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City-building game(s)

Found 47 results

  1. Version 3.0.0


    This is an algorithmic recoloring of the Red Herringbone Brick, which may be better used in European Style cities with a lot of W2W (or somewhere it rains or snows a lot in general) where clinker or dark brick is often used in roadways. This set MUST be loaded after NAM and SAM in order to override these textures. i.e.. Put into Z___RVT Modds\RVT Streets\ and remove what you don't use (zEU or zUS) You cannot have Grey and Red together as there is only one SAM2 slot to override. Revert by removing. Roads will go back to NAM Red SAM2 look. These are designed to work seamlessly with all of my Streets. Also goes well with MGB's SAM7 and a white wine. Produced with Photoshop, GoFSH and Reader. v1,v2: never publicly released Oct 2017 v3: regeneration of all textures according to NAM36 standard WRC curves now included
  2. First person rides

    Hello everybody, I´m a big fan of first person trips through virtual cities. Since the first city building game I played I always wanted to walk the streets of my cities and see a pedestrians view. Luckily this is possible in Cities: Skylines; this is why I am going to do a series of first persion trip videos of my City (ies). This one is set in the City of San Salvador (I am going to do a tour and Lets Play later on), which is about 70% done,. I hope you enjoy! There are going to be more trips all around the city in the future. Tell me what you think!
  3. When trying to place a Tool Booth in an avenue connecting two cities, I got this glitch. So I tested it again in a road bit and a bit of avenue and they showed OK. But in the connecting avenue, nothing doing. I went to another city and tried in another avenue, and same glitch.
  4. Hello everyone, I open this new topic to let you know about my new project to create new textures for road networks in general (road, street and NWM). The same subject is opened on SC4D: Swiss Network Textures. There is very little full texture play to exploit them in the LE, which is why I start this work. I create textures for Swiss (CH) networks but also European because we use almost identical road signs. My main goal is simply to make textures overlays for the LotEditor (LE), I do not want to create textures for all NAM networks, but only a few in particular. In the future, when my pack is downloadable, you will be able to do what you want with the textures: modifications, mods, additions, etc ... My pack is basic and contains only simple orthogonal textures. Maybe in the future I will follow up with the diagonals, it takes a lot of time. For each type of network I assigned a code to identify more easily the types of textures / networks. I put most of the existing networks, Maxis and NAM, but I may have forgotten others. Here are the codes: Pictures: M01a : Click here M01b : Click here M02a : Click here M02b : Click here N07 : Click here N13 : Click here N20 : Click here P22 : Click here I apologize for presenting the Excel table in two parts, I have not found a better solution than that for now, I will see in the future if I find a more ergonomic solution in order to have the table with the links To see the pictures included in it. If you have any criticisms or suggestions you can let me know. Thank you for your attention, Aka
  5. Cul de Sacs

    I saw a tut about building roundabouts with streets by @MiniMark, some 6 years ago. But his streets had cul-de-sacs and mine don't. So I'm looking for a file named : Z_Maxis/_Street_Cul_de_Sacs. (Hope I got the right spelling). I searched here in this topic and in the whole ST site. No results. In advance, thanks much.
  6. A. Many roads IRL change names along the way. You can't control where roads change names in C:S, afaik. B. "All on" or "All off" sucks. I have thousands of roads. I don't want the auto-generated names. I want to slowly name my roads and only have the ones that I have named be displayed. Can this kind of stuff be modded?
  7. SAM 1 Override

