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City-building game(s)

Found 28 results

  1. I have been fascinated by MegaTowers ever since I started playing SimCity, and like many of you, I have lost money and patience until I finally could build successful MegaTowers that were earning me 15 million per day all alone. Although every post talks about bugged MegaTowers, it is just a (reasonable) misconception because people ignore the following things. Ps: there is a list MegaTower bug fix by the end, remember to check it! First: it is a MegaTOWER, not a MegaTown! MegaTowers do not work isolated, so the solution to your problem hardly relies on building new levels. Second: just like any other building in this game, some MegaTower complaints should be ignored for a while (especially after the 1st level [especially if you already took action]), because... Third: MegaTowers take a while to load informations, especially ones coming from outside the tower (which are very important), Just like any other residence, MegaTowers rely on their location, land value, nearby attractions, etc... you can't simply ignore these, because it will will totally ruin residents' happiness and satisfaction. Example 1: once I've created 2 MegaTowers side by side, isolated from everything else, with only one level each and both wanted park levels. Normally, players immediately build a park for each tower and there goes a ton of cash... But remember that MegaTowers are isolated SimCity buildings! So I simply built one park, and minutes laters residents from both towers were happy! Why? All residents can go to nearby towers to fulfill their needs (even when there is no Skybridge); Example 2: I have created 4 Elite MegaTowers side by side, with a huge $$$ park in between and shops by the avenue. Well, they NEVER asked for any of these. But then they asked for jobs (I have no industrial buildings and few shops), so I created an office level in one of them. Well, they simply went to work inside this single Tech Office). Ps: once again, info takes a while to load, so they kept complaining for a while... Ps 2: never forget that Tech Offices only vary in wealth quantity (never excluding any kind). Example 3: I had this single $ MegaTower which suddenly started complaining about jobs... Some players build Office/Shop Levels immediately, but that is a horrible idea because all levels cost money to maintain and you need to be sure you can fill exactly what those will require. To fix this, I simply created a few industries and soon they were all working very happily. Oh, yes: it took a while to fill the apartments back again! If there is a MegaTower glitch, that is the real one. Example 4: once I had these two towers (one $$ and one $$$), with high wealth parks in between and only $$$ houses nearby that said "We need more shoppers to make a profit". But only the $$ kept complaining about building another apartment level Why? Well, 2 Apartment levels weren't enough to buy everything because those were the only medium wealth in town – unlike the $$$ MegaTower Shop, which was receiving shoppers from the rich houses nearby. MegaTower tips and bug fixes Never mix different wealth apartments unless you REALLY know what you are doing. Always check your RCI demands and population stats before building MegaTowers and its levels. You have to earn at least 2.5k and 4.5k per hour Simoleons to build MegaTowers and Elite Megatowers, respectively. Oh, that obviously applies to additional levels, so you won't ever have to shut it down as you try to fix it (making it take even longer to load your recent actions). Once again, never build a MegaTower unless you can afford the extra sewage, water and electricity it may require as you build more levels. Otherwise, you will bankrupt! Remember to be resilient when complaints are persistent... example: if your residents said they are overworking / have no relief from work even after you just built another apartment level to fix it, just wait a few game days to make sure if they are still unhappy. The same is true to "not enough workers to make a profit" bug and every other complaint. At the end of the day, if nothing fixes your glitches, you can just demolish problematic levels... but bulldozing rarely solves it, because they new one will probably have problems. So my best advice is to build your MegaTower very slowly. Since MegaTowers are not isolated from the whole SimCity, you can build Solar Panel Crowns to bring to energize your whole city and region; build parks to increase nearby residents satisfaction; get Air Scrubber Crowns to fill your ground with water and etc... Oh, the 15 million I earned from MegaTowers was because they had offices and shops with 5 Billboard Advertising Crowns! Well, that's it! Thanks for reading <3
  2. Hello people! My name is Seb and I am here to keep SimCity 2013 (SC5) alive with my mods I'll attempt to make for you4 OWN wishes. Please take note of that : I do not modelize 3D objects, I only make mods with SCPak. I am very handy although. Here is a list of what I am able to do at the momment with SCPak : Modify ControlNet system (Production, Usage, Bandwith, info mods) Modify megatowers (Levels, crowns (for real)) *Soon: New levels, new megatowers, new crowns (later). Create new working modules without overriding the original ones and integrate it to a building. *Soon : custom buildings with custom modules.Please take note i am currently working on a huge ControlNet project wich will allow me to make even better mods. This could allow me to make CUSTOM GREATWORKS, CUSTOM OMEGACO SYSTEM and CUSTOM Crowns who will use ControlNet.Here is a list of things I can't do : custom maps, custom roads, custom layers, custom hud/ui (would be too long), custom 3D models, megatowers colors modifications.
  3. Hello, I am in a multiplayer game and am not using mods but my second elite Megatower will not receive power or water past level 3. I have ample supply of both flowing into the tower. Does anybody know what's going on?
  4. Hello people! I am Seb (Trylk) and today, I've accomplished the "Impossible work". Yes I did! I am able to plop a crown on ANY megatower at ANY LEVEL of my choice. Let take a look at the First example. I swear to god this is NOT PHOTOSHOPED of any ways!
  5. Hello fellow players of SimCity. Here's Trylk (Seb for an easier name), I am a modder of SC5 (2013) who decided to remain on the game for a few reasons. (Details in another post) So, I'm not here to talk about myself, etc. I'm here for you, to answer your mod requests and try to give a second chance to this game. Okay let get to the serious part. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project name : Omega Co. 2.0 Objectives : Remake the OmegaCo transportation tubes to allow a more accurate zoning. Enhance the factory in order to stabilize the needs, the production stats, etc. Allow a better control of which ores/oils are extracted. The way it's going to be done : Separate the ressources extractor to create two differents units that will extract "Oil" and "Ore" (one ressource per module) If possible, enhancing the transport tubes to make the transfer slower or faster. Ex : You have a mining site far of your factory, by default, your transportation tubes transport the ressources that've been extracted at an "medium" speed. Well, since you're far, you want to have a faster ressource transfer from mining site to factory. Same thing's going on if you got a pretty near mining site. Mining units would need ControlNet (approximately 50) <<This is subject to be modified in the future>> What about mod compatibility : Here's a list of the planned mod compatibility : MultiPlopper add-on Regional tools Enhanced stats for industries and workers. (More detailed UI) Do you got any images ? No... Sadly not... Later, I promise that as soon as the firsts testing waves will come, I'll make pictures and add em. So make sure to subscribe and keep an eye here!
  6. Spark-2016-05-30-08-25-35.png

