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City-building game(s)

Found 37 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Dependency Requirement(s): Cities XXL Community Patch Tags.cfg for XL Game Version(s): Cities XL 2011 Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Cities XXL Civic Pack: - 2 Fire Station - City Hall - School - one fun centre
  2. Version 1.0


    Mod Requirement(s): Cities XXL Community Patch Mod Tag.cfg Game Requirement(s): Cities XXL Tag: <Tag>CivicService;Education;T4;UnqualifiedWorker;Executive;QualifiedWorker;MS18;GemCity;FilterTag;Original</Tag>
  3. Beach Imports For XL

    Version 1.0


    Work With: - Cities XL 2011 - Cities XL 2012 - Cities XL Platinum Mod Requirement: - XL User Interface Mod Note: Make Sure you have the latest version Of cities xl 2011, Cities XL 2012 or Cities XL Platinum it Might Not Work
  4. Jensen Young For XL

    Version 1.0


    Work With: - Cities XL 2011 - Cities XL 2012 - Cities XL Platinum Mod Requirement: - XL User Interface Mod Note: Make Sure you have the latest version Of cities xl 2011, Cities XL 2012 or Cities XL Platinum it Might Not Work
  5. O'Relly Auto Parts For XL

    Version 1.0


    Support With: Cities XL Cities XL 2011 Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Info: Price: $250.00 Income: +$200.00 Size: Building Size: 24x24 Land Size: 24x24
  6. Party City For XL

    Version 1.0


    Works With: Cities XL Cities XL 2011 Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Size: Building Size: 24x24 Land Size: 24x24 Price: Income: +$200.00 Tex: $0.00 Price: $400.00
  7. Version 1.0


    Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Requirement: Sony For XL Sears For XL Nothing To Say about this Mod But Here Is The Screenshots
  8. Version 1.0


    Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Requirement: 5 lane RHM2-Bridge RHM2 Tweaks and Fixes US-Highway Signs (RHM2) Wear and tear road Wear and tear Realistic Highway Mod (RHM2) Alternative Standard Road
  9. CIBC For XXL

    Version 1.2.1


    Support With: - Cities XL - Cities XL 2011 - Cities XL 2012 - Cities XL Platinum Size: Building Size: 24x24 Land Size: 24x24 Info: Price: $400.00 Income: +$350.00 Tex: $0.00
  10. Starbucks For XL

    Version 1.0


    Work With: Cities XL Cities XL 2011 Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Requirement: None Info: Building Size: 24x24 Land Size: 24x24 It Won't Work With Cities XXL!
  11. Version 1.7


    Work With: Cities XL 2009 Cities XL 2011 Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Civic: Added Police University For XL Added CHM For XL Added CTV Studio For XL Added YTV Studio For XL Added Mini Park For XL Added Firehall Museum For XL Added Chinese Protector For XL Added Needle Collage For XL Added Laundromat & Dry Cleaning For XL Retail: Added Dollar Tree For XL Added AutoZone For XL Added Dollarama For XL Added Family Dollar For XL Added Dollar General For XL Added Sony For XL Added Sears For XL Added Apple Store For XL Added O'Reilly Auto Parts For XL Added HMV For XL Added Real Canadian Superstore For XL Added EB Games For XL Added GameStop For XL Added Microsoft Store For XL Added Polo Market For XL Added Maple Leaf Mall For XL Added Costco For XL Added Safeway For XL Added Lampert Hardware For XL Added Gap For XL Added Toy 'R' US For XL Added Staples For XL Added UPS For XL Added Staples For XL Industry: Added Car Dealership For XL Added Farmaclas ABC For XL Added Napa Auto Parts For XL Fast Food: Added Coffee Shop For XL Added Maxies For XL Added Pizza Domino For XL Added Papa John For XL Added Pizza Time For XL Added Rudy Taco For XL Banks: Added Canada Trust For XL Added Royal Bank For XL Added HSBC For XL Added CIBC For XL Added BMO For XL MOBILE Added Bell For XL Note: This Is a Upgrade For Cities XL 2012 - Launcher! Soon Will Be More Images Soon!
  12. HSBC For XL

