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City-building game(s)

Found 20 results

  1. Mod Idea/Request I have an idea for a mod! A mod that automatically places commercial buildings facing the largest road for example. The goal is to avoid having buildings that face the adjacent small streets. Thank you !
  2. I was bored, so I decided to finally get this idea out of my head. It's partially inspired by Transport Fever, specifically the way it handles train trancks. In that game, tracks are laid one at a time, with new tracks snapping to adjacent ones. I thought, why not do the same with lanes of a road? So here's what I ended up with. Note that I have no experience with game design or programming whatsoever so I have no idea if any of this is even technically feasable, it's just something that would exist in my perfect city-builder. I'd love to hear any comments or questions, and let me know if there's anything I'm missing! You may have to right click --> view image if the text is too small.
  3. We need a mod that allows us add spawning vehciles like police departments, fire departments, hospitals and any other services building. We should be able to setup types of vehicles, spawn frequencies for each vehicle and a radius. Using xml file would probably work to set it up. The vehicles should travel around the cities and then return to the building. I thought of this idea because of the skyfiber vehicle set I'm making, cimelectic set and ninjanoobslayers cimtrans set. It would be nice if this were to happen so we didn't have to pick a random service or set the vehicles as residential so we can see the vehicles roaming around.
  4. When I made the Random Tree Rotation mod, I also investigated if there was a way to rotate the LODs. Trees have no real LOD. Instead the game renders a tree once per frame on a separate canvas (which can be seen in Modtools), then cardboards with this canvas are drawn on the terrain. That's the reason why LODs can not be rotated. After thinking about it, I think I found a way to add rotated tree LODs. Instead of having one canvas, a mod could add 16/8/4/2 canvases to render the tree with different rotation parameters. Then the mod selects one of the canvases depending on the position of the tree on the map. In the same go, the mod could enhance the LOD quality by increasing the size of the canvases, enabling AA etc.
  5. RedNotebook SC4 Linkys Idea

    I found the free Journal Keeping program called RedNotebook and I have this idea I could use it to organize references to SC4 content online. I've hidden the right-side Tags Pane since it seems useless and I've turned off the Word Cloud since it's just a cluttered mess. Then I randomly picked Jan 01, 2000 to create an Index to the Tags I'll use. (This is all fleshing out the idea atm.) I've tagged some entries with #SC4_Mapping so when I search for that I get a list of just those entries in the left-hand pane. Here I'm searching for a word within a tag. And here's this entry in Edit Mode as I'm creating it. Notice each of the picture linkys are on the web itself. This lets me see they are still there with viable links. I paste the same linky twice then edit the top one to display as an image within RN (RedNotebook). The 2nd link is so I can either click it to open a browser tab with it or copy and paste it to someone in chat. So far the only bug I've found is that this silly program does not understand multiple carriage returns for spacing things out. So, I use a dot and that works ok. Anyhow, when I first started adding linkys to the mapping tools I put them on the date of their upload or last modified date. Since I feel this could work as a nice searchable index to all the SC4 tools I'm wondering if I ought to just arbitrarily pick years starting from 1900 (the oldest it will allow) and just say 1901 is for map stuff. 1902 for lot stuff and so on. Any thoughts on this? (I've attached my RN data files to this post in case someone wants to test drive the concept.) data.zip
  6. Yesterday @TimTheTerrible[NL] asked me a few questions about Sub-Buildings Enabler and modular buildings, such as train stations with varying platform counts. Right now "modular" just means that there are multiple separate buildings which are hard to align correctly, just like network puzzle pieces in SC4. The modules are cluttering the menus of the game. SBE's purpose is the grouping of multiple small buildings into one large building. Only the main building is displayed in the menu. The mod only executes on startup, not while buildings are placed. There is no way to customize the placement of the building. It would be possible to add a building customizer window similar to the NetworkSkins window. And with that, different options could be selected, for example the platform count of a train station, or the configuration of an airport terminal. Technically, asset creators would supply multiple SBE XML files, and the player can choose between them. Advantages: Only one menu item, simple placement and only a single selectable building that can easily be removed and bulldozed. The mod could go even further: There could be an option to place airorts without integrated runways, or to place buildings without the integrated props and trees. The stats of a building could also depend on the selected placement option. That comes very close to SimCity's modular buildings.
