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City-building game(s)

Found 29 results

  1. For more information, go to the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI-fUK7O3w8
  2. Access Denied - "Please login with administrator privileges and try again". I believe it'll sound familiar for someone. The same has happened on SimCity 4, fortunately we got digital edition from steam. Windows 10 seens to be totally ignoring SimCity 3000 and preventing it from running. The CD seems to be ok, it's simply the launch which won't start at all. So, is there any remote chance for me to play the game of my childhood again? =)
  3. So i downloaded the installer of CAM and opened it but it says it cant find the SimCity 4 Installation path, i installed SimCity 4 correctly and the install path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe, it is installed correctly but it seems like it can't find the installation path, tried reinstalling but the problem still occurs
  4. I woke up this morning with a horrible crash of my SC4D. Launching it got me as far the intro bridge and it just quit. After fooling around trying to fix and loosing the morning, I choose the most radical solution : Move all SC files and folders into a new external hard disk and disconnecting it, and re-install SC4 640 version. Now I have a plain vanilla version. Good. It loads and it looks beautiful if a bit bare. My question is multiple : What should install (plugins) first and in what sequence. What extra things should I look into. Where do I find the "no-intro" and "CPU=1" things. All your considerations and tips are, of course, are most welcome. Thanks
  5. Hello fellow mayors. I've followed many instructions to install mods for my game on a Macbook, and they are not working. I have previously installed an update that gave me one-way streets but I think it was an automatic update, months and months ago. So I've had one-way streets and don't see any UDON packages in the folder except the one I just installed. I've even uninstalled/reinstalled SC after deleting the installed files and redone the whole process, but not working. I can see the new UI with all the extra buttons now, but they don't have any content. I've attached a screen shot of the SimCityData folder - is something missing? Thanks in advance - I am totally addicted to this game.
  6. Hi Everybody! Hope you all are doing well. Ok, I'm going to need some help from yous on this. I want to download a region from the STEX, but I've never downloaded a region before. I've downloaded plenty of buildings, so assume it's something like that. I did a search on the forums for my question, but it turned up no results, I think something may be getting updated on the website at the moment. Basically, in as easily-worded-as-possible steps (those of you who've read my posts before know I'm kinda crappy with computers), can any of you tell me how to download and install regions from the STEX. Also, I notice that some of the regions I see available on STEX look weird, like the map is weird colored, kinda blurry, and such. Should that be a concern? Also, kinda off-topic, but kinda not, with the regions that come with the game, is there a way to change the size of some of the city tiles? I ask this, because the current region I'm building cities in has the worst tiles sizes at the worst moment, for example, cutting off the tile in the middle of a river so I can't build a bridge to the other side because it's a different city tile. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate it. Ok, that's a lot of help I'm asking (like always), so I appreciate all responses. I'm pretty sure some homies ( @rsc204 @CorinaMarie) will probably chime in.
  7. Hello, I've recently built a PC. I decided to wax nostalgia and play some Simcity 3000 unlimited. However, there was an error during installation. I know the solution to that error but I have another problem. I've uninstalled the game from my computer. There are no related files under program files x86 and I have even deleted the keys to the game from the registry. The game no longer shows in my programs and features but every time I insert the disk and autorun the program, it still shows uninstall as the button (not giving me the option to install it). Finding information to fix it on the Internet has been shoddy. The closest I got was a bunch of trolls answering the same question from someone else on a yahoo answers post from 8 years ago. Idk if there are any other possible routes I could take to allow me to install the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Sorry if this is in the wrong forum) I run Windows 7, 64-bit. Help me Simtropolis community, you're my only hope! -Vinnie
  8. Ok so, I have a big problem installing the CAM mod for Simcity 4, bought from STEAM. No matter what I do, it doesn't work. I've searched numerous discussions and videos and asked for help from several people but nothing comes up. Anyone know how to properly, and easily, install the colossus addon mod to simcity 4 steam version? You would be a lifesaver, thanks.
  9. I want to install RTMT, but only want the bus stops- how am I suppose to install only them? I think adding the subway station too makes them a bit OP...
  10. So the aggressive Windows 10 upgrade tricks continue... http://www.pcworld.com/article/3073457/windows/how-microsofts-nasty-new-windows-10-pop-up-tricks-you-into-upgrading.html (There's also a BBC report). Be careful guys. Microsoft has now made it so closing the upgrade popup (using the X) now gives consent to the upgrade. Seriously, what kind of legit program accepts an action when you attempt to close it?! It's just like malware. Let's not forget this is the entire operating system, not just a standalone app being upgraded. Even for the average home user, it requires at least some basic thought and preparation (i.e. backups). They're trying to make the upgrade too simple, and Win 10 sound essential. Don't be afraid to proceed -- Windows 10 may well have some benefits. But people have reasons for choosing to postpone it or not upgrade altogether. Whether due to compatibility (such as legacy software like SC4) or just being familiar with their current setup. You keep hearing in the news of users with broken systems after upgrading. Just type in Google "computer broken a", and see what pops up. Such issues can be resolved, although not everyone is prepared or has the time to resolve them. Tricking people like this is not acceptable. It's causing inconvenience, hassle, and at worst rendering their machine unusable. For a couple of years now, personally I check each update individually, making sure such junk isn't installed in the first place. There's limited official info about each Windows update, but you can usually find out by waiting a week or so after release, then searching the KB number. However, for users with automatic update settings (the recommended), it's opening the door for this kind of thing to happen. Has anyone here been affected by this? Update: It would seem Microsoft has responded to the outcry from users: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-36376962 This is an improvement, but really it's still far from ideal.
  11. Hello, the name is Mark. I'm trying to reinstall my Sim City 4 ED game to my desktop but while the loading screen with the slide show of city images its stopping at about 8:26 and saying it wasn't able to transfer Radio/Stations/Mayor/Sc4m12mp3 files thus wont keep downloading. Can anyone help me with this issue.
  12. This video will show you how to install CS mods from both Simtropolis and the Steam Workshop. Enjoy! Ring Roads mod: EDIT: There is also a video out now that covers installation for Mac users. Check it out here:
  13. Greetings, I've recently installed Cities: Skyline and have been looking around for Mods and Assets and how to install them I've managed to install a couple of them, like the All Spaces Unlock and Road Upgrade. Everywhere I read says that the mod file must be placed in the Mods folder (...\Cities Skylines\Mods), which is inside the game folder, but on mine, the way is D:\...\Cities Skylines\Files\Mods. Every Mod other Mod other then those two I've mentioned won't appear on the Content Manager to be checked or in the game, same goes with Assets, empty list, can't figure it out how to do it! Can somebody give me a hand on that, please? I have the game for a week now and haven't played it yet! Thank You for Your help!
  14. So, I watched a tutorial on how to make SC4 custom buildings and that stuff, so I tried to install BAT, but it said "i didn't have gmax". So, I got Gmax from Turbosquid, and I launched it, and when I clicked "setup", an Anvil Studio Setup Wizard came up...? So, please help me fix this, this is really annoying. I really want to make by own custom buildings.
  15. i tried to install the BAT programs and got a message saying i don't have deluxe installed anyone else get this message....i installed game via origin.....and have the deluxe version...
  16. Can't Install New Mods

