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  1. There Will Be Diagonals!

  2. Airport and Neighborhood

    Looooooovely! maybe the airport concourse is a bit narrow. The jets might have trouble taxing. Also the airport train station seems a bit down scaled. I think those sims want more space. Come mayor, don't be so stingy!
  3. Hi all

    Anyone interested I haven't stopped or disappeared from making the history of Branny and History of Shelder. 

    I worked seasonally at a hotel and didn't have time or passion to dedicate to SC4, but I did take on a subproject that turned out to be...

    A novel.

    The plot takes place at the time I interrupted my work on SC4, so it has galleons and lords and ladies, pirates, and a treasure. Can't have pirates without treasure. It isn't your next Treasure Island. Far from it. It's a realistic account of what happened over there in those times.

    I'm writing it in italian, but if you are interested enough I can translate it once it's done.

    Happy SC4 to you and see you soon.

  4. Nakahara 23rd: "Sokubaku Anemonation"

    fantastic. Everything seems well integrated, like a delicious egg fried rice. Only 2 things I don't like are steep train ramps and highway ramps with no accel/decel lanes. For realism reasons. Otherwise it's a masterpiece.
  5. 2. Infraestructure Planning pt. 1

    WOW Can I hire you as my city planning showcase specialist? ahahah Seriously. How do you make all these charts? They look pro. I'd like to learn.
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    @kschmidt maybe you could finish the aircraft parking area with ramps instead of jetbridges gates. In such a small airport the terminal buoilding could be a small 1 or 2 floor structure with buses available to bring passengers to the gates via tarmac roads. I don't know if you have remote ramps aircraft parking...? But that would be realistic. I say this because before I was a simcitier I was a Flightsimmer.
  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    hi there Is anyone able to tell me if there are MMPs for mediterranean straw fields, anything that would resemble this... Right now I'm using yellow flowers for my city, but ain't the same thing Thank you in advance for assistance
  8. If this is what you mean by "european style"... Then I might be able to help in this. It's a snap from a city in my region Branny. CJ here: I use eastern european and mediterranean wall-to-wall buildings and northern european single houses. I also use Roman Aqueducts and Polish churches. I also have market stalls and medieval buildings and ports. As for large cities, I don't know if you mean city tiles or region dimensions. For the former I don't know, but the latter I can help. It's a matter of playing around with the region config file. As for changing architecture over time, with mods is a bit difficult to manage, as mods are not setup properly to interact with the SC4 native architecture style manager. But I noticed that some of my wall-to-wall buildings get activated with the european style. Others might get activated by other styles, while if I stick to 1890 style (the first one) I only get simple single houses and small density polish wall-to-wall. If this is what you're looking for I can point to you the downloads. In case you're looking for a block download I believe Simtropolis sells a DVD with best content but I don't know if the stuff you're looking for is in it. I might be able to assist you if what you read/saw above is what interests you, but I'm by no means an expert All I can do is show you how I did it for mine. I suppose you're looking to build a european style city of some magnitude...
  9. Evans Ville Regatta !

    perfect. Thank you!
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    @simmytu looking gooooooood! nice touch with the FAR rail and the sunken road in the middle left. Or I think it looks like a sunken road. Im not sure.
  11. How do I build a big metropolis?

    @CrybKeeper no need to apologize. It's a game and we have the right to do whatever we want with it. But because it's such a customisable and moddable game, restraining it to one single point of view is just.... a big waste.
  12. Evans Ville Regatta !

    what mod is the water barrier?
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    Do you have a City Journal to show the growth? I'd like to see that
  14. Show Us What You're Working On

    Building the canal from the Aqueduct to inside the city walls...
  15. Hartford Harbour !

    I don't quite understand what you mean here