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City-building game(s)

Found 8 results

  1. ¡Hola hispanohablantes! Esta es la versión en español de mi taller de lotes, aquí postearé los avances de mis proyectos, además de dar soporte a quienes hayan descargado alguna de mis creaciones. Este primer post servirá como referencia para todos mis proyectos, terminados y pendientes, con enlaces al STEX. Sin más que añadir, espero que algo de lo que hay aquí les interese. ¡Bienvenidos! Mis proyectos Dependiencias y props Essentials by Edvarz (ver. 1 Noviembre 2016) The Lat Am Project Pack de Wall to wall modernos (STEX) Pack de complejos habitacionales: Riqueza media 1 (pendiente) Pack de complejos habitacionales: Riqueza media 2 (pendiente) Pack de complejos habitacionales: Riqueza baja 1 (pendiente) Pack de complejos habitacionales: Riqueza baja 2 (pendiente) Pack histórico 1: comercial y cívicos (STEX) Pack histórico 2: residencial y comercial (STEX) Pack de oficinas (pendiente) Pack de servicios (pendiente) Pack de baja densidad: riqueza media 1 (pendiente) Pack de baja densidad: riqueza media 2 (pendiente) Pack de baja densidad: riqueza baja (pendiente) Pack de baja densidad: riqueza alta (pendiente) Lat Am: Recompensas y Cívicos Quinta del alcalde (STEX) Pack de ayuntamientos (pendiente) Pack de iglesias (pendiente) Teatro Degollado (pendiente) Pack de mercados (pendiente) Pack de plazas (pendiente) LBT Remasterizado Pack de Autoservicios mexicanos (pendiente) Pack de Hospitales versión platino (pendiente) Pack de estaciones de policía (pendiente) Pack hotelero (pendiente) Mega Pack de rascacielos: CDMX (pendiente) Otros Proyectos Tcx HD-DarkNite Mini Pack (STEX) Complejo modular de apartamentos Nokkebeken (teaser)
  2. Finalmente me decidí a hacer un hilo aquí Como la mayoría de ustedes sabrán por experiencia, aún si los simuladores de ciudades vienen en varios idiomas, los esfuerzos de localización no son la primera prioridad de los creadores de contenido personalizado, por lo que la gran mayoría de los mods, incluso los más grandes, están disponibles solo en inglés. Eventualmente, si lográsemos una masa crítica de usuarios de otro idioma, podríamos colaborar con traducciones, pero para ello primero necesitamos establecer estándares respecto a cómo traducir la jerga técnica del urbanismo, los transportes y los propios elementos de los mods. En esta encuesta incluiré, en la medida que se me ocurran o vaya encontrando, distintos términos en inglés y sus posibles traducciones al español, para que votemos cuál nos parece más entendible para todos los hispanohablantes. Como mi experiencia en los juegos está bastante limitada a SC4, partiré por ahí, pero agradecería enormemente que en los comentarios señalen términos que falten, posibles traducciones que haya excluido por desconocimiento, o términos propios de otros juegos.
  3. I've recently started modelling for Cities Skylines and, as it's the first time I have to deal with low poly models, normal maps, specular maps, colour maps, etc. I've decided to create a new topic to show the assets and try to get some advice in order to improve my models. I haven't uploaded anything yet, because I'm not sure if I've got a good balance between tris and texture. My models are CS versions of models I previously made for SC4 and they are relatively small. They're inspired by small residential buildings of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries built before WWI. I've done one and a half building so far. Both are very similar, so I can't say they're two different buildings. The first model fits into a 1x4 lot, the other into a 1x3 lot. Buildings at sunrise: 1x4 Building: 451 triangles, Texture 1024x512 1x3 Building (the one without backyard): 294 triangles, Texture 1024x512 I hope you like them. Any help or advice will be welcomed!
  4. Ibero-American Politics

