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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, I have beel playing CS for a while now, but took a break from playing for some time. When I started up the game again, mods do not show up in my content manager. I tried to reinstall the game, I've unsubsribed all mods, tried to change place of the isntallation folder from CS but nothing works. Anybody got any ideas what can solve this problem?
  2. Greetings Good People, It has been almost a year since I played Cities Skylines. I am now coming back to play it. In that time I have noticed that there are a plethora new DLC, mods, etc. So, my question is, which DLC should I get? Are there any must have mods? I was only used to the vanilla game. I stopped playing because it got boring. Is there any dlc or mod that I can download that makes the game more interesting? Thanks for any insight.
  3. Hi guys! So, I'll make it quick. Whenever I download mods and put them in the Appdata/local/... folder where they belong it goes well and my mods load perfectly fine. But when I put in an asset in the destination folder. Somehow my content manager pops up empty and no mods are visible. (Only the Assets). I have some pictures here (3 pics) Image 1 (when I have an Asset in the folder) (with mods) Image 2 (when I have an Asset in the folder) (with mods) Image 3 (No Assets result in the mods being visible) Idk what to do. I re-installed. Updated. etc.. (I don't play with Steam) -> can't seem to find the log. It doesn't matter how many mods there are, they just turn invisible.
  4. Gigante del Pacífico Stadium

    A custom stadium, inspired by Municipal Stadium of Braga, Portugal. This BAT is simple ,without details. Gigante del Pacífico Stadium - Wainor City, Metzú Republic (City Journal)
  5. Community Build-up Discussion - 465 days and counting... It's been a long time since the previous Trixies So this is the perfect time to share and discuss notable contributions... Make no mistake, so much has happened between the ceremony of the previous Trixies. On the STEX, in CJs and throughout the forums, there have been many memorable moments. Although unless anyone regularly visits all areas of the site, keeping detailed running notes over the last 2 years, we realise it would be very tricky to remember more than a handful of items or events. With so many outstanding widespread contributions, it's so easy to lose track. Maybe even forget items which we thought were truly remarkable at the time. That's why we're starting this Community Discussion, so we can together help each other recall the various noteworthy and significant contributions. Just to clarify, the goal here is not to develop a ballot paper or set list of candidates, but instead, spread greater awareness before people go to the polls. The Trixies are never intended to be a popularity contest or a campaign of who made the 'better' content. That's not in line with the sense of community spirit in which they're run. Nominations will always be conducted anonymously and made at the discretion of each individual. In no way should the items/authors discussed here be the sole options to nominate. The thing is, by us all pitching in with notable memories from 2015-2016, it then aims to help with making your own measured judgements. Encouraging you to investigate the items discussed, and perhaps discover things you may have not otherwise known about, or have possibly overlooked. Also for newcomers who may not have been around since the start of 2015, this aims to inform and give everyone a greater understanding. Remember, all community members are eligible to receive a Trixie, so the power is still in your hands to make the pivotal choice. In short, this discussion simply intends to put ideas out there for everyone to decide on their own, with a broader perspective. Discussion Guidelines To help ensure this is conducted fairly and follows the above principles, here are a set of guidelines to follow when posting: 1. All Examples mentioned... E.g. STEX files, CJs or other site contribution: a) Must be submitted or occurred in the eligible period (2015 or 2016). b) Was created by or relates to someone in the Simtropolis community. c) Does not concern yourself. d) Are linked in your post, so others can check it out for themselves. (Feel free to use the auto-embed previews which resolve for links.) 2. Provide a few details about the Example, aiming to use a non-persuasive informational tone: For instance, where applicable: What is it? Who created it? What does it do or show? How was this a highlight for you? In what ways did you find it useful or interesting? 3. For each Category, please provide at least 2 applicable Examples, from 2 different Authors. E.g. Custom Content Author A Created this rustic commercial BAT that functions as a growable CS$ and a ploppable Landmark. Author B Created a set of filler Lots, which can be used to construct a custom park. 4. (Optional) Along with each Example, ONE image may be included, to help with the objective of informing. E.g. Custom Content This may show a way you've used the item in the applicable game. City Journals This could be an image embedded or linked from the author's CJ. (Please don't re-upload!) Community Might not be applicable, but if you can depict a notable other community contribution using a picture, go for it! Special Mention Thanks to @T Wrecks for thinking of the concept for a Trixies discussion thread in the first place! So without further ado... Post away with what you found memorable...
