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City-building game(s)

Found 22 results

  1. I run the Asset Editor in -noWorkshop mode. I've copied the NexT 2 folder (812125426) into my local mods directory and enabled it ingame, yet I still don't see any of the roads. Is there a trick that I'm missing? Another question: I'm unable to move pink pedestrian paths when I'm in offline mode, even though move-it works for everything else (move-it is installed locally). Somehow I can move them when I'm using steam. Any idea why this would be the case? I want to be able to move them in -noWorkshop mode.
  2. And here I am again. This time I struggle with not appearing metal effects. I used the specular map for the lanterns (80 to 90% brightness). In asset editor the shader works fine. The colours don't show when editing them (used the lounger as template) but at least ingame they do. But not the metal effect. Instead, everthing is super bright and saturated. the example shows the copper version (I think). Its bright orange ingame. I tried the illumination map in black and 192-gray. It has no normal map (yet). the diffuse colour is a grey tone. Theme and LUT are the same in both screenshots. Is this normal behaviour for props? Can I force the metal shader ingame or do I have to work with the "coated" effect? Additional note: I wanted to use the rotors shader as well. Does it work with metal and do you control it with the alpha map?
  3. Hey Everyone! Aside from making a couple interchanges I haven't really explored the asset editor too deeply but it seems I have hit my first roadblock. If I want to make a transport hub that has bus stops, metro stations, and train stations all built in which template would I be using? I tried with an intersection template but when I placed it in the game the buildings all disappeared. I did figure out how to install mods locally so they operate inside the Asset Editor which is super helpful, although it seems some don't cooperate(Surface Painter). With that being said, should I use a transport building template and tweak the values for cost, noise, etc after all the other buildings are added in? I don't want them to be counted as props, but rather their respective class of transport building if that makes sense. If this isn't possible let me know so I can just do the road layouts and save myself some time haha. On a side note if there are any specific mods you would all recommend for asset creation inside the game please let me know, I saw a few on the workshop dedicated to the asset editor although it seemed perhaps a little outside the scope of my work. Thanks!
  4. Hello. This is one of the new shenanigans of the result of unending CS updates. Since last friday, I can't access my subscibed mods anymore. Each time I launch the game, mods are gone. I have to close the game and restart it, in order to get them back, but this time they are all disabled. I activate them, one by one. Then I have to close the game because some mods require restart after activation. Then the cycle resets itself, all mods are gone, I have to close and restart the game to get back as all disabled. This is quite annoying. I check the game integrity and it's fine. Subbing/resubbing is out of the question, since it's not related.
  5. I'm really happy that the Asset Editor got some improvements. Most importantly, it seems to be much more stable now! I can do things now without crashing that would have crashed me 100% of the time previously. I can even use the Asset Editor without unsubbing to my 1000+ assets and 30+ mods. Previously, this was unthinkable. It's still sluggish, but it's actually use-able. In -noWorkshop mode, I can do "New Asset" after importing an asset without crashing, which I could never do previously. We also have some new options in the building stats window, particularly a dropdown list of monument templates (and one called "always unlocked" that doesn't have silly requirements) instead of the binary "use monument template" button that we had previously. And ofc now we can mod citizens. I'm really looking forward to some new folk to populate my world. Is anybody working on any new cims yet? Are there more changes that I haven't noticed?
  6. Hi everybody, I am just experimenting with my first Blender asset. I have no textures at the moment. At first I could import it successfully in the game, but it had some flipped normals and missing faces, which I had to fix. After correcting those issues and removing doubles, I tried to import it again. I can now see my asset in the Asset Editor and it looks correct (including size and orientation). I can appearently save it, but it won't show up in game. Even if I try to load the saved asset again in the Asset Editor, it won't work (it just does nothing). Still I can see it in the content manager. I can even find it with the Find It mod in game, but I get an error as soon as I try to plop it (I think "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"). I am using the "Cinema" template when importing it in the Asset Editor. I am using the --disableMods and --noWorkshop options when working with the Asset Editor. I don't think it is a model problem, otherwise it wouldn't show up even in the Asset Editor... Does anyone have an idea? Thanks! EDIT: I had this issue originally with a quite complex model, but it happens even with the simple model which I attach as fbx. testtorre4.fbx
  7. The Asset Editor is plagued by crashes and it doesn't offer much in terms of debug info when it bombs. I can't count how many hours I have wasted because of the Asset Editor crashing and me not knowing why. At first it was because I had too many mods and assets, so I discovered "-noWorkshop" mode in the Steam launch options One time I had unknowingly resized a texture to something other that a square of 2 - crash city until I discovered the funny dimensions on my texture map Just recently I paid the piper with hours of lost time becase I had too many .crp files in C:\Users\Ami\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Assets. This one killed me because I naturally assumed that something was wrong with my .obj file or my textures. Clearing out my folder fixed the problem, but now my Savegame is broken because it looks for many custom assets in that very same location. Furthermore, to be able to actually use the Asset Editor, it is extremely helpful to locally install a handful of your essential mods, like "Move It!", "Find It!", and if you plan to use ANY screenshots from the editor, you better put in "Daylight Classic" or some other eyecandy mod, because the models look like utter crap when you're in there. FYI for any hesitant lurkers, the way you do this is by finding the number of the mod in the steam workshop URL, searching for its numbered folder in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\255710 directory, and then copying that folder into your C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Assets folder. So my question to you guys is twofold: 1) Do you (or how would you) deal with the problem of too many .crp's in your Addons folder, since you can't have them for the Editor but need them for your Savegame? 2) What is your Asset Editor setup? Do you use -noWorkshop and if so, which mods do you have installed locally? Are there any tricks to make the Asset Editor a more friendly experience?
