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City-building game(s)

Found 4 results

  1. Il Pianeta Verde - The Green Planet

    IL PIANETA VERDE By Marcus G. Burke SS Ventura Cygnus Constellation A bright falling star crosses the night sky. It’s not falling, though! It stops, suddenly, and in a moment it’s not shining anymore. It’s not a star at all, actually. It’s a piece of metal that shines from the reflection of a real star, a yellow dwarf seeming to be closer than the other white dots in the sky. If your eyes were to zoom in and look at the flanks of this not-so-identified flying object, they would be able to recognize cubital letters, painted white in a tidy font, just a little bit worn, that says: “SS VENTURA” Closer to Bow, another inscription, that reads: “CC 236” And followed by smaller letters: “UNAF” Its shape reminds one of a arrowhead. Long and sturdy antennas dominate Bow, Stern, and Flank corners. The wide stern hosts three series of symmetrical engine bells, all turned off, even though there must be something creating energy inside, because the entirety of the vessel is illuminated like a giant Christmas Tree. Yes, that’s right! There’s life inside this thing. There’s life indeed! If you were to get closer to this metal beast, you would realize that the central part of the arrowhead is cylindrical, and rotates ad a constant rate. You would be able to spot people walking the outer corridor, full with windows. You would notice the furniture, the plants next to the doors. An automated cleaning cart dribbling waling personnel while drying the indrustrial floor after a good clean. Oh yeah. Passengers mostly wear working overalls, or military clothes. But there are children too! They are to be seen often running up and down the outer corridor, where you can find bars, shops, restaurants, arcades, and you would heard laughter, banter, and a plethora of ambience noise. The sounds of a city. A military woman decorated as Captain smiles as a group of youngsters runs by her. She’s quite young herself, even though she can count on her uniform for that wisdom look. What really set her apart from many other female officers like her, was her ID badge: “CPT. M. Covillon - UNAF” Capt. Covillon carries three small folders full of papers, tight in her arms. She’s in no rush and stops to chat with a civilian friend. Well, until she’s flanked by another militaryman, a mannequin asian with the same insignia as her. The man’s only presence is enough to distract Covillon from her chat and solicits her to say goodbye without him ever saying a single word. “Almost there…” The man suggests. His badge reads: “CPT. T. Daisen – UNAF” “Yeah. Few checks, probes, a recon round, and it should all come around…” “This phase is goin’take longer than the actual jump!” “Uh! Didn’t you know?” Covillon keeps walking with a smile, carrying not only papers but also good vibe from children and friends amongst the passengers. Daisen is contemplating something. When they reach the stairs, Daisen’s expression is tense enough to influence Covillon’s and put herself in a thinking spree, right in an area by the stairs and the elevator where people come and go, mostly military personnel from big internal automatic doors that lead to the bowels of the ship. While waiting for the elevator, Daisen probes Covillon’s folders by extending his neck. “You printed the Plan?” He asks her, calmly crossing her gaze. “Yes, Captain. It’s been all month, looking at you, listening at all of you, talking, deciding, blabbling about, while I had nothing more than reviews, reports, and feedback. No relevant stuff” “I’d say it’s your moment to shine, Captain…” “You can say that ‘loud, Daisen!” “So. Then. Can I take, maybe, a look? If you please…?” “Well… Sure! I can’t wait for an unoffician opinion before we begin!” Covillon offers Daisen one of her three folders she’s still keeping close to her chest, the blue one. Its label reads: “FADALIPE COLONIZATION PLAN” Covillon protects the other two folders, a red one and a green one, while Daisen inspects the blue one. What Daisen is interested in aren’t all the specifications and paragraph of detailed explanations (Covillon must have spent a week at least producing all that). What Daisen instintively looks for are the highlighted parts. Which are: “COLONIZATION PLAN – First 200 years Colonia Fadalipe – growth rate: 0,06% Pop. 535 – Forecast: 1.769 PASSENGERS LIST x GROUPS COMMAND ADM. Noritada Miyazawa - Commander CDR. Tetsuo Miyazawa - Captain COL. Lorenzo Calabresi – X.O. CPT. Louiis C. Rainey – Mamba CPT. Lei Shao – Resources CPT. Takumi Daisen – Navigation CPT. Maurelle Covillon – Cargo CPT. Jordan Finch – AEGIS CPT. Kai Finch – Defence CPT. Flavio Rizzo – CIC STORMO MAMBA” Daisen gets bored and browses to the more interesting parts: “PRE-LANDING CENSUS COMPAGNIA VENTURA: 200 CIVILIANS: 305 CLERICS: 30 FLIGHT CREW: 145” A few pages ahead… “MISSION TIME Y00/M01/D03/18h26m ARRIVAL SYSTEM SHEL026 EARTH YEAR 3895AD Sighting of Planet: Shel026-3 in System: Shel026 Exoplanet Earth-like -1.8% mass Gravity (compared to Earth) 0.98 H20: Yes Land/Sea ratio: 86%/14% (6,143/1) Atmosphere: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon (Earth-like conditions) Potential of cancerogenics and toxins in the air due to plant lifecycle. Location of First Landing Main Continent, Sector South-West, Colonia Fadalipe. Terrain: alluvional Climate: temperate, mild.” Few more pages, while the elevator cubicle, still invisible, arrives noisily at the doors. A sound that reminds jet engines inside an airliners that has just turned in at the gate. “Captain Daisen…?” “Yes, Covillon…” Still with his eyes on the papers. “Do you feel like we’ve just travelled a couple thousand light years?” “…” The elevator takes them in. Daisen’s index finger browses the control panel, until it pushes: “2”, “5”, “3”. He looks at the monitor above the doors, the numbers that reflect “253”, what he selected, and “48” on the right. In a short while, an arrow appears between the two numbers, pointing up, and the “8” of “48” slowly descends, making space for the “9”, and then so does the “4”, letting “5” come in its place, and “9” becomes “0”, and “1”, and so on. The elevator accelerates. And Daisen is still reading. “Did I say something… weird?” “No, no! Covillon, don’t worry! It’s just me! I have some problems quantifying two-thousand light years” Covillon lets herself to a little laugh of solidarity. “Come on! Captain Daisen! I thought… Being the leader of the Navigation