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  1. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    Yeah unfortunately the official video was pretty much meh.. But do you mean this video? Yeah Biffa's video is certainly very in depth and shows a lot of what is coming and well I am very impressed with what is coming to this DLC when Parklife releases next Friday.. I am going to be all over the DLC when it comes and back into C:SL as have been holding off playing since I heard of this DLC.. And here is his latest Parklife Video..
  2. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    We have a small update with a gamplay reveal video for Parklife.. Just be warned then video does drag on a bit.. Here is one of the dev diaries for it and explains a bit more.. https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/cities-skylines-parklife-dev-diary-1-park-areas.1092274/
  3. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    From the pics on the Steam page love how we are set to get wider pedestrian paths among other things.. And we will see it on the 25th of May.. http://store.steampowered.com/app/715191/Cities_Skylines__Parklife/ Well at least CO/Paradox are still supporting their game, unlike what EA/Maxis did with SC4 and SC2013 one expansion each for both games and then completely abandoned.. Whether they do C:SL 2 depends really, what with the reception the game is getting now from some of the community, CO/Paradox may not bother making it.. Since it seems that a fair portion of the city building game community come across as a very fickle lot..
  4. This is the thing SC5 was pretty to say the least, but was hampered by many things, and one nasty thing I seemed to encounter quite often was mass homelessness.. There would be plenty of jobs and plenty of housing but all of a sudden bang there would be a huge wave of homeless people.. In the end I gave up on SC5 and have not played it since, and yes I can agree to a point that Skylines vanilla is lacking graphically after modding it looks so much better.. One last thing that I have to say against SC4 and SC5 is how they both got one expansion and then completely abandoned by the developer/publisher, at least C:SL is it is still getting developer/publisher loving..
  5. Yes isn't it terrible that someone enjoys the game, and their "opinion" even if it is right or wrong they are entitled to it.. So in the end if being a fanboy is so terrible then count me one as well.. And even though Cities Skylines may have its flaws, at least it is a hell of a lot better than that travesty that was SimCity 2013 and to a lesser extent the Cities XL series..
  6. One thing don't go overboard with custom roads as they eat up a lot of memory.. The other is though 16 gig of ram might sound a lot now, but when you add in lots of assets it really does eat up the memory and what can not fit in the memory will be dumped to the pagefile.. As it is not just the main asset such as a house that takes up memory it is all the props the creator may have used to make their creation that adds to the memory being used.. I just got a new system built and had 32 gig of ram installed I have about 1300+ assets and I opened up Task Manager and checked to see the amount of ram being used and it read over 17 gig of ram was allocated to the game.. Now if I only had 16 gig of ram that overflow would of been dumped to the pagefile.. With Loading Screen Mod installed the amount of memory being used is low, until you hit that last part of loading before you enter your city and the amount of memory used shoots up rather sharply.. So you have really only two options reduce the assets you have or add in more memory..
  7. How realistic is parking?

    I think the parking AI is as good as can be, if you have this mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583429740&searchtext=traffic it does have a parking AI option that makes things better.. Though have noticed cars driving through buildings to get to some parking spots, it is quite hilarious to watch.. There is also http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1285201733 and a number of addons that allow you to create shopping centre carparks..
  8. Those new roads look awesome, to the point I had to get a new pair of pants.. rofl..
  9. This mod will help put an end to it.. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=814903880&
  10. I think until the bulk of potential customers have anything above a toaster in terms of a computer system, then the likely hood of seeing a building limit increase is probably quite slim.. Heck there are still folks out there still using Windows XP.. Either way only time will tell what CO decide to do..
  11. Last I heard they built the option into the game so said mod was no longer needed..
  12. Was wondering if the mesh from the tram or train power line cabling would be the right size, whether it is possible to use them for normal power lines not sure on that.. One thing might want to get in touch with GCVos as they created http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=665859116&searchtext=utility these power poles.. They look the part but were created before this new option in the editor was released but they might help with ideas..
  13. These two images are why I find CSL really cool just the view alone is nice this map I play pretty much exclusively because it looks so cool.. Either way it is a good step in the right direction, if CO do, do CSL2 can only know I should be better.. I do have Sc2013, SC4, Cities XL Platinum and have not played any of them in a long long time.. SC2013 I hate the how restricted and buggy it is, SC4 not played for a very long time as does not really excite me anymore and Cities XL well it looks nice but that is it.. I was just so happy to have a new city builder to play with and to me anyway CSL is my go to game when I need my city building fix.. And maybe if we do see CSL 2 they may add in region play ala SC4 and to a lesser extent SC2013, of which I think that is pretty much all SC2013 had going for it was its city trading and seeing sims from one city go to another and so on.. Will just have to wait and see what CO do and well the one big tick that CSL does have is that at least it is still getting content added to it by the developers, unlike SC4 and SC2013.. I use the 81 tile mod to open up the whole map allows for a lot of freedom, the map is creativeDEX's Cleyra map..
  14. Cities XL and SimCity 2013 tried the online routine and well we saw how that turned out.. Cities XL developer patched out the online requirement and shut the servers down, and folks lamb roasted EA/Maxis for the always online bit and they eventually patched out the need to be online to play.. OT: I would say that EA/Maxis damaged the city builder genre with SimCity 2013, with its tiny maps and many bugs.. I would say that Cities Skylines has revived the genre a bit and brought it into the light.. I like CSL a lot due to what it can do, and with mods I can have the whole map to play around in, and on that part the quality of the mods coming out for the game are getting much better.. Also you have to remember this is CO's first foray into the City Building genre and maybe with what they have learnt, if they ever make CSL2 then they may put what they have learned into practice..