  8. Yesterday I was importing my Volvo police car with new skin, in same way as I always did for all my cars (with --noWorkshop), but this time I ran into problems. There is nothing shown in Asset import view, even default cars are not shown! And it happens only if I choose to import as Vehicle, everything works fine if I choose importing as Building. You can see that in the pictures. Also there is a custom fbx left of my Mercedes-Benz German taxi, as some of you may know, it is already released some time ago and works fine, but currently it also does not show up in Asset Editor preview window. Empty preview window, import is chosen as Vehicle (default is a sedan car): Everything is fine here when import is chosen as Building (default is apolice station). MB also works fine. I did all the imports with --noWorkshop and there were no custom Assets nor Mods enabled (from AppData folder) Any help?
  9. Right now I'm working on redoing all the custom assets I lost in my hard drive failure. I had a big collection of vanilla assets I customized, and now I'm doing them again. I need to use Mod Tools to access some hidden props for a few of them, but I can't get it to open in the asset editor. I've tried CTRL+Q and CTRL+E, but neither works. What am I doing wrong? Or is this mod broken from the latest update?
  10. Since the new Update the Asset Editor isn't working properly anymore. When I want to import a Vehicle it isnt shown in the preview and when imported it isnt shown either, the screen is just blue. But when zoomed out to a certain level the grass shows again, but not the vehicle. I'm sure it hasn't got anything to do with the asset since its a template. I also tried disabling all my mods but that didn't change anything. HERES WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE Has anyone got a clue why this could be and how to fix it?
  11. Somehow, asset editor doesn't work anymore, I can't add any trailers to my train, any ideas ? Do you have the same trouble ?
  12. Okay so, long story short, I'm starting a futuristic conversion for Cities Skylines. Think Anno 2205 but without all the micromanagement Creating the models and textures aren't really an issue anymore (other than the time it takes)... But before I start, many of my concepts involve visible "underground" or "below ground level" portions of the asset. Any idea how the asset editor handles these? Similar to this: See how the center part is "underground"? If it's not possible then I need to modify my concepts. Just curious if anyone knew.
  13. So this issue has been recurring for me ever since launch. In summary, the asset editor will flawlessly load any template but then crash as soon as you select a (new or old) model. For reference, here's a post on Reddit discussing the same issue. I have gone as far as reinstalling the game, cleaning up the import folder, resetting the gamestate file and running the game without any mods. The crashes will still occur. What's strange to me is any of the models I select have either already been imported before, or will eventually load after three of four attempts, then fail again later on. I think this problem has been discussed before but since we are so far beyond launch I was wondering if any of you have experience with (solving) this issue.
  14. How do you guys open the asset editor? Up until now I have used a different steam account to open it, so I have far less mods and assets enabled or else it crashes or super laggy. When I disabled mods on one account it would disable some on the other, which was OK . Now it seems to be disabling random assets instead. Do you guys have multiple accounts or is there an easier way to do this?
  15. Hi, at 10.07 in the park section this guy has alot of other item that he can put where he wants. How can I do the same? Thx for your help guys
  16. I was wondering if there was an 'exact' way to select the colours in the asset editor for colour variations (inputting an RGB or hex code perhaps?)? I'd like to make a couple variations of an asset, but use the same colour variations. In my asset editor currently there's just the palette - I don't see any method of inputting certain values, or finding out exactly what colour I have selected. Also, is there a way to force the asset editor to display the colour variations currently? When I import a new asset the colour variations do not display, but when I load one it shows one of the colours. I'd like to see all of the colour variations in the asset editor by toggling through each one to make sure the colour I've selected appears the way I want it to on the asset before saving. Is this possible?
