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City-building game(s)

Found 14 results

  1. Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) – 2nd Edition conference. will be held on the #Nile_cruiser starting from the city of Luxor down to Aswan - Egypt from 5 February to 8 February 2018. and will discuss many topics such as : 1. Incorporate Manageent Techniques And Decision Making In Historic Planning, Management And Development Of Historic Areas. 2. Cultural And Religious Identities And Their Manifestation Of Heritage. 3. Awareness Of Heritage Rehabilitation Projects. 4. Innovative Adaptive Reuse And Rehabilitation Of Historic Areas. 5. Heritage Planning Policy, Design Guidelines, And Community Development. 6. Integrating Sensitive Additions And Adaptations To The Fabric Of Heritage Places Environment. 7. Institutional Role And Modern Techniques In Conserving A Historic Environment. 8. Legislative Tools And Policies For Cultural Heritage Protection. 9. Best Practices In An Assessment, Designating And Managing World Heritage. 10. Economics Of Conservation And Sustainable Environment. 11. Promotion Of Heritage And Cultural Tourism. 12. Cultural Heritage And Media. 13. New Approaches And Concepts In Conservation Of Cultural Heritage In Historic Cities. 14. Interior Design Solutions For Historic Buildings And Authenticity Of The Place. 15. Egyptian Monuments Conservation. 16. Resettlement Of Nubia And Rehabilitate Their Culture Identity. 17. Conservation Of Tradition And Identity. 18. Tourist And Archecology. 19. Painting Restoration. 20. Materials Techniques.
  2. Hi there, I'm having a problem getting hotels to spawn; I'm building a gambling/culture city that is going pretty well, at the moment the city have 5 casinos (1 luxury hotel full with $$$ gambling addons, 2 sleek and 2 cheap with full $ and $$ gambling addons), all the 3 possible landmarks (Edificio Copan, Empire State Building and Sydney Opera House) and the Pro Stadium; the city have all forms of public transportation except streetcars (3 ferry and boat terminal, one train station and 1 municipal airport with 4 passengers addons and 4 runways); the city have a draw of 65k/85k with more then 1k tourist/h and it's going decently (1kk$/day profit) but I'd like to get some hotels. The problem is that no matter what I do they somehow refuse to spawn; I tried running the Sydney and Pro Stadium events everyday for quite some time, bulldozing some medium density commercial from all wealth class every day and the city is not at the beginning of year 6 but not a single hotel spawned; I could plop them with the plop mod but before doing that I'd like to get some hotels to spawn naturally. Is there anything that prevent hotels from spawning while playing offline? Am I doing something wrong or am I being just incredibly unlucky? Thanks in advance for helping, Paraffine
  3. Muenchen Stern in der Welt

    Muenchen Stern in der Welt ! Muenchen a international city, present on all different levels. This CJ we cover the busines and sport section. The city up to last episode mostly developed on the west side of the Isar. Development boosted and the eastern side got it´s own city scape on the map ! We start at the Maximilanium a building errected for gifted students later used as the Bayerisch Landestag or local state parliament. Ornimental, quit close in shape the Detroit Press Building, restriction road layout is quit different. North south the Maximilianum Anlage. Maxemilian Anlage ! Gasteig is the mayor cultural center for fine music ! Tjibaou Cultue center, quit excotic real much more concrete some comparison perhaps. Mayor layout of the so called Steinhausen area east of the Isar ! Below we see the buseness area and silicon valley of Muenchen ! Lot of large companies like Siemens, BMW and the Europeische Octrooi Amt have there seat in this city. This business activities serve a lot of people. Trains, Metro, Strassebahn bus specialy rail traffic in these pictures ! Last we move on to the sport section ! Muenchen will with regret always remembered with the 1972 mascered. Today seems unfortunaly much like yesterday in respect ! Olympic Campus in real is much larger. Fitting here the Shenzhen Universiade lots. Left corner small Nyphenburg and next ! Bayern´s numer one car manufacturer, the museum and