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City-building game(s)

Found 21 results

  1. whenever i play sandbox, i find only half of the commands and functions work. i am able to spawn in money with ALT + W, but none of the other commands work. i am also unable to build everything, since many of the buildings need requirements. i find this very frustrating, since when i want to play sandbox, i want to edit everything does someone know of a fix to my problem, or if this is normal, a mod to enable all commands and every building?
  2. It's surprising how some (many) people keep having troubles with the cheats. So I started compiling all the cheats I could find. This is a recapitulation of Cheats found in different sites. It looks incomplete. The intention is to gather all of the cheats, give them added descriptions and simply explain how they work. The same endeavor will be done with SC3U. Any new cheats, comments and suggestions are most welcome. This is the latest update as of 22/9/17 ALL THE CHEATS OF SimCity 4 RUSH HOUR AND DELUXE-4-5.doc
  3. I'm going to start this by saying that I am probably the wrong personality type to play this game. Like as not, I'm expecting too much; I sincerely doubt it. Here's the situation -- I am running a game with the "Serenity Key" terrain. I am in Sandbox mode. The only mods I have in play are for extra MegaTowers. When I play, I use the cheats to turn off (in this order): -Sewer -Fire -Medical -Garbage -ControlNet Req's -Crime I haven't had to use the rest, as yet. Given the fact that none of the bloody cheats STAY ON, I really don't want to. Seriously; less than two minutes after I use the cheats, the issues act like they have not been turned off/were re-enabled. DAFUQ?!?!?! Also, I try to solve the problems of the sims, by following the advice, only to have that be completely worthless. Now, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't understand how the game can give you advice to build more high-wealth levels for a MegaTower, only to disregard the fact that you build a MT that is ALL high wealth. So, could someone PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS JODIDO MIERDA TO ME?!?!?! 'Cause, I'll be honest; right now, I wanna find the devs for this game, and pull a killer gorilla...
  4. Res Plops

    Wondering why nobody saw this: Res§, §§, §§§ ARE plopable. Here is a template Residential Plops that were all ploped with the cheat command "BuildingPlop". There are hundreds of Res plops available. All good. "He who said that Res were not plopable and growable should go to front of a firing squad." I just took it for granted that Res were NOT plopeled. It just hogwash! (this screen shot is just a template. It is to be used for showing the evolution of seasonal trees thru the seasons.) These are just from the Euro files. I'm sure it works for the other Hous, Chi, etc.
  5. As everyone knows, there are TWO God's Mod. One before founding a city and another after. Sometimes you start a city and realize that you forgot to plant an enormous amount of trees. On the first God's Mod, trees are free, on the other one they will cost you a packet. Many other examples come to mind, with the terrain leveler, for instance. Here is a solution : once in the founded city, choose Ctrl+Alt+Shift and click on the God's Mod. And presto, you got the first God's Mod ! How many people knew this trick ? Hoping I'm not deluding myself.
  6. Version