  6. I'm curious. I want to get back into Simcity 4 as I haven't touched it really in 3 or 4 years now and since then I've deleted all of my CC to save space. I backed up quite a few of them in Drive before I deleted them (smart, but there's no organization except for the Japanese and Finnish/Scandinavian themed mods, and even some of these aren't in the respectable location.), but I know there'll be problems with a few things in there, and I don't actually want quite a few things in there. What I'm really looking for are packs of some of the biggest authors works in one, and then I can look for the newer and smaller stuff. I remember the pain of first finding a lot of these CC and having to take like 20 to 30 seconds to download one thing because every one had a separate installer with a forced read-me when I knew how to install things manually. I also know that there's a crap ton of outdated stuff (I do know that NAM has had a major update since I've been gone though, so that I'm aware of at least). Some mods I probably have used in the past may of disappeared from the web too. Several sites for Japanese mods that I went to were really old when I visited them years ago, and many weren't even around then. They were some of my favorites, and while I have some of the buildings saved, they are so disorganized and I may not have some of the dependencies. Does someone have or know of some archive that may of saved some of these lost files? TLTR: Does anyone have a folder(s) full of essentials and must have buildings like PEG's works and stuff? Maybe some archives?
  7. [VOTING] Content Creation (S3-20-C)

    Voting Rules Votes may be cast by rating images inside the album. Each image represents the actual item of content. Although not required, we recommend trying each item of content before voting. For this, please see the download link in each description. You may rate all entries once at any rating value (1-5). All votes are anonymous. We encourage you not to rate your own entry. Try to vote on all other entries, as this will help ensure the results are evenly distributed. Suggested Voting Criteria Here are some ideas to help you evaluate each entry when voting: How much effort you think has gone into creating the content item. Does the item function well for its intended purpose? The overall visual appearance -- does it stand out as being something interesting. The visible attention to detail. To what extent is the item a useful addition to the game? The winners will be the top 3 ranked images after a 12 day voting period. Reputation prizes will be awarded based on the number of entries, and the overall average rating. See this topic for more info. As usual for this Custom Content challenge, rep prizes will be distributed slightly differently. The top 5 placed entries will earn reputation, along with points for the "Overall" and "Monthly & Custom Content" leaderboards. As this is a longer challenge, the amount of rep and points will be greater (depending on the number of entries). After the challenge has concluded and the winners announced, all submissions will be kept available for the community to enjoy.
  8. :edit: Firstly, thank you to @Cyclone Boom for splitting this topic into it's own thread. This conversation came about on this thread originally, but we're way off topic now. I just wanted to add a quick preface here, since otherwise this whole thing is somewhat lacking in context. In short, I would like to propose and encourage discussion about the oft-difficult subject of maintaining works uploaded to the exchanges. I think there are real benefits to be had for the community if we can make such a process happen, along with keeping it as simple as possible for end users. Ideally, I feel the community should have the right to maintain the files on the exchanges for the betterment of all. To be absolutely clear, I'm not suggesting we change things we don't personally like for existing uploads. Here of some of the cases where I feel a little community tweaking should be allowed: Fixing broken or non-functioning mods. Adding/replacing missing or faulty Icons. Grouping files together in menus properly. Removing erroneous files that can cause problems. Updating transit stations, for example add LHD or RHD paths when they are missing. Or simply linking to the correct ones if the wrong ones are used. Additionally updating TSEC / Capacity values in line with latest standards. (I'm all too aware this is somewhat covered by SLURP currently, not looking to tread on anyone's toes here). Possibly updating Readmes/Documentation when it's not clear. Repackaging of Installers/.zip files to either a more efficient format or where one or the other is not ideal. For example, you've a file with one dat inside it, why on earth should that be in an installer? At the very least, it would be nice for the user downloading to have the option of a .zip file. p.s. IMHO, ClickTeam installers need to be eradicated from the face of the earth, they are terrible in every way. Anything else which can reasonably considered broken or undesirable where the change is not simply a "preference". Anyhow these are some of my ideas for situations where I feel as a community we can greatly improve the quality of the content offered to everyone. I'd love to know what you think. Hopefully this can also spark a debate, which may lead to some traction on this issue and change, in terms of how moving forwards the community manages it's #1 asset, content. Original discussion starts here: In the history of modding, two fundamentally flawed styles for growable buildings have been all too frequently used IMO. In the beginning, it was the copying of a lot's properties to create new lots. As much as anything, this is down to Maxis because the LE doesn't make