    Version 1.1.1


    Here is the SAM1 override - a little mod that will reskin your SAM 1 textures and display new props for your greater pleasure! A small variation willl occur on some textures and props (as can be seen on screenshots), depending of zoning. Not much else to say, but keep in mind that SAM 1, despite how it looks, does not have parking functionality: it's only purpose is eye-candy. UPDATE 1.1 A fellow member brought to my attention a problem with the plugin - possibly due to the use of HD props and its incompatibility with software mode. For those who use software rendering and/or prefer to use SD props, a new iteration of the SAM 1 override has been created. The mod is now divided in 2 distinct folders: one for HD, one for SD. Please only use one at a time. What's in the packs? HD Props pack SAM - 1 - Parking Lots Textures.dat: contains the new textures specific to the HD setup SAM - 1 - Type21.dat: T21 files for HD car props Bollard.dat*: small post model Grfe_Cars_family_props.dat*: turns those bootiful car props into bootiful family timed props Lot Textures.dat: lot textures for overriding SAM1 - style parkings SD Props pack SAM - 1 - Parking Lots Textures.dat: contains the new textures specific to the SD setup. SAM - 1 - Type21.dat: T21 files for SD car props Bollard.dat*: small post model Lot Textures.dat: lot textures for overriding SAM1 - style parkings * files already used in the overhanging parkings: if you have the overhanging parkings in your plugins, you can delete them. Installation Must load after the NAM. You can also replace the texture and T21 dats directly in the SAM folder if so you desire. Dependencies (all optional beside the NAM - not having these will not trigger BB's) NAM with the Street-Addon-Mod installed BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 (HD version only) Neko Prop Set vol 03 (only Neko_Fence_Black_2m.SC4Model and Neko_Fence_Black_2m.SC4Desc are needed) Strongly suggested for users of the SD version The T21 file that generates props use Maxis family cars as default; it's very likely you'll want somethng better to replace them. Choose one of the following replacement mods (they all supersede Maxis family cars), depending of your preferences: 1960s car replacement Mod Japan car replacement Mod European car replacement Mod Jim's car prop pack 1.2 Credits -special thanks goes to Mr. Jim, the author of this excellent and highly recommended Parking set. The textures used by the SAM1 override are based on his textures and inspired me to create this mod. ありがとう JIM! Suggestions or Problems with this mod: report here please
  8. Street Stalls

    Version 2.0.0


    This set of lots is inspired by kazuki's original lots, which have since disappeared from his site. Many features were taken from the original set and merged with other newer prop packs, most notably NBVC's bazaar props. Stats: 13 lots included. All share the same stats Plop Cost: §1,000 Bulldoze Cost: §20 Monthly Cost: §0 Landmark effect: 40 over 10 Park effect: 5 over 10 No utility consumption No pollution emitted Installation: Simply place in your plugins folder. Each lot is individual so you can delete any you don't want. Neither the lots included in NBVC's Bazaar are required, nor are the cascading dependencies required. If you do not wish to use his set, simply delete the *.SC4lot files included. Keep the *.sc4desc and *.sc4model files, please. Lot orientation is aided with the optional Simpeg Plop Orientation Tools. The lots will appear towards the bottom of the parks menu. Dependencies: BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02 NBVC Bazaar (props only) BSC Textures Vol 01 Gascooker Stalls_Diag.dat, Gascooker Stalls_Ortho.dat, NBVC Market Stalls.dat - included (custom prop families) Optional (to aid placement): SPOT (Simpeg Plop Orientation Tool) Enjoy.... nos.17
  9. Is there any mod that might effect the streetx RAM crossings like this? It's annoying when you want to cross a street with rail... I'm just asking this in case anyone knows before I start removing mods to find out which the problem is.
  10. Grape Forest Street

    From the album aciaKa's City

    Mini track and forest on the left and neighborhood on the right.
  11. Pedestrianised Brick Street

    From the album Hall of Fame

    3rd Place entry from Parks and Plazas (S3-11-C) Custom Content 28 Rep 11 Bonus Points 30 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings [Download Content] Here is a simple Pedestrianised Street I have created. It is transit enabled and allows for the growth or plopping of commercial buildings to create a car free commercial area.

