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  1. I downloaded the fix files that you uploaded (Civic, utility, etc.) But, unfortunately, since the files are in the dat. format, I can not extract the files to my plugins folder. Is there any other way to extract the files or am I out of luck?

    1. _Michael


      Installing Simctiy4 Files:

      If the download is an .exe, run the installer.

      If they are .dat files, place the files in your Plugins folder. .dat is the SimCity 4 format. It doesn't need to be opened.

  2. Cheat: Easy Money / RCI / Freight mod

    @Exabit, I haven't played the game in a long time, but I don't remember any of the resources being unaccounted for in my cities while playing for having any of my cheats installed. I'm not sure off the top of my head what would be causing that.
  3. Quote

    Hello , I tried to install some mods and their always only one that works in the folder, always try to put more than one and does not work , what do ... thanks


  4. Cheat: Easy Money / RCI / Freight mod

    Yes, it will work with my other mods.
  5.   Had to drop a line and say thank you so much for all your cheaty mods.  I love them *so* much, especially as a mother with a four month old daughter and a 2 year old son.  I just don't have a lot of time for things anymore, these mods help a ton.  :wub:

  6. Cheat: Sewage (Single Player Only)

    Actually, it's best if you use the water and sewage mod together to get the best effect for filling the water table, and place them next to each other. You can even do it on land will not a lot of water. Water won't grow necessary beneath them, but if you look at the water map over time, it will fill in gradually. Do not add more than one or two water filters.
  7. Cheat: Garbage (Single Player Only)

    @Sotomayor Prat -- not sure what the issue would be. Where are you placing the file? I have mine installed at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages
  8. Cheat: Education (Single Player Only)

    I have the mod installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages Perhaps where you installed it might be an issue?
  9. Cheat: Clinics (Single Player Only)

    should be:    SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages   Not sure why else that it would not work for you.
  10. Forthcoming mods...

    @Agente Silva Possibly, if the files overwrite the same properties of each landmark. TIme-tested way to find out, remove all things related to land marks and start over, testing each one separately. Start with the one you would value the most.
  11. With a pleasure, I would like to thank you. I have gone through all the mods in here,,, but yours are the best. Once agian .... Thank you

  12. I noticed today, 3/26/2015, that there wasn't a single reference to anything SimCity 2013 on Simtropolis' home page, not the featured item, not the slider with the different pictures moving past, nothing. It was all Cities Skylines. Is Cities Skylines all that? Has it just swept everyone away and SimCity 2013 is now dust, or is this just a honeymoon period where everyone's enrapt with Skylines right now? I've enough games loaded on my PC, I don't need any more, but I was just curious, nothing more.
  13. For a complete newbie, I'd advise to avoid my cheat mods, of which I have several. While it may be nice to have instant money, free hospital, fire, and police services, ridiculous amounts of drones without having to buy or produce omega, etc., etc., if a new player uses my mods right from the start, that person won't ever get a sense of the default economic dynamics in the game to be able to judge what would prove best for his or her personal scenario. Some people, for example, might be loathe to download my RCI mod, because it gets rid of all pollution from homes, businesses, and factories, and makes money too easy to get, but those same players might like my water and sewage mods, which, put together, actually add water to the water table, over time. So I'd say, get a sense for how the mechanics of the game work first, and then play with the cheats that obviate or modify those mechanics.
  14. mult city play

    I agree with all of the points MagicChicken19, makes, including the nerf bat, but I would add to that resources: if your brother's city is sitting on top of the largest oil deposit, coal deposit, etc., in the region, and he doesn't intend to share, and your city lacks those resources, then you will need to claim additional cities in that same region that have those resources.
  15. Forthcoming mods...

    I'm working on a few new cheat mods, but won't release them until I am happy with what they're doing. I have almost completed work on the Gambling House and its components, but I need to tone down the amount of money earned in a day. 257,000,000 a day is a bit much. Probably won't release anything related to gambling until I have all of the gambling establishment and the HQ tweaked, so this is far from done. I had a trade mod, but I've scrapped it and will eventually start over. It was creating way too many agents and clogging up traffic between cities. Am thinking of combining my water and sewage mods into one mod, since they really work in tandem. Currently working on a control net/academy mod. Not happy with % controlnet output yet and I want to reduce research time. One by one, I am reducing water/power usage and making other tweaks to various landmarks. I have started with the Sydney Opera house. So far, the mod doesn't interfere with Multiple Landmarks. I have a ferry transportation mod that I'm watching. The boats move ridiculously fast, so fast that one can't leave the dock quickly enough for another to come up from behind, so I need to work on the timing of that as well as the ratio of the capacity of the dock to hold people waiting versus the number of passengers that a ferry can carry. I'll probably release this under my Transportation Mod as a separate download, for now, so people using one of the other ferry mods have a choice. I have a solar power plant mod and a wind power plant mod, and I'm watching both of those carefully for signs of trouble. The solar power plant will probably be ready first. Resource extraction mods are ridiculous, lots of moving parts. I started one, got oil and ore done, and am holding off on it right now. I need to reduce pollution more and a few other things. I was bored and started a mod with Dr. Vu, just to make a city from hell, but then realized that the criminals spread to other cities, which is a bit of a bummer, so not sure if this one will be released.