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City-building game(s)

Found 13 results

  1. I would like to hear what you would like to see in the next paid expansion and in the next free update. Note that the paid expansion should only contain completely new mechanics, services and buildings, while the free update can also contain improvements for existing features (e.g. seasons, better simulation). Keep in mind that every paid expansion needs a main topic (like "After Dark" and "Snowfall"), but can also contain separated features like trams, bus roads etc. Pinging @Azurespecter to watch this So, here are my ideas: Paid "Water" Expansion (Price 6€) Draggable sea-walls and promenades: These networks would be created like roads, but could only be placed at coastlines. The walls alter the terrain and make the coastline look a lot nicer Draggable canals: These networks would work similar to sea-walls (and can be connected with them), and would be placed on flat terrain. There could be different types of canals, like larger ones for cargo ships and smaller ones for private boats, and more expensive canals for inner-city areas which raise the land value. The canals would be filled with "real" water that is simulated correctly. Roads can cross canals just like train tracks. Locks for canals: Would be used to connect canals with different water levels. In a way, these would work like dams. Different types of smaller harbours/moorings for canals and coastlines: These would be placed along canals and sea-walls just like you would attach a tram depot to a road. Each one would come with its own harbour basin. I can imagine different types: Marina (something better than the After Dark marina) and small private boats using the waterways Cargo Harbor for small cargo ships (for regional cargo distribution) Ferry Terminals (small pedestrian ferries and large car ferries) Shipbuilding Yards: A new industry type that can grow along canals and sea-walls Selectable Bridges: Like the bridge selection window of SC4, with support for modded bridges Tsunami Natural Disaster: This would be a bit more advanced than what you can currently do with mods. When the wave hits the land, it would destroy buildings and trees instead of just flooding them Paid "Industrial" Expansion (Price 6€) Realistic sized farm fields, pastures and plantations: These would not use zones. Instead of that, either something like the district brush or a filler tool would be used to zone the areas. Depending on the biome, there could be different types of crops, trees and animals. The areas would be cultivated by the current (zoned) agriculture buildings. Open-cast mines (based on the same system as realistic farms) for coal and ore Ploppable underground coal mines: These expensive buildings would be placed manually, with direct rail connection Ploppable Steelworks: Needs coal from coal mine (or global market) and ore from ore industry, with direct rail connection Off-shore oil drilling rigs: For oil fields in the ocean Warehouse Industry: This industry would decrease cargo traffic and increase industrial tax income One-way train tracks or dual-way single train tracks: Perfect for industrial and rural areas Classification yard for cargo trains Larger Industrial Growables: I think especially industry would benefit from larger zones. Paid "Downtown" Expansion (Price 6€) Random Events (sports, politics, festivals) adding new challenges to the game. Intersection Editor: You would click on an intersection to configure it. Would incorporate many features of current traffic mods, but also go further: Configure traffic lights & pedestrian crossings Extra turning lanes & restrict turning Intersections which do not break the median Priority signs Cul-de-sacs Mini roundabouts Merging lanes New Networks: Compact inner-city highway (with median, no sidewalk, no zoning, intersections never break median) Pedestrian Roads for your city centers, raising commercial attractivity Sunken network types for highways and train tracks (working like canals) Stacked Networks (e.g. train track on road). Ideally this would allow you to stack any networks Mixed Zones: commercial+residential and commercial+office Larger Residential, Commercial and Office Growables: Downtown needs this! Helicopters for police and medical services as well as tourists U-Drive mode with missions a la SC4 Complete Building Sets (Price 3-6€) Although the community is doing a great job, I would also like to see official building packs. These could be complete sets (growables, service buildings and landmarks), or just growable styles for certain zone types (with buildings for all levels). Free Patch Improved Zoning system: Maximum growable size increased to 8x8, zone depth increased to 8. Also add buttons to influence the zone depth of new roads. I demonstrated that deeper zones are possible. It would be easy for CO to add them in a way that does not break existing saves. I would also add a mechanic that accumulates similar buildings (right now cities look like a mess), and a mechanic that merges or splits lots on upgrade. Parallel Network Tool More Statistics and Data Maps Better support for maps consisting of multiple smaller towns (Service AI) Improved Asset Editor & Modding API Optimized asset loading & memory usage Better control which workshop assets, styles and vanilla buildings are loaded (per savegame) I would like to see the following mods integrated into the game: Fine Road Heights Rush Hour Sharp Junction Angles Crossings Precision Engineering Some parts of Traffic++ and Traffic Manager (see "Downtown") Some parts of Improved Public Transport (Vehicle selection) Road Namer Custom Sound Pack Support (Ambient Sounds Tuner) Road Texture Pack support (like American Roads, Roads United) - we can now add our own roads with the network editor