it clear how to make a new buildings exemplar, so many people simply didn't know how else to do it. What should be done is to open PIM and create a new Buildings Exemplar before you make your lot, rather than copying the original. This issue leads to many problems. It's also possible to alleviate if you take the time to manually adjust the properties with another tool afterwards. The second one is the use of blank props on the lot, which are just there to satisfy the need for a buildings exemplar. In essence, it's the building that contains all the properties of the lot. It's totally fine to use them on ploppables, but should be avoided where possible for growables. Of course sometimes to make something work in a particular way, it's necessary to use them. I also get annoyed that so many people have made competing blank models for the purpose. Even in my very well organised plugins folder, I must have 50 or more separate blank props. I think the general dependency fear is behind this, "Oh I can't include this as a dependency, when I can just make another and have less deps". Honestly, if deps bother you, so does nice looking content. I'm always acutely aware of how many I'm using, but within reason, it's a necessary evil to make the best work you are capable of doing. In reality however, one such blank model is sufficient for every possible usage you could ever need. Not picking on anyone, but there is a pack of WMP blank props that illustrates this lack of understanding of how the game works at a fundamental level. You can have one model, but re-use it a thousand times with different exemplars. There is no such thing as a CS blank and a R$ blank, a model is just a model. How you utilise it is always down to the exemplar that links to it. So why on earth does one pack need countless duplicates of the same thing? Actually, you don't need a model at all, just null the RTK property, i.e. link to RTK 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, which causes no ill effects. Otherwise, re-use one of the existing blank props from the base game, Maxis included a couple, the most obvious ones on the park lots. I've often come across lots which used such blank props, but forgot to link to them as dependencies, giving brown boxes. Which is a little stupid when you consider everything you need to use one is already part of the Maxis files. I think that's why peer review of lots is such a useful idea, but in these days of dwindling numbers, there is a time/skills shortage to do it. Very often, having pointed out to someone a flaw with their work, you get the impression they think you are being mean or simply that it's too much effort to fix. On one hand, allowing all content regardless of quality, does lead to more items to download. But on the other, it also leads to much faulty content, or simply content that could be better modded, a recipe for user frustration. Once something's on the exchanges, that's usually the end of the matter. But if things can be fixed/improved, it would make much more sense to have a coordinated effort to get those fixes to everyone. So for example, say a transit stop has used the wrong paths, but the creator didn't fix it. it makes no sense that a number of more skilled users all separately make the same fixes. But despite their efforts, which is many times the work it should be, these fixes are still not available for the masses. Sure one could re-release the same lots as competing ones, but that's a bit crass. I guess it doesn't affect me, I'm confidently able to fix anything as I need. But I do sometimes wish when I fix something, there was a more reliable way of giving that fix to everyone in the process. Even those small number of fixes I've attached to the forums are not highly visible and get a very small number of downloads. Still there are no easy answers/solutions to these problems, especially considering how long the exchanges have been going. That said, I firmly believe that we can bridge the gap towards resolving these issues. A concerted push to make it easier for users to find, install and use mods, with assured quality, would have huge gains for the community. I fear many people come to the community, full of inspiration and motivation, only to get bogged down trying to make things work. To get where I have takes a strong will to get things right. For example, half the reason I don't enjoy playing anymore, is down to the fact that nothing finds it's way into my plugins folder until I've vetted, improved, fixed and made it as efficient as it can be. As a result, I can build the networks all day long, but when it's time to make a city, I still don't have enough content to really make my cities look the way I want them to. Every now and again I have a binge of adding content, but it's so much work. One day hopefully my efforts will have paid off and I'll just need to worry about new content. But starting as late as I did (3 years ago), I've spent so long just trying to catch up with 13 years of mods. Just as Tarkus mentioned recently (re: Gobias' mods), we as a community need to seriously think about how we are going to keep things going for the next 13 years. If we bury our heads in the sand and don't try to address these issues, we are hurting our own future. To my mind, one of the first and most important things to do here is to change the terms for uploading content. Within certain sensible guidelines, when a mod is uploaded, the community should have the right to amend/fix/distribute the content. It's the community that pays for it to be hosted and acts as it's caretaker. I'm not talking about changing props/textures or other aesthetic choices. But if something is clearly not working or stuffed full of redundant files, we should be able to fix it for the benefit of all.