Department… You’d know these kind of… answers” Before he can answer, Daisen gets voluntarily intoxicated with Covillon’s body odour, slightly laboured but intriguing. He inhales it as if it was impatient for the Sunday roast. At this stage he’s not interested in Covillon’s paper anymore, even though he’s still holding the blue one in his hand. “The thing is… I lead the department. But I am not the department!” “Oh. Yeah…” Replies Covillon with a grin. “That’s Thiago, right?” “Chi?” “Thiago Silva” “Urr… Yes! No, no! I was ‘bout to say Sjöberg, actually…” The elevator cubicle slowly reaches the maximum speed of 150 km/h, climbing rapidly now. There are no windows to notice movements, only a big mirror on the wall opposed to the doors. Covillon rests against the other wall, opposite the control panel. She instintively holds the steel handle, leaving echoes of her hand, while she still holds the folders at her chest. “Wasn’t Thiago the smartest?” Asks Covillon. “Well… Yes, in theory, arbitrarily speaking, Thiago Silva could triangolate our position in the cosmo with fragments of intormation in a few minutes, whereas experts can do it in a week.” “Well! You have one great resource in your department…” “Maurelle….” Surprised. Covillon throws her eyes open and holds the handle tighter, while Daisen gets closer with dramatic emphasis: “If you allow me… Thiago is just… A kid. As fast as he can be with calculus, he’s not going to have the experience and resilience for what awaits us…” Maurelle pouts. “And… What do you think… awaits us… Captain?” “…” The elevator announces the imminent arrival at the desired floor, and after braking with a certain vigor, forcing the two Captains to hold the handle firmly, it comes to a gentle stop at the 253rd floor, “THIRD FLOOR BELOW DECK” as it reads on the flourescent insignia on the wall of the corridor, opposite the elevators. Covillon and Daisen remain in the cubicle. “Captain?” With an alarm, the cubicle advices the occupants the doors are about to close, and Daisen promptly blocks them and plants a foot down to trick the sensor and keep the cubicle open. Daisen is suddenly again interested in the contents of the blue folder. “Here, you list all the amphibious forces but you seemed to have forgotten to point out who’s stationed where…” “Where?” This time it’s Covillon who’s approaching Daisen closely. She feels his body odour, which isn’t fresh of shower, but it is of aftershave. “Here. Here you say: “CAG 2 x Shuttle 8 x Fighters 4 x Multirole 1 x Marines Unit” Covillon listens and observes carefully – but upside-down – her own presentation on paper, following Daisen’s index finger. Then they cross gazes. Covillon is confused. Daisen is holding back his own tension and sighs. Covillon tries a defence: “I specified the contents of the Mamba Squadron, so that it can be subdivided for any particular need of the colony. A bit like making it available to everyone” Daisen gazes everywhere with contempt. Then he shuts the folder and hands it back to Covillon, and finally leaves the cubicle, turns around and stops to wait for her in the flow of other people. Covillon puts the folders back against her chest and flanks Daisen amongst the military people. The sight here is very different from that at Stern. At Bow there is only the bare minimum, and the rest is military equipment destined to authorized personnel, so you might notice security panels beside doors, cameras, fire extinguishers and communication stations. Corridors are narrower and the two Captains have to go through an automated security checkpoint. “The thing is…” Daisen inhales. “Marines don’t like being airline pilots” Covillon shuts eyes and lowers her hear hearing the topic. She refuses to accept, even if she expresses a supportive smile. She crosses Daisen’s look. “How’s it possible we’re still thinking this way? Even during a colonial scenario?” Daisen glances at her until he loses himself in other militarymen. All subordinates that salute, and at which he replies with abitudinary salute. Covillon finds herself doing the same, and their conversation is delayed and disturbed, but not ceased. “The thing is… The Admiral hasn’t come down to compromise when it regards the integrity and security of the ship” Covillon is even more confused. “What would that even mean?” “It would mean that he’s not going to land the entire Ventura Company, nor the Mamba Squadron…” “But, this way we’ll be vulnerable on the ground!” Daisen smiles sarcastically. He takes his time to answer. When he does, they are waiting in front of a TV screen with their badge clearly shown. “The Admiral doesn’t care what happens on the ground. The Admiral cares what happens onboard” At this point they are finally arrived at the military communal areas. There’s a waiting room and a door that leads to the actual meeting room. In the waiting room there’s space to relax and vending machines, nursed plants, clean air, and even dominated by an ample fountain that sprays fresh water. The ceiling is one great series of skylights. Maurelle Covillon would love to gaze at the stars, or maybe at the lust Green Planet, but there’s only deep space out there. (for now) “What doest this mean?” Covillon asks, sitting down on a sofa. She realizes she is in the company of other military people. “Hello, Captain Covillon” “Hello Rainey” “Daisen…” “Rainey…” “Good day, Captain Shao” “Good day to you, Captain Rainey” “Where are the others?” “I heard the Finch brothers at the bar. The big one’s voice is unmistakable” “Ahahaha” Daisen sits next to Covillon, after buying hot tea from the vending machine. “Would you like one, Captain?” Covillon smiles in a polite way, but shows the palm. “No, thanks. I still feel anxious for what you said a moment ago” “I am sorry…” Daisen sits more comfortably and abandons the tea on the coffee table, over the magazines. “It wasn’t my intention of agitating you” “Captain…?” Covillon insecurity grabs Daisen’s interest. He rests next to the profile of her face, admiring her balanced traits and wavy dark hair. “What do you think… awaits us… Captain?” Daisen sighs. The answer is difficult, and even more so before an important meeting, waiting outside the meeting room, in a waiting room that is rapidly filling with all the members of the meeting. He finds the courage to talk to her, but more discreetly, sottovoce. “Dark years, Captain... some Dark years…” Covillon is powerless after these words. Doesn’t know what to say. She’s not goint to sleep well tonight. CONTINUES…
  2. Episode 2: Terraforming