  2. Far Cry 4 A Game where you play Ajay Ghale who is son of the Ishwara Ghale that wanted her ashes to be scarred to the her own country Kyrat A Place in Himalayas Natural Resources Depleted A Place where ONLY opium can be harvested (Can someone find me an biologian or an scientist farmer that can tell me about this ? Is it possible to grow vegetables in places that can support opium production ?) OK Lets start (I Am "Born In 14/12/2002 and that's my view on Kyrat politics) Dictators (And wannabe dictators) Of Kyrat Pagan A Psycopath that kills golden path people because their leader killed his daughter Amita A Revolutionist that wants to save the future of Kyrat by making children work in opium fields Sabal A Traditionalist that believes Kyrat mythology (Religion of Kyrat people totally made up) and Mohan Ghale's (That child killer) ideas about not selling drugs and doing sex with Tarun Matara (Worst of all, The current Tarun Matara is a 14 year old girl) Their Objectives Pagan wants to rule Kyrat like a Tropico or a SimCity player and killing soldiers of the rebel organization which their ex-leader killed his daughter named Lakshmana Amita wants to save people from starving by making childs work in drug fields so they can get cash to fill their mouths while their fathers and mothers are killing remaining "Royal Army Holdouts" that wants to kill the Kyrat people ("I am sacrificing our liberties for peace later") Sabal wants to rule the country in that "religion" and letting people starve because selling drugs are a bad thing ALSO he wants to have sex with Tarun Matara After Credits Scenes These Happen If you didn't enjoyed crab rangoon in the beginning and escaped In the beginning, If you wait 15 Mins you get accompanied by Pagan and he tells us how "Mohan Ghale" killed his own daughter and step sister of Ajay Ghale Pagan 404 Not Found, If you let him get away and tells you the truth in exact same "crab rangoon" aftermath and gives you his crown and flees the country with his Blackhawk (Does anybody know how to find these on black market ?) yelling "I gave you the Kyrat but Heli is mine !" Amita Forced labour scene where children are forced to get employed in drug fields and she tells us "Bhadra Is not coming back" (After that, a location in the river titled "Tarun Matara's sleep" appears in the map Sabal He cuts throats of the "people sided with Amita and butchered their brothers and sisters" front of the Tarun Matara. Also he tells us Bhadra is Tarun Matara now After After credits sequences I made up Pagan He simply calls us about how he runs this country and does some "Step father and step son" talking (A step father that loves his adopted son ?) Amita Country isn't an Utopia but nobody is starving thanks to the Opium exports Sabal He fails Since Opium isn't harvested, People are very poor Conclusion OK Pagan wants to get revenge on Golden Path people Amita wants to improve her country at all costs Sabal just wants to sex with the Tarun Matara and "that made up religion" alive The problem is No matter what, Bhadra will have bad time So my idea Side with Pagan and teach him Islam so he can be an better person and save Kyrat with him Boring huh ? Lets say I was an moron atheist and didn't know anything about REAL religions also I didn't experienced "Crab Rangoon" ending At the end, I would Make sure Bhadra survives Side with Amita and save the country from starving by making children grow opium and feed their mouths when their parents work as soldiers that kills the "Royal Army Holdouts" Spare Sabal He didn't do anything wrong Spare Pagan Yes he killed people but I somehow want to save him (I Choose who to survive and who to kill) I Dont know why I wrote this note but this was playing (I Want mature games with mature stories like Fallout 1/2/3 and GTA 4. but sadly ALL of the modern game industry (With some exceptions like Far Cry) are made for 9 year olds that doesn't care about story These are my ideas
  3. So what with the Environmental DLC coming up I thought I'd voice a mod Idea that I've had for a while - unfortunately I don't have any time to test its feasibility or its success but if anyone thinks they could do it, I think it would be quite interesting! A percentage of people make it known that the end game for CS gets a little quiet once you reach a certain point of development, and their lack of wanting to make changes to their city without being forced to is probably a part of that. ND addressed this by giving people the ability to lay waste to their cities and need to rebuild. My idea falls in the same line but a bit more gradual and not necessarily as dramatic. The Idea: Rising Sea Levels. In the game we have 2 types of water controls, we have sea level and we have water spawners. The sea level has a set value that it fills to. This would be the value that the mod would control. this wouldn't affect spawners so rivers and waterfalls would still act as normal. How it would work: after a set number of years the city i played, for instance 50 years. The mod starts slowly adding a configurable integer to the sea levels value. this integer could be controlled by either player controlled options panel - the player would set how much high the level rises per period of water rising a formula based on the amount of non renewable resources