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City-building game(s)

Found 15 results

  1. Frankfurt Hochschule !

    Frankfurt Hochschule ! Last CJ I showed you a more wide view of the city and some of the startup problems ! Red-Green flag seem to be a road or street kind of road or street prop or mod using or confliciting with maxis props; relaying sections of road or street resolve the problem ! NAM 34 may resolve the catenary on rail bridges or replacing with HSR; Elevated rail do have pieces but connecting it to normal rail will crash the game. Last not mentioned where the large maxis estates in suburb wich connected four plots of 2x2 to a 4x4 lot; special mod would prevent this but making a plot historical is easier ! This CJ is relatively short, proges is made; city only development is taking it´s toll; endless neighbourhoods, road-rail infrastructure and at last some development on a neighbouring city wich will be revealed soon; some innercity works need to be finished first. Rural Europe will be there aswell but custom content not yet up to a reasonable level to do anything ! Well let´s start this CJ ! Frankfurt Hochschule was established late 19 Century, Universtiy was proposed but at the heart of Germany and with Heidelberg nearby a more technical education was more suiting ! Frankfurt Alte Bibliotheke ! Faculty´s for Science and Mathematics ! University and Hochschule have a good relation on sharing facilty´s !Some new labs at the university and the sporting grounds are a good example ! Another view of the Hochschule ! Last one shot of a neighbouring city wich will be revealed later in this series, picture for the imagination; European city´s seem to be more popular the last month´s so I don´t like to give away too much about it ! Hope you like this CJ and see you back next time !
  2. The still ongoing question 'how close were the nazis to have the atomic bomb' was answered a few years ago. They were ready in 1941. They knew how to get the material and they knew how to built it. The only thing they didn't had was a reactor to produce plutonium. But why didn't they built this reactor? Nazis were always aware they never would have been able to produce charged uranium in an amount crucial for the war. This was their believe. So the atomic bomb wasn't really high on their priorities list. But in 1941 the so called 'uranium project' around Werner Heisenberg had discovered another fission product: plutonium. And they developed also a method without the need of uranium235 (charged uranium), the implosion driven chain reaction. According to Heisenbergs own memories, in 1942, he was asked by Albert Speer (minister of armaments industry) how long it would take to make an 'uranium bomb' (the nazi-german atom bomb project was called 'uranium project' and therefore the familiar name by this time was 'uranium bomb' instead of 'atomic bomb'). He answered, about 3 years, concealing that they were ready to built a plutonium only bomb. (Well, he even didn't lie). That was the point, according to Heisenberg, Nazi leaders lost interest on the 'uranium project'. Until 2007 there was no proof for this testimony given in 1952. By then in an archive in Moscov was discovered a patent application from Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, written in 1941. Weizsäcker by this time was a member of Heisenbergs research team on the 'uranium bomb'. Weizsäcker died in 2007 and therefore a biographer who wanted to write about him, made this discovery. This patent application describes exactly the plutonic bomb. As this application seems never to have been handed over to nazi authorities - it seems true what Heisenberg wrote later. They were ready to built it since 1941 but they didn't tell it to authorities and therefore no fission reactor was built to produce the necessary plutonium. But then - this are really strange coincidences. As till summer 1941 the manhatten project didn't made any great progress by searching how to get the process stable to split uranium 235 from uranium ore. Then suddenly they discovered how they could split plutonium from the uranium and they developed the idear of an implosion based bomb (the principle later leaded to the two-stage-reaction of the hydrogen bomb), all at the same time. And in 1942 they had in Chicago the world wide first reactor ready to produce plutonium. And it is the next strange coincidence that the russians shortly after the end of ww2 made the same progress, so that Edward Teller and Andrei Sakholov had both the exactly same concept for a nuclear fusion based weapon ready at the same time, in 1948. And the world wide first nuclear bomb, the trinity test bomb, was a plutonium only bomb with the principle of an implosion bomb - exactly as described by Weizsäcker in 1941 in his unpublished patent application. The bomb on Hiroshima, 1945, was a complete different technology than the bomb in the trinity test. The Hiroshima bomb was build in a more 'old fashioned' way, not to compress the material, but to unite materials (plutonium and uranium235) to reach critical mass. Apart from plutonium and uranium 235 there are roundabout 200 other fission products you can get by shooting neutrinos on an uranium core. Don't want to go for a conspiration theory - but it's strange that they went for the same combination of fission product and technique to cause a chain reaction, as there are quite many possible combinations to realize a nuclear bomb. Well, it's know Weizsäcker and Heisenberg met Niels Bohr - guess when - 1941 in Copenhagen. And until today this meeting is a big enigma to historians - what was the reason? What did they talk about? Heisenberg later explained, he wanted to convince Bohr, that the germans weren't able to built the bomb and therefore americans should stop researches too. But it's also known that Bohr remained deeply shocked by what they told him. And his memories are completely different. Until his death Weizsäcker was asked about that meeting and Weizsäcker always said "Bohr missunderstood us completely". Well, maybe not? Maybe thats the key to this enigma? Maybe they told him about the possibility to built a plutonium based implosion bomb. And Bohr recognized the possibility and told Teller. And Teller ... well the rest of the story is known.
  3. Embryo Donations?