    From the album Entertainement District: Casino Palace

    The Entertainment District; this is where Captain Falcon stops for a drink and gets caught up in a gamble to win a race inside the Casino Palace (in F-Zero GX and according with the F-Zero wiki, http://fzero.wikia.com/wiki/Casino_Palace )
  7. Spark-2016-05-06-11-41-26.png

    From the album Cyberpunk

    Basically, here’s my best attempt at making a cyberpunk themed city in SimCity (2013).
  8. Spark-2015-11-19-23-16-16.png

    From the album Port Town

    According to the f-zero wikia (fzero.wikia.com) Port Town is a center for interplanetary trade and home of the bounty hunter and famous F-Zero racer Captain Falcon. If you’ve seen some of my other album, you may have noticed I like to be inspired by fiction. This was done long ago before offline mode or mods.
  9. Spark-2016-05-25-12-31-58.png

    From the album Planet Alderaan on D-Day

    It was a sad day in Star Wars history when the Imperial Death Star showed in the the skies of the planet Alderaan. Never again will the sun rise on its horizon... (If you're a SW fan, enough said) A special thanks to ching67 for his planets mod which also included the Death Star. Yes, I always wanted this! I just didn't know that I wanted it until I had it. But seriously, if any modders out there are listening. I always wanted more Star Wars themed mods, and someone should make these happen. If I could make them myself I would. For example, wouldn't it be awesome if there was a random Star Destroyer in the sky once in a while, or perhaps some of these propeller planes were actually X-wings, but better than all that, wouldn't it be great if there was a mod to turns the blue tourist airship into a Millennium Falcon?
  10. Planet of Alderaan

    From the album Planet Alderaan

    The peaceful planet of Alderaan. Clean, green, tranquil but very advanced. That is until the Empire comes along with its Death Star and blows it up. This was done in sandbox mode. I think I could have done it with out it, but I just wanted to get it done and not wait for the money and associated pollution to come.
  11. Spark-2015-11-10-00-20-06.png