    (foto: deusuum @ deviantart.net) Some progress. And a region view:
  3. 7 Days to Die

    So I just stumbled over this "little" (as in massive) Kickstarter project called 7 Days to Die. In Short, it's your everyday zombie-appocalypse-survival game multiplied by RPG-ish elements times Minecraft plus a bit of a topping of other games like FPS and tower defense and also multiplayer. You can say the basic idea is a minecraft-like game with all there is to it, from exploring over building to crafting (5x5 patterns but luckily including recipes from the getgo), but with a nice addition: physics. No floating blocks. oh speaking of blocks, it's not blocks but a more realistic (yet comic) approach to the environment. as for the world, it's a near-future post-WW3 wasteland called Navizgane, somewhere in Arizona when playing the story mode, but you can also create your own world in creative mode. then come the RPG skills like you would expect it from an RPG. several class-trees you can follow up on, improving your skills further on the related field. and of course the zombies. nuff said. best thing to do is barricade you're hideout the classic tower-defense way with traps over traps over traps. Here's the Kickstarter promotional video and I must say, for an early alpha version I really really really like what I see and definitely gonna follow the development as I'm looking forward to just something like that.
  4. Hello All, My name is Geoffrey Rucker, and I am here to spread awareness of a game that my team and I have been working on for quite some time. We currently have 15 members actively working on this game as volunteers, and we feel that the time is right to start spreading the word. Here is a brief (really, this is shorter than I wanted) discription of the game. It's my quote...couldn't find another better way to separate it, though The main reason that made me so passionate about making this game is because I don't believe there is enough representation of what a true city builder can be as a freemium game on mobile. This will add the RPG twist via a technology tree more adapted to an accrual and point spending mechanism, somewhat like a skill tree in the RPGs. If you want even more info, please check us out on FB here and we are also on the Mod DB sites, the most relevant one being Slide DB here. Please "like" or "watch" the game if you would like to help us get the word out about this potentially revolutionary new game. We hope to show the other mobile game devs out there that people really want a better game on mobile than what we are currently seeing. We do appreciate any help, but most of all, have fun!!

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