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  1. Hello forums posts.. my old friend. I finished about half of that last project then realized the textures were really crappy and I'd have to re-do them so I kind of quit on it. Since then I've been on and offing a bunch of stuff, all un-released of course, also have a bunch of un-textured models just sitting all over the place. Not really feeling like it ATM but maybe some time I'll get to it. Anyhow I did make a map, my first and I think it's pretty cool. I'll be starting a city on it in mere moments and I hope other people will like it although it's kind of the only map that requires a large setup to get it to look as intended and might end up getting completely ignored by most of the community. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1132067400 Anyhow here it is, if you want to play a small Mediterranean Island town with super detail, this is THE map.
  2. The next project is coming along, I'm in the process of cleaning the last one before texturing so I thought I'd share what's to be expected. Taking a break from industry and moving on to some residentials and props now. I made a "template" building and just work off of it so they're very similar. Here's 4 + 1 corner building, each is basically a facade with empty sides and back weighing around 600-1k tris. The balustrade and the roof is continuous so you can mix and match and it'll all look like one project. You will see some anomalies in the preview such as one having an extra floor but I've changed it since. Sketchup keeps a secret save of your files and when you "import" into another project it uses that instead of the actual thing you saved resulting in an earlier version showing up. I wanted to get these textured and see them in game as well as get some feedback and then decide how to continue. I could add more to these or call it a wrap and make more 5-6 building projects that fit together with different number of floors and roofs.
  3. It's out yaaa....aaa...aayy (kill me..) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912461966 I have a couple more industrial complexes planned but I'm not sure if I'll get on them next since I don't want to stress myself out with another big pack like this and I also want to start taking some more time to do individual assets instead of rushing through trying to get it all done. There's also a list of planned props piling up so I may go nibble on those for a bit.
  4. Well.. probably not a "couple" of weeks Made the main building and I really liked the way it turned out so I just kept on going. I Haven't made the LODs yet so those will take several more days but you can probably expect this sometime during the week. I had some issue with the conveyors, making them props destroys the model and gives me... I don't know what to call it but it gives me something ugly. It works fine as a building so I'll fiddle with them a bit after making LODs and worst case scenario make them parks as I did here. I've given them a color map too, just have to figure out how to use the script so I can make all of the pieces use the same colors. I tried a new way to make some details so you may notice some things like windows being flat. Zoomed in like this you do notice it clearly but from regular distance it looks fine although I won't make this a standard, don't worry. I just wanted to try the "floor texture" method for windows for when I make larger buildings and I already know I could've done some better modelling to put some indentation details so I'll work on that next time but I want to keep things simple like this and not go crazy mode either. I'm against super detailed and nice looking assets that you look at 2 times and then never again but end up taking 1fps just to run in the background. I don't think any amount of awesomeness from a building will ever just build your scene for you, it's all about your layout, decals and prop details that make a scene which means the total "score" on tris and texture is always going to be high and it's better not to throw more wood into that fire. That sluggishness which creeps into your map after a while slowly cripples my desire to play. That's why I'm trying to put motion/fun elements into these assets, to make it look like things are alive and interesting so you can prop it up to make little scenes which look cool. Here we have all the works. I threw this together in 10 mins just to take pictures but I think it'll look pretty nice when properly decorated. Made custom railings instead of using that derp one over and over and they turned out much better I think. Took like 3 hours to align the faces perfectly so the sides and top matches down to the pixel since it's just an alpha *cries.
  5. The next project has been modeled, I give you the sugar mill =) Some of the faces don't appear or are broken when sketchup imports things because it's retarded and erases them so don't worry about those. I'm trying some different things on a couple so I might have to go back and tweak them a bit and I'm also feeling a bit down and will take it slow so don't expect these for a couple of weeks. In this mill are: - Main Building - Diffuser Building - Concentrator Building - Crystallizer Building - Small warehouse - Sugar Silo - Bunker Silo (prop) - Elevated covered conveyor prop, comes in 5m / 15m / 90d corner / intake building, will be bundled together and I'll give them color var. - Sugar Beet pile S and L - Smoke Stack prop
  6. I figured out the blender way too now. I needed to be in solid view to distinguish them from regular edges since textured rendering shows them as flat for some reason. After looking around for 20 minutes entering every combination of the phrase "how the f** do you make group in blender" in google and watching a bunch of guides by 8 year old kids, on the 22nd page on some random forum buried somewhere I figured out P makes your selection into a new object, which you can then apply modifiers to, yay. Of course I immediately used this on the new water tank thing next to the barn and it turned out pretty nice, not amazing I mean you can still see the edges but at least it's not the Lego version of a potato. Didn't want to make it green since most of my stuff uses that texture already so I used the red version in hopes that it would go along with Beardmonkey's farming assets. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=906377094 Not going to publish the fence since I consider it sub-par, the mesh part cuts off half way on the LOD so I may play with it a bit later or not. If someone has a trick or suggestion for better alphas on LODs I'm listening.
