 100% fictional building I created summer 2013 as an experiment in using different techniques on creating glass (as a quick tutorial for members in chat). The Simtropolis chat community loved it so much they asked for it to be exported in the game. Unfortunately I have no intention of exporting this building. With the cleaning of my computer, this is better uploaded to the Simtropolis community. This scene has a real good taste of how I actually create my glass for my exported buildings! Download at your own risk. STATS: Poly count: 1,685,955 (high, mainly due to tree foliage) Dependencies Included: Y Created in: 3dsmax 2012 x64 Compatibility: Unknown Lighting Rigs: Let There Be Light (2012) by Simfox File size (decompressed): 84.5 MB in 4 files File Extension: ".max" Permission to re-upload: Y (but with credit) Author's note(s): I made this really quick during chat on ST, so it wasn't as clean as I usually intend by buildings to be. In other words, don't mind the mess! haha Visit the "Skyscrapers Galore! " thread under "Bat - Open Discussion" for more projects! , Kellydale2003
  18. 11 King Street West

    Version 1.0


    I (Kellydale2003) present to you 11 King Street West! HISTORY 11 King Street West is a real life building located in the Financial District of Downtown Toronto, Canada. The building is over 66m tall with 18 stories and was completed in 1965! Yes that's right, 1965! The building (obviously ahead of it's time) is located in the beautiful neighbourhood of "Old Toronto". The building is mainly occupied by Telus, but other leasers occupy other floors. NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR This project in particular was very challenging for the night lighting! Figuring out a new method of creating realistic lights I had trouble reducing rendering time to export this little guy. Fortunately all I needed to do was reduce the number of lights in the building in order to make a successful export. I (hopefully) appropriately named this new method of lighting Photometric Light Displacement Mapping (PLDM). PLDM uses traditional aspects of 3dsmax... photometric lights & displacement maps. Combining the two is very heavy on rendering memory for computers. So reducing rendering time was a challenge. The advantage to PLDM is the realistic differed lighting from floor to floor, "inside-floor" perspective, realistic colors of lights, and an overall better shadow/light effect as opposed to traditional SimCity 4 lighting. PLDM reduces the illusion of "fake" lighting. Traditional SimCity 4 lighting calls for self-illuminated planes or boxes with textures. PLDM gives the illusion you're looking into a real floor of a building and seeing furniture (displacement maps) with realistic lighting (photometric lights). Unfortunately PLDM's major disadvantages are high rendering times, and HD zoom breaks the illusion (most of the time). So far (in my opinion), it has been the best lighting method introduced to SimCity 4 for various reasons (modelling speed being the best reason). Hope you enjoy PLDM's first debut! , Kellydale2003 No dependencies (best self policy ever on simtropolis). ^Real life comparison of 11 King Street West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Download the MAXIS NIGHT file if you do not have SimFox's Darknight installed in your plugins! Download the DARK NIGHT file if you have Dark Night installed! For more upcoming projects visit my thread! (: Enjoy! , Kellydale2003 TYPE "#OCT" INTO THE STEX SEARCH BAR FOR MORE ONTARIO CREATION TEAM UPLOADS!
  19. Cop charged with second degree murder. Several videos of this incident went viral on the net. Cop fired nine rounds (his whole magazine?) at the kid with a knife, isolated in a streetcar. This incident has the Toronto police doing all their sums again. I wonder if others will take note.
  20. Strange weather continues across the continent. Everything runs downhill to the lake in T.O. They got 100 mm (4+ in.) in about nothing flat, and the result was flash flooding in the downtown and other low areas. Edit: Photos.
  21. Version


