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City-building game(s)

Found 19 results

  1. Hey folks, Not sure were this should go so I apologize if it is posted in the wrong thread. I use the damn, it's working ok I guess except that I have quite a few lots that when I attempt to plop them they cause a CTD. The lots aren't really anything to intense pretty ordinary. They are fine if I remove them from the Damn and plop them from the regular SC4 menu. Just the Damn is a problem. So far I have about 30 lots that cause the CTD's. I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem and may know a solution? I've looked at the lots in question in ILive Reader but not sure as what I'm looking for if it's the way they were modded. TIA Robdragon
  2. Hello, how do I make my custom lot created by myself group together or side by side, once I've done making my own lot, it separates far away and I have to scroll up and down...
  3. Lots in Menu

    Hey all, got a question. I downloaded a lot yesterday. It's a police station. But this station shows up under the police menu and landmarks menu. When I view the exemplar in the reader the occupantgroups doesn't show anything but police no landmark. So is there a way to fix it just to show under police menu? Thanks
  4. Lot not in menu

    Hey all OK I just created my first lot. I followed SimGoobers tutorial on functional landmarks. But when I go into the game it doesn't show up in the menu anywhere. I know it's something with the modding because when I created the landmark and tested it, it showed up in the menu. So some how I messed up. I've gone over it three times but to no avail no luck. I assume it's a setting in the exemplar but not sure which one.
  5. This game has been giving me tons of issues lately. First cities.exe has stopped working, which I think I fixed by getting rid of some assets and mods, so that my subscribed items are at about 980 all together, but now my menu seems to not respond when I click any options, whether it be load game, content manager, anything. The cursor turns into the loading circle, or the options like load game won't even be highlighted when I hover the cursor over them, and then I restart my computer but still have the same issue. Another weird thing is sometimes when I restart it says steam is updating, but never does and I'll sometimes even be logged out of my steam account and have to agree to terms of service when I try to reload cities:skylines. My system drivers are nvidia GeForce 840m, which it is set to run with, and Intel inside core i7. Sorry, I don't know much about computers when it comes to listing what I have. My laptop is an asus model number Q551L laptop. It's becoming extremely frustrating with having these issues when this game is built around mods and assets, but they cause more time trying to solve issues than actually playing the game. It's very fun and addicting when it works with mods and assets, but that's not often.
  6. I know there are ways to organize my plugin folder, which i have just started doing. But, is there a mod that will help with organizing the Menu's in the game? Everything just seems to get piled into the landmarks menu, and can be a little disorganized if you have many mods
  7. After having added a bunch of custom lots, parks, buildings, etc.. I find that the menus in the game are just horribly unorganized and items sometimes do not look in the menu like they do after you plop them. My question is has anyone come up with a better way to organize all the content once it is in the game so a menu doesn't have to be 10 miles long? Thanks....
  8. Basically, I installed SFBT Urban Highway Set and its dependencies, and the lots should appear in the Miscellaneous Transport menu. But when I start the game it's nowhere to be found, zero new icons.
  9. KOSC SP - DAMN Menus