    From the album Gotham City

    Hello again! This probably my best impersonation of Batman's Gotham in SimCity (2013). Again, I did this without the Sandbox mode. I love my Sandbox mode now, but this was before I discovered that I loved sandbox mode. Oh, and the same goes for mods, but this was before offline mode was available. I'm just late in the game at posting these images.
  12. Cities of Tomorrow

    Good Morning, Whether for good or bad I've purchased Simcity Complete Edition, which includes Cities of Tomorrow. For the life of me I cannot locate any forum threads on issues pertaining to the version I own. It's supposed to include the an expanded core game and Cities of Tomorrow (COT). I have been known to be a newbie over the most obvious, but would appreciate someone pointing out where MODS, STEX buildings I should be able to use. Thank you all so kindly!
  13. MagLev As Subway

    Version 1.2


    Offline-Only Mod: “MagLev as Subway” This mod add a new set of MagLev tracks and stations to the game, so they mimic a Subway system rather than an elevated rail one. The stations do not need the Academy or ControlNet in order to get unlocked and running. They do not futurize the areas around them. You will need to have Cities of Tomorrow in order to see the stations and tracks in the MagLev palette. Much like for the MagLev system, you'll need to place the stations on roads first and then connect the tracks between them. Subway tracks should show up with a green highlight while in the Maglev Palette or while using the Bulldozer tool. To install this mod, just extract the rar file into your SimCityData folder. Thanks to all the DevTesters who tested this mod. Thanks MaxisLime for the station art. What you need to know about this mod: This mod is for offline mode only, and will cause rollbacks if played online. Make sure your remove the package file before going in multiplayer games. You need to have Cities of Tomorrow in order to use this mod. The subway tracks are tunnel paths, and therefore cannot cross the sea level. It may be difficult to use the mod in low-altitude cities. Make sure that the transition path is flush with the MagLev track when drawing it, or you'll get some missing art.
  14. Version


    I've been working on this one for weeks, but it's finally here; the elevated railway based on MaxisGuillaume's 'Maglev as Subway' mod (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29428-maglev-as-subway/). This mod uses the maglev network to create a Chicago/New York style "EL-Train" with tracks and stations that can be placed above roads. Can I still use the maglev? Yes, this mod exists as a completely new network - however, due to how the game is implemented, the EL-train vehicles replace the default maglev ones. So, you can still build the vanilla maglev tracks and stations, but the vehicles that will travel on them are EL-Trains. Can I use this in combination with MaxisGuillaume's Subway? Yes - while this mod is inspired by his, it exists as a completely separate entity, although just like with the maglev, the new EL-Train vehicles will travel on the paths - of course, in case of the subway this might actually be preferable if you want a more realistic subway. For the time being you can't connect the two networks together yet, but I'm planning on making this possible. (Many thanks to MaxisGuillaume for helping me to get this to work)
  15. first of all where do most people put them? random or strategic location? what levels do you put in them? and in what order? what crowns do you use/like the most? also what zones do you place around the rest of your city? like do you not zone commercial because you place all the commercial in your megatowers? and other stuff like that. And any other discussions about megatowers you can think about as a whole. To start off, I normally just place them randomly around my city and not next to each other, but usually with a MagLev next to one exit. I try to place the mall/office levels around my skybridge (thinking back to SimTower I thought that would be a good idea) and the skybridge as close the center as possible (level 4 or 5 usually) so every level has equal access to them. I also place the levels as needed. The megatower adviser guy usually tells me what is needed in them. I also favor the solar crowns because two of them can power any CoT city I've built so far plus the solar crowns don't take up any room in your city and if you have all eight megatowers you can place at least one of each type of crown anyways (so it's not like you don't have room for the others). Here is one problem I have with them. After playing a city for a long time (usually by game year four) my megatowers start to go abandoned. The residential levels say they can't find work so they move out, then my office/mall levels start to go red because they're losing shoppers/workers from the residential moving out and soon I have entire megatowers that are red. Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so how do you fix it? Another thing I can't figure out is that a residential level in one tower is red and an office level in another tower that is directly connected with skybridges is also red. The residential says they can't find work and office says not enough workers. The solution is easy, get the residential from one building to work at the office in the other (isn't this what the skybridges are for?), but they're not smart enough to figure this out for themselves. How can this problem be solved? These problems really affect my Academy cities, because my Academy is basically ran off the megatower population, then my ControlNet drops when they leave and something ran by ControlNet stops working which leads to other problems. So that is why I wanted to start this discussion for megatower strategies and problems (for me and everyone else to understand how to use them better/more efficiently).
  16. Okay, so I just bought the City of Tomorrow, the Airships Set, and the Amusement Park Set. I know, a little bit late, but I have recently got back into playing this game and wanted something a little bit different to try. The Towers seem to be a challenge, but I love it. However, every city that I play since doing the upgrades, I have depleted resources. At first, I thought it was because of the new "omega" resource, but since Omega requires those resources to produce, this just simply is not the case. Also, I have had to demolish all Trade Centers and Ports to add new storage to them. Every time I would add a new storage lot or delivery trucks, they would disappear as soon as I came off from pause mode. Is there a solution to this issue?
  17. Version 1.0