the Welt ! Last we finish with the Star of the south what is actualy the title of this famous football club, der recordmeister, Bayern Muenchen ! Still got some room left for the Allianze Arena, actualy located quit more distant from the town center That concludes this city for now. Next time we will visit a city with a more traditional feeling ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  4. I came across this interesting article about a proposal in Germany to help with integration for the new arrivals and with Germany as a whole. The phrase "parallel societies" was quite striking to me because it would seem like a mild form of cultural segregation: if there are separate cultural identities and they can't be diluted as part of a whole... Then what does that leave? Socially acceptable segregation? Or sub-cultures fiercely protective of their identity that "integration" is seen as a threat to their identity? Or the majority or the right-wing feel threatened by sub-cultures and "parallel societies" which have different values to the countries main values? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-19/we-dont-wear-burkas-germany-unveils-cultural-integration-initiative-immigrants So this is a thread about multiculturalism, "Core Culture" (common values within a country and its citzenry) and segregation. Has multiculturalism made things more harmonious and peaceful between the majority and the minorities? Between the non-religious and the religious? Or has it inadvertantly caused things to move back culturally and accidently create segregation? This seems like a pertinent issue today!
  5. Around her third week in Martin Falls, that long ago summer, P. R. began to feel antsy. She soon understood what she was going through : it was the Green Blues Attack. Too much green ! Too much peace & quiet ! So, as she had done while in Kathy Vale, she escaped again to The Big City, Zinfandel. But this time she decided to do the Kultur thing -- no more follies at the amusement park. Let's go highbrow, she thought. Museums, art galleries, theatre (the live kind, not the movies...) and music : first night, the Opera -- Cosi FanTutte. Then, realizing the Science Museum blue dome was just on the other side of the track with its reclaimed banks -- parks and bike paths--, she went there the morning after. Then it was the Oceanographic Museum --with a little detour by the Aquarium. In the afternoon, a movie theatre beckoned, but P. R. resisted virtuously and went instead to the Museum of Arts & Crafts (they take their arts & crafts very seriously in Zinfandel, she thought : what grand building !) Then not far, there were the City Archives, with a big “Zinfandel through the Ages” exposition .P. R. is a sucker for old engravings and nostalgic sepia photos, so she went. There she met an interesting older gentleman, who directed her to a smaller museum, not as frequented but worth the visit for its semi-private collection of Seventeenth and Eighteenth century miniatures. “Well, as long as they provide magnifying glasses...” They did, so she went (it's the small Mediterranean looking building...) The older gentleman turned out be the curator of that little museum and an excellent tour guide. There is a nice park close to it, but she was feeling a little tired -- and the day was getting hotter, so she went and did some laps at the Municipal Swimming Arena to get the kinks out of her back. The day after that, as she wasn't yet Kultured out, she went to the Gavern Art Museum, close to one of the many city libraries -a modern, all glass one (in summer, Museums are decidedly cool, aren't they ? ) And then she went back to her hotel, because she had kept the whole last day for the pièce de résistance : The Zinfandel Gallery, a multi-media, multi-shopping, multi-restaurants, multi-everything she had been told about enthusiastically while in Kathy Vale but had declined visiting during her first escape to the Big City. In prevision, she had booked her room at the nearby Karhu hotel. (in fact there were yet two other museums in the vicinity, but she called it quits). Oh my, multi it was ! (and multi-levelled : the shopping was all underground.) After that, a culturally satiated P. R. went back to Martin Falls, more than ready ready to tackle more weeks of lazy, quiet greenery !