    Version 1.2


    SP DAMN Introduction This is a collection of alternative menus using Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator (DAMN) for my Superparking Modular Parking Lot series. Version 1.2 includes support for the Base Set, Diagonal Expansion Set, Extension Set & Addon Pack 1. Future updates will roll out support for newer expansions when possible. Package Overview Update 1.2: The base and diagonal set individual menus have been depreciated in favor of the combined menu. For users that want the individual menus still, you may download them by viewing the previous versions below. There is one package included - this contains menus for every single set released up until this point. Inside you will find two folders, Superparking and zzzzzz_DAMN_Hidden. Superparking contains all the menus, while the hidden folder hides the existing menu icons in the parks/misc trans menu. Install Instructions Drop the Superparking folder inside your DAMN/Root within the SimCity 4 install directory Plugins folder (not documents). For CD/DVD users, the default is - C:/Program Files (x86)/Maxis/SimCity 4/Plugins/DAMN/Root For Steam users, the default is - C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/SimCity 4 Deluxe/Plugins/DAMN/Root Drop the zzzzzz_DAMN_Hidden folder into your standard My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. If you still want access to the original menu icons, feel free to delete this folder entirely. Dependencies You will need DAMN for these menus to show up/work. Bugs There are a couple of missing icons for a couple of the lots, though this doesn't affect the actual lots at all. Thanks to Daeley for creating this ingenious menu system, and yild for creating DAMN Manager.
  10. I'm searching for the file PEG_CSK_SmallPort_RESOURCE.dat It should be part of PEG CSK2 Small Port. is it retrievable?
  11. Whenever I go back to the main menu the game simply crashes. I've tried disabling everything, but it still happens. Interestingly, when I disabled all my mods, I immediately got the achievement for unlocking everything for absolutely no reason. Perhaps there's a connection? I've already tried verifying the game cache. I am also unable to access the Traffic++ menu, supposedly it's next to taxis but I've never seen it there. Hell, it could be Windows that's responsible for all this. If only the game would dump an error log maybe CO and Paradox be able to figure it out. Windows errors don't even help. I need a dump, Microsoft! Not "X is searching for ********* answers"! EDIT: It may have to do with RPG Maker MV. That's when it started. EDIT2: Looking at the output log, the problem seems to be related to resetting vehicle AI, as if the file for it was mysteriously deleted.
  12. I have a triple screen setup and it is all working fine with the game. But it would be nice if the Toolbar at the bottom was just on the center monitor. And if other popups and menus could be located to the center monitor as well. I did a search for a mod to do this, but came up empty. Is there anything like this around? Thanks!
  13. Version