    TTC Tram (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) from the Ontario Creation Team Very special thanks!: Special thanks to Vester for the use of his 3D model from Volume 3 the VDK Tram Pack; I know it was difficult because the color schemes with the original is similar. The reskinned tram is the "London Tramlink (Croydon) (England)" ["LTL"] tram. ============================================================================================================================ Another special note: Also!! I want to make sure that anyone whom has created content for SC4 in the past ten years be recognized. You guys are the reason that this game has become so legendary. Like, seriously, who plays a ten year old game?? We do, because of all of you!! ============================================================================================================================= Hey there everyone!! This tram has been done for about a month, but I'm just now getting some time to release it. Sorry for the long wait! This is my first upload for the Ontario Creation Team. (I'm formerly DCMetro34 and B-more4, by the way.) This will replace the default tram in your EL Rail/GLR train systems from that bland train! Info: 3D Model: Vester Textures: Nilo7 Installation Notes: Two models are included, an version that adds the bus to your game, and a version that will replace the default bus. Pick one of the two and put it in "My Documents" --> "SimCity 4" --> "Plugins" "Replace" Model: Yes Dimensions: 256x256 Stay tuned for more automata! Check out our thread for more projects!! -Ontario Creation Team
  22. Welcome to the Ontario Creation Team Thread! The Ontario Creation Team is a team dedicated to recreating or inspired creation of the Province of Ontario located in East-Central Canada! We will by creating recreations or inspired matter from the Province such as Buidings, skyscrapers, automata, mods, lots, flora, etc! The Province of Ontario has a population of 13.5+ million people excluding tourists and temporary residents. The Province houses the Capital of Canada (Ottawa) and the most populous city of Canada (Toronto). One of the World's busiest highways and North America's busiest highway is the 401 situated from Downtown Detroit to past Montreal (Canada's 2nd largest city)... making a mega highway coursing like veins through these metropolis cities! Our Team will not only be focusing on one entire city, but a whole province! Anywhere from the Capital Government buildings of Ottawa, the bustling skyscrapers of Toronto, to the retirement condos and casinos of both Niagra Falls and Windsor and much more! We have nuclear power plants, mega projects, huge skyscrapers, and thousands of sizeable buildings in the province! At one time in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) we had more skyscrapers being built at once than all of North America COMBINED! Ontario is a unique province! Surrounded by metropolis cities, states, and provinces such as New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Quebec! A good portion of the members of Simtropolis are also from Ontario... not to mention DIRK the webmaster of Simtropolis.com is an Ontarian residence! We're excited to bring to you a variety of work! Most of it will be created in the latest 3dsmax technology and generous export works of Simfox! We will do the best job as far as high-quality goes! We have members and fans all across the internet! Blogs and forums are quite busy around the neighborhood about the Toronto real-estate buzz! It seems like no recession hit here! In fact a recent proposal of FOUR skyscrapers on one complex (Two of them being ultra-modern twin glass skyscrapers) is in the mix! Everyone wants to move to Ontario! A recent documented real-estate home sale concluded that ONE house had over ONE THOUSAND people come look! Hundreds made an offer! A Toronto condo that had 500 units SOLD-OUT before the foundations were even constructed! It's a boom like never before seen in Canada! Penthouses and starting to rival even the highest priced mansions on ravine hill-tops in other provinces... 1,900 sq ft (in Toronto) compared to 10,000 sq ft (in Country) for the same price? Wow! Did we mention that nearly ALL the banks have sold their previous tall skyscrapers and are now planning to construct new ones? 40 billion in real-estate doesn't look like it's cooling anytime soon! They say that the real-estate was going to slow years ago... but it still hasn't! Now is the time to capitalize on the golden ages of this province! (: So far we only have THREE members! Myself (Kellydale2003), DCMetro34, and Nick13! If you would like to be on the team, just message me! I will set you up with a quick interview and test for quality! If you need work, we can help! Here's a quick look at the density of the most populous city! We came a loooong way from building igloos huh! :b ps; I met a guy in Texas who thought Canadians still lived in igloos! Silly eh! :b *Click on the photo you wish to download! You will be sent to the download page here at Simtropolis.com*
  23. Version 1.0


    Tired of Highrises? Tired of all midrises being old? Tired of buildings with odd lots? Well I present to you... 1001 Yonge Library and Offices! 1001 Library & Offices is a 100% fictional midrise building perfect for your cities! The modern glass facade architecture was based off the podiums and base structure of Maple Leaf Square in downtown Toronto! Maple Leaf Square is located in the upcoming new neighborhood of the South Core and is viewable from the famous Gardiner Expressway! After constantly visiting Toronto for quite sometime I've finally decided to do a facade similar to one of my favorite structures! Both downloads include a Library, AND a seperate office lot... both 6x4 lots! Anyways, Here's some more information! Did I mention there's no dependencies? Download the MAXIS NIGHT file if you do not have SimFox's Darknight installed in your plugins! Download the DARK NIGHT file if you have Dark Night installed! For more upcoming projects visit my thread! (: Hope you enjoy my creations from my little fantasy World! Courtesy... my imagination! , Kellydale2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is from the Ontario Creation Team! - Search "#OCT" to find further creations from us, or click the photo below to view upcoming projects and discussions! Thank you (:
  24. BAT Soapbox

    Greetings! I'll ask everyone to bear with me here while I try once again to produce some BAT's, and hopefully get a few of them onto the STEX this time perhaps... Since I don't expect my presence to be known by anyone outside the ST live chat room, I'll just say that some many ages ago I attempted to kick-start a BAT thread which never got anywhere and I've staggered into BAT'ing on and off since. I have a limited knowledge when it comes to working in 3dsmax and everything I know I taught mostly myself, however I'll mainly be doing most projects I think with Gmax, so forgive my potential crudeness... Now to business - I've gathered the courage to start this thread and face the criticism (I hope) of the now very experienced and professionally BAT community so that I can finally contribute at last... by this I mean strictly Toronto BAT's, for now at least. However I don't have anything really I can post here yet, I do apologize if this thread turns out to be a little pre-mature, but as I am still busy in the real world I'll be sure to make the time to get something to show after the weekend when I get to really sit down and hammer something out... Looking forward to having something to show later and hear what you guys think! Cheers!
  25. Version


    G'Day Simtropians, Today I wish to present a map request courtesy of Rionescu at sc4d, Thanks mate. It is a map of the Golden Horseshoe in Ontario Canada. It is a large map and only can be imported with a 64bit version of windows. See me up CLOSE and personal. This is a real world map and is scale and terrain accurate. It measures 98.304km x 98.304km and requires a 64bit version of windows to import and plenty of ram. Also being .SC4M format one requires Wouanagaine's mapper. A free readme is included (no cost) and it contains some links and some instructions. That's all I think. Cheers

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By way of a "Thank You" gift, we'd like to send you our STEX Collector's DVD. It's some of the best buildings, lots, maps and mods collected for you over the years. Check out the STEX Collections for more info.

Each donation helps keep Simtropolis online, open and free!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the site!

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