    UKs "Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority" (HFEA) has approved a research application from the Francis Crick Institute, London, to use new "gene editing" techniques on human embryos. Also BBC doesn't explain it well - or maybe I don't get it - they're talking about living embryos, don't they?
  4. Humanity has accomplished great progress in many areas but with the great power granted by our knowledge comes great responsibility. We, as a civilization, have the knowledge of what inflicts harm, decreases harm, provides pleasure, bestows peace, propagates instability, bestows joy, and hastens the rate of progress. Those with the expertise in how to help humanity have a duty to share their knowledge (which most have been doing to the best of their abilities) but those with power and authority have a duty to listen to the experts, interpret the knowledge, and enact changes to make their jurisdiction a better place. Progress can be delayed and even prevented by adherence to traditions that no longer work in modern society, rejection of experimentation on larger scales with new techniques & philosophies that have been proven to work on smaller scales, and inertia at adapting and refining methods as they are continuously tested in the real world. Thomas Jefferson, one of The Founding Fathers, once said "Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of nineteen years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right." That is why the Constitution to the United States of America allows for amendments. The last amendment to be ratified was almost 25 years ago and it took over 2 centuries to be ratified. Traditionalism in the USA has caused the most strife in the 21st Century so far. The Republican Party holds onto ideals and traditions that, although worked in the past, no longer work today. Discrimination is a type of harmful behavior arising from continued use of preconceptions about specific demographics after experience has proven those preconceptions to be inaccurate. On the other end of the spectrum is the movement to enforce Politically Correct communication. This movement has propagated thanks to privileged (wealth, first-world citizenship, access to education and the Internet) youth complaining that their emotions are more important than learning, problem-solving, critical thinking, logic and even reason. Between the extremes of traditionalism & discrimination and the PC thought police is the vast middle ground occupied by the silent majority. Some members of the silent majority might view one extreme more favorably than the other but the vocal minority extremists view all outsiders (read: the majority) as threats to their ways of life. In the civilized world, the vast majority of Negative Rights are universally granted (on paper) according to the law. A growing movement to force governments to provide things to its citizens has pushed for more Positive "Rights to be granted (on paper). I believe that even more progress can be achieved in the areas of science, peace, prosperity, health and general happiness if Informed Consent (which already has perfectly strict definitions) allowed more to be done. I once heard about animal rights activists who violently free lab animals and believe that animals should have the same rights as humans. I think that animal testing should continue where optimal but "organs on chips" and expanded powers of Informed Consent to legally allow informed people to willingly allow researchers to treat them as lab rats (allowing all experiments allowed on rodents in the USA in 2000) with sufficient compensation according to risk (comparable to military members undergoing similar potential risks), harm to subjects (compensation to next of kin for medical expenses or death), and benefits to humanity (akin to a royalty authors get per book published). Most Negative Rights are 100% Fundamental, such as the following: Right to libertyRight to due process of lawRight to freedom of movementRight to freedom of thoughtRight to freedom of religionRight to freedom of expressionRight to peacefully assembleRight to freedom of associationMany new Positive Rights are merely Privileges that are considered desirable nowadays such as provision of services, internet access and subsidies. Negative Rights tend to trump Positive Rights when the two conflict, as such Negative Rights are considered prima facie. Privileges are benefits enjoyed for being a member of a certain exclusive group. There are privileges granted from being born in certain places, looking like people in power where you live, holding at least a certain minimum of wealth, holding a certain position, recognition for certain achievements, and ability to do certain things. Forcing a government to legally enforce more Positive "Rights" results in the privilege of citizenship (or legal residency) to outweigh other privileges both unearned (genetics and family wealth) AND earned (diplomas, degrees, certificates, elections, self-improvement, and economic success). Privileges are best when they can be earned and lost--such as through gaining and losing residency and citizenship for Positive Rights--which is why I believe that accomplishment should be actively rewarded and failure should be passively & indirectly punished. Your accomplishments measure how well you utilized your gifts (talents, opportunities, resources, etc) but doesn't directly measure quantity of gifts. Upwards Social Mobility in the absence of subsidies comes from extreme utilization of a small amount of gifts and downwards Social Mobility comes from squandering gifts. Respect is an English word often misused. Every living, breathing human being deserves love, understanding, tolerance and support. Admiration, appreciation, agreement, and the power of fame are earned through a different type of "respect." English has better words than 'respect' for what all humans deserve from the lowest rungs of nonviolent criminals to the wonderful people who nurtured and taught us. All people deserve Rights and Acceptance. However, Privileges and Admiration can only be earned (sometimes others earn them on your behalf) but are often called "Rights and Respect." What do you think? Did I get anything wrong? Did I oversimplify anything important? What are your opinions? Most importantly, what rights do you think humans innately possess? How often are these Fundamental Human Rights denied? Do you believe any Fundamental Human Rights can be lost (through atrocities), if so can they ever be regained through good deeds?
  5. The CERN Conspiracy