  6. There has not been an update in about a month. I unfortunately have not had much time, as April is coming up very, very soon, which means the start of my college years, so updates will probably be even more sporadic... --REPLIES-- pinkindustry: Thank you! You may not consider yours Japanese, but real Japanese cities actually look quite similar to yours. But anyway, great job on your cities too! Mymyjp: Thank you for your comment! Tonraq: Yeah, you're right. It's not good to worry. あなたの日本語が良いです!頑張れよ! nas786: Ha ha, quite funny! You have a good sense of humor! And also, thanks for your comment! Paulobergonci: Don't worry, you'll be able to visit Japan one day. jmsepe: Thanks for your comment! NMUSpidey: Thank you for your comment! Tonraq: That's what Kisa Atsuko (on SC4Devotion and here on Simtropolis) said as well. I'll work on it. Kim Sunwoo: Thank you for your comment. 89James89: Cheers, and thank you for your comment! tankmank: Don't worry, it'll come in the next or the one after next update. Ln X: Thank you for your comment. --REPLIES-- Now, on to the update for today! It is going to have a ton of pictures, to make up for my inactivity lately. This right here is a high-up view of the city of Tagawa (田川市、ローマ字:Tagawa-shi, which I think translates to, "Rice Field River City" in English?), a fictional city located in the fictional Tagawa prefecture (田川県、ローマ字:Tagawa-ken). This city was made for the monthly challenge, but however, I did not have enough time to complete the city, as it was only half-way done. So when I got back on a couple of months after the fact, (March) I filled in the remaining space on the 1.8 kilometers of low-level flat-space in the Southern part of the city. However, the Northern and far-eastern parts of the city have yet to be finished, so we may just have updates on those too . Here is the region-view picture now: 1. Here is the first area I will show you. However, the photo right here was taken a few years ago (not real years, as I said above that this was started in January) before the major Tagawa flood, caused from an earthquake in the ocean in the Tohoku region. 2. Another moment from before the disastorous flood came. You can see the rice paddies and the small farm houses off to the side, completely unaware of what is about to happen. 3. Even the citizens of southern western Tagawa who are up on a raised plain are not completely safe from the disaster that is about to happen. 4. Something terrible is about to happen, especially on this low level floodplain, which is closest to the wrath of the water. 5. The disaster that is about to happen is especially bad news for the industry and the powerplant, which powers up the whole Tagawa City area, of many people, who most are on 1.8 square kilometers on the raised plain. 6. The flood has reached land fall! The power lines which lead out inland have been completely submerged, cutting off power to those up north. 7. The flooding has reached the houses. The sirens in the city are blaring. People are fleeing from the home of theirs, and the power plant workers have been evacuated. 8. MIN'NA!!! THE WATER HAS REACHED THE POWER PLANT AND MANY OF THE INDUSTRIAL AREA! FLEE TO HIGHER GROUND AS SOON AS YOU CAN! 9. While the power plant workers survived and the people near it survived, isolated small villages like this got left behind along with the people in them... 10. This small village, which was closest to the river and on the lowest elevation got the worst of it. 11. The water eventually began to take over the whole village. The water begins to seep in toward the dense urban area up on higher land. 12. The water come onto the elevated land, destroying everyone that is in its path. 13.Tagawa Police Officer Tomioka on the horn: "Citizens of Tagawa City, Minami ku (Southern ward), please remain calm and evacuate to the northern parts of the city in which the elevation is higher! Evacuate now to the safe places, Denshi ku and Kita ku up in the north!" 14. Tagawa News: Tagawa News Reporting! Today, on March,11, A huge tsunami has come to the Tohoku region flooding many coastal towns, such as Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Motoyoshi, Kesennuma, Rikuzentakata, etc. The one that we are covering today is the Tagawa tsunami, in Tagawa prefecture. As you can see, Minami ku is flooded, with the water rising at around 4.5 meters high, up here. Below on the floodplain, water levels reached almost 56 meters high. 15. Tagawa News: Despite all of this catastrophe, a man named Tomioka Kazuhito was a hero on this day, giving warning to those farther from the tsunami. He saved many lives on this day. 16. Tagawa News: The waters seem to be receding back in. Debris and other trash is getting pulled back in. 17. Tagawa News: Now some areas of the flood plain have become dry. The water is receeding quickly, taking all the debris it can with it. 18. Tagwa News: The waters have receeded to their normal level. Out of the 66,284 people in the city, there were 4,692 casualties, 2,314 people gone misssing, and 7,456 people injured. Due to water getting inside of the Tagawa powerplant, Tagawa has completely lost power. 