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City-building game(s)

Found 14 results

  1. Today, we continue to work on our city, and focus on improving the sewage and water facilities.
  2. Welcome back to episode 6 of Cities Skylines! In this episode, we work in improving our sewage system and deliberate on our centre traffic issues.
  3. Hi guys. Does anyone know of a mod that realisticly treats sewage? I have a lot of the default treatment plants, and the polution is terrible! (why are we unable to use spell check?)
  4. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/d92f6af5121f49d982601a657d745e95/ap-investigation-rios-olympic-water-rife-sewage-virus This real-world story made me think of CSL.
  5. I subscribed to the mod No More Purple Pollution and the mod No More Purple Pollution [Brown Water] (Links to both can be found at the bottom) I then soon unsubscribed to them both and now my water treatment plants and drainage pipes don't put out any color for the pollution they generate. The water comes out as normal water, which it should not. And also the sewage does not affect the cims health if I give them poo water to drink. I have no idea how to fix this, any ideas? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=407270433&searchtext=no+purple+pollution https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=408126080
  6. Version 1.1


    Hey guys . What this mod pack does: - Reduces construction and maintenance costs - Increases number of jobs - Reduces minimum workers needed for production - Increases sewage outflow rate - Increases module count (for Sewage Treatment Plant and Sewage Sanitizer only) - Reduces water consumption - Reduces power consumption - Reduces garbage production - Reduces ground pollution production (for Sewage Outflow Pipe only) - Reduces ControlNet usage (for Sewage Sanitizer only) The things listed apply to the following (unless stated otherwise within parentheses): Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Tank, Sewage Outflow Pipe, Sewage Sanitizer, Sanitizer Tank NOTE: You must have the Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack in order for this mod to work. How to install: Unzip the file. Place the regular .package file into your SCData folder and the two scripts files into your SCUserData/Packages folder. Enjoy the mod! More are coming!
  7. I noticed the posting of the SugCPak installer, and so I've updated the descriptions introducing my 10 cheat mods to be clearer about the likelihood of incompatibility with other mods that modify the same aspects of the game. Anyone who has downloaded any of my cheat mods, and then downloads and installs the SugCPak, may render almost all of my cheats inert, which is perfectly fine if that's what people want to do, but I'm letting people know. I also updated the groundscrubber this morning to use even less water. I use certain aspects of the Sug stuff, but installed one-by-one. There may be other mods in the SugCPak that are compatible that I simply haven't downloaded, but I know that the ones listed below in the SugCPak are compatible with my mods because I'm using them (or have recently used them until I made made my own mod to transportation, which I do not intend to upload): ⦁Project Akar UI Enhancement Author:Yayie ⦁Unidirectional Networks (Udon) Author:Xoxide ⦁Parklets Author:yayie ⦁The Simcity Decoration Pack Author:Danny ⦁Oppie's C$$ Burger King Author:Oppie ⦁Oppie's C$$ Mcdonalds Author:Oppie ⦁Oppie's Museum Author:Oppie ⦁Oppie's Public Transport Stops Author:Oppie ⦁Airship Upgraded Author:Nikola ⦁Regional Maglev Author:Yayie ⦁Homeless Tents Author:Yayie ⦁New RCI 1.1(More Workers,Shoppers and Freights) Author:Nikola ⦁Street With No Traffic Lights Author:MaxvSK
  8. Cheat: Sewage (Single Player Only)

    Version 1.3


    The sewage cheat is comprehensive and requires both the base game and EP1 (Cities of Tomorrow). You may experience issues if you have also installed other mods that affect any aspect of sewage, including the sewage sanitizer. All of the cheats reduce resource requirements while greatly increasing desired output. Usable only in single player mode. The package file modifies the following instances, and for that reason, may prove incompatible with other mods that do the same: Modified instances: (see screenshot for SimCityPak). Sewage Outflow Pipe Sewage Treatment Plant Sewage Sanitizer Sanitizer Tank Sewage Treatment Tank What this mod does: Number of workers required to start operating set to 1. Jobs tweaked slightly upward in some cases. No plop or maintenance cost. Power and water requirements for all parts of the sewage treatment plant and sanitizer greatly reduced. For the sanitizer, controlnet reduced to 1 controlnet per sanitizer tank plopped (probably will never need more than 1 tank). Increased the amount of sewage treated to approximately 1,500 kgal/hour for the treatment plant (lists as 200). Increased the amount of sewage treated to approximately 4,500 kgal/hour for the treatment plant (list as 600). Ground pollution on the outflow pipe reduced to 0. Note: I set the amount of the water pumped equal to the amount of sewage treated, but there is a percentage factor that reduces water pumped slightly, and I did not change this percentage. It's still far higher than normal. To use: Place all files in SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages. If you already have the script files, you don't need to put them in there again, just the included package file. If you start a new region, what I find I must do is start the region, save it, quit the game, and then re-start for any mods to work the first time, even other people's mods that I've downloaded here. If you use this file, delete and replop any existing sewage treatment plants or sanitizers. Same holds true if you remove the file.
  9. Regional Bridge And Tunnels