are mined/used in power stations. (more CPU heavy I suppose) Then another set number of years could mark a periodic rise in the sea levels. So every 5 years after the first 50 years the sea level could rise by 0.2m(example). the mod could even add a hard limit so the water wouldn't raise above a certain point (maybe randomly generated so the player can't plan ahead and just build above the final sea level) The desired effect of the mod would be to slowly increase the sea level of the map over a long stretch of time, enough time for the player to build up a vast city and then need to change the planning as the lower levels get flooded permanently as the sea levels rise. The player would hardly notice it as it slowly rose, but the gradual effect would become more and more pronounced as the levels rose and more buildings became flooded. various remedies the player could do to counteract these rising tides: demolish and rebuild on higher ground use dams/quays/seawalls to hold back the tide raise the terrain move water around using the water pumps and water outlets. probably a combination of the above or something i can't even think of Just thought it would be cool!
  4. This is where we will discuss things about Arden County.
  5. SimCity 3000 OFFICIAL THREAD

    Here is a new thread for discussion of SC3000,the BAP, and others. You can show off your BAP creations, show your cities, discuss issues, and more! All separate SC3K threads are to be moved here after I contact a moderator. ~~~~~~~Thread Rules~~~~~~~~ 1. Do not discuss compatibility issues with modern OS's here. This thread is for all SC3K general discussion and support but not for compatibility. This will flood the forums 2. You are allowed to show your B.A.P creations here. 3. You can post pics, share cities, and discuss modding here. BUT you may not discuss SC4, SC2K, SCSocieties,SC classic, or any other version. Just SC3K, and Unlimited. Please PM a moderator if things are not going well- Thanks Colco2121. :D NOTE: GENERAL DISCUSSION ONLY NOW. Best, colco2121. [Moving the other threads here wouldn't make sense, as most of them deal with specific issues and thus aren't general discussion. I'll compile a list and link to them in this post at some point though - Astronelson]
  6. Community Build-up Discussion - 465 days and counting... It's been a long time since the previous Trixies So this is the perfect time to share and discuss notable contributions... Make no mistake, so much has happened between the ceremony of the previous Trixies. On the STEX, in CJs and throughout the forums, there have been many memorable moments. Although unless anyone regularly visits all areas of the site, keeping detailed running notes over the last 2 years, we realise it would be very tricky to remember more than a handful of items or events. With so many outstanding widespread contributions, it's so easy to lose track. Maybe even forget items which we thought were truly remarkable at the time. That's why we're starting this Community Discussion, so we can together help each other recall the various noteworthy and significant contributions. Just to clarify, the goal here is not to develop a ballot paper or set list of candidates, but instead, spread greater awareness before people go to the polls. The Trixies are never intended to be a popularity contest or a campaign of who made the 'better' content. That's not in line with the sense of community spirit in which they're run. Nominations will always be conducted anonymously and made at the discretion of each individual. In no way should the items/authors discussed here be the sole options to nominate. The thing is, by us all pitching in with notable memories from 2015-2016, it then aims to help with making your own measured judgements. Encouraging you to investigate the items discussed, and perhaps discover things you may have not otherwise known about, or have possibly overlooked. Also for newcomers who may not have been around since the start of 2015, this aims to inform and give everyone a greater understanding. Remember, all community members are eligible to receive a Trixie, so the power is still in your hands to make the pivotal choice. In short, this discussion simply intends to put ideas out there for everyone to decide on their own, with a broader perspective. Discussion Guidelines To help ensure this is conducted fairly and follows the above principles, here are a set of guidelines to follow when posting: 1. All Examples mentioned... E.g. STEX files, CJs or other site contribution: a) Must be submitted or occurred in the eligible period (2015 or 2016). b) Was created by or relates to someone in the Simtropolis community. c) Does not concern yourself. d) Are linked in your post, so others can check it out for themselves. (Feel free to use the auto-embed previews which resolve for links.) 2. Provide a few details about the Example, aiming to use a non-persuasive informational tone: For instance, where applicable: What is it? Who created it? What does it do or show? How was this a highlight for you? In what ways did you find it useful or interesting? 3. For each Category, please provide at least 2 applicable Examples, from 2 different Authors. E.g. Custom Content Author A Created this rustic commercial BAT that functions as a growable CS$ and a ploppable Landmark. Author B Created a set of filler Lots, which can be used to construct a custom park. 4. (Optional) Along with each Example, ONE image may be included, to help with the objective of informing. E.g. Custom Content This may show a way you've used the item in the applicable game. City Journals This could be an image embedded or linked from the author's CJ. (Please don't re-upload!) Community Might not be applicable, but if you can depict a notable other community contribution using a picture, go for it! Special Mention Thanks to @T Wrecks for thinking of the concept for a Trixies discussion thread in the first place! So without further ado... Post away with what you found memorable...