    Please take 5 minute read before downloading Akar, thank you. Akar is a mod that changes the UI (User interface) by adding new menu's as well as sub-menus. It provides a user friendly as well as keep everything organized, eliminate the cluttered and unorganized items. Current version works only in Offline mode. Akar is all around mod that holds every mods ever created to be implemented into the game. At this early stage, you may find mods conflicting between old and the new, we are working on that part for modders have to update their files. It is actually nothing to be concerned of but we are working on that said subject. Not Compatible with : • BoC • UDoN-Addon • Bridge and Tunnel mod Please Read "ReadMe" file in Akar and Avalon for LowRes and HighRes users. How to install? 1. Download all Rar files. 2. Right click the rar file > Extract 3. Please read "ReadMe" file before installing Akar or Avalon 4. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder. Currently, Akar has 7 new menus and 60 new Sub-menus including 2 Optional Sub-menus. This addition will allow modders to add their mods in its respective directory without flooding a singular menu, as for users are now pleased with the organized items rather than scouring through massive singular menu. Custom Content menu is available along Akar base file, It is empty till modders adds new content in it. Extended boundaries (Orion) is one part of a combination of mods that enhance the experience outside the 2k limits. Orion, regional roads, regional UdoNs and RCIHC Plop All (Residential Commercial Industrial Hotel and Custom Building Plop) are designed to extend the city experience by working together as a collective set of enhancements. RCIHC Plop All (Residential Commercial Industrial Hotel and Custom Building Plop) can work independently by allowing zone enhancement and even zone locking on its own but its ultimate purpose and enhancements was the combined use with the other mods to create an expand experience outside 2k limits. With all the mods for Orion installed such as Avalon, regional roads, regional UDoN etc, users may find their menu cluttered or lags. This is where Akar was born to create, to subcategories each mods that flooded the original menu. Akar is a child from Orion and Avalon itself. Here, we will list every mod that may be favorable for Orions: Package include 2 files, You need to paste both files in your SimCityData folder."003_OFFLINE_DLC_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140231_2_1_RCIHCPLOPALL.package""002_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1_2_Avalon". You MUST have Akar base file "000_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_2_0_Akar" for this to work, make sure you download and paste it in your SimCityData folder first. How to install? 1. Download all Rar files. 2. Right click the rar file > Extract 3. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder. 4. Launch the game. 5. Save the game. 6. Quit the game. 7. Relaunch the game. 8. Resume the game. UPDATE : 15th Aug 2014 All New Icons. Note : User may see Burger King and McDonalds in the menu, its is advisable to have them alongside Avalons until we figured out how to recover the replacement original model of it. If you installed MagLev as Subway by MaxisGuillaume. I've made a Subway submenu within the Mass Transit. This is entirely optional, users may or may not need this. (currently an empty Map data, users may need to rely on Maglev's map data for now) If you installed Offline-Only Mod: "Park Bench" by Xoxide. I've made a Decorations submenu within the Parks menu. This is entirely optional, users may or may not need this. As it stands, modders are now about to add more items in this directory. Be sure to get them. If you installed The SimCity Decoration Pack by Danny50205. I've made a "Plop Anywhere" submenu for that very purpose. Currently this only applies of HighRes users only. Coming Soon for LowRes users. Stay Tune. Package include 1 file, "001_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1.0.5_AkarRoadsSet".You MUST have Akar base file "000_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_2_0_Akar"You need to install the Original Coastline and Waterways path and tools.You need to install the Original UDoN 1.8 (Only)You need to install the Original Xoxide's Pedestrian Path Highly Recommend Mod: Be sure to follow HygaHinata's files for updates Regional Tunnels (Streetcar and Heavy Rail)Regional Pedestrian Path Tunnels (Sidewalk Tunnels)Regional Tunnels (Streets and Avenue)Regional Bridge (UDon)Regional Subway TunnelsRegional Water RoadsRegional Elevated Railway (Oppie's EL Train Station) Not Compatible with : RegionalRoad-1.6.packageRegionalUDoN.packageUDoN 1.7 and and all previous version Roads Menu : SubMenu StreetsRegional StreetsUDoNRegional UDonCustom RoadsWaterways Streets Submenu : Includes all the original in-game Roads as well as Service Roads from Oil Well, Wind Power Plant and Garbage Dumb Regional Streets : Includes all the original in-game Roads with regional properties as well as Service Roads from Oil Well, Wind Power Plant and Garbage Dumb Custom Roads : Includes Regional and Non Regional Amusement Park walkway, and SkyeStorme's Regional Freeway. (Modders may add their custom roads in this directory) Waterways : Includes Regional Waterway, Regional Waterway (Wide), Regional Coastline UniDirectional Networks Menu : Submenu NEW StreetsRegional StreetsRampsRegional RampsHighwayRegional Highway Additional Properties : Fix University's Pedestrian Path to be work outside 2k boundary. (Regional)Personalized each regional roads with its respective names.Added Regional Icons.Added Regional Service Roads (based on Oil Well's service roads)Added Regional Pedestrian Path to be use outside 2k boundary - Special Thanks to HyugaHinata Parks Menu $,$$,$$$ Regional Xoxide's Pedestrian Path University EDIT Mode Regional University's Pedestrian Path Mass Transit Trains/StreetCar Regional Heavy Rail TracksRegional Streetcar TracksRegional High Density Street Car Avenue Funshine Amusement ParkEDIT Mode, Wheels of Wonder Amusement ParkEDIT Mode, Thrilland Adventure Park EDIT Mode Regional Amusement Park WalkwayRegional Mini-Train Tracks UPDATE : 21st Aug 2014 Rearrange all UDoN RoadsUpgrade UDoN roads (thank to HyugaHinata)Please Download UDoN 1.8 and Remove all previous UDoN version) UPDATE : 29th Aug 2014 - Fix Regional Amusement Park Walkway- Fix Amusement Park Mini Train Tracks- Fix Service Road (Wind Power Plant)- Fix Service Road (Garbage Dump)- Fix Service Road (Oil Well) - Added Pedestrian Path Submenu- Rearrange all Roads and Ped Path. We understand that users may not need certain Roads that's been added into the game. We will break it down so that users may use based on he/she needs. For now AkarRoadsSet offers every roads available to cooperate with Project Orion. BONUS for CoT Users Only. Added Regional Extraction Pod Pipeline for Omega Factory EDIT ModeGet your Parklets here!!!
  14. All Roads In Road Menu

    Version 1.03


    Very simple mod that just adds the following roads to the Road Menu (for those like me that don't want to click through a bunch of menus looking for stuff) - Pedestrian Path - Oil Service Roads (trade trucks) - Windmill Service Roads - Garbage Service Roads (garbage trucks) - Heavy Railroad Tracks - Streetcar Tracks Road Menu Should Look like this (as seen in screenshots): Low Density Dirt Road Low Density Street Medium Density Street High Density Street Medium Density Avenue High Density Avenue High Density Streetcar Avenue Heavy Rail Tracks Streetcar Tracks Pedestrian Path Oil Service Road Wind Service Road Garbage Service Road Install Instructions: - Place .package file in "\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData"
  15. DAMN Manager Issue

