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  1. Well, it is possible to rewrite most of the classes and take properties in mind in that version. It just takes a couple of public coders to do that. Make an open-source version of the rewritten dll's and publish it as a mod. Open up a github account and rewrite the classes. This opens up a possibility to re-implement the whole road net tool (rewrite it kinda like CityBound).
  2. That mod is incompatible with 1.1
  3. I cant really help that. I never look at the pop because it never reflect the physical size of the city. This is kinda bad game-design from CO. I believe there was some kind of mod to let more people in houses. Can't remember what though. I even forgot to rename my city nobody noticed.
  4. Just to start off, it consumes time to create good looking cites. You need to learn tricks. For example, i use the dirt road a lot because it is one of the most flexible networks available. It helps laying out the shape of a new neighborhood and it also helps making good looking intersections. I feel it is like the 'street' road trick as in Simcity 4 to terraform the terrain surrounding the roads . Also, keep increments of 12 tiles, don't go over it or your roads will look bumpy. If you stay at 12 tiles per time, the terrain adjusts very good. Ok, well this is what you can do with Cities Skylines! Yes, with an healthy budget! In the beginning... Although, in the beginning? Well, I've played C:S before, but not that much hours. I was kinda disapointing with the overal plastic feeling to it. I waited, waited.. until i saw all these mods came out. Especially Precision Enginering and some trees and flowers got me in the game. I never expected this.. It is my second city. I like to keep an eye on details. And i can get pissed off if roads look unrealistic, bumpy. I used the map Zephyr Hills. It has broken highway connections going inland but it works fine. I will connect those later, when I'm heading for the 'next' town. Yes, thats right, I don't like to create on big mega city. I like to create smaller towns, maybe a nice 200k city further inland but this is just a simple town. Here ya go. The City. I already planned for an expansion along the coast. A Top view, now the coastal side is developed. Moving North Its time to move north. In the previous screenshot you see a bridge going diagonally over the highway. I like that because it breaks the boring grid. The bridge to the north You see, I connected my town to the outer world with a Train station! I had to redo the intersection area and while I was at it, I decided to also create a nice Bus terminal in front of the train station. The trainstation Redo the Industrial interchange I also had to redo the nice circular interchange at the Industrial district. The problem was that I had to fit in a cargo train station for importing and exporting goods. Look at those flowers! From 2km height More eye-candy
  5. NAM added acceleration lanes and what not. This is just a measurement tool
  6. SilentButtons



    Tired of that 80's mouse click sound all the time? This mod removes it completely! Workshop Link After enabling/disabling, a city/asset needs to be loaded/created first or the game needs to restart before the main menu button sound settings are updated.
  7. The coal power plant looks cartoonish to me. But the other 2 creations are beautiful
  8. About the roads: I'm waiting for a 'street' road that's just 1 tile wide. About the pop: I totally agree. I rather have a 'smaller' looking 'realistic' city i can build in any shape i want (not a freaking tiny square) than having to build tons of skyscrapers to reach 50.000 population. It's weird.. My 2.000 town looks like a 80.000 city. But there is hope. The modding API is really 'open'. It's dangerously open . This means modders can do to the game whatever they want. Maybe even rewrite the whole road system (prefering lane based). There is already a project running for rewriting the whole GUI. (I'm 'ok' with the current one but it could be better). Colossal Order build a city builder game core from where the comunity can expand in all directions, limitless. I believe this game will be rewritten by modders in a few years . Of course, with the core still there but i can't wait for nice terrain textures, better, more and realistic buildings, props and vegetation. A better UI with better 'item stacking features' (scrolling madness is already there, and now even without a mouse-wheel). I must say, the game isn't really 'that' great. It feels like the Simcity 4 release. It's not finished, but I already knew that before I bought it. I believe in the developers of the game, the publishers and the community. A lot of 'city-builder-gamers' are 'creationists' as a profession: Programmers, designers.. name it. It's an overall 'nicer' community than those from shooters. The game only got released a few days ago and there are really great (advanced) mods out there: Camera Mod, Tree Brush.. Whats next? Terraforming? This quick? This game is fantastic.
  9. I've read here and there that the modding tools, that are available from release are not really the modding tools they had in mind. They will work on these tools after the release to reach the goal they had in mind. If I understood correctly, the tools are good from start, but will be upgraded with new features.
  10. Sorry i have no time to create curved ones. Its a lot of work, especially because the curves for NAM are huge and rendering one piece takes days :(.
  11. SimCity BuildIt announced

    Aha, now you know why bigger cities are not possible. They want to milk also tablet and phone users. I'm really starting to hate Maxis. once a great fan.
  12. Did they update PHP version on the server?
  13. Just finished my new track.

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      Nice indeed. What program do you use? I use FL Studio 11 myself.

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      Thank you! Ableton Live :)

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      And for the video: Adobe After Effects

  14. Cities: Skyline is out to satisfy where SimCity couldn't

    What i like about Collosal Order / Paradox is that they do not scream like a market man. They do not push their product in your mouth. They do not tell how great their 'glassbox' version is. What they do is just create a nice piece of software with passion and see where it goes! Something that reminds me of Maxis before the [E]vil [A]nnexors kicked in their doors.