  9. Here's what I found out about the rights of content creators: (from another thread addressing similar issues) So you don't actually lose your intellectual rights when uploading anything to the workshop hope that makes you feel better although i'm not sure about not being able to add your own licences :S
  10. Over the last couple of months there has been a flurry of new BATs, LOTs and other great mods. 2015 was an amazing year for new SC4 content and it has given us hardcore players even more to play with in this ever-growing sandbox. The purpose of this topic is to consider SC4's future and how with more content it assures both the game's freshness and also its future to. Let's look at the highlights of 2015: 1. Two new NAMs! NAM 33 and 34 brought numerous flex/drag options for the RHW and the RRW, more stability, and more versatility for the NWM. 2. rsc204's Terrain Grass NAM. Changing all the road networks grass to that of the HD terrain controller of your choice, plus the vast amount of wealth texture unification is a real game-changer. It has brought a simplicity to SC4 in terms of style but also greater realism. 3. The SC4D's advent calender. A lot of cool stuff was posted and there were a whole ton of goodies- http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17189.0. 4. FrankU's Dutch parks, plazas and relotted Maxis reward content. 5. The flurry of mattb325's buildings; great mid-rise content. 6. Catalyst's T21s for the RHW which include crash barriers and stuff. 7. c.p.'s FAR industry. {---} There is probably more that I have overlooked but, as I said in the beginning, 2015 was a great year for new SC4 content, game-changing new content. This year is looking promising to: kingofsimcity's car parks, rsc204's SAM 11 which is an industrial street which could be released, simmer2's relots and amazing RRW lot work, draggable/clickable TULEPs coming in the NAM 35... I think the future of SC4 may be a lot more diagonal and FA RCI content, this will really break the grid and create the illusion of a curvy, more organic game. At any rate SC4 has never felt so fresh and interesting. Is this a new golden age for the game?
  11. TWO plug-in folders?

    Apologies if this has been asked before (I'm sure it has) but I finally am back on a computer that seems to play SC4 well, and like always, cool stuff has been made in the absence I'm gone (a DLL that fixes aggravating bugs? Get out! ) So, I got SimCity 4 on Steam partially because it was on sale at the time, partially because I didn't want to muck around with Win7 flags that clash with the DRM, and partially because I didn't want to muck around with CD images and patches. So, the situation is, there's now TWO SimCity 4 folders, both with Plugin and Region files. One's in the Steam folder under the commonapps folder (or "common", can't remember which), and one's in the My Documents folder. The one in My Documents appeared after I started the game for the first time, but I had off-loaded many of my plug-ins to the Steam one. Now, I'm even more confused because NAM 34 (nice that I finally have more than 2GB of RAM, so no fear) wants to put it on the My Documents folder, probably because of the non-Steam files floating around. I'm sure it matters where I put plug-ins, but should I tell the NAM to install there? And if I already did, could I just move it to the "proper" place?
