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  1. SAM Stopper

  2. Rail Signal Lots/Models

      The rail textures are from the NAM (Network Addon Mod).  You can use them by selecting the RRW (Real Railway) option.
  3. JP Schriefer's BATs

    Looks simtastic. I really like the texture you used for the grass. The plaza looks great as well.
  4. Letzebuerg pt.1

    Looks fantastic already!
  5. Just wondering.

    A video like you requested would be tens of hours long. The entire batting process is a lot of trial and error. A lot of time goes into testing different materials and running renders (at least for me). No two BATs I've done have been alike and I typically learn new skills each time around. I would consider signing up for a subscription at digital tutors for their 3ds max tutorials. I kind of doubt you will find someone making new gmax tutorials since the program is so dated but if you can't find tutorials for max you aren't looking hard enough. Anyways good luck in your training and just keep at it. You may also learn gmax by learning 3ds max since many of the basic concepts are identical.
  6. VDK Trains Inc.

    I love seeing your trains pass through my city. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this.
  7. Oil Buoy

      Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out.  I would never have noticed it.
  8. Droric's BATs

    I have completed my Oil Bouy and uploaded it to the STEX. Enjoy!
  9. BAT Request Thread

    You wouldn't happen to have a top view of that bouy would you? If you could find a single bouy (same kind) with a couple of different views i should be able to make something up fairly easily. I have completed my Oil Bouy and uploaded the file to the STEX.
  10. Oil Buoy



    By request from the Simtropolis BAT Request thread. I present an Oil Buoy for use in your industrial or seaport areas of your city. This buoy functions as a point for loading or offloading liquids and gasses to service large tankers. Cost: $5 maintenance
  11. Droric's BATs

    I made tight LODs and was able to sink the model into the water like I had originally planned. Here are a couple shots of it ingame.
  12. Droric's BATs

    z - fighting ??? If you really read all tutos then seems not understood very well! Not to stretch the matter inside here a hint of something similar to what you want to do. I thought this was a z-fighting issue but after reading the PEG tutorial which I admittedly didn't not read as NCGAIO pointed out correctly I thought the link was bad when I clicked it then it dawned on me that the simpeg site requires you to be logged in to view links. Thanks NCGAIO for the links as the Simpeg one seems to be exactly what I need. Z-fighting is explained in this post. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=14332.0
  13. Never used film. I made a decision about 5 years back to go with digital due to the costs of developing and processing (glad I did). I like the ability to be able to shoot hundreds of photos and then go back and select which ones I like afterwards. Do they even manufacture film anymore? I thought Kodak stopped a year or two ago and the only film that was available was stuff in the warehouse.
  14. Droric's BATs

    I separated the model into two pieces. One piece for below water and one piece for above water. Is it possible to put 2 buildings on a lot so they both are at sea level? Or is it possible to make the prop float (searching turned up only floating building exemplars). Thanks in advance!