    Version 1.0


    Work With: - Cities XL - Cities XL 2011 - Cities XL 2012 - Cities XL Platinum Size: Building Size: 24, 24 Land Size: 18 Income: Cost: $400.00 (This is Only In The Game) Income: +$999.99 Tex: $0.00
  13. Sears For XL

    Version 1.2


    Work With: - Cities XL - Cities XL 2011 - Cities XL 2012 - Cities XL Platinum Requirement: YTV Studio For XL Burger King is Also In The Package Thanks nick97 Visit My Website At https://www.citiesxp.weebly.com
  14. Version 1.0


    Work With: Cities XL Cities XL 2011 Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Building Size: Land Size: 24,24 Lot Size: 24,24 Building Info Building Cost: $400.00 Income Cost: +$947.00 Note: This Mod Won't Work With Steam Installer
  15. Burger King For XL

    Version 1.0


    Work With: - Cities XXL What's New: - Brand New Powerful Building - Brand New Money Making Easy More Info At: http://www.citiesxp.weebly.com
  16. Bay Hills

    Nestled in the valley with a beautiful river, Bay Hills rises. A small and humble town, aspiring to become something much more. Beginnings: The citizens of Bay Hills are fascinated with the new bridge, the gateway to the "other side" that is unexplored and mystical... Farming adds to the ambiance of Bay Hills. Similar to St. Marteen, waterfront properties are popular and fast growing! More to come!
  17. Silith - penultimate video !

    Hi guys ! Today I present a new episode about Silith ! The city (i mean the city center) is finished. I have plan one last episode in english after this one. Then I going to built the suburbs but it will in march or april So here it is the 5th episode about the CBD witch is very small because of the size of the city. So, enjoy this video and the pictures below ! And a bonus episode about the public transport network ! You will have more information about this in the 6th episode. And of course some pictures of the city ! Public transport network : 6 regular lines of tramway 9 special lines of tramway 4 lines of monorail 3 lines of trmaway during the night (they not appear on this map).
  18. Having a little trouble installing a mod for your Cities XL mod? Watch this video and find out how to properly install Cities XL mods! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXLugbe2r4I
  19. Hello, everyone. We are starting to organize the CXL custom content forums a bit. We decided it would be helpful to have a pinned modd request topic for the sake of less clutter in the forums. As you make a request, please keep in mind that modding is a huge amount of work, and those talented individuals are very generous to share that with the community. Requests that are worded as demands, are not courteous, etc, will be removed. Please explain your request with enough detail so that modders can understand. If requesters use a format such as the following it would be helpful: Request: Example: Modd to remove the limit of 3(?) for specialty buildings. (I stole this idea from Jaybyrd05's thread, thanks, moved the first post to this thread. ) Details: Example: After a certain number of specialty buildings are placed, they become unavailable in the menu. Game Benefits: Example: This would allow players to be more creative in building cities without having to worry about exceeding the limit. Modders, if you're reading this thread, and decide to fulfill a request, or know of an already existing modd, please post and let us know, thanks. Also, you are encouraged to comment on the "do-ability" of a particular request. Please keep in mind that a tool for custom models or "lots" has not been released, so requests as such must be limited to modding. Any request considered a "crack" will be removed, such as unlocking Limited Edition content, altering the source code of CXL, etc. Please try to keep chatter such as, "I agree!", etc, to a minimum, thanks. This will keep the thread uncluttered, and make requests easier to find. That's all; enjoy the game! --Liv
  20. Converting Cities XL Platinum?

    Does anyone know if there's a way to convert cities XL Platinum cities into unity 3d or sketchup?
  21. On XLNation there is talk about CXL community now and future: http://www.xlnation.net/content/did-u-know-site-great-forum-lot-modders?page=3#comment-114907
  22. New Continental