    The SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin Overview: The SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin was originally an internal SimCity 4 file, used by Maxis during the development phase to test the game before its release to the public. However, in the years following the release of the game, Buggi, a prominent modder resident here at Simtropolis, contacted Maxis and was given permission to release this file to the public. The extra cheats plugin adds many additional features to the game, such as the ability to plop any building or lot at will, the ability to easily set how much money is in your city's treasury and even the ability to add snow to your terrains, as well as many other additional functions. However, it should be kept in mind that this file was originally never intended to be released to the public. It was built for testing purposes only. As a result, it should be treated with caution. Using this file incorrectly can lead to game instability and even crashes. No guarantees or comprehensive user guides can be provided with this file, if you choose to use it, you must do so at your own risk. How to use this file in the game: After you install (see below), enter a city and press the key combination [CTRL] + [x] to open the cheat box. Right click anywhere within the cheat box, you will see a drop down list appear. You can now select a cheat from the list by clicking on it. After you have selected a cheat, press enter to confirm your selection. Below is a list of all known cheat codes enabled by this file (as well as the standard game cheats) and a description of their effects. As the effects of some cheats are unknown, not all cheats have available descriptions. UPDATE: To fill in some unknowns Maxis has given me the details on a few of the missing descriptions. Barstuck - Once invoked, all of your small commercial services (low-density 1x3 lots) start turning into coffee bars, and then they stay that way forever. WatchMeMove - Enables animation stepping. After it is enabled, control-shift-alt-F11 and control-shift-alt-P implement animation stepping and pausing, respectively. GP <on | off> - Enables or disables game pause when you switch to another application. This is useful for if you go away from the game and you want it to sleep while it is in the background. Flora (on | off) | (preserve on | off) | (propogation on | off) | (blast <splat_count> <per_splat_count> <splat radius>) Controls flora simulation parameters. By default, during city play flora simulation is on, preservation is off, and propogation is off. Preservation refers to the keeping of trees on land when the land is developed. Propogation refers to the spreading of seeds and automatic creation of new flora life in the city. Example(s) Flora on Flora preserve off Flora propogation on Flora blast 5 8 60 Installation Instructions: Extract the file SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin.dll to the root directory of your plugins folder. This means put the file in C:\...\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins. DO NOT put the file into a sub-folder, it will only work if placed into the main directory. Then enter your game and follow the instructions above.
  7. I made an entire small (1x1) area city of all BuildingPlop cheat plopped Commercial, Residential, and Industrial zones but after about only a few seconds, all the buildings, every single one of them went abandoned "Due to lack of water", except the entire city has water! It has power, water, road access, garbage removal, police, fire, schools, everything. All building plopped with the BuildingPlop cheat becomes abandoned due to lack of water, when nothing could be further from the truth. Does anybody know what the problem could be?
  8. I cannot get the SimDate cheat to work, no matter how I type it in, the date does not change. I tried putting in today's actual date after starting a new city, but it remained 2000. I tried typing it in as "04/18/2017" "<04/18/2017>" and "April 18, 2017" Perhaps I am not formatting the date after the cheat properly. How do I type in the date after the SimDate cheat?
  9. I've been trying activating the "TerrainQuery" cheat, as it is supposed to show the cursor coordinate information. (I'm hoping it's not just a X and Y info.) But no matter how I put on, [on], or any other variation I come out null.
  10. Hi This is my first time on here so hopefully I'm doing this right. I have modded my simcity and recently installed it on a new machine. However when in offline mode either normal or sandbox the cheats do not work. I have tried ALT+W and CTRL+ALT+W but nothing works. I also tried removing the mods and testing to see if it was them but I had the same issue. I tried the cheats online and they work, so the problem is offline. Is there away to fix this? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Mat
  11. Does anyone run the game on Windows 10? New player here went a little over zealous and started the Omega Factory soon. Had to import oil and ore and now I'm out of funds. I thought I downloaded the cheat DLL plug in. But whenever I open the box on the game none of the commands work Moolah, Weaknesspays none of them work. I type help and it gives me a list of basic commands that aren't really cheat codes or anything. Can anyone help me out here. I deleted the DLL Plug In from this website but it seems everyone uses Vista does that mean this Plug In will not work on Windows 10. If anyone can help please note I'm a novice at computers so if you can dumb down your explanation would help too lol.
  12. Draw paths

    Hi When I finished building a RHW interchange I thought I'd look if I did eveything correctly. When I used the draw paths cheat pretty much every road was green, except for some stretches of RHW 6S. What do the white-red flashing things mean? I can drive over the pieces with the Udrive, so I dont think sims can't use them.
  13. Money cheats

    Since I like to play these kind of city-building games for the creativity, not the challenge I was browsing the web for money cheats for Simcity 4. So far the only one that's worked is weaknesspays, however it is literally painful (the cramp) to try and rack up lots of money while just getting S1000 with every 2 finger taps. Now, I keep seeing people saying to get a mod/plugin to add money cheat, however I'm a bit weird about mods and stuff (outside Steam). So, is there any cheat in the game that allows for +1000 Simoleons to be added? (P.S, I've tried moneyeo, supermoney, love money, and a couple of others.)
  14. Hello, guys, what's up. My extra cheats.dll is not working. I can't do any of the cheats mentioned in the file, even lotplop or moolah. Can you please help me as soon as possible? Thank you.
  15. Cheats