  7. Hello guys,at the Info squad we came up with an idea.Mods.They are great additions to the game.Howewer newbies sometimes can't pick what mods they need.Well by sharing your top 10 mod suggestions you can help them!But not only newbies,experts too! Rules: 1.Please don't post your own mod. 2.Before posting the mod's link check is it real/not stolen from elsebody 3.Feel free to post your opinion about other's list but remember:It's their opinion,other persons like other things so don't be rude with them. To start off Here's my top list 1. American Roads http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=418637762&searchtext=Road 2. Road Color Changer http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=417585852&searchtext=Road 3. 25 areas purchasable http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405810376&searchtext=Road 4. Traffic++ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=409184143&searchtext=Road 5. Fine road heights http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=413678178&searchtext=Road 6 Some roads http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=413687519&searchtext=Road 7. Better bulldozer http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=417965096&searchtext=Road 8. Traffic Manager http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=427585724&searchtext=Road 9. Terrain Generator http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=453425585&searchtext=Road 10. Cimtographer http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=416064574&searchtext=Road
  8. Aprus - The Rise of a Nation Behind the Scenes Tutorials, Tips, Tricks and Discussion Hello Simtropolians! I've created this topic over here at the Forums CJ section as a companion topic to my Aprus - The Rise of a Nation CJ, which you'll find over at the CJ Section of the site. This topic will be about sharing my limited knowledge and my "creative process" with you all, while learning a few things along the way myself. It's amazing how much more you learn when trying to teach others. I'll also be posting images of my progression and "behind the scenes" work for the main CJ over here. To get started I've made a list of tutorial types for you to pick from. If you would be so kind to participate in the Tutorials Poll at the top, I would greatly appreciate it! Tutorial Poll Details Video Fly-over Lesson: Capture, Edit, Encode and Upload high quality game footage. Description: In this tutorial I'll show you how I make my fly-over videos. I'll be showing how to download, install and configure FFSplit for high quality screen recording, how to convert/compress videos for smaller sizes and finally, for those of you who own Adobe Aftereffects, I'll be showing you how to do some basic compositing, editing, basic animations, and rendering. Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced. Time to make: Longish. Image Maps Lesson: Create a cool image map with multiple click-able areas in the same image, useful for maps, city overview with direct links to each area, and much more. Description: In this short tutorial I'll be showing you how to easily create HTML5 Image Maps using on-line tools, and how to configure them for use in your CJs. Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate. Time to make: Very quick. Photoshop Tips and Tricks Lesson: Where I'll share my knowledge of Photoshop. Description: In this tutorial I'd basically just share with you my knowledge of photoshop, and how I do most of my image editing. Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced. Time to make: Medium. Formatting ST posts Lesson: How I format and create the layout for my journal entries. Description: A tutorial on an easy way to standardize your Journal layouts and formatting using HTML5 and CSS. Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate. Time to make: Medium/Long. Embedding Audio and Video Lesson: Learn how to correctly embed Youtube videos, audio streams and/or songs into your journal entries(or anywhere else). Description: Quick tut on how to properly embed videos with the right resolution and other parameters. You'll also learn how to add audio streams or single songs to your entries. Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate. Time to make: Fast. These are the tutorials I could think of off the top of my head, by all means, if you have any other ideas please let me know in the comments below! I know many of you already know how to do all this, and even better than me. Still, this is aimed at those who DON'T, or those who would like to learn a few more things. As mentioned above, my real aim is to learn together, and have an incentive to better myself and learn new skills(such as making tutorials) and share all with you guys. I certainly am no expert at any of these things and it is never my intention to patronize or offend anyone. Corrections and criticism is very much welcomed, as long as it is in a respectful and civilized manner. Also, if you have a tutorial related to CJ'ing that you'd like to publish here, that would be sweet. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful time!