  12. Up to now I've gotten most of my content through the Steam Workshop. My question is when downloading content from this site, what file should it be put in to be able to use it in the game? Thanks -Dick Wright
  13. What location does downloaded content go in? Thanks, Dick Wright __________________________________________________ Duplicate topic, re-posted here: http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/69095-download-location/
  14. Hello everyone. This will be my custom content showcase and workshop thread. In all the years I been a member here, I never uploaded any content but enjoying great work by other members. I take this opportunity to say Thank You to all content makers for making our city building experience so enjoyable. I feel that making content is overdue for me and I want to give back to the community. I have some buildings and trees that I will be showing in upcoming updates to this thread. I will also be asking for advice and help. 2/20/2018 Release: Bunya Pine Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1307801978 More info on last pages of this thread. Note: This post was edited 5/29/2015 to reserve this first post for all current updates.
  15. 12th May UPDATE: We're pleased to report the CSL Info Squad is now officially up and running! However, if anyone would still like to participate, you're not too late. Applications shall remain open for the foreseeable future (just reply to this thread / send me a PM). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi everyone, You may be aware TPB had been recently organising two useful resource threads for the game: Steam Workshop "Who to follow" suggestionsModding properties information However, due to personal circumstances, he's not currently able to continue updating them. Therefore, with TPB's approval we've decided to open these topics for the community, to contribute and share knowledge of CSL workshop content / modding. Basically, this would involve being given access to a shared member account. The two topics will be posted under this account, with the existing info being copied over. As a team member, you can then login and make updates (edits) to the information in the initial posts. Additional helpful resources may also be created along the way, or at a later stage. It's really designed to be a collaborative effort, making it easier for info to be consolidated. If TPB is able to return in future, he can be invited to join the effort and assist with supervision. Ideally this opportunity is best suited for those who play the game, and have either: a) Knowledge of content on the CSL Steam Workshop. OR b) An understanding of the game's modding mechanics (you don't necessarily have to be a content creator, just have some basic knowledge of how it works). OR c) Some familiarity with creating custom models for the game. If you'd like to join this initiative, please post below! (Or alternatively, you can send me a message). Once we've got a few people on board, I'll send invites to join a private discussion -- here more details about the team account will be provided. If you've got any questions about this, or would like further clarification, please ask. Thanks! -CB
  16. I get asked all the time about what mods I use and where to get them. I have compiled a list of useful links and I wanted to share them here! Simtropolis Exchange -Most popular: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/category/1-simcity-4/?dosort=1&sort_key=file_downloads&sort_order=desc -Highest rated: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/category/1-simcity-4/?dosort=1&sort_key=file_rating&sort_order=desc SC4 Devotion -Most popular: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_lotlist.php?orderBY=popular STEX Hall of fame: Toutsimcity -Most popular: http://www.toutsimcities.com/downloads/index/simcity4/sort:Download.downloaded/direction:desc Capital SimCity: http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc Japanese SC4 site links: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=361.0 -SOMY is a great example: http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/index.htm Simtropolis STEX CD/DVDs (costs $ but its easy and helps support the site): http://www.simtropolis.com/stexcollections Strictoaster, a popular SimCity 4 and Cities Skyline streamer and Youtube creator, has a easy to follow spreadsheet for the content he uses: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ya_32tupri4av11zGeX92yVh5L6en8KMi1syZgsf55I/edit#gid=0 Others: https://sites.google.com/site/sc4modds/ ...That's what I've got for what's popular and easy to access. If you have questions or others to add, please do so!