    Attending at the growing number and activity of Spanish and Portuguese speaker forumers on the last months, and the convoluted events on our countries, this thread is opened as a means to have friendly and civil discussions about politics and policies. Of course, all forumers are welcome, no matter their origin. As my RL career is mainly focused this issues, I'll try to update the thread regularly with news briefs, but your help with that task would be well recieved. Also, to keep an amicable ambient, here are some convivence recommendations: Prefer English, but don't be shy: English is a lingua franca we all can use and is understandable for all forumers, inviting them to participate here; nevertheless, if you don't find the right words, write it in your native tongue, we really want to know your ideas. Also, online translators are always a good help. Keep arguments concise: while is true one can talk about politics for hours, most ideas get lost on more than two paragraphs; try to mantain a conversational style. Assume good intentions: if you see something that could offend you, first think: could this be just a misunderstanding? could I improve things by taking the offense? Don't stay shut, but remember that is easy to express oneself in a confuse manner. Use data, don't believe on it: statistics are very useful to get a hold of what's really happening, but they are human-made measures that are prone to error and diverse interpretations. Show us the numbers but remember we can see different things on them. Understand political beliefs and cultures: our local cultures and political beliefs are very deep rooted and cherished, don't try to bluntly change others', talk about them in a respectful way and comprehend dissent. Welcome our friends from the world: lets keep this thread open to all forumers by using an open language, explaining context and references, and being available to answer questions.
  5. SMFP-Spanish Median Fillers Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Spanish Median Fillers Pack (SMFP) by Peperodriguez2710 - English Hi, because some members asked me to release a filler pack for S RHW networks that I did for myself, here it is! It's made to be like the medians found all around Spain, especially like the ones found in the arid areas of Castile and the Meseta, known as secarrales, so all the pieces with Weeds and the pieces with Bushes have dry-looking weeds like the vegetation found there. Because I know that you may not want to see that dry weeds, I used seasonal props that only appear on summer. All pieces have reflecting posts. The pack consists of 18 fillers located in the Misc. Transport menu, with three different types of vegetation: Weeds, Bushes and Flowers, and two types of barriers: Guardrails and Concrete separators. There are pieces with freeway lighting too, but it's merely cosmetic so them don't light actually. Then there are some turning area pieces and some ending pieces. Almost all lots are neutral, except the turning area radar lots, that provide some money because of the fines. The lots are classified with letters: W: Fillers with only dry weeds on summer B: Fillers with bushes and dry weeds on summer F: Fillers with flowers G: Fillers with guardrails C: Fillers with concrete dividers L: Fillers with freeway lighting Because of it was made for personal use, there's a lot of dependencies: ·Rush Hour Expansion ·BSC - VIP girafe wheat (v1.0) linkie ·BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02 (v1.0) linkie ·BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 (v1.0) linkie ·BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 (v1.0) linkie ·Light Replacement Mod (LRM) v4.0 Mega Pack (Only the props) linkie ·RHW-6C Steel Barriers Mod v1.0 (Only the props) linkie ·Overhanging Parkings 1.01 (Only Grfe_Cars_family_props.dat is needed) linkie ·Nams Props Pack Vol 2 linkie ·R6 - TSC - Prop Pack Vol.1 v V2 linkie ·NAM RHW Props (Included with NAM installation) The installer and readme are available in both English and Spanish For further information, read the Readme provided after the installation, and if you have any issue or suggestion, ask here or by Message. Enjoy! ----------------------- Pack Español de Fillers para Medianas (SMFP) por Peperodriguez2710 - Español Hola, como algunos miembros me pidieron que pusiera en el STEX mi pack de fillers para las redes RHW S que me creé para mí, ¡y aquí están! Los he creado para que sean similares a las medianas que se encuentran a los largo y ancho de España, especialmente los encontrados en las áreas áridas de Castilla y la Meseta, conocidas como secarrales, por lo que todas las piezas con hierbajos utilizan matojos secos como los encontrados allí. Como sé que probablemente alguien no quiere ver esos hierbajos, he utilizado props estacionales que sólo aparecen en verano. Todas las piezas tienen reflectores. El pack consiste en 18 fillers localizados en el menú de Transporte Misceláneo, con tres tipos diferentes de vegetación: Weeds (hierbajos), Bushes (arbustos) y Flowers (flores), y dos tipos de barreras: Guardrails (guardarrailes) y Concrete separators (separadores de hormigón). Hay piezas con farolas, pero son decorativas y no iluminan realmente. También hay piezas para áreas de giro y para piezas finales. Casi todos los lots son neutrales, excepto los lots con radar, que dan algo de dinero por las multas. Los lots se clasifican con letras: W: Fillers con hierbajos secos en verano B: Fillers con arbustos y hierbajos secos en verano F: Fillers con flores G: Fillers con guardarrailes C: Fillers con separadores de hormigón L: Fillers con farolas Como los creé para mi uso personal, las dependencias abundan: ·Expansión de Hora Punta ·BSC - VIP girafe wheat (v1.0) link ·BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02 (v1.0) link ·BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 (v1.0) link ·BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 (v1.0) link ·Light Replacement Mod (LRM) v4.0 Mega Pack (Sólo se necesita los props) link ·RHW-6C Steel Barriers Mod v1.0 (Sólo se necesita los props) link ·Overhanging Parkings 1.01 (Sólo se necesita Grfe_Cars_family_props.dat) link ·Nams Props Pack Vol 2 link ·R6 - TSC - Prop Pack Vol.1 v V2 link ·NAM RHW Props (Vienen con la instalación del RHW en el NAM) El instalador y el Leéme están disponibles en inglés y español Para más información, lee el Léeme proporcionado tras la instalación ¡Disfruta!
  6. Ses Isles Introduction