  9. Hey Guys! I have a question about some features. I have equipped the Public transport place / Nahverkehrsplatz from tobias.schwarz.1981(http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=408638011) And I LOVE IT! But here is the catch, some of the trucks and cars are driving trough and parking on the roads of my transport hub. Now I know that in Simcity 2015 there is a MOD for a special bus/service road. (http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/58004-mod-street-for-busses-ver-20/) Is this also possible in CitiesSkylines? Greetings!
  10. This weekend I decided to experiment. With Turtle Speed. I created a 3-city region to keep it simple with a main objective of ONLY playing in Turtle Speed. Secondary objective, minimal pollution. The creators give you a pretty good region to start with; one city has all the resources while the other two just have good water and wind supply. I start with one of these and call it TurtleSpeed (to remind me f my goal). I build away in Clearwater, trying to micromanage everything I can. Progress started slow, EXTREMELY slow. And I found myself taking out loan after loan. Once I got my first town hall upgrade, my first module was a Dept. of Finance to open up the larger loan amounts. My first plop was a library and RCI JUST enough to meet the demands. That means I had a mere 10 industrial buildings to start with. From here on out it is just Commercial and Residential to see if I can flourish with minimal pollution from industry. So far so good, right? Well.....right. I have only minimal traffic issues and as of August of Year 1, I have almost 20K population, Wind Power, 1x Clinic, 2x Fire Small, 1x Police, Dept of Tourism and Finance, Grade School, Community College, Expo Center. But I couldn't neglect my other cities. My plot of land of Norwich Heights with the resources has become JUST an OIL town for now with a Dept of Utilities (Sewage Central), Trash Collection for region, 1x Clinic and a trade depot for a booming industrial section with some residential and commercial. It is having some issues with making a profit, having to turn off parks and other sources but it is finally catching up to par with my main city of Clearwater. My third town only has a few houses. Because of Turtle Speed, you really end up spending a lot of time with individual cities and it is hard to even manage 3 at this speed right now. Discoveries of Turtle Speed: -There is some sort of correlation of actual time spent playing the game and the amount of time it takes structures to be built in your city. I only have a few small (low/mid class ) high rises but they were built in my city in due time, all in turtle speed, sometime I feel within a "hour" of sim-play. -It takes TIME, I was nervous about my first Expo event as I had No Dept. of Tourism or transportation system or other drives for tourists, but I managed to make 15K off the Motocross event. -It is a lot of fun. I managed to power my 2 cities off of a mere 3 wind turbines for a long time. Once I added population and the Expo Center, power and sewage production/consumption went up drastically and I had to plop more. -I am just drawing roads, no grid format here for the most part and traffic has been alright. I have been keeping how I want avenues to look in the city when i design the layout and so far so good. I hope to get some images up soon. Any other people have some experiences with turtle speed?
