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  1. Relying too much on industrial zones

    I guess my only alternative is to spread out the industry, unless this is a normal thing at my stage that I don't have to worry.
  2. I made another little experimental city with 4000 people (not yet about the number of jobs). The issue I'm trying to work out is that I have a whole strip of industry on top of the map, is it normal to have to rely heavily on industrial zones? I know that commercial won't come until there is a much bigger population (and by my standards, 10000+ is big). Without modding, is there anyway I don't have to rely on so much, crippling my water and air pollution ratings?
  3. Also, should I wait until I gain an even bigger population?
  4. I need to know how to prepare my industry and civic infrastructure to handle medium-density residential buildings. I have zoned all residential areas medium from the beginning, but I haven't got water coverage. I know that some medium-density is going to build when I do place water coverage. Here's an overview of the city: Res: 500 - Commercial: 740 - Industry: more than 1000.
  5. My sim-gaming skills suck

    I guess I have very little creativity. I'm still into getting to learn it though. How do you even get demand above a certain level? It seems like if all I do is build zones, it may just shift the demand. Maybe there are things going on which I don't understand. How can I even play without "fear of failing"?
  6. My sim-gaming skills suck

    I have played the tutorial where you have to cut budget first, then continue playing with making a population of 20,000. I don't know if I can do it. All I'm doing is making residential and industrial zones. But it's hard to keep up with the RCI because it can change every month. That is one of my problems.
  7. I have been interested in learning how to play SimCity 4. I feel like my sim gaming skills honestly suck though. I don't think anybody will understand. I find out that I lack the ability to observe and pay attention to details. Now, I have SC4 installed on Steam without any mods, so it's plain vanilla. I want to know how to properly lay out my roads and zones. I don't want any abstract answers, I want more or less how much detail, you know. I hate sucking at this game, but there is too much detail going on at once I hardly enjoy it.
  8. Show me your layout ideas

    I don't want to create a regional landscape with mountains and hills, rivers and lakes from scratch. I will choose to go the pre-made route for this one. Are there any picture examples of small town setups that you described?
  9. What are your real-life inspirations for starting up in Simcity? I think that if I don't use another layout I seen on Google Maps or elsewhere, I wouldn't be able to continue with the city. Now, I'm still getting a better hang of things and still learning, but I want to know if you have any cities or hometown that inspire you to start. I grew up near the city of Erie, PA, which is the 4th largest city in Pennsylvania and in the eternally distressed post-industrial rust belt. I don't know if people want to remake or are inspired by smaller cities like that though.
  10. Show me your layout ideas

    I run vanilla (except for NAM) and the natural barrier sounds like a great idea. I'll try that one out. I figure that if I don't use Google Maps or something as an inspiration or to start off, I can't start building my city. I'm considering installing a few more mods, but not anything that affects gameplay too dramatically. Was thinking about some rural-type mods.
  11. Show me your layout ideas for a starting town, like a farming community or small industry town. I'm lacking imagination right now and need inspiration for road layouts and where things are supposed to go.
  12. Rapid population growth

    What do you mean about silicon valley? What are it's demographics?
  13. Rapid population growth

    Is there a way on SC4 to get rapid population growth in a city or region? And how should I take care of the RCI graphs? When I last play SC4, I would get negative demand for some zone type. How do I deal with this when I start up simcity 4 again? How do I evaluate what I should build next?
  14. How do you get into the mindset to learn SC4?

    Ok, the tutorial gives valuable information when it starts off, but then suggests you continue playing the city after the tutorial is completed, but unfortunately I get stuck as I see no hints. Also how useful are the advisors for understanding some fundamentals of the game?
  15. Either my game is broken or I just can't put my finger on something. I'm sorry if I repeated threads like these time and time again, but something is wrong with my mindset since I can't figure out how to play this game, I just can't put my finger on it. It seems like all the time when doing a task my mind runs at 100 mph or something. Not seeing all my colored zones build up at all is what prevents me from wanting to continue and it's frustrating. I have some coordination problems too. How can I get my mindset right? I want to be able to build my own city, I just can't execute it properly.