    Some people speculate that, by splitting the so-called G.O.D. particle (boson), the scientists at CERN could potentially open a portal/wormhole to an alternate reality, creating a time paradox, a black hole that may swallow the Earth, or even a new baby universe, that will expand, and destroy our current universe, "overwriting" the save file in the matrix. At this stage, we shouldn't be playing with energies approaching the Planck level. Technological progress is by far overpacing our corrupt and obsolete society, and the consequences may be dire indeed.
  6. Martian downtown

    From the album Weekly Challenge #18 - City Life

    Of all the old pictures I have to show, this one is one of the few that I can share without feeling ashamed. Welcome to Mars, the Red Planet. Overpopulation, climate changes, the global financial depression and the fear of a nuclear war forced the humanity to give Earth a break and spread to the Cosmos, feeding its hunger for knowledge and adventure and looking for a salvation. Mars is one of the first world that has been explored and colonized by the mankind and today a progress of terraforming is on the way. Until the beginning of the Green Mars Age, the colonists will have to survive on this tough planet, while building the fountains of a better future for their children.

    © Terring

  7. Peaceful green suburb

    From the album Terring's Terrible Cities

    Nothing strange, just an ordinary green suburb.

    © Terring

  8. Version 1.0.0


    Do you want to put your city at the forefront of astronomical research and make it a destination for space enthusiasts everywhere? Than build the Sagan-Tyson Center for Space, and citizens will come from all around to bask in the wonders of the cosmos! The Sagan-Tyson Center for Space boasts an impressive collection of labs and offices for your city's brightest astronomers and astrophysicists, a rooftop observatory with a small-diameter telescope, a spacious planetarium with the latest in projection technology, several great exhibits on the history and future of space exploration and the nature of the cosmos, and a full-size mock-up of a Saturn V rocket from NASA's Apollo program. The basics: Found under Unique Buildings, Level 5. 14x10 lot. The custom model is 13,949 triangles. Includes diffuse, specular, alpha, illumination, and normal textures at 2048x2048. Includes custom LOD with custom textures. The LOD is 854 tris, with 256x256 textures. Costs $30,000 in-game. Has 4 entrances and several hangout areas. Towering above the city at 110.6 meters (363 feet), the Saturn V rocket is 1:1 scale, and gives an idea of just how big these rockets were. This is a fictional building, with some elements inspired by real buildings, mainly the rooftop observatory, based on the Doane Observatory at Chicago's Adler Planetarium, and the planetarium, based on the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium. Installation: Download the desired file. Extract the .CRP file/s from the ZIP archive you downloaded. Place the .CRP file in: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Assets Please let me know if there are any issues, or if you have any ideas or designs for other buildings you'd be interested in seeing made! Thanks for downloading, and enjoy!
  9. Towers and gardens

    From the album Terring's Terrible Cities

    Is having an extremely high population that necessary, to build a tower?

    © Terring

  10. Vertiport

    From the album Terring's Terrible Cities

    A vertiport is like an airport, but for V.T.O.L. (Vertical Take Over and Land) air vehicles. They don't need plenty of space (since they don't even use runways at all) and they can even being constructed on the top of large buildings in the middle of the city, so everybody can take a VTOL plane easier and faster.

    © Terring

  11. Martian colony

    From the album Terring's Terrible Cities

    Why we have to limit ourselves on Earth, when we can expand our presence on other worlds as well? Don't get me wrong, I know there are severe issues we have to solve here on our planet. But no civilization can live forever when it's stuck on its world. While we reconsider anything we've been taken as granted and establish a system of values that encourages rationality and kindness (instead of blind faith and antagonism) , why not prepare ourselves to the greatest adventure ever made... to the stars and beyond? Oh, and you can download SimMars beta 3 to build colonies on Mars

    © © Terring

  12. Arcology

    From the album Terring's Terrible Cities

    An arcology is a huge building that functions as an autonomous city. The idea is to maximize the efficiency and the capacity of a city, while reducing the resources and the building space it require. It's like a skyscraper, but much larger and with more stuff than just offices. The arcology in the picture is the Plymouth Arcology, one of the most classic buildings of Simcity 2000, in Simcity 4. You can get it from here.

    © © Terring

  13. City floating in space

    From the album Terring's Terrible Cities

    A city floating in space? This is madness! Madness? THIS! IS! SIMCITY!!! And yes, there is a terrain mod here on Simtropolis that makes the map spacey by adding stars instead of grass or sand. No photo edit has been made!

    © © Terring

  14. Everything is a Lie

    Wat. http://news.yahoo.com/universe-really-hologram-203240505.html Every part of this article made me laugh; one of the few well-written ones on Yahoo. And the last line was just the icing on the cake. Sure will be interesting to hear what they find.
  15. Hollow Earth Theory

    Hi I found an interesting article about the hollow Earth theory.The arguments given here seem logical enough.What do you guys think?Is it real science,popular science,or pesudo science? http://www.v-j-enterprises.com/janhol.html#Def

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