  7. Well I tried to do smoothing in blender before and it's literally 2 button presses but it doesn't work for me, pressing smooth faces/edges does nothing. I hadn't thought to do it in sketchup so I did that and it carried over in the export. Had to re-do UVs but I think it was worth it so thanks for the idea you two Kind of wish I'd done this before with previous buildings. Polygonal Cluckaroo's facing off against the Smooth Beaks in a garden brawl! Also the chicken fence is done, now to texture the coop.
  8. The biogas plant has been released. Makes around 50mw if fed enough garbage so it should go nicely with small towns or to decorate agricultural areas. I gave it a wide collection range so the trucks can get around all the fields. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=905041302 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=905043354 Some new agricultural stuff on the way, first up is this chicken farm. It's free range so there's little doors for the chickens to get out and run around. I'm also making a fence prop to go along with it and I also made a chicken. On the very left is a real size chicken at 40cm which is barely visible then 1.5x and 2x. The one on the right is one from the workshop, it looks great but it's 4,044 tris on 1024x1024. Mine are 108 tris on 64x128 so you could make fill a whole scene with them if you wanted to without any issues. I think I'll use the 1.5 or 1.6 since I want it to be visible enough so it's not just a dot from regular playing distance but it's also not as big as a dog.
  9. The next mini project is almost ready, I've just finished the mapping but haven't made the LODs so that should take a day or two and then expect to see these dropping in the workshop. First up my first tractor shed got a bigger brother. Made a bunker silo. I didn't want to make people download 3-4 variations just for one little scene so I just made this one in the hopes that it alone will suffice. I will make more bunker silos soon, not this silage type though. Well silage.. or... biogas. This little biogas facility will collect garbage and produce electricity. I usually find myself with a town that doesn't really justify a big power plant so this will be somewhere between a proper plant and spamming a bunch of those 5mw assets here and there. This is the main building, it will output a low constant source of energy just to top things off. The digestion tanks are separate for now but I might integrate them as a sub. This is the part that will act as an incinerator and be the main power producer. This kind of biogas facility collects leftover food, garbage and other organic material from farms and commercial areas and turns it into methane which the little generator behind the main building burns to produce electricity. The alpha on the rails derped out because something just had to go wrong. I think it's got to do with the scaling issue this one is having. No matter how I export it scales it up by 100ish for some reason so I'll have to play around with it for a bit.
  10. Suncurb Station - Made by Curb & Sons
  11. Huzzah! http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=901106860 That was "fun". I feel like I learned so much from this although I didn't really implement everything I learned. I think I "get" things now. I had some trouble with the lods and a couple are a bit high and all of them are kind of ugly, not auto ugly and too noticeable but there's some derpyness here and there. Given that this whole complex is going to cover a larger area I'm not too worried as I've seen regular buildings in the 100's-300's that will be jam packed in cities. I may add some extra props in the future as I did have a couple more I wanted to do but I just wanted to get the "main" of it out first and take a small break. Do leave me comments on what you like or dislike if you check them out and I can improve on those areas. Also I ditched the color var approach for a themed one since I couldn't really come up with a double color version that made sense. Green and orange is the theme, I hope you like it. Didn't have the energy to really detail a fake one but I'll share some pics of something I threw together for the photos.
  12. Got a little distracted on the dairy and started making some forestry assets, will go back to agricultural after a bit. I Modeled a modern lumber mill and I'm about to move into cleanup and texturing so I wanted to share that as a little preview. Don't know how long the texturing will take but they will come out all at once so expect that in a week or two. I will try to make these a little nicer and use my best texturing so I'm going into full focus mode now I wanted all the buildings to follow a similar style and I think I got that so hopefully it looks like one big compound with many pieces. I'm thinking about giving them color variations so you can choose if you want your mill to be green, orange, brown or white. This way maybe some of the buildings can be used for other stuff as well. 4 of them have some unique elements so those should take the longest, for all the little warehouses I'm thinking of using the same diffuse. Those 4 have around 800-1400 tris, everything else is 400-700, though that's their dirty export numbers, I'll shave off quite a bit in blender.
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894116409 Made a conventional silo or as I like to call it, a sildo. Thanks to Beardmonkey for the cool barns as well, agriculture is love, agriculture is life. 265 / 512x256 with custom lod LOD 59 / 128x64 Tell me if you think this kind of roundness is okay or if it looks too edgy and I can make some changes in the future.
  14. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893538481 Made a little fertilizer spreader today. It's not the prettiest thing, that tank could been much better had I bordered it with some metal but I didn't want to bother for such a small prop really. I was using this before, those are Kingleno's balconies
  15. @Mr_Maison Thank you! Don't look too long though, I try to keep detail to things you will see at a glance if you look around in enhanced zoom and make sure nothing broken pops out. A lot of bottom faces and things behind don't exist though, I'd love to leave them but only 1% of subscribers would actually see it so I don't bother too much. @Ploefke Thanks, I got a couple more planned then I might move to some forestry. I will eventually get back to the town homes but I want to get some easier stuff for me to do and much needed empty spots in the game filled out first. You guys like cheese right? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893222059 A tractor dump cart you can load with stuff. The wheels are small now that I look at it.. Anyhow, I could make more but I don't think variations are really necessary for something like this.