  11. I'm sure there's probably a few around the site, but being that this is a new forum and up at the top of the list now, there may be more of a chance that if someone at EA or Maxis is looking for ideas from the Sim City user community, they might see this thread. My wishlist is rather long, so I'll start with general gameplay elements: Design a world: instead of just a region, have it set up so we can play using an entire planet, and after there is enough high-technology industry in the world, allow trade with other planets. Including a terraforming feature for the region-view would be better too, so utilities like SC4Terraformer for Sim Ciy 4 isn’t necessary. For the cities themselves: less emphasis on building enormous cities all the time, allow us to build lower population cities spread out across a wider area, or rural areas, if we want to build farmland, let us, especially for the "world" idea. Now for specific elements of the game: Buildings: Allow for buildings to be rotated more than just at 90-degree angles to eliminate dead space on diagonal roads. Mixed-use development in medium and high-density zones for more realism Design the game itself in such a way that buildings for Sim City 4 can be either directly imported or easily converted to import into Sim City 5. This will instantly allow for a vast level of customization. Transportation: The biggest improvement ever would be having freeform transportation networks so they’re not confined to the grid, as well as having curves. Allowing Elevated transportation networks to be built on top of roadways and low-density industrial or commercial lots, which would save space and also look more realistic. More built-in highway interchange options, such as a built-in stack interchange. Double-decked bridges, since bridges are expensive enough as it is, might as well allow a second form of transportation to use the span too. For rail-based networks, allow for the ground-level rail, elevated rail, and subway to be one continuous network. Upgradeable networks. For example, a city could only have a light rail system until the ridership gets above 100,000 riders in a given period, and then they can start operating heavy rail. After 500,000 riders a day, they can unlock improvements to upgrade to high-speed rail. For monorails, have them upgradeable to magnetic levitation monorails. This could be expanded to highways too, with the only highways available at first being small four-lane highways, then upgrading them to higher and higher capacity highways as the city grows. An idea from Sim City 3000, having seaports being their own zone, frankly the Sim City 4 seaport is ugly and unrealistic.
  12. I don't start too many discussions on here... so I will start one... what is your favorite tool to use on a map in SC4 Terraformer... myself, I just LOVE the equalize tool in SC4 Terraformer... I just love using it on photos I covert to grayscale and it totally smoothens the terrain...
  13. This is something that has always bothered me, and I hope those who know the program at at much more detailed level that I will put in their oars. When the game starts loading, this is what my experience as a programmer/QA tester tells me: After loading my API intercept module (I'm on Linux) the program verifies the validity of the game, spawning the game monitor that decrypts the game text. If all is OK, enough of the game text is loaded to start the complete loading process (a bootstrap) DirectX is initiated. A co-routine is kicked off to run the warm feelings movie and panels. Meanwhile the game starts loading the tables from Program Files (the five .dat files). When this is finished, the game loads the plugins from Program Files (no touch, please!) Then the plugins are loaded from the user's space. This can be a complex process because the garbage, if any, in the plugins folders has to be ignored. It is important the the first files encountered be the .dll files. These are added to the executable program text. Now the other files are inspected and any with the proper header (not the windows "type" extension, are loaded into whatever tables are necessary, including overriding any exemplars in the original tables that are affected. There are probably a lot of memory requests to the O/S during this. If there is garbage in the plugins, it is skipped as having the wrong file header, but this still takes disk/seek read time. [*]When everything is loaded, the region that is current in the SimCity 4.cfg file is loaded and the region display is done. [*]Control goes to the input monitor. People complain about long loading times. The pig in the blanket is probably junk in the plugins. Plugins need to be lean and mean. At this point, the whole works is in memory (or partly paged out), and no further user-space disk will be accessed. The user selects a city and it starts loading. The load time here depends totally on the size of the city (the number of objects to load), and has nothing to do with the size of the plugins table except that each lot has to be looked up there. If you have a city containing a large number of objects in a large tile, remember each tree, bush, road tile, lot, lot element, etc. has to be looked up in the tables, included in the current grid square, and set up to display. Don't be surprised if you can just whip in Podunk Corners (Wiggin for our British friends), but downtown Hong Kong takes a long time. This is exacerbated by the single threading aspect of the game that could only be alleviated by a partial re-write and re-compile. Because the game is 32-bit, it cannot use more than something less than 2GB. Comments?

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