    Hey guys . What this mod pack does: For the fusion power plant and its modules: - Reduced construction and maintenance costs - Reduced ControlNet usage - Increased power production - Increased number of jobs - Reduced minimum workers needed for production - Reduced water consumption - Reduced garbage production For the wave power plant and its modules: - Reduced construction and maintenance costs - Reduced ControlNet usage - Increased power production - Increased module count (for power plant itself) - Increased number of jobs - Reduced minimum workers needed for production - Reduced water consumption - Reduced garbage production NOTE: The mod is not compatible with Danny's WTC Pack. Make sure that you have that mod uninstalled if you wish to use this mod. How to install: Unzip the file. Install the regular file into your SCData folder and install the scripts file into your SCUserData folder. Hope you enjoy the mod!
  18. Request to delete this thread because I will start a new one with a different name and the project will be in the new thread. If you are willing to re-use this thread, you are welcome as well !
  19. so I am running COT on a pc. I have successfully made a working space center in single player mode, but playing the same map in multi player I cannot finish construction because the game says I don't have enough workers. ive done this with COT towers full of people and when I cant get workers I close all industry in the city, trading depots/ports, academy control centers, etc. 'til I jackup the unemployment in every wealth level and in every city connected to the space center. ive also run the same experiment using cities with no COT in them.
  20. Hey guys,I'm doing a SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Let's Play on Youtube while waiting for The Sims 4 to come out. I started of with 2 videos today of the tutorial, so if you wanna check it out the link to the playlist is below. And if you like it please like, comment, subscribe and perhaps share it with a friend. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAHrGou3TwqQYmqJyHKGyZYMqP_9wjFDD
  21. COT Cross Over

    Version 1


    This is the same as Felgard's Cross Over Mod. It has only been updated with the Cities of Tomorrow expansion. Please report any bugs. To install, extract either the 'COT Crossover All Roads' package or the individual roads package you with to use into '..\SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages'
  22. Version 1.0


    NOTE: THIS MOD IS COMPATIBLE WITH SKYESTORME'S DRONES GALORE MOD. Hey guys This mod allows you to plop drone hangars anywhere you want in your city. The module count for this has not been changed. It did not make as much sense to change it as it did for other things I have modded in these regards. NOTE: This mod is NOT a cheat. It is a trick to be used for the efficient distribution of drone hangars in your cities for the ultimate drone coverage and transportation. A video may be created for this at some point. How to install: 1. Unzip the file. 2. Install the package file into your SimCityData folder. Enjoy! More mods are coming!
  23. Hello all, I puchased cities of tomorrow today and absolutely loath the new textures. I like the glowing lanes but the honey comb like things on the road drive me mad. I want to put the old textures back to a nice smooth cement like road. Does anyone perchance know how I would go about this? Also side note: I dislike some of the weird block things that are added to the sides of apartments so if anyone knows how I would delete those pests or revert some portions of the models back I would much apreciate the advice as well. thank you.
  24. VTOL Pad For Trade Depot

    Version 1.0


    Hey guys, I'm back with another mod. This time its the VTOL pad for the trade depot. You can only plop one, which makes this mod kind of similar to Skystorme's Drones Galore mod (I even requested this, but now I know how to mod). This mod is offline only, and you install this in SimCityData. Special Thanks To: Skyestorme, for teachng CapTon how to mod, and also giving me the inspiration to do this. CapTon, for teaching me how to mod. Enjoy! More to come!

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