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  1. Would it be possible to trace a real map onto a city tile in Simcity? There was some methods in SC4, I think. But, I'm wondering if its possible, and how to do it.
  2. So I have access to use a PC occasionally and I already installed Simcity on it. My multiplayer cities load up fine, but Im more interested in continuing my single-player on my PC. But my offline cities dont appear on my PC while they do on my Mac. I just thought of copying the Simcity folder from my Mac to my PC, but when I opened up the Simcity folder on my PC it looks different than on Mac and Im not sure if it will cause some issues if I copy/[aste it. Is there some way to copy and paste a specific region or regions like in SC4?
  3. I actually found the problem... Its actually the parklets add-on that causes trouble. I kept installing mods and starting up the game to see which one caused problems, and as soon as I installed parklets problems started. When I took it off, no problems.
  4. I can't seem to successfully upload my screenshot to this thread. But, anyway, I just installed Akar UI enhancement and I couldn't load up an old city or even start a new in offline. So, there's that...
  5. Hey, I've been having issues with Simcity Offline, lately. I installed a few Mods and my cities ran just fine. I had installed Orion 3k, Akar, Udon, etc... But, sometimes my game would freeze up. Then it started getting to a point where my cities would not load up or simcity wouldn't even open. I figured I had to uninstall a few Mods maybe. No change. In fact simcity wouldn't even open up. I had to uninstall and install it again. I figured it would not be a good idea to usa that many Mods then, so I installed the ones I most wanted (Orion, Udon, Akar). But no. Still had the same problem and I went on to uninstall/install the game a couple of times in order to keep playing with Mods, but no solution was met. I decided to simply install the game again and continue playing without mods. The game started up just fine, but I still can't load my old cities. I can however start a new region Online (haven't checked if offline, yet) and play just fine. But, I'm not interested in any way or form to play online. And I'm also not interested in playing Offline without the use of Mods. I've tried installing one Mod at a time to try and figure out which is causing problems, but once I install just ONE, the game crashes or won't even load. I'm running this on a 2010 Macbook Pro. Please, I need any help. Thanks.