    Version 2.0 / 1.0 Ped / 2.0 Udon


    Hello all ! After few day working on my mods 'bridge regional' Add All bridge Regional (Dirt Road , Low/Medium/High Street (you can Upgrate Downgrate) , same for avenue Regional Udon Bridge Finaly here after Much Weed-end , Test and add icon ^^ SubMenu for Bridge and Tunnel Udon. How to install? 1. Make sure you have downloaded and Installed Project Akar : 2. Download the mod. 3. Right click the rar file > Extract 4. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder. 5. All roads place under “Regional Street” Submenu. Need Original Udon 1.9 By Xoxide Here Not Compatible with: OFFLINE-ONLY_UniDirectionalNetworks OFFLINE-ONLY_UniDirectionalNetworksWithYeildSigns17_new_Image Regional Udon Please remove the older files ------------------------------------------- • 002_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_O_ECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20_0716_2_0_RegionalRailBridges.Package. • 002_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_O_ECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20_0716_2_0_RegionalRailTunnels.Package. For Regional Heavy Rail Bridges and Tunnels has been combined into a single file ( 2C-Road Traffic-Regional-Train-Streetcar-Bridge And Tunnel-Offline-SUGC.Package).
  10. 2.Water Treatment

    Sewage Treatment 3th February 2001 Because the last drain of residual waters, Ses Isles government has aprove an emergency plan to construct a Water treatment plan in Son Gavilans. There have been a sewage drain at the beginning of the year, and the Ses Isles parliament has decided to start an emergency plan: A modern water treatment plan will be constructed in Son Gavilans with enough capacity to clean the regional residual waters, although its population grows more than a hundred thousand habitants. The people from the Islands has accept the project with illusion The building will be finished before the autumn. taking advantage of the budget surplus for the construction of the plant, is designed an expansion of industrial and residential areas in Son Gavilans REGION MAP LINK
  11. Version 1.1


    The purpose of this mod is to reduce space needed to provide its services to large populace/Industrious cities. This Mod will increase sewage consumer rate for Sewage Treatment Tank module from Sewage Treatment Plant and Increase the Water produce for Filtration Pump module from Water Pumping Station. Side Note : Water Filtration Pump capacity are still bound/depended by the amount of water underground (amount are differ in plop-able points). Over time with "Infinite Water Trick" which fills the area of placement with water, with this Mod, it will produce a large quantity of water. It also won't dry up the water table area quickly - Unless you plop all filtration pump module in its base - Highly Recommend to use only one or two module max. You may get to see the maximum amount of water it could produce once you plop the Filtration pump, once it up and running, it will calculate the variable of water table for it to provide at its maximum capacity. Sewage Treatment Tank will fill up the water table quickly. In time, making the whole city tile fills up with water. Always build both Water Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant side by side to ease continuous flow of water. For offline use only. It may not work properly with other water/sewage mods. Didn't test those personally but if by any chance it contains a bug that needs to be updated, please let me know.Thank you.
  12. Hi all, I've been playing Simcity recently and concentrating on region play rather than single city play and wondered if you guys can answer a question for me. Why is the sharing of electricity, water and sewage processing across a region so broken and is there any way to fix it? I'm not talking about the servers being slow to update (they seem fine to me) but I am talking about the crazy way the game allocates resources. A simple example is as follows. City A is producing electricity for the entire region. It produces 40mw and uses 10mw (leaving 30mw for the rest of the region) City B is built and used as a commercial base and needs 10mw which it buys from city A (now leaving 20mw for the rest of the region) City C is built and I decide it will be a mainly industrial city. It needs 15mw - which should leave the region with 5mw spare. 10+10+15=35mw What actually happens is that the game splits the remaining regional electricity between cities B and C equally, giving each 15mw leaving none free: 10+15+15=40mw (it's added an unnecessary 5mw to city Bs allocation) If I then expand city C and it needs 20mw, I'm now in the situation where the total electricity used across the region is actually 40mw. Because the game treats the supply allocated for each city as the same (and equal to the highest usage city) I now need to produce 50mw! 10+20+20=50 (it's added another unnecessary 5mw to city Bs allocation). This seems ludicrous, but is exactly what's happening! If we take this further, assuming A uses 10mw, B uses 10mw, C expands massively and needs 200mw, and I create 3 more cities in the region all needing 10mw (D, E and F), we get this: 10+200+200+200+200+200=1010mw needed across the region! (I actually would only need 10+10+200+10+10+10=250mw) It's the same situation with water and sewage (I think) It really discourages me from using single cities to supply entire regions for resources, and is a bit of a gamebreaker for me. Is this normal? Can anyone confirm that this is the way the game is actually working and is it supposed to work this way? Will offline play still treat resources like this or will they be divided sensibly ie cities only taking what they need? Sorry for the long post, I hope someone takes the time to read it and shed some light on this situation, Thanks!
  13. Huntington District | Sewage and Commerce

