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  1. Unsure about schools

    You just linked to some guy's two line comment that is completely unrelated
  2. Unsure about schools

    Do you need schools all over or just residential coverage? That question still remains unanswered
  3. Unsure about schools

    What I mean is do Elementary Schools, High Schools, and Private Schools, serve different purposes? or do I just need one and not the others? How is people not getting this?
  4. Unsure about schools

    My question was about high schools, elementary schools, and private schools; do I need all three or do I need just one of a kind?
  5. Unsure about schools

    I see the graphs and everything but she does not recap her findings or provide a conclusion. AKA I do not know what the graphs means nor does it answer my question. still confused.
  6. Unsure about schools

    How does SimCity 4 handle schools in the game. For a long time, I used to build high schools right by elementary schools and made sure that each type of school's radius covered the entire city. Is this necessary? Do I really need both high schools and elementary schools? or is the larger high schools sufficient enough to keep sims happy? And does the radius need to cover the entire city, including commercial zoned areas?
  7. BAT/Gmax will not import models with PNG textures

    I do not know how to do that. I used to use an even older version of Sketchup than 2008 back in the day. Like Sketchup 6 and it did not work back then either. That is likely not the problem.
  8. BAT/Gmax will not import models with PNG textures

    I looked at all those. None of those explain my problem nor do they provide a fix
  9. BAT/Gmax will not import models with PNG textures

    only spammy results showed up in that search. Just my post and a "sketchup to gmax 100% free" post showed up with nothing much else. there is NOTHING in that Google search that pertains to this whatsoever!!
  10. BAT/Gmax will not import models with PNG textures

    I got these models off the Sketchup 3d warehouse and I exported them to .3ds myself using Sketchup.The 3d warehouse has skp sketchup files to be opened in Google Sketchup and the Pro version can export .3ds files. And that is where I got the models.
  11. BAT/Gmax will not import models with PNG textures

    No help?
  12. SimCity 4 Is Still Great

    Sketchy website. does not allow people with adblock on their website
  13. BAT Export - Code 6 Error

    It is working now. I turn my computer on after waking up and rendered it first thing after my computer boot and it did not fail. Not sure why is was failing all day yesterday but apparently my computer had to be off for awhile. I did not even make changes to the model
  14. BAT Export - Code 6 Error

    It is a giant statue of a Pokémon. a Reshiram from the 3d warehouse (sketchup) scaled up to the size of a tall building that Gmax does accept When I mean 6 tiles up is how many tiles that lot editor should need if one box in gmax = 1 tile in lot editor like a 10x6 lot
  15. BAT Export - Code 6 Error

    Not sure why I never got a notification on reply but I counted the grid squares in Gmax and I already told you what they are. Gmax does indeed say Grid=16. In fact it fails in a matter of 480 seconds. which is EXTREMELY QUICK fail. I have had MUCH bigger models that took 15 minutes on the first view and an hour total, and this is failing in just over 5 minutes Not sure on how to tell the axis distance so I do not know how many m it is