19. ...So, 4 years after the tsunami of 3/11, Tagawa has rebuilt some of what has been lost. Slowly but surely Tagawa and other towns like it have been rebuilding what they have lost. Unfortunately, however some things can not be regained... 20. Tagawa now is good and well, and recovering from the incident. The grand re opening of the pedestrian mall just happened today. 21. More re development. 22. 23. 24. 25. Sakurano, Tagawa's second indoor mall to open up. 26. 27. An area near downtown. 28. Tagwa's major train station which sees countless numbers of people each day, and Tagawa's downtown along with the SOGO Mega Mall. There are always tons of people walking around here. 29. 30. 31. An industrial area in Kita ku. 32. Tagawa's new water filtration plant, along with industry. 33. 34. The black and brown building is Tagawa's news station, home of Tagawa News! 35. Another train station in Midori ku. 36. A somewhat new residential area of Tagawa. 37. 38.As one first enters the city from the south, the things that they will first notice first is that there are 3 big, major buildings here: The Aqua Research Institute, the Kitamura Major Art Musuem, and the Tagawa City College. There is also a hotel nearby (pink and gray building) for those who want to stay near it. Located in Minami ku. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. The major highway, leading into and out of town. 44. An urban park. 45. 46. A view of Minami ku (ward) (south of highway) and Midori ku (north of highway). 47.View of Minami ku (South of avenue/highway) Denshi ku (All of downtown, it is the electronic and office industry ward) and Kita ku (north of highway/avenue and of the downtown). 48. All of Mizutagawa ku (Rice paddy river ward), basically the whole flood plain. That was the update. It was quite long, but well worth it for me, and for you guys! Comment, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from! I would also appreciate negative criticism. If there is something you don't like, or something you think that I am doing wrong, please tell.
  7. So I've noticed that there are a lot of us here on Simtropolis that have an interest in Asian Pop music. Interestingly There's no thread regarding asian music (Despite the big Hallyu wave and all) Anyways, I've made this thread to cover and compile all this including J-Pop (Japanese Pop) and C-Pop (Chinese Pop), along with the all well known K-Pop along with discussing culture, News, New releases, Biases, Celebrity News, Fashion etc. This thread isn't only limited to Korean, Japanese and Chinese music, so feel free to discus other types of asian music as well. I've used these three because these are generally bigger ones out there that most people are aware of. Anyways I've compiled A list of Official Charts here for those to keep up with the latest hits from Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo : K-Pop: Gaon Charts Mnet Charts J-Pop: Oricon Charts C-Pop: G-Music Charts KKbox Top 100 Hit Fm Taiwan HITO As usual, Forums Rules Apply, So please No fan wars. Feel free to add new charts and point out new ideas and I'll try and update this OP for easier accessibility for others. There's only one word now, DIscuss~ I'll try and Improve this OP along the way, so feel free to suggest some new ideas~
  8. Cheat: Worship (Single Player Only)

    Version 1.0


    I wanted to remove garbage production from houses of worship. Affects church, mosque, temple, new temple. Reduced garbage, required workers reduced from 2 to 1, worshiper count increased from 200 to 500. No other changes. ** Replop existing houses of worship. -- Does not affect any other cultural items (landmarks, etc.). -- Does not increase number of ploppable houses of worship (default left alone at 4). Houses of worship already had no associated maintenance or plop cost. Install in SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages. * I turned off my garbage dump and walked away from my city for an hour and let it run at full speed, and the churches eventually produced garbage. I'll see what else will need to be done. * The increased worshiper count and required worker count is fine.