    It's my first City Journal INTRO First man has moved here after the over-population event of the old Greatest City of Man and see what's need for a new City. Follow him, thousand and thousand people moved here and settled residence around The First Man's House. The First Man was honored as the founder of the new City. And, because the city is located at the edge of the continent, so the people of this city have called their city the name The New Continental City With the advantage of deep-water bay, and the particularly important position in the international maritime route, The New Continental City has grown to become one of the most bustling commercial port in the world. With flashy beauty, modern but very elegant, The New Continental City has been honored as the Pearl of the South. INFO City Name: New Continental Nickname: Pearl of the South Population: 700.000 inhabitants Key economic sectors: - Tourism in coastal areas (South, East) - Agriculture in the central land - Industry in the North CITY AREA - North Town with Sports Centre and Skilled Worker Residences - NorthWest Town with the Industrial Facilities - NorthEast Town with the Wind Power Facilities and part of Skill and Unskilled Worker Residences - East Town a.k.a Tourism Paradise - West Town with the Executives Residences - SouthEast Town I with Great Port and Major Shipyard - SouthEast Town II with Skilled Worker Residences - South Town with the Elite and part of Executives Residences - Downtown with the Skyscrapers Office Buildings and Town Hall Area MAPS CITY OVERVIEW SOUTH TOWN DOWNTOWN DOWNTOWN FROM TOP OF TOWN HALL PART OF THE SKILLED RESIDENCES GRAND PALACE SHIPYARD - PORT HIGHWAYS EAST TOWN DOCK AT EAST TOWN CITY IN TWILIGHT UPDATE 1 GREAT PORT & MAJOR SHIPYARD EAST TOWN MAIN STREET COCONUTS PLANTATIONS Thanks for your view!
  23. Cemindo Tower Jakarta

    Version V.1


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKARTA,MY LOVELY CITY Short Decsription South Jakarta will have new landmark building. This will be the tallest building in Jakarta and Indonesia. This is the the luxury office tower which apply the green building concept and development. This building will construct in land of ex. Menara Bakrie which abandoned for more 13 years ago due to monetary crisis. Status: under construction Floor Count 67 Height 300 m Building Uses mixed use,hotel,office,parking garage,restaurant,retail Structural Types highrise Architectural Style postmodern https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1do2FqSP94 Stats: - T4 Office - Base: 74x114 - Ploppable only - Triangle Count: L1: 6500 L2: 4800 L3: 2500 L4: 179 *Custom Furnitures MENU LOCATION Office -> T4 CUSTOM CONTENT DONT FORGET TO VISIT "OUR" PROJECT PAGE about more Indonesia buildings Indonesia Modders Group Project Page Note: it works fine to me (cxl 2011) if you find any bugs please post here thank you Thank you to Preyfr for testing the beta file Monty for helping me use furnitures Aitortilla who made my spirit back I hope this building looks good on your city. Enjoy Installation Pre-requisite: User Interface Mod ShaderPack for PLAYERS
  24. Version 1.1


    The Beijing National Aquatics Center (simplified Chinese: 北京国家游泳中心; traditional Chinese: 北京國家游泳中心), also officially known as the National Aquatics Center, and colloquially known as the Water Cube (Chinese: 水立方), is an aquatics center that was built alongside Beijing National Stadium in the Olympic Green for the swimming competitions of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Despite its nickname, the building is not an actual cube, but a cuboid (a rectangular box). Ground was broken on December 24, 2003, and the Center was completed and handed over for use on January 28, 2008. Swimmers at the Water Cube broke 25 world records during the 2008 Olympics. After the Olympics, the building underwent a 200 million Yuan revamp to turn half of its interior into a water park. The building officially reopened on August 8, 2010. after saw Beijing National Stadium i tried to make another stadium which as very good as beijing national main stadium i used Second UV tutorial from Montoto for the illumination map. the model is from Google warehouse Stats: - Sport Leisure - Base: 200x201.5 - Ploppable only - Triangle Count: L1: 1555 L2: 1555 L3: 1555 L4: 68 MENU LOCATION Commerce -> Leisure -> Sport Leisure Update 4/15/2013 -Now building can be build over water and ground -The building production (now the building doesnt produce hotel,money) 我希望 你喜欢它 DOWNLOAD THE NEW FILE BELOW AND COPY TO YOUR PAK FOLDER,IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT, REPLACE THE OLD ONE Installation Pre-requisite: User Interface Mod Shader Pack for players (by Altiris) Realistic Day/Night Cycle Mod (recomended)

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