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  1. New Screenshots

    Yes, I think so. But they could make taxiways between runways...... (note the hangar modules) I love it too but like the roads/streets in beta, if you don't managed/planned it very well, it came absolutely ugly...
  2. New Screenshots

    Hahaha.... Not an airport, but bowling lanes ? Nobody notes the "Chinese Wall" streets in background?
  3. Hi folks, I've been on the beta of SimCity and I'm here to release some feedbacks. First, I would apologize for my poor english even if you'll understand me. I'm fan of SimCity since SimCity2000, including SC3K and SC4. I've spend a lot of my time on those incredible games this is why I'm so happy and thankful about the new SimCity, despite all the negatives facts that have been noted so far. However, I'm not going to focus on what has already been mentioned. (cities tiles size, dead spaces between buildings, lacks of control on building density, lacks of statistics tables, no terraforming, and more...) Unlike some people, I've not forget that is a beta version, and that 3 months are still remaining for developing and adjusting settings. I just hope that the Maxis Dev Team will hear us. Even if the gameplay is absolutly not comparable to SC4, I felt a lot of fun playing this new Simcity. For me, the size of a city tile isn't a big problem as the entire region is interconnected (so interactive). In fact, the biggest problem of this new game is the region system. It works fine, and I'm so hurry to try this on final software, however it's seem not so much realistic. Let me explain. If you want to build a realistic region, forgetting certain things because the game engine, you're forced to make small rural town (and must avoid square cities), otherwise you're going to have "forest of skyscrapers". So I've had a idea (sorry for sorry for those who have had the same ; maybe it already been proposed...). Instead of have big useless space between cities, try to get a conurbation involving all cities of the region. The base concept is the same as in SC4. Because a picture is worth a thousand words (especially when you don't speak too much ), here a map I made. Note that it's inspired by the map of the beta. (warning 1000x1000 pixels) On beta version, we were able to play on the 4th tile. On this map (please remember that is just an draft), if I had to build a large downtown, I would take the 3rd city (or maybe the 1st), I guess. The 4th tile will be a coastal small city, with maybe some casinos on the border of ocean. The 1st tile would be a city for studies, with a large university while the 6th will be a heavy industrial area. Obviously, all this is just an idea, a project and and it's certain that you guys would not make the city like me. So there is two ways to do this. First, bring closer the cities. Then make the region less empty (like adding hills, forests (lot of forests), farms?,...) and finally lay down the transit system. Highways should be draggable, because each player will plan his city differently, and that shouldn't hinder the development of his city. (heavy train are already) Overpasses and Interchanges would be built automatically when crossing with the road tool (like in SC4). Unfortunately, according to game engine, the space between cities can't be changed, I think. It's not much but at the same time it is much more. :kitty: This message for sharing my idea, but also to have an answer : is it technically possible ? Thanks for reading, and hope some answers from the dev team... Yours, Dvergar
  4. Entry 5 - Lawnwood

    Yeah, well that is very different from CXL'11 to SC4. The transition is sometimes painful: D SimCity is more feasible for the simulation, while the Focus' game is more impressive visually. I'm working on both too, i can do without Maxis' game! :P Thanks for comment! ;)
  5. Entry 5 - Lawnwood

    Update ! Entry 5 Entry 5.0 - Edison - Rivendale - Lawn - Lawnwood and Humbolt Park A new update with the rest of the Financial District! Given the short time that I prepared today, I ask you to be indulgent vis-à-vis the description. Be aware though that the pages of Demography and Subway are available. If the content is spread out a little, it still took me several hours ... Much of the city is built Craftstoke. It is basically the southern suburbs, cities and the surrounding fields and forests. A large body of work, do not be too worried! Have fun ! Blog : 1,500 hits since opening! A big thank you, guys!
  6. Entry 4 - Rivendale

    Update ! Entry 4 Entry 4.0 - Monroe - Avondale - Rivendale - Edison and Jefferson Park After several days of inactivity due to a Grade Duty work of fifty pages, I am pleased to present a portion (only, i like sadism!) of my Financial District - Central Business District and some surrounding districts. I'm progressing slowly because loooong hours (9h / d) spread over a marathon two weeks ... (15d) I only hope I find time to develop the city! Have fun! Blog : 1.100 hits since opening! A big thank you, visitors!
  7. Vercelli - A Historical Take on Things

    It's very a beautiful city journal. The green areas are wonderfully fixed! I just regret these is only on image per update... Hope you'll understand :D
  8. West Vorland to Hapton Central Roadtrip - Part Two

    Nice highway and the overwall transit system... You have a nice place in Samerton, but the commerces don't joint with the rest... :( Keep working :D
  9. Gaius City & CJ Conclusion

    It's good. Don't like thirtheen white towers along the highway, but the global view are fine... :D
  10. Parringshire, the dreamland

    It's a very nice work, but i don't like a lot the field... tink they're too close of the builds aeras... But it's again a personal opinion... :D
  11. Entry 3 - CTA Subway and Bus Maps

    @CIUU96: Thank's for contribution ;) For the background color, i tested that before drewing the bus and subway map, but i don't really like... Sure, its a matter of taste. Like said on top, MTA Bus Map (.pdf) was my model for the base layer map. @Samerton: You start to become a regular visitor, guy! Thank's for comment :D I hope that can make a update in the end of week... (Monroe -2nd part- and Rivendale districts, i think)
  12. Entry 3 - CTA Subway and Bus Maps

    @k50dude: Thank's for comment :D It's true that i have many hours working on that map (subway 4h and bus 8-9h, and it's not a final version). But everything i make, i want it best i can make. But i didn't say that i have talent, it's to pretentious... ;) Hope you're come again :) @JGellock: Thank's too for comment! :P I'm draw on the New York City MTA Subway Diagram and some elements from Paris Métro map... It's take time to create each neigboorhood. Nothing new since SC4... :D Frustate that the game havn't more americain style buildings (like brown and red bricks constructions...)
  13. Entry 3 - CTA Subway and Bus Maps

    Update ! Unofficial so no present on the blog There, I saw a little ahead, I take this opportunity to share with you my creations. If it has nothing to do with the game strictly speaking, it is all related to my city as these maps! I had not expected before the end of the week, but I think it's complete for a major part... It still lacks a good twenty lines since I have not colonized the entire map ... Bus Network Diagram Subway Network Diagram City Road Map (incomplete) It's make with Adobe Illustrator CS3. Comments are welcome! Blog's Attendance Source of Traffic : --> Simtropolis 364 Unique Visitors --> Generation City 194 Unique Visitors --> Simland 46 Unique Visitors Thank's to all for visits!
  14. Update ! Entry 2.0 - Entry 3.0 Entry 2.0 - Washington Heights - Avondale - Soldier Field and Irving Park (en) Entry 3.0 - Lincoln Square - Monroe - Hyde Park and State Congress (en) I took a bit late in the week, but I think I caught up well today. I hope the update will please you, while letting you cook for the bus network map. If you have comments to make about the translation, say it! Blog : 293 unique visits since launch! A big thank you, visitors!
  15. Main Menu <br/> <br/> Entry 1 - Bridgeport

    Thank's for comments. I've tried to change the CJ Category, but it leads to servor error. But it's now okey. Sorry :D