    I have just got SimCity 3000. I went onto the offline mode and I tried to enter some cheats but it is not working. When I hit the CTRL + Alt + SHIFT + C and nothing comes up but when I hit all the buttons except the ALT key the Cheat console comes up but when I enter the cheat the following message comes up " Unknown command.... in command 'i am weak' Could someone please let me know how I can get the cheats to work because it doesn't matter what cheat I use I get the same message Thank you Russ
  16. I started a region in sandbox the other day, I made 2 cities, closed the game. This morning, I started the game, claimed a new city box, and when I opened the city... It was not sandbox! What happened?? Now I can't cheat in the one specific city. All the rest of them are sandbox. Has anyone else had this problem?
  17. OK, if you could add any TWO cheats to SimCity 2013, what would it be? Let everyone know what your two dream cheats would be for SC2013. I am anxious to hear what everyone has to say. I would add a 'Add $5,000,000 to City Budget' cheat, and the command would be ALT+B* My second cheat would be 'Quick $$ & $$$ growth', it would make the bigger and better buildings grow very quickly after starting your city, and the command for this one would be ALT+G* * I would replace whatever uses these commands in game with my new cheats.
  18. I am just wondering, when you start a new region, open a city, and enable a bunch of cheats, do the cheats stay on after you close & reopen the game? I mean, if you re-open your region with the cheats enabled. I have a lot of problems with the cheats, sometimes when I open it and do the fire one, it's already on and ends up turning the cheat off. Yes, I am playing in sandbox mode.. ( Just don't want anyone to have to ask me that. ) And then sometimes, certain cheats wont even work. It's just the command for them just wont work, or the cheat just won't enable, for example: Sometimes I will try to turn on the 'Toggle Fire' cheat, and when I press ALT+F, nothing.. so I press it a few more times, still nothing. Then I will do the 'Toggle Air Pollution' cheat, I will press ALT+A and it will work. o_O The ONLY cheat I never have problems with (being my favorite cheat), is 'Add $100,000 to City Budget' .. I love pressing 'ALT+W' I just wish they had a 'Add $1,000,000 to City Budget' cheat . Oh well, a man can wish, right? Does anyone else have this strange mind-of-their-own cheat problem?
  19. IGN has a nice little article on cheat codes in SimCity, so I thought I'd share them here too. These are most likely to be just used in sandbox, but look a lot easier to use than previous games. Here they are: ALT+W - Add §100,000 to City Budget ALT+F - Toggle Fire On/Off ALT+C - Toggle Crime On/Off ALT+M - Toggle Health Issues On/Off ALT+A - Toggle Air Pollution On/Off ALT+P - Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off ALT+H - Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off ALT+S - Toggle Sewage On/Off If you find any more, post them here and we will update the list. Looks like turning off parts of the simulation will be very easy in sandbox, especially for those who want to just build a city and not have to worry about crime, or who want to turn off homeless sims because they don't want them in an image in their CJ.
  20. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and had a few questions. I am sure that these were probably answered in other postings but I wanted to gear this towards getting new skyscrapers/rowhomes that I bulid myself instead of having the progression of the city do it. I loved SImCity 2000 and built some great cities. I downloaded sim city 4 after reminising one day. I was wondering if there is anyway that I can get more skyscrapers then are available when starting. There was a program that came with 2000, that allowed you to put as many buildings, houses, parks, etc... in the city as you wanted. I was hoping this is avaialbe for 4. I love building cities along and watching them grow the normal way aka no cheating, but sometimes I also want to build up a city from scratch using unlimited money cheats and making a good skyline. I know you can download buildings from here but I am not really sure of the process. Pointers please!!
  21. hey guys i am wondering if there's a way (cheating and modding is okay) to make a city so big that it takes up the ENTIRE region.

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