    PROLOGUE Thanks to my recent job inside the administrative department from the United Simnations, I’ve found a lot of reports from different countries, created for an expert team, to identify wich ones were able to enter in the organization. The one I’ve decided to show here, is the ‘Ses Isles’ report. INTRODUCTION 4th March 2000. Dear President of the United Simnations, My name is Winston Lápida, Foreign Affairs Chief Executive Officer. My department has been studying a lot of countries request to get part of our organization. Among them, the Aralar Country is one of the best options, because its good behavior to the citizens. This report will talk about the develop in ten years of a little region from Aralar. The region name is Ses Isles. First of all, I must to explain a few things about the country: Aralar Country is a very old land, with more than two thousand years of history. Formed by five different kingdoms, the country merged as a republic in 1795 after a bloody civil war, caused by the French revolution influence(1789). Since this moment, the democracy has increased and became stronger. The country is divided in five federal states(same territory as the old kingdoms), every of them subdivided in Autonomous regions or just regions. Ses Isles is a little island region. The first habitants here, arrived in 1713; founding a small fishing community, that has started to grow up now. Ses Isles 2000 Map SES ISLES ADMINISTRATIVE ASPECTS The Region is divided in two provinces: Els Tuduri and Fortaleça. The region Capital is in Els Tuduri, and it’s called Port Tuduri. The population is 23 812, 21 000 living in the four main towns: Por Tuduri, Fortaleça, Es fornots and Son gavilans. The economy is good, Ses Isles has 165 000 Simoleons aprox. Ready to be used, 100 000 from Por Tuduri and Es fornots. But because the independence tradition of the community, the regional government is divided into all the town halls. That means: -Regional Tourism Department is in Fortaleça. -Regional Public services Department is in Es fornots. -Regional Transport Department is in Son Gavilans. -Regional education Department and the regional parliament , wich include all the aspects not controlled by other departments, are in Port Tuduri. The main language in Ses Isles is the catalán, but Spanish and English are also co-official, and everyone in the island know to speak them. REGIONAL SERVICES ASPECTS The region is growing now, and there is a lot of things and projects to develop. By the moment there are a few global services: -Electricity: There are two Coal power plants in the region that Suplies energy to all Ses Isles, Controlled by The public company ‘Ses Isles Electricitat’, founded in 1902. the older and main plant is in the industrial area from Es Fornots. -Water: the water has been always a big problem in these islands, because there are no rivers or lakes. Since the 18th century, the people has obtain the water from underground aquifers. The problem is that the quality of this water has decay in the last 20 years. -Garbage: Since the beginin of 20th century the people has start to worry about the garbage. In the past, all was dropped into the sea. But the sea ecosystem is very strange, beautiful and fragile. And now there is a grabage incinerator in Son Gavilans. -Sewage treatment: As the garbage, all residual waters was emptied into the ocean. This has change, and now, there are a water treatment plant in Es Fornots. But this plant is old and has filtrations to the aquifers, creating a great menace to the water system. -Security: There is only one Police Station, in Port Tuduri, and four patrol cars for the region. -Fire prevention: The only Fire headquarters are in port Tuduri, with two trucks for the region . -Health: There is no hospitals in Ses Isles. Only health clinics in Fortaleça and Port Tuduri, the last one is the biggest. But the government has promise to solve this with a regional hospital, wich ubication still not decided . -Education: the population is low, and there’s only one school in the region, is the ‘Insitut de educació primária I secundaria Des Tro Pescador’ or shortly ‘I.E.P.S Des Tro Pescador’, the institution is in Port Tuduri, and the chool bus system only covers the Capital, that means the rest of students must go on car. -Transport: The transport is the big deficiency of Ses Isles. The old mines train line is abandoned, and there is no water conection between the towns. The only way to move around the region is using the highway. This should change because there is a great transport renovation project waiting for the validation of budgets in the parliament, that plans to create ports, train stations and buslines. Ses Isles Aerial View from the north
  7. Gabriel Garc

    Today is a sad day, not only for the latin american literature, but all the spanish-language literature. The author and winner of Nobel Prize of Literature Gabriel Garcia Márquez died today (04/17/2014) in Mexico City. http://cultura.elpais.com/cultura/2014/02/06/actualidad/1391715274_928706.html http://actualidad.rt.com/cultura/view/124266-nobel-literatura-garcia-marquez-necrologia http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-27073911
  8. Old City Pack

    Version 1.00


    Introduction This is a pack of 25 lots designed to provide elaborate and realistic plazas and pedestrian streets for an older city, with some lots specifically geared toward Spanish Cities. All the lots are modded as parks, and feature custom icons. These lots were made for my personal use in my City Journal, for the city of Talia. Lot Breakdown 16 1x1 Plaza Pieces 4 1x1 Pedestrian Streets 1 4x2 Church in Plaza 1 2x2 Tapas Restaurant in Plaza 1 10x10 Bullfighting Arena in Plaza 1 8x6 Cemetery in Plaza 1 4x4 Fountain in Plaza Disclaimer Please read the included readme file. These are released personal lots, and thus may have errors. Please report any errors you find in the comments section and I will try to address them. However, I am not responsible for any harm resulting from the use of this file. Because it was originally created as a personal lot I made no attempt to minimize the number of dependencies, and will not be reducing them. I think all of the dependencies I've chosen are good to have and several are very widely used. These lots were created by me, and you may not upload them anywhere or redistribute them in any way without permission. Credits Extra special thanks to and @Ying Blanc for checking these files for me. Dependencies BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Volume 2 Nams Props Pack Volume 1 Nams Props Pack Volume 2 BSC Mega Props RT Volume 1 BSC Mega Props RT Volume 2 SFBT Churches and Cemeteries Network Addon Mod TS Power Poles BSC Mega Props D66 Volume 2 VIP Girafe Oaks

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