    Having an issue installing new mods, none of them work and it's like they don't exist. Literally, I can't place any bats or lats i just downloaded because they dont appear in the menus, it's weird because all my other plugins work, but not these new ones? Wth! any ideas? I have a windows 10 laptop.
  17. Up to now I've gotten most of my content through the Steam Workshop. My question is when downloading content from this site, what file should it be put in to be able to use it in the game? Thanks -Dick Wright
  18. I've been playing Sc4 for quite some time (about 100 cities), but I've been running a mostly "vanilla" game with some downloads and ONLY the traffic simulator. Pretty basic stuff. I've decided get away from the "maximum-population-syndrome" and embark on a more realistic, detailed look to my maps. Better terrain, water, trees, and better city planning through a "regional" approach to my cities. For example: instead of packing an oil refinery into a 6x6 lot and jamming it in beside an auto plant, a steel mill, and 14 seaports -- I want to build the oil refinery in complete detail as the focal point of the city's industry with a smaller, less crowded city around it. I can send the steel mill next door to another city -- no need to squeeze it all in, ignore good planning principles, and generally wind up with a crowded, ugly city! Having said all that -- I'm considering re-installing my Nam 32 for more options. As a "Nam member" -- Could you take a few moments and give me a brief overview of: 1. Which boxes I should check for the custom install (and why) -- and which ones may not be essential? 2. What, exactly, is this "Real Highway" thing I keep hearing about? Your expertise would be much appreciated. In my lack of experience, I hesitate to install too many things which may hinder the game. You know -- don't want the tail to wag the dog! ;->
  19. Hi I have just installed the game - first time player. I have downloaded a mod (pedestrian path). It says to extract files into the SimCity Data folder but I cannot locate this anywhere. Can someone tell me where it is please. Thanks in advance Sorry the game is SimCity (latest version with lots of addons thrown in!) Found it!! It was in the Origin Folder
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMcQ2kHAm-k&hd=1 Just a video for anyone that needs help installing Project Orion .
  21. Having a little trouble installing a mod for your Cities XL mod? Watch this video and find out how to properly install Cities XL mods! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXLugbe2r4I
  22. NAM v32 forces RHW MOD! I don't want any of the RHW! How can I uninstall RHW from my SC4? RHW is not = NAM. Players should have option to ditch ALL RHW in a simple click during NAM installation. GGG
  23. Hi I'm using Mac OSX 10.9.2 and I want to install files from the Stexchange... but I can't find this location "...\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData\ folder" in mac... Thank you for your support. Cheers! Sean
  24. First Things First, I am running Simcity 4 Deluxe through wineskin on Mac OS X Lion, and this is the only problem that has really annoyed me so far that has stopped me from playing. Anyway, heres the main bit. It claims I have not got Simcity 4 Rush Hour installed, even though I am playing on the region New York, which got added in Rush Hour, I have ran it on the same wrapper that i run simcity 4 deluxe on, earlier in the day, i installed the updates to fix street lights and stuff sucessfully so I do not know what has happened here, please help. P.S I have got another problem, it is sort of annoying but I can live with it, when ever i go to the mayor mode menu thing and click road, it crashes, highways and all that work but an ordinary road wont work, any ideas? P.P.S Another Annoying bug i can live with, the my sim bit and the how your cities doing, like land value and stuff like that are stuck open, and are blocking any interaction with income menu and stuff like that so the game is a bit harsh on me, I have posted a picture below so you guys can see what i am talking about.
  25. Archive Directory

    What is the Archive Directory for? Installing SimCity 4 Deluxe creates a default folder in the My Documents/SimCity 4 directory. I have never seen anything inside it. What is it for? How do we use it? (See Attached Picture) Thanks! - Cougar2004

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