    Hi guys, I´m still idealising my SC4 and think the Damn Mangager is a great invention in it's gameplay. BUT I have a little annoying problem. When I open the manager as usuall, I can switch through different sub menues like butter. while I´m in a menu and build one of them lots - the "Damn Manager Menu" turns from black typo to a grey color and I cant choose another one for eg a different tree or whatever. I always have to press "Open Damn Menu" in the news ticker to be able to choose/build another one, which results in a lot of scrolling. Hope anyone can help me. Much obliged
  16. DAMN-NAM

    Version 1.0


    DAMN-NAM DAMN is short for Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator This is a collection of menu's created from the NAM 31.2 installation. This is version 1.0 and includes all NAM 31.2 E-Series controller items with the exception of the following Project Symphony, Canals, Maxis Highways and Hole Diggers (These can be added later if there is a strong demand for them). DAMN-NAM includes menus for the following categories, subcategories and all associated pieces: Avenues El-Rail FLUPs (Flexible Underpasses) GLR (Ground Light Rail) HSR (High Speed Rail) Monorail NWM (Network Widening Mod) One Way Roads Pedestrian Mall Rail RHW (Real Highway) Road Street TuLEPs (Turning Lane Extension Pieces) The only dependency is Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator or DAMN. There are special instructions for installation for full compatibility with these menu's in the readme.txt file included. **Please note that some of the menu entry's are not functional and will have a placeholder image. To use entries that have placeholder images use another nearby entry and then tab to it from there. This will most likely change in the future when a design change can be made in the NAM that will allow these menu's to be made compatible. **Also if upgrading from an older version please replace your damncontrol.dat with the new file in the zip since it allows the root menu's to function. If you don't do this the root menu's appear but are not clickable. Upgrade instructions are now included in the readme.txt file. Enjoy!
  17. http://My configuration running wine-1.5.20 on Ubuntu 12.10 (GNU/Linux 3.5.0-21-generic x86_64) with the GNOME Classic desktop. This has been annoying the daylights out of me for quite a while. As soon as one enters the menu to do something with either the subway line or with any of the stations, even the Maxis one, the system seems to go cataleptic. It takes forever for the necessary menu to open, and for the redraw to happen. Does this also happen on Windoze? How about the MAC version? Any thoughts?
  18. In game organizing tool

    I don't know whether this tool already exists or if it's impossible to make or anything, but what if you could organize your menus in game so that your downloaded BAT's aren't placed in a big mess as they tend to get from time to time. What I'm talking about is a tool that makes you able to move BAT's up and down in the menu where they are placed, for example if you have downloaded a bunch of asian city blocks buildings as well as a few NYBT buildings and you want all the NYBT and all the asian downloads to be placed in order and not mixed up all over the landmark menu. So just by curiosity, is this possible? Does it exist? Is anyone able to make it/explain to me how I can make it myself? Thank you all in advance. //André
  19. DAMN Manager

    Version 1.3.1


    Hello! I want to introduce my first creation for the fans of SimCity 4. DAMN Manager DAMN Manager is an alternative to the commonly used (I hope ) program SSPTool and DAMN Plugin by Stefan Wertich. It is a tool for creating files for Dealeys "Daeleys Advanced Menu Navigator" plugin aka DAMN. The program to use is very similar to its original, has some new features: adding the original lots of SimCity, menu items can be created automatically using custom templates and a few minor additions. I have written this program because i had have some problems with the original SSPTool. To not bore you any longer, I invite you to download the program, all (or almost all) the information can be found in the help files included with the program. Any comments are welcome, especially those critical;) If you have any problems with specific plugins, give me it's name and a link where to download the plugin. The program includes the language files in English and Polish (polski). ps. Please forgive me if the English contains errors. If (dare I say when) some will see (help file or user interface), please let me know. pss. Manager has been tested on Windows XP, VISTA (64bit), 7 (64bit) and 8 (64bit - clean install).

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