  9. Newhaven

    Newhaven The city is in the "Grand Haven" map of reflection atoll ( I can't remember what I named the region )
  10. Census says tolerance. Works well for us, and some countries in Europe as well as India (but not Pakistan) and China.
  11. The Bay Area

    Welcome to the Bay Area, a gorgeous area of mountains, bays, coves, and islands. Nearly every city has a waterfront. The area is blessed with a wide array of natural beauty and resources. The beginning of this area is in Frankfurtsville, a modern metropolis of over 80,000 population. Even so, the point where the coast line turns a sharp 90 degree lies the most charming part of town, the Old Bavarian Quarter. Its water views are unprecedented in two directions. It is a wonderful place for a jog, walk, or get ice cream from the many quaint shops in the "old town" and sitting by the bay for a nice afternoon. Oh, don't forget the good wine, as the Bay Area is known for its Mediterranean climate and fabulous wine. A quick teaser. The Bay Area is not just a wine country of course. It is a high-tech center. It has a thriving casino city to be featured here shortly. Here is sunrise and the light on the old Bavarian quarter. An Inn here costs around $300 a night. But it's worth it. Cruise ships dock at the waterfront ferry terminal. Look, the ship is shiny in the morning glow. It's hard to open your eyes. Welcome to another day. Welcome to the Bay Area.
  12. The city that you can't say it's name. This city have been growing rapidly in the last 10 years due to globalisation, after being a small ancient town (that is all what is left from a once great city and a naval empire) with it's remaining walls and ruins. The fast urbanisation created many problems like pollution and traffic, but it is changing from better to better everyday. Sihvregsكhf斯sdvجwew克xvcريfa菲zecmكlpcocwرxret is every mayor's dream, it combines culture and history with the modern world, it's roughly unique in my CJ, but it's different. It's very dense comparing to the other cities, with all of it's wall to wall building and small appartements in the city center, but it's alot more spacious and confortable outside that area. Despite all these tall skyscrapers, old and traditional buildings that make the city's indentity are still thriving in the city pockets between the big skyscrapers that are almost taking over the city. You can also see that the city have a rich architectural style from the various civilisations that passed threw this city, to make the city as it is today (more pictures and scenes will come). No past no future right? Now getting closer the coasts, the city density decrease, you start to see the sky, you also get to see more old and small buildings. Also alot less pollution and more fresh air. This part of the city have many hotels, restaurents, shops, etc.. This part of the city that is outside the citywalls, is rather new, and it's main activity is tourism, you can see alot of shops and modern buildings here, also many houses for rent, it's still under developement and construction... (Next update) because of the historical value of the city walls and the other ruins, also the high cliff, it's abit difficult to go down from the main city to the shores, so to preserve the city walls and to make this part of the city more connected and increase buisness in it, many tunnels have been built connecting it to the rest of the city. There are also many educational and research instiutions in this part of the city. See you in the next Update:
  13. Is it possible to create a culture specialization city with strictly only residential and commercial zones, and only basic services such as fire, police, health and mass transit (power, water, sewerage, garbage and education all provided from the region)? I'm working on one right now, but people are protesting about having no schools. Should I just ignore them? Is it just a reminder of the happiness I could be gaining, or do they slowly lose happiness without it? I don't actually have much education in the region yet, both my first two cities were heavily industrial (coal and oil respectively) to provide the basic necessities for the region, but both have grade schools. I'm planning to set up an education hub next with at least two universities (just for shits and giggles). EDIT: They are actually protesting that "there was no education". They are now leaving their wealthy modern city to attend crummy grade schools in polluted industrial towns. EDIT 2: Now there are some people threatening to leave if they don't get education. I guess it can't hurt to put down one school. However, if I only had to choose one, which would I go for? A university is just far too large for this city, but are there any factors that differ between the other three besides their capacities? I don't suppose a few libraries would suffice as a substitute for schools? EDIT 3: It obviously makes sense to have a high school as the gymnasium boosts tourism. I don't suppose it matters if I have two high schools and no grade school.

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