    Welcoming you back to Selbring County after a year of inactivity. Brining you smog covered skylines and breathing complications since 1931. NMUSpidey - Thanks a lot! MamaLuigi945 - Thanks! And it's back again after being inactive for a whole year Alejandro24 - Thanks, and I typically use Photoshop to enhance the depth of the images Evillions - Thanks Evillions escilnavia - Haha, but it's much worse and far more depressing Thanks! Schulmanator - Thank you so much! Treason04 - Thanks, nice to see a fan of my CJ _Jazz - Thanks!! slowpokemcgee - Thanks a lot! Megabuiler6 - Thank you! 958517907 - Thanks! Wiecher - I don't know? I might've misplaced'em Thanks! TekindusT - Thanks a lot, it's definitely a beautiful building! Thanks! Simbourgeois - Thank you so much! Wustmann - You're too kind, Thanks! Jamonbread - Thanks a lot! nofunk - Thanks, but the update's only any good cause of you're awesome BAT being square in the center Treka - Thanks, it's suppose to be like NY, just with a lot more smog. A LOT more. Benedict - Thanks a lot Benedict! And Lol, this update just happens to be another 'return' ladybug2 - Thanks a lot! bluemoose - Exactly the qualities I was aiming for! Thanks a lot Twido Artz - Lol it's not my BAT, the SCTV is just photoshopped in their to perosonalize for Selbring (Selbring County Television). The BATs already available on the STEX packersfan - Lol, Thanks you spursrule14 - Always honored to be on the BOTB (even if it was a year ago ) __________________________________________________________________ It's been a year since I last updated Selbring. I hope your as excited for the update as I was to make it. Though you may have thought that Selbring County was dead as a CJ or forgotten about its existence all together well, I'm here to prove that wrong. Selbring may have been down, but it's not out!! In the Selbrinian Metropolitan area, the district of Huntington is amongst one the centers of Commerce and Finance; likewise with Stoddard Heights and even downtown Selbring. It's a part of a chain of districts which are the backbone of the commercial and financial sector of the city. At first glance, it may appear clean. Prestine. Beautiful? Well if you look closer, you'll realize you're dead wrong. The gleaming towers, a testemant to the city's enduring spirit is nothing more than a deceiving suger-coated façade. The canal that runs through Huntington District is not the cleanest of canal systems. It's even likely to kill. Some residents have come out of the canal, with burns. It was possibly a result of the high pH in the water. It's also foul in smell, though many won't notice it as the city itself smells the same way. It's a front for dumping industrial waste and sewage, and all of that is derived from the many water gates that fill the river with toxic chemcials and dangerous biohazardous waste. Yet many of Selbring's mistreated citizens are oblivious to the threat. But it's really the least of their worries. The woes of unemployment are more shattering, with many who live here struck in poverty, in the midst of tall intimidating corporate towers harboring those employed in white collar jobs. Other problems that aren't always brought to light cause of their apparent 'insignificance'; Like most of the city, it's covered in dense smog which paints the sky in a light yellow hue. It's extremely likely that if you live long enough of Selbring, you'll develop Lung disease or respiratory problems. Other such occurances like shootings and bombins as well as other conflicting events are another issue. Especially here when angry have-nots clash with wealthy white collar elites. By night, the streets are illuminated by faint lit streetlights. The tallest of towers in Huntington paint a beautiful, bright skyline filled with bouts of yellow orange and the occasional neon signs. A bunch of Apartments. The majestic UniWorld Corporate Tower. Standing high and bright in the Selbrinian skyline. And to finish. A picturesque panorama of a decievingly beautiful yet horrifically disgusting city. Thanks for viewing. Rate 'n' Comment! Selbring County Revived after 1 year.
  14. Good morning everyone, Just wondering how everyone deals with ground pollution. Specifically I am wondering how to clean up ground pollution when you bulldoze your sewage outflow pipes and instead plop a treatment plant. Isn't the treatment plant supposed to treat sewage without causing pollution? I also notice that even though I have plenty of capacity with the sewage treatment plant, I constantly have complaints regarding backed up pipes. Game bug.. possibly?

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