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  1. RCI-Mod

  2. RCI-Mod

    This mod alter RCI ratio and reduce workers a lot, so you have to demolish some of your low-wealth residential buildings when you reach high-density. Or you can choose another solution by creating jobs, for example adding office level for low wealth on your MegaTower (if you have CoT) , specialized-city, or zoning more industrial zone (beware of huge ammount of freights, you have to build trade depot/port with plenty of freight storages) .i hope that help, and if you have opinions related to rci, feel free to give me feedback so that i can improve it for the next release. RCI-Mod works for both original and CoT expansion.
  3. RCI-Mod

    I modified files from basic game, and MegaTower is part of CoT Exp,Pack. So it should be ok.
  4. RCI-Mod

    Version 1.1   Previous version with some fix : 1. Fixed tax income. Previuos version was too much... ( New version : RES x1.5 , COM x4 , IND x15 ) .   2. Zones growth rate is increased twice.
  5. RCI-Mod

    Thak you windoze for your feedback :) . Is it only taxes or are there anything else? I will release another variant if there is lot of reviewer feedback about taxation.
  6. RCI-Mod

    Yes, I kind of over do it, sorry for that. s3pe is not supported for editing prop values inside SimCity .package, SimCityPak does. I only use it for managing SimCity files. And somehow, it worked (see ScreenShots).
  7. RCI-Mod

    S3PE is a Sims 3 Package Editor used by Sims 3 modders, but its recent version now support SimCity as well. I used it to compile/grouped all modified prop files into single .package file. (see screenshot)
  8. RCI-Mod

    It's basically almost the same prop files extracted from SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package into .package files with Oppie's SimCityPak and compile them with s3pe. If you take a closer look into the .package file (mine and his) with SimCityPak, the values inside are pretty much different. From his description it looks like Nikolaa modify the freight output values from LD/MD/HD factory to 600/1020/2000 and doubled the workers requirement from -for example- 11/46/520 to 22/92/1040 while I changed the freights values to 640/1440/3200 and change the workers req to 32/64/256 (ratio: 1/2/8), much less workers to deal with traffic jam. Tax income value are different too, I make RES pay doubled, COM pay 10x, and IND PAY 20x to make a balance with the new RCI ratio. I noticed that the goods and hotel rooms are doubled/same value.
  9. RCI-Mod

    First, sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language. But I will try my best to answer your questions.  :)   "It seems like it would greatly increase the need for both I and C buildings". If you zone C and I zone on a large area, then yes it would increase their needs. Just zone C and I on a small area while keep tracking on detail tab of your population. Note that if you zone commercial near culture area like casinos and landmarks, it would probably grow into hotels. If you want your commercial zone to grow into shops and skycraper offices, zone them near your residential. If there is an excess of commercial goods, it's simple.. buldoze one or two building, and delete some of your C zone. Industrial zone need workers to operate, and places to shipping their freights (Commercial zone, trade depot/port, and DLC Dr.Vu Tower) while commercial zone need workers, shoppers, tourists, and freights. I reduce the number of workers on H.Density C and I building purposely to deal with unfilled jobs and traffic problem at rush hours. Original number of workers on LD/MD/HD High-Tech Industrial is 11/46/520, now only 32/64/256. Less workers mean less traffic, but that just my opinion.. There is probably an issue with high unemployment/unemployment crisis in your city. But with this mod, the key is residential zone and it's up to you whether to expand or reduce them.   "Is it going to skew the proportions too much between residential, industrial, and commerce?" I hope not. R zone now play an important role than C and I zone.   "Have you used this on any cities to try and assess what those ratios are?" Yes, I have tried this mod on different city/region.. It's still difficult to assess the ratio, coz I always specialized every city. On my hybrid academy-tourist city, the R/C/I ratio probably 20/3/2.   "Will this affect the RCI indicators on the main UI, or will we only notice the difference in the "details" tab?" In my experience, both of main UI and detail tab.   "There seems like there will be an excess of freight ... so will it actually fill up (or over-fill) tradports and such?" If there an excess of freights, and you don't want to zoning more C, just place a trade depot/port with freight storage and it will fill-up.   "Why change hotel rooms? Do the rooms consume freight, or are we messing with tourism now too?" Because tourists always flooding my city and complaining about "no room to stay for the night, leaving town.." and also, to save space. Yes, hotels consume freights too. Rooms are doubled so does the traffic nearby.   There is an issue about commercial complaining about not enough freight even there an excess, I think it's a bug, it happened even without using this mod.
  10. RCI-Mod

    Version 1.2


    Firstly, here are the aspects of the game that I think need some tweaked. 1. Why tax income are very low, whereas country's revenue mostly come from tax. 2. Why goods are too few while shoppers are so many? 3. Why there are too many unfilled jobs? 4. Freight output seems can't fulfilled commercial needs. (Too many factory mean you need more workers/or zoning more residential, which mean zoning more commercial that need more freights, which mean zoning more industrial. This is a broken system.) So... guys, I made this mod, intended to make a balance to the game. I hope you like it. UPDATED TO : Version 1.2 Previous versions with some fix: 1. The population inside Medium Density Residential building has been slightly increased ( New Version : Default x1.5) . 2. Improved speed an acceleration of Industrial Freight Trucks / Heavy Trucks. HOW TO INSTALL : 1. Backup your previous saved games. 2. Delete your saved games located in "C:\Users\.........\Documents". 3. If you have any RCI mod or previous version of my mod inside your SimCityData folder, remove it. 4. Unzip / Extract v1.2-RCI-Mod.zip 5. Copy file "0FFL1NE-v1.2-[Papa_Bear]-SimCity2013-RCI-Mod.package" to "\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData" folder. 6. Copy file "SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package" to "\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages" folder. IN ORDER FOR THIS MOD TO WORK, YOU NEED TO : START ON A NEW REGION, CLAIM CITY/CITIES, PLAY (DON'T ZONING YOUR CITY YET) . SAVE, QUIT GAME, RELAUNCH YOUR GAME, LOAD YOUR SAVED GAME (YOU CAN START ZONING YOUR CITY) . THIS MOD ARE INTENDED FOR OFFLINE PLAY. PLAYING ONLINE MIGHT LEAD TO CITY ROLLBACKS! HOW TO REMOVE : 1. Delete "0FFL1NE-v1.2-[Papa_Bear]-SimCity2013-RCI-Mod.package" along with "SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package" from the installation directory. 2. Delete your saved game.