  7. What are your thoughts? Ideas?
  8. Is it possible to make 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 "invisible" park lots that you can plop and use to make Districts? You can have up to 3 districts in small city tiles, 4 districts in medium-sized city tiles, and 6 districts in large city tiles. In order to seperate districts, you need to place a 1-tile gap around the whole district to make it a separate district and not make it one huge thing if you have multiple districts. The way to name these districts is simply get the "question mark tool" thingy, and hover over parts of your city to find a district you want to rename, click on the district, and rename it. The default name for districts will be "A Simple District". Like I said earlier, the actual lots you have to place down to make districts will be invisible, so you can still see your city. So, is it possible to make this kind of mod? I got the idea from the ability to make districts in Cities: Skylines. If someone does make this or has already made something like this, please send me a link to the mod.
  9. I was wondering, would it be possibly to create a mod which created a floating city? Perhaps a platform that can be placed, even if it had to be connected to the ground by a beam, which would allow you to build a city in the air? I'm starting to get into the idea of futuristic cities and this idea is one that I've had for quite some time. Is such a thing possible, and if it is, does it exist?
  10. Here are my thoughts about a free-form farm and area filler mod: The first thing to understand is how the ground texture system works in CS. Everything is based on quads with 4 edge points. There are methods to fill a quad with a certain texture. The available textures are: None (grass) Clip (world hole used for subway station entrances etc.) PavementA (road pavement) PavementB (building pavement) Ruined Gravel Field The sidewalks of roads are made of quad segments: Then there is also the tool renderer that outlines buildings and roads when you hover them. This tool renderer supplies methods for quads, circles and Bézier curves or combinations of these. So a mod for farm fields and area fillers must also be based on quads. Quad Farm Fields It would be relatively simple to make a mod where you select 4 points to create a field (or any other area filler). The quad could be completely or partially filled with Farm, Gravel or Ruined Texture, and trees and props (that do not count to the tree limit) could be placed automatically. In many cases, that's still better than a square farm field and gives you more flexibility. The farm field could be placed anywhere, with no need for a road connection, and it could be huge! But such a quad field is still not the most elegant solution. What I would really like to see is a filler tool or a polygon tool that creates : Complex-shaped farm fields and area fillers Creating a system like that would be 20x more complex than a quad-based system. First all the vertices for the fields have to be found. You could either supply these with a polygon tool where you just select a number of points, or with a filler tool. Then the whole area has to be split into tris or quads, which is quite complex (there are algorithms for that).After that, the area can be filled with a ground texture, quad by quad (or tri by tri). You can imagine how hard this would be. Simulation & AI No matter what shape the field has, an AI could be attached to generate goods or to create workplaces for citizens. The AI could be similar to the industrial extractor AI that is used by the vanilla farms. Maybe it would even be possible to have tractors driving on the fields. Spawning animals like cows and pigs is also easy. Other Industries It would be awesome to have a similar system for the other industrial specialisations. The first thing that comes to my mind are forestries. Or how about large open-cast mines which slowly dig into the ground? It's all possible!
  11. I want to share my thoughts and plans for a total overhaul mod for Cities: Skylines that affects the gameplay and the simulation. The whole concept is a WIP, please share your own thoughts! Foundation The mod uses the existing assets and shaders of the game (no new meshes or textures). The mod uses the agent-system and traffic simulation of the game The mod will be incompatible with many other mods The mod is inspired by old SimCity games Citizens & Migration Citizens entering the city can be of any age, education and wealth level Migration depends on the attractivity of the city and the global/national situation Random migration events: War, immigration wave etc. (late-game challenges) There is a certain chance that a citizen reaches a higher-wealth level, or goes back to a lower level. This chance depends on the education, certain policies and special events Citizens will sometimes move to a new home when the wealth level changes, only in certain situations they will "upgrade" their existing home Wealth Levels Only 3 main wealth levels for residential Optional: Ultra-poor and Ultra-rich extra levels (late-game challenges) Demand Separate demand bars for low/medium/high wealth Separate demand bars for industrial and commercial specializations Separate demand bars for offices Negative demand possible Zone Types & Zoning Introduction of medium-density zones for residential and commercial Alternative: Remove high-density zones and control density with sliders per district (max building height, min building height, average lot size, average population density?) Low-wealth low-density residential buildings do not require electricity or water (though they prefer it) Medium-density will not require university education or public transport Growables & "Upgrading" All of the vanilla growables are reclassified (correct density and wealth level) Citizen wealth level and growable wealth level are separated (rich people can live in houses for poor people) Buildings will not disappear when you change zone density Buildings will only be bulldozed and replaced when the pressure is high (high demand, high attractivity, no free space) Replacement is more likely when a building is older Multiple plots can merge when a building is replaced, or a plot can be split up Buildings of a certain type (density, wealth level, lot size, asset) will form accumulations (the first building that spawns works as a seed) Industry & Pollution Industry causes more air pollution, maybe also water pollution Air polution range depends on wind intensity in the area Industry will require more energy and water Addition of clean high-tech industry Public Transport & Traffic Public Transport Usage heavily depends on the wealth and age of a citizen (Low Wealth: 90%, Medium Wealth: 50%, High Wealth: 10%) Commute times heavily influence citizen happiness and attractivity of residential areas Attractivity & Density SC4-style Attractivity Data Maps for every wealth level Residential attractivity depends on proximity to services, parks, leisure zones, public transport and untouched nature (weight depends on wealth level) Commercial attractivity depends on proximity to services, roads (traffic density) and public transport Medium-density buildings will only spawn when attractivity, land value and demand pressure are high High-density (skyscrapers) will only spawn when attractivity, land value and demand pressure are extremely high Taxes, Budget and Service Capacity Separate taxes for every wealth level Taxes heavily influence demand and migration (high taxes for businesses = no jobs) Service budget depends on service usage (but of course also the number of buildings) The budget will adapt automatically, service buildings with more "customers" in range receive more money There will be a slider in every building info window that lets you modify the service intensity/quality (from 50% to 150%) When you are in the debts and the balance is negative, the government will force you to shut down certain services (traffic infrastructure -> education -> medical treatment -> power/water) City Services Better service vehicle AIs that will preference closer target buildings (hearses, ambulances...) Water pumps and service buildings are prioritized when there is not enough electricity Garbage dumps and cemeteries will try to distribute/transfer the load Every service building only has a certain capacity. A popup will warn you when the capacity is reached Buildings will work over capacity, though at a reduced service quality (that means the service quality you defined with the slider can not be reached) There will be policies to exempt certain districts from higher education etc. Problems & Events Problem Icons only appear in extreme situations, and the game will react in those situations (usually citizens will move away, maybe ultra-poor citizens will move in) Low-wealth people have a lot higher tolerance for noise, pollution and missing services High-wealth and super-rich citizens have a lower tolerance and will move to a different home or leave the city There will be positive and negative events (announced by popups) that will affect your city (financial crisis, war, economic boom, international sanctions, drought) Simulation Feedback Chirpy will be replaced by a news ticker (with optional popup windows) that will give you better feedback The news messages will mention the district or direction (north, east, center...) Icons will flash up when the wealth level of a citizen or business changes, or when the attractivity or happiness changes More Statistics and Data Maps with better access (Ideas?) Difficulty & Unlocks The Unlock system (milestones) will be replaced with a new system that unlocks more systems from the start Larger service buildings, certain transport options and specialisations will be unlocked when you reach a certain milestone (population, commercial jobs, ...) It will be impossible to create cities with only high-wealth citizens or only high-density buildings You will often rely on loans and special deals (the loan system will be replaced by something more flexible) "Waiting for money" or leaving the simulation running the whole night will not work There will be a stable and instable state, cities will drop back to the stable state when something goes wrong The stable state: Low-density homes with 70% low-wealth, 20% medium-wealth and 10% high-wealth citizens. Higher-density homes might be abandoned (missing water/electricity/services). This state is usually reached when the government shuts down your services and you are in the debts The instable state: This one can only be reached by your actions. The population will grow all the time, which increases the challenge. What do you think?
  12. The tree shader of the game does not support the rotation of trees. That's why all trees are rotated in the same way, which looks quite repetitive. I think I know a way to fix it with a mod: The mod just clones the tree asset 11 times and modifies the mesh (rotate in 30 deg steps) of the clones. These clones will be hidden in the menu. Then the mod modifies the original tree asset: There is a property that allows you to specify variations of the tree model. That means the original asset works as a container for the other assets. When you place the tree, one of the variations is placed by the game (that way you can also create a mixed tree brush). Trees placed on lots will also be affected by this. I just wanted to share this idea. I don't have the time to write the mod.