  17. Tree Anywhere

    Version 1.0


    TREE ANYWHERE It allows you to select one of a couple variations of trees and place them anywhere you feel like it. here are some of my screen shots showing you how it can be used as a tree line. It is to date the single smallest plop within the game and is part of the core code functions. This opens that core function back up to users whom wish to use trees and place them anywhere you like. -------------------------------------------------- MOD REPOST: Creator = ProcsKalone 8/22/2013 This mod is fully functional and not tied to updates. The item was removed since he was not going to be maintaining any of his mods any longer. If needed I will update the mod going forward, however there is nothing to maintain in this specific one. After talking to one of the devs I decided to repost it and give him full credit since he was the one whom worked on the mod to begin with to put features back in the game and UI / UX that were coded to begin with. Enjoy XoXiDe
  18. Hi all, I'm having some missing props in SC4, exactly in the City Hall lot, when i plop it, it shows a brown box on a corner, like is there is something not present in the game content. Matter of fact, I've installed some custom trees, is it possible that some of them have affected part of the lots in the game? To be more precise, here is a shot of what I am now: I use a lot of custom stuff in sc4, I remember that some of them changed the green areas inside some lots, but not exactly which one caused the missing stuff problem. Tnx in advance
  19. Hi, All! I have a relatively simple question and I'm hoping the wonderful members of ST can provide some kind of help. This week, I just procured another copy of SC4. My intentions were to build my plugins folder slowly as I build cities, while also learning the art of lot editing to fill my maps with essentially all custom content (as we see so many members of ST do so masterfully). After loading it into my PC and downloading some of the basic plugins as a start (NAM, terrain mod, Mapper, maps, etc), I found that my PC is far too outdated for me to run this game with the intentions that I have. So how large of an upgrade would I have to make in order to smoothly operate SC4 with a deep plugin folder? I'm open to any suggestions, whether they be to simply upgrade my current system in some way or even if I should go as far as to buying a gaming computer. I just figured that the community who is always posting beautiful work filled with custom content must have an idea of the computing capacity necessary to the run the game in such a manner. I thank you all in advance for the help!
  20. Custom Content Appears Funky

    When I go to place one of my custom content in SC4, the 5x and 6x zooms make the model appear like a funky glob of grey, with some spots in it. Like this: Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  21. For the Eager, Yet Overwhelmed Newcomer New to SimCity, Simtropolis, or been out of touch for a few years? Wondering what the heck a NAM or a BAT is? And just what the heck is up with those brown boxes?! This article will take you through the basics of registering your game, whether from a hard copy of the disc or from Steam, the essentials of Simtropolis, and a jumpstart into the world of Custom Content, to bring your game to a level beyond what you could imagine is possible. I would like to thank A Nonny Moose for his contributions and influences on the creation of this article. Rush Hours, Deluxe Editions, SimCity Boxes, Oh my! Before starting on registration information, we should make a clarification on just what the differences in these versions are. The short answer is nothing. When Maxis released Rush Hour, the expansion pack to the original SimCity 4 game, they released two versions: one simply the expansion (SimCity 4: Rush Hour); the other, a version that included both the original game and the expansion pack (SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition). It makes absolutely no difference to the game whether you own the Deluxe Edition, or Rush Hour. Now, just what is the SimCity Box? After the release of SimCity Societies in 2008, EA released this version which contains SimCity 4, SimCity 4: Rush Hour, SimCity Societies, SimCity Societies: Destinations, and The Sims Carnival: SnapCity. The story here is the same with Rush Hour and the Deluxe Edition: it makes absolutely no difference. In the event that you happen to be a long time player who does not own Rush Hour or the Deluxe Edition, it should be noted that the expansion pack is required to make use of 99% of the custom content available on this site. I will explain that further later on. Registering and Updating the Game Before playing, you need to pick up the two (2) necessary EA-released patches to your game for it to work correctly. In recent months, it has been noted that the official EA SimCity 4 Deluxe site has been taken down. So as not to leave these players hanging, some mirrors have been set up containing the assorted official updates. Important note: If you purchased your game from an authorized download source, you may not need any further updates. Check the properties of the game's .exe file. If it indicates you have version 1.1.641.0 or if you already have version 1.1.640.0, you will not need further updates. For the