    © 2016 tankmank

  12. Version 1.0.0


    Today i am uploading a Pedestrianised street. The lot is transit enabled . It is 1x6 tiles in size, and you can put two of them together to create a 1x12 long pedestrianised street. The trees are all seasonal and should fit into a variety of different building styles. You can find the lot in the parks menu nearer the top. It functions as a maxis grass area with all the same stats. I tried to use as few dependencies as possible, but there are a few. List of dependicies BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 SHK Parking Pack PEG MTP Super Pack Murimk Props Vol 2 I have tested it numerous times, but if there are any issues please do PM me, or write in my new Lot editing topic Tankmanks Lots. And i just hope that you will enjoy it.
  13. Pedestrianised Street

    From the album Parks and Plazas (S3-11-C)

    Before voting, we recommend you download and try out this item of content: [Download Here] Here is a simple Pedestrianised Street i have created. It is transit enabled and allows for the growth or plopping of commercial buildings to create a car free commercial area.
  14. Attempting to create a realistic city, I would need to create low-density neighbors with one-way streets.In my city (and probably in many many others in the rest of the world) one-way streets as one-way roads are used. I know that streets don't generally lead to congestion, the reason I think Maxis did't bother to make a one-way version.. but as I said, I am attempting to create a realistic city... I could not find any DLC that featured one-way streets. Do you know where to find it? Or how difficult would it be to create a mod for it? Regards
  15. I have a problem with my Cul-de-sac mods and automata mods not working at all - they used to, but not since January or so. I think it was a NAM update or something that killed it, I don't know. I've tried re-installing, re-arranging, moving to properly named folders - all to no avail. I recently downloaded the urban tarsealed street mod as well, and only the intersections show up - the rest is still vanilla Maxis streets. Any idea on how to get everything actually working?
  16. 2.2 Schism

    From the album Southside

    I say marginally better because, in reality, it's hardly nicer than southside across this river. The only difference is that the folks over here have a real place to call home - a palace might be a stretch, but at least it's not an abandoned shop front or upturned cardboard box.

    © Bipin

  17. 1.6 Down the Lane

    From the album Southside

    We've made our way to the end of the paved street. I hate having to cycle on gravel, but that's all the city budget allows for.

    © Bipin

  18. 277 275 Water Street

    Version 1.0.0


    This is Snake. SimCity, can you hear me? Recreación de apartamentos residenciales situados en Water Street, New York. Esta versión es ligera de detalles con el objetivo de no sobrecargar el modelo y mantenerlo atractivo y compatible con modelos de otros autores. Este es el primero de varios proyectos que desarrollaré. Estaré esperando sus impresiones y opiniones. Saludos. Especificaciones Generales: Categoría............................... R$$ Emergente (Growable)........... Si Monumento (Landmark)........ No Cimientos.............................. Acera (no corner) Dependencias....................... No Especificaciones de jugabilidad: NOTA: Utilice las especificaciones por defecto del SC4 Plugin Manager Costo Edificación................... $3017 Tiempo de Construcción........ 40 Flamabilidad.......................... 40 Estado Maximo de Fuego....... 4 Contaminación....................... 3, 3, 16, 0 Radio de Contaminación........ 5, 6, 0, 0 Energía Consumida................ 2 Agua Consumida.................... 19
  19. ONLY dashed TuLep

    Version 1


    The -ONLY- dashed TuLep cosmetic mod is a combination of Blue Lighting's and Shadow Assassin's mods that were previously incompatible! This is only a texture mod so there is no need to replop anything. Credits go to Shadow Assassin for the dotted textures and Blue Lighting for the ONLY texture and Me for combining the two textures to make one. Give thanks to these guys! Uploaded with permission from Blue & Shadow. http://i769.photobucket.com/albums/xx335/Simshooter/Only-dashed-showcase.png Dependencies Shadow Assassin's TuLep Cosmetic Mod The NAM (Pc) The NAM (Mac)
  20. NWM Street Parking Add-on Set