  17. First of all, yes I know about using nlight's ModTools to change m_placementMode to OnGround to get parks that do not have to be placed on roads. The problem I am having is that these parks still display the missing road connections warning (which is an eyesore) and also cannot get police coverage as shown in the screenshot below. I haven't seen any building properties that allow you to disable this (although if anyone knows a simple way of doing so please let me know). As far as I can tell, crime rate in the game seems to be based on a counter tied to the number of visitors a building receives. When this reaches a certain number a police car is summoned. I believe health care and hearses also work similarly. The mod I am proposing would therefore do the following: Not display the missing road connection icon for parks if (m_placementMode == OnGround) Automatically fix crime, health, or dead body problems for these parks. Allowing services to use pedestrian paths would be even better, but would probably require rewriting the service AI. (I know Traffic++ zonable pedestrian paths can do this but I hate using them). Add a button in the Park Asset Editor that lets you set the value of m_placementMode. This would just be for convenience and make this option more accessible to the casual player who doesn't want to mess around with the ModTools UI. I couldn't find any mods that currently offer this functionality, but if anyone knows of one let me know - it would save me a lot of work writing one myself. Looking at the modding API though, it doesn't look like any of what I am proposing would be too difficult. Although I haven't made any scripting mods for CS before, I am familiar with coding in C# and the Unity Engine. I figure this could be a good first project for me to start learning the modding API.
  18. Hi I've been trying to import a model from blender into Cities:Skylines using my model in an fbx format. However, when I open my building in the asset editor, I ran into several problems. These were: 1. I had this error pop-up: GetColors(): format not supported [System.NotImplementedException] Details: No details System.NotImplementedException: GetColors(): format not supported at (wrapper managed-to-native) ColossalFramework.Importers.Image:GetColors (int,int) at ColossalFramework.Importers.Image.GetColors () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at AssetImporterTextureLoader.BuildTexture (ColossalFramework.Importers.Image[] sources, ResultType type, Int32 width, Int32 height, Boolean nullAllowed) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at AssetImporterTextureLoader+<LoadTextures>c__AnonStoreyBF.<>m__30 () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 2. After dismissing the error, the preview window only shows the bottom of my building, with no textures 3. After trying to continue anyways, the same bottom part of my building loads into the asset editor humongously large, still with no texture. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and I can't find any similar problems anywhere. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks in advance. PS: I'm very new to modding so I might just be doing some silly mistake, pls don't judge EDIT: I changed the texture from PNG to JPG and it "sort of" loads in. All other problems still remain unsolved.
  19. When I try to edit existing workshop assets, I frequently get the "no buttons in the asset editor" bug. I found some discussion of this from the summer, regarding assets with changed categories. Is the only solution to unsub/disable those assets? How do you tell which ones are bad? More generally, how do you modmakers keep your assets organized? Finding anything in the "Load Asset" list is a total chore. Every time I think about trying to mod things, it seems like a PITA. So I just sub more workshop content, which only makes the whole mess worse.
  20. Hey guys, Been having crashes every time I try to import a model, even with the ones already imported and working. It will load the default template, then instantly freeze upon selecting a different fbx. On some rare lucky occasions I get a model to show up, then the same crash after clicking another one. The editor does load existing assets. Wondering if anybody else has seen this issue? Things I tried: Disabling modsCleaning up asset/import folderThanks a ton!
  21. Anyone know how to move buildings around in the asset editor? Basically, I want to inch a building up from where it is sitting by default on the (in Sim City terms) the lot. Rather than the middle, I would like it to be closer to the street. Was completely obvious in SC4's lot editor, but I find myself at a loss in Skylines and no tutorial to explain (all the tutorials seem to involve vehicles). Apologies if this is really obvious and I'm just missing it.
  22. Hello guys, i am trying to create a mod to add ploppable beach umbrellas, so to make more lively beaches, after that i intend on going further, adding lifeguard towers and so on, but for now i am stuck with this error: Before yesterday i was creating the mod under the Power Tab, because i could use the Wind Power Plant and import my model, it was working nicely, but i could not get rid of that industrial sound. So yesterday i saw a mod on the workshop that had outdoors ploppable anywhere and under the Parks Tab, i asked the mod's owner how he did that and he linked this tutorial for me: http://imgur.com/a/gTd7C I followed the tutorial and it did work, i had my umbrella under the Parks tab and it was ploppable anywhere, but at a cost, or at least i thought, but i deleted the file and tried creating the asset without editing it and the same error occurs. When click on the Asset Editor, it will load the map, then i am going to select which kind of thing i want to create, i select Building and then Parks, i will select one park, and instead of loading its default model i import my model, images below showing the process: As seem above, it will load it black, but i can change the colours it (should) vary if my color mask was working as it should. If i choose 4 different colours in the bottom right corner it will only show one ingame, and the model will be entirely painted as that color (the color mask isnt working). Here is what is weird about all this: I can do this in any other tab, and it will work just fine, this error only happens under the Parks tab. I already tried deleting the game and re-downloading it, didnt work. Thanks in advance for any help.

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