standard, PC version updates, check out here: SC4Devotion Own the Mac edition and can't open .exe's? Check out this thread: Bought your copy off Steam? Steam comes pre-patched! Yay! You should apply the two updates to the game in this order: EP1 to fix bugs, and the BATupdate to allow nightlights. When you are finished, you should check to see that the version number of the .exe file for the game in Program files/Maxis/Apps has been updated to 1,1,640,0. This is proof that your updates worked. Optional Upgrades and Tools You may notice on the mirror sites, a number of other downloads available. Among these are new landmarks, new rewards, the Lot Editor, and Building Architect Tool (BAT). These are all optional, and are not necessary for the games function or the addition of but do add content, and functionality. So, just what do these BAT and Lot Editor things do? The Lot Editor allows you to construct new lots, using the buildings, textures, and assorted prop pieces included within the game. The Building Architect Tool (BAT) allows you to construct new 3D models, and is what is used to create new buildings, trees, seawalls, spaceships, and everything inbetween. Using the Lot Editor and the BAT in tandem, the world is yours to create. It should be noted that both these tools have a sizeable learning curve. We do have a number of tutorials here to get you started, the most notable of these being the BAT Essentials Tutorial in the Omnibus. Unleashing the Game At this point, your game is ready to go! The appropriate patches are in place, and the game is as optimized as Maxis and EA could make it. So where to now? Many players are happy to play the game without any custom content, relying simply on what Maxis has provided. It is indeed very possible to create beautiful cities using only what content Maxis provided. But, many would also point out that the game can be so much more. In the 8 years since the release of the game, the amount of custom content available brings the game to an entirely new level. Players can recreate their hometowns with stunning accuracy, watching roads twist and curve, with even the correct corner market in place. Players can build in the desert, in futuristic settings, or on Mars. The custom content community has taken a finite game and given it infinite possibilities. And the question I'm sure you're asking by this point is, where do I begin? There are a number of exchanges available for you to browse. Here on Simtropolis, the STEX is perhaps the largest, and one of the oldest exchanges devoted to SimCity 4. The other primary English exchanges are SC4Devotion LEX and the PLEX (now on the STEX). You could say that SC4Devotiion is the high-tech site, and that Pegasus is the theme site, and you wouldn't be far wrong. Most community exchanges both require free registration in order to download, as Simtropolis does. The SimCity community expands far beyond English speakers, however - other communities include German and Japanese sites. Growable? Ploppable? What? As you browse the exchanges, you'll notice these phrases on assorted files throughout. The answer to this could not be simpler. A growable lot means that it will grow on its own with the appropriate zoning, as if it were any building created by Maxis. Ploppable lots allow you to plop the building as if it were a landmark. Some ploppables retain their commercial/industrial nature and provide jobs as though they were grown. It should be noted that at early points in the exchange, you may run across residential ploppables. These do not work, and will abandon some time after plopping. So, I've Downloaded Some Stuff. Now what? Installation of downloads really is simple. This article by our fearless Dirktator outlines the process of installation. Some downloads now come with .exe installers, which simplifies the process even more - the installer does all the work for you. The next question you may have is where the heck do I find my ploppable items in the game? Some items will be pretty intuitive as to where they are located - Educational facilities are located in the Schools menu, policing facilities in the Police menu, etc. But what about that great skyscraper advertised as a ploppable? Those will generally be located in the Landmarks menu. Nearly everything else (parks, churches, etc.) will be located in either Parks or Rewards. And if you just can't find it anywhere, consult the ReadMe that should have been included with the download. It should state where it is located in the menu system in game. Brown Boxes, Everywhere! Uh oh! This may look tragic, but it doesn't mean your game is wrecked. You just missed downloading some dependencies. Wait, what? Dependewho? Dependencies are separate files that a lot uses to complete itself. If Download A cannot find the appropriate dependency, it reverts to the lovely boxes you can see in the picture above. It may not look like it, but each lot is actually filled with bits and pieces of other files to make the bigger picture. The trees, the benches, the garbage cans, the swimming pools you see on assorted lots are all individual pieces, that come together to create a house, a park, or a shopping complex. All downloads on the SimTropolis EXchange are required to list all dependencies needed to work properly. If you've looked everywhere and just can't find that dependency, or