    Version 1


    This set of lots lets you plop sections of parallel and diagonal parking spaces (in the median of the roadway) on your Network Widening Mod AVE-6 and RD-4 road networks. It is based on Motokloss's street parking set of lots. Currently, only the two aforementioned road types and non-seasonal tree-lined lots are supported/included. If I find the time, the addition of at least seasonal tree and no-tree versions to match Motokloss's originals is on my to-do list for this mod. Dependencies To ensure the proper functionality, make sure the files mentioned below are installed in the plugins folder. Network Addon Mod, version 32.0 or later (with Network Widening Mod option installed) MS Parking Lots (Road Set) + Car Props
  21. Version 1.2


    High Mast Lighting & RHW-6C/8C T21 High Mast Lighting 7/21/2011 UPDATED 3/3/12 - See Changelog By Blue Lightning This file includes 2 versions: Lot based and T21 based The lot based version is ploppable, very similar to TheGreatChozo's lights. They can be found in the POLICE menu. Spacing: Recommend 5 tiles between each light for optimal coverage w/o overlap. The T21 based version applies ONLY to RHW-6C and RHW-8C. Spacing is automatic; you will not find this in any menu. They will appear when you place an RHW-6C/8C. Update existing RHW by clicking on it w/ the RHW tool. Both versions can be installed at the same time and I recommend you do so. INSTALLATION Drop the "zz_BL_High Mast Lighting" folder right into "[My] Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins" This folder MUST be loaded AFTER the Network Addon Mod. So if you use a personal plugins layout, shove it into the ZZ folder or similar. If you do not wish to use the T21 mod, delete the corresponding folder. COMPATIBILITY The lot based HML's have no incompatibilities. The T21 HML's are NOT compatible with any mod that affects RHW-6C or 8C T21's. This includes: Xyloxadoria's RHW 6C Mast Lighting 1 Xyloxadoria's RHW Lights and Barriers 1 DEPENDENCIES Network Addon Mod REDISTRIBUTION You ARE allowed to redistribute this mod as long as this file is included. Giving credit would be appreciated as well. As for derivative mods, they are also allowed, preferably with credit given for the base. Mod edit 5th May 2017 - Fixed formatting
  22. I am having issues with the SAM roads for the first time since I started using them. When I drag the SAM3 PEG Dirt Road and SAM4 PEG Gravel Road onto each other, or when I drag the SAM3 road onto normal street, they extend far beyond what I want. The image below shows the original layout. I want to drag the dirt road onto the gravel roads where there are gaps and have it create the effect of the "T-crossing" to the far right. How I did that, by the way, I have no idea! But... when I drag the dirt roads the gravel road extends inwards on the right side, and extends past the T-crossing on the left side. If I demolish the right T-crossing and extend the dirt road on the right side the dirt road extends all the way down to the other dirt road. On the left side the street transforms just like in previous picture. This is where I start to swear. How do I stop the SAM roads from extending far beyond what I'm asking for? I don't want the gravel roads going into the more densely populated area.
  23. Uniform Street Lighting Mod