  13. 2015-10-15-Initial-Plan.jpg

    From the album Schieffelin

    This is the original plan that I have for Schieffelin. I created the drawing to scale to show the concept of what I would like Schieffelin County to look like.
  14. Dear modding community, I'm taking a break from C:SL modding. I plan to return in October. Many times, I was asking myself a question: "Should continue to fix a broken game with mods, or just create my own city building game?". Cities: Skylines is a very nice looking game with many gameplay aspects, but after a while, it becomes really boring. Every city looks the same, you always have to solve the same problems. There is no challenge: You will never run out of money. You can create cities with 100% educated, happy citizens and perfect service coverage. You can just hit the play button, let the simulation run the whole night, and there is a good chance that you will not see a "Game Over" window when you wake up. I want a game where time is an important factor, and money is rare, where you have to make difficult decisions with a visible impact on your city. There are 2 different ways to achieve this: Create a "Total Conversion Mod" for Cities: Skylines which replaces many parts of the simulation. It would probably be incompatible with many other mods, and there would be certain limits, things which can not be modified by mods. BUT: You will see the first working results in a few months.Create a new (open-source) game. Of course, the quality of such a community project would never reach the quality of a commercial project. It will probably take years until the game is enjoyable (or it will never happen). Both projects can not be done by a single person, only by a group of developers and artists. What's your oppinion on this? Would you contribute to such a project?
  15. I know the game does not already have this feature, but I was wondering and hoping that someone has already made a mod for this, or that someone COULD make a mod for this. What I'm talking about is the Day-Night Cycle in Region View. (It doesn't even need to be a cycle, but rather just an option to see it at night) I would really love to see the lights of my cities at night time from region view. Imagne viewing your cities like they are a nighttime satellite image. I know I can't possibly be the first person to come up with this idea. x) Unfortunately I have no clue how to make mods. Does anyone else think this can be done?
  16. (sorry if bad english i'm french) I wanted to create a 1x1 tile building (same properties as maxis international airport) to make my RMIP eye-candy airport become "real" airport I tried to do it in LotEditor but i can't reduce the size of the lot (maybe because maxis airport is upgradable ...) I don't know much thins about modding ,etc. so someone can help me ? Thanks.
  17. I have an idea how about a mod too put the space needle (Seattle W.A.). Like the mod for sc4. I just like the space needle because it reminds me of star trek. Will you modders make one for me? (I might be able to if I have a modeling program and 64bit windows installed.).
  18. Hey guys, I had a couple ideas for any possible modifications for disaster related mods. (Assuming that you can mod disasters) Car crashes - Random car accidents that cause traffic until fixed. Purge - 12 hours of complete anarchy. Government buildings are immune. Every man for himself. Tsunami/Flooding - The city is flooded and infrastructure is damaged. Red Cross Relief expansion could provide help if you have the pack. Lighting/storms - Lightning strikes buildings, setting them ablaze. Homeless Uprising - All the homeless in the city gather around to terrorize the metropolis. Clown Uprising - Same as homeless, just scarier. These are just possible ideas, but it would be cool if someone could implement this. -Rac
  19. Hey guys, My friend just thought about another possible mod idea. We were thinking, "Why should emergency vehicles have to wait in traffic?" So this leads us into the new idea. A mod that would allow emergency services to bypass traffic. The only real problem I could see is that there is no middle or side lane that they could use. "Glitching" their way through traffic would look awkward in my opinion. If that problem could be fixed, this could be very possible. Now I don't have any coding experience nor do I have the tools to code/learn how to. Anyway, that's just my two cents. -Rac
  20. i think it would be realy neat if someone could build the Park Central Hotel. The one in New York City. The Park Central Hotel is a historic 31-story hotel on 7th Av between 55th and 56th Streets in Midtown Manhattan. Built in the late-twenties, its grand opening took place on June 12, 1927. It occupies the entire east half of the city block between 7th Av and Broadway. It is located across the street from Carnigie Hall, and is placed right between Times Square and Central Park. Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Park_Central_Hotel Pics: https://www.google.com/search?newwindow=1&biw=1366&bih=664&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=park+central+hotel+ny&oq=park+central+hotel+ny&gs_l=img.12..0l2j0i24l8.41882.44577.0.45789. Its a real neat building and nice hotel. Ive personaly stood there twice. And i think it would awesome if someone could re-create it for SC4.

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