if the dependency package is locked, please make a post here, and one of our friendly members will help you out. You may have further questions in regards to dependencies. As with installation, I would like to refer you to another article that goes into much further detail. The Dependency Debate by north_country_dude goes into great detail about the pros and cons of dependencies, and answers a few of the common questions you may have about them. So what should I download? Building tastes vary from person to person. Personally, I prefer the drab, 1970's concrete buildings, while many prefer the sleek, glass modern skyscrapers. Because of this, I'm not going to recommend any particular buildings - but I can recommend some mods that are considered the best and the greatest. Network Addon Mod, or the NAM. This mod was first conceived with the discovery of an unfinished road network Maxis left in the game. The talented modding community has taken this and turned it into entirely new road networks, gave us roundabouts, and allows us to create true metropolitan cities with roads to match. This can be found here on the STEX, or at SC4Devotion. If you're interested, here is the "official" NAM FAQ Thread with links to the different parts used with NAM & answers to common queries. If any issues come up while using NAM, there's also a support thread here. Various NAM Team members including Tarkus frequent the thread and gladly help out. A terrain and water mod. When you first launch the game, the grass and water seems realistic enough. A bit off perhaps, but hey nothing can be perfect. Not true - modders have been able to create new textures for the terrain and the water, which makes the Maxis textures look like off-coloured drawings. Cycledogg has made a number of varying terrain mods, and there are assorted water textures on the STEX, each varying for the kind of water your city needs. SimMars. Certainly this mod is not for everyone, but this article would be deficient if it weren't mentioned. SimMars transforms SimCity to Mars, complete with textures, buildings, road networks and music to match. The work done on this is exceptional, and it sits with the NAM as the greatest projects to improve the game that SimCity has seen. Everything else listed here. Livin in Sim has created this top ten list of great mod's that should be essential. A few other members have listed their contributions as well, and I would highly recommend them all! From there you could look through the CJ section to get ideas or run through the STEX and other exchanges to see if anything "jumps" out at you. As I mentioned before, if you can't seem to find something, make a post here and someone is bound to help you out. How do I win? SimCity is different from most games, as there is no set end point. Your success is based on goals you set. For many, a balanced budget and proper governance of a successful city without "godly" intervention (ie. cheats) makes a successful game. For many, the accurate recreation of a real life city is the goal, generally with the assistance of assorted budget cheats. For others still, it's simply to create the best city they can. Set your own goals and adjust as you achieve them. For all flavours of player, however, we do have an assortment of tutorials here on Simtropolis to help you on the Omnibus. The sections that will interest you most are SimCity 4 Reference and SimCity 4 Tutorials. Check back from time to time, as we do continue to add articles! Hopefully, this article has helped you get started. If you have any further questions that this article didn't answer, the folk in the forums and the chatroom are always eager to help, and any member of the Simtropolis Help Squad would be more than happy to give you some tips to the right direction.
  22. Super Sticky: SC4-STEX Mega FAQ Quick Links The Simtropolis Exchange (STEX) - Where all the downloads are. The SC4D Lot Exchange (LEX) Registration Page - Trying to download a dependency or other file from the LEX and can't find the download button? Register here. The Omnibus of Knowledge - Lots of info here, folks. Requesting a BAT? - Want to request a BAT? Request it here! Don't forget to follow the posting rules. Need to Find Something? - Saw something or remember having it, but can't find it? Ask it here. General Modding Requests - After a special type of mod? Just ask here. General Lotting Requests - After a special type of lot? Just ask here. NAM Feature Requests - Got ideas for new NAM features? Ask for it here. Tools of the Trade - Wanna make stuff yourself? Find out what you need here. IndexSTEX Related Rules and TipsThe Definition of the STEXSTEX Related Issues - Failing, Slow, and Corrupt DownloadsSpam on the STEX and How to Deal With ItHow to Search the STEX When Search is DownWhy Aren't there Any Cities or Why Can't I Upload Cities?Plugin Information and HelpBoggy1's Quick Guide to All Things Custom Content - if you only need a quick reference.How to Install PluginsHow to Install MapsHow to Unzip FilesHow to Use AutoinstallersI See a Brown Box/Blank Ground/Other Lot Issues - What are DependenciesWhat are These FileTypes?Download Technical IssuesItem Doesn't Appear In the GameThe Game is CrashingMy Rails No Longer WorkI Don't Get Nightlights on Custom BuildingsMy Game Runs Slow

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