    Version Release 1.0


    Uniform Street Lighting Mod Release 1.0 by kodlovag PLEASE READ THE README CAREFULLY! THIS PACK MAY CAUSE CONFLICT WHEN IT'S WRONGFULLY INSTALLED! This mod is replacing the lamp posts and cones on road based networks. The goal is to create uniformly lit roads and therefore a much more realistic night scene. USL adds new and replaces existing in-game and NAM T21 network lots responsible for appearance of street and roadsides, avenue medians, roadside light poles etc. Also adds new light pole props and overwrites in-game ones. USL does not add or modify any textures, and therefore compatible to any sidewalk or road texture replacement mod. Supported networks All supported networks receive their corresponding light props. The following networks are supported: - Maxis Highway (MHW): all in-game and many NAM pieces including elevated-ground transition pieces, wide radius curves, on slope pieces, road under elevated highway (EHW) and similar pieces. - Avenues - Road - One-way - Road and avenue turning lanes - Turning Lanes Expansion Pack (TuLEP) - Network Widening Mod (NWM) - Roundabouts - Street: streets get the original Maxis light pole props to keep USL compatible to great streetside mods. That means street lamp post props are applied on every lots including T21s, which use the game default lamp post props, and don’t have direct support in USL. - Bridges: Maxis highway (both elevated and ground), avenue, road, oneway road, street bridges. All in-game and NAM bridges. Additional bridges are not supported, but can receive the modded USL lights if the game default streetlight props are applied on them. Unsupported networks The following networks are not supported by the USL and therefore don't receive USL lamp post props: - MHW interchanges: ramps, cloverleaf, etc. - Intersections: street, road and avenue intersections. Any intersections with rail, elevated rail, monorail. - Real Highway (RHW) - Tram on road: will be supported in a later release - Tram on avenue: will be supported in a later release. Several tram on avenue pieces have T21s in NAM, they get the modded USL street lights. - Street Addon Mod (SAM): Several SAM pieces have T21s, they get the modded USL street lights. - Wide Radius Curves: sithlrd98 made T21 mod for the wide radius curves. It uses the default street lights, so it will receive the modded USL street lights. Compatibility USL basically can conflict with any other T21 based mod, which applies T21s on networks supported by USL. The goal is to keep these other mods usable by replacing their T21s and lamp post props. There is additional support for several mods, which would otherwise be incompatible. Therefore it’s important that USL must load after all of these mods. There is a list in the pdf readme containing several T21 mods which apply on the supported networks and their current compatibility state. Please read the readme! One important point is included here: - Light Replacement Mod, LRM V3.0: Not compatible. USL directly replaces LRM. If you have LRM V3.0 installed, please remove it. You can keep using LOTLight and Generic light replacements. Maarten works on a USL compatible version of LRM. Thanks for Maarten allowing me to use his T21s in my mod. Installation instructions It's very important, please read the included pdf readme for detailed install instructions! - Copy the mod into your Plugin directory. Be sure it loads last. - Copy only one color version! - Copy T21s for NWM and TuLEP only, if you have those mods! - Copy files from directory T21_Mods_Addons only if you have that specific mod! Otherwise they will conflict! How to use it in game – Tips & Tricks After installing this mod, you will find that several lights are automatically replaced, but other lights on supported networks are not. In order to replace the street lights on these networks, click on them with the road tool, and new lights will be applied on a few tiles radius range. This is the process, when the new and modified T21s are applied. Bridges must be rebuilt to get the new T21s. You need to do this process only once. If you want to change light pole sets or colors later, effect will be immediate. Any newly built network will get the USL lights immediately. A pole will only have light, when powered. Please save your game in daytime! Otherwise you will see that the light cones paint your roads in the region view. You will see many times, when you intersect an avenue with a road, that the intersection is dark, because light poles are two tiles away in both directions. You can use TuLEPs to light up the intersection. Diagonal intersections are still causing problem. Feel free to datpack the mod if you want to decrease loading time of the game, but take into account, that you might have hard time when you want to change pole sets or updating to a new release of USL. Uninstalling This is a great mod, you won’t want to uninstall it… But if you really want, delete the T21s first. Then click on all the networks with the road tool, where T21s were applied to replace them by the game default T21s. Just like after the installing process. Then you can remove the light pole sets too. If you see brown boxes after this process, you didn’t refresh that piece of the road. Click on it with the road tool to remove the brown box. Dependencies Network Addon Mod (NAM) Version 29 Optional downloads Network Widening Mod (NWM) Turning Lanes Plugin (TuLEP) This mod was designed to use together with a dark night mod. Day and night mod by Simfox or similar mod is recommended. But it works with standard Maxis night too. Support thread http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=12674.0 Thanks to Maarten (mrtnrln) for allowing using files from his great LRM mod and for revising this readme. Xannepan for the name of the mod. NorbyToG for helping in beta testing. Mod edit 3rd May 2017 - Fixed formatting
  24. Street Tunnels

    Hi, are there any street tunnels, especially aftermarket ones? Thanks in advance.
  25. A few of you guys may have seen me randomly post tiny little screenshots of this, but now I've created (hopefully) a video for it. And what better time to publicise it than the 100M Download Milestone? Selected screenshots from video: Other teasers:

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