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  1. I got myself this new laptop which for chrissake won't install win7 (sounds like kabylake doesn't want win7), so I had no choice but to take windoze 10. Getting used to it I think. anyways, since this thing ain't got no optical drive, I'm contemplating a digital sc4 version (external drive is just not worth the hassle to me for, frankly, just one darn game named sc4). since anything origin is not an option for me at all, despite the free digital copy I might get there, and most posts here being bout 2 years old, my question is now: are there - today - any particular benefits or drawbacks between either the steam or gog version of sc4? btw, I'm talking bout the game itself (patches, compatibility, playability etc), not some ideological stuff like steam is the culprit of digital distribution madness...
  2. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    do we have a hall of fame? we sure need one now...
  3. honestly, I have no idea what it it was. It's been more than 2 years... What I do know is, if the combination of controllers is valid and there's no conflicting plugin, it'll still take some time for the combined controllers to take effect. This also happens from time to time well after they started working in the first place. From the looks of it, this is what happened to you.
  4. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    I'll try to get back to the actual idea of the thread: A selection of Packs? Yes Whole User-Plugin Folders? No Why? Well selected packs following certain themes or topics are a great way to easily get started or set up for something. If you wanna put it that way, the NAM is such a pack already. Also there are certain lots already packed in a themed single download, so why not extend on that idea? We can make themes like landscaping, CBT, maritime, suburban, regionally themed packs like asia, us southwest, us northeast, or sports, dirty industry... the possibilities are many. Whole plugin-folders from certain users is just not helping here. There's a hell of a lot of content out there and many of the old users like me (I joined June '03, many even earlier) have a huge collection of stuff, amounting to several GBs of content. Not just would that clutter up the servers and abuse the bandwidth, it would also mean a hell of a lot of uneccesary duplications. Most of the players out there use the NAM, so even if it's just say 50 user plugin folders that one day can be downloaded, that's most likely 50 times the NAM. Plus the actual download pages of the NAM themselves. I just did a clean installation of the NAM with the standard settings, that's 575mb. Times 50 makes almost 29gb. And there'll be many more duplications than just the NAM, pinky promise! So, long story short, we should be as reasonable as possible with the bandwidth and server storage both here on the ST as well as over on SC4D. f you want to share your entire plugins, sure, do so, but use filesharing platforms. For our dedicated pages, let's focus on the distribution of themed packages.
  5. 2016: Year in Review

    this isn't sim city anymore. this is art.
  6. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    Just what I expected to happen. Guess it takes more than "Don't vote Trump, he's an idiot" to get people to vote for Hillariousy. Been there done that in Germany throught the last elections in several federal states. A rightwing-ish party scored quite good percentages at first try and everybody lost their mind because they thought ranting and calling them out as a rightwing idiots would be enough to keep people from voting for this party. At least Trump is a narcissist fool w/o any real political ambitions besides scratching "President of the United States" from his personal bucket list...
  7. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    sad to see one of the most active and beloved members of this community pass away. John will be dearly missed...
  8. I have a dream...

    If I was to decide, I'd rather see SC4 graphics with greatly improved gameplay / features than pumped up graphics which are payed for by less core mechanics and higher limitations. i.e. I'd take 8x8 km 16x16 km or even a regionwide citytile anytime over an - admittedly good looking - RAGE-Engine city builder with 2x2 km limit
  9. Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley is actually pretty cool. I gave it a shot a while back, maybe 5 - 6 hrs, and it's way deeper than it looks like at first glance. Difficult also with the exhaustion and that huge amount of stuff to do besides building and taking care of your farm...
  10. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    my first intentional approach to flex stuff:
  11. Urban Empire

    Anyone heard of Urban Empire yet? Looks to be a new city building game with a more in depth look at politics and progress through time and technics. It's made at Fragment Production and Kalypso which, looking at Tropico series, at least makes room for hopes. Game has only just been announced so there's litte info except the overall concept and some screenshots and a trailer with ingame footage at current state of production. Check it out on it's steam page I like the concept. The political aspect of city management, or better the lack of, was always something that buggered me in city building games. I wonder how it will turn out in UE...
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    Oh please make sure these are texture overrides so I can enjoy the awesomness on all lots ^^
  13. Different type of files explanation?

    in brief: sc4model is the 3d model of a building sc4desc is the description file containing all the statistical values (ie number of inhabitants or jobs, consumption/generation values etc) sc4lot is the actual lot you see and use in the game
  14. Good compression ratios are nothing but a matter of libraries, 42.zip proves this in a - literally - stunning way. And it works just fine with winzip! Also, there's plenty of other tools to further improve packing, beyond what 7zip does. You just have to dig deep enough into geekery to find amazing stuff. People manage to pack whole DVDs into formats fitting on a regular CD... multiple times. I know it first hand from my teenage filesharing times; 2DVD-sized games packed on 1 CDRom. EDIT: not trying to encourage, just stating experience. But you're right as far as to say that, on a one-click average-user basis, 7zip is much much better than winzip, albeit it needs a 3rdparty software to be used.