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  1. I'm curious. I want to get back into Simcity 4 as I haven't touched it really in 3 or 4 years now and since then I've deleted all of my CC to save space. I backed up quite a few of them in Drive before I deleted them (smart, but there's no organization except for the Japanese and Finnish/Scandinavian themed mods, and even some of these aren't in the respectable location.), but I know there'll be problems with a few things in there, and I don't actually want quite a few things in there. What I'm really looking for are packs of some of the biggest authors works in one, and then I can look for the newer and smaller stuff. I remember the pain of first finding a lot of these CC and having to take like 20 to 30 seconds to download one thing because every one had a separate installer with a forced read-me when I knew how to install things manually. I also know that there's a crap ton of outdated stuff (I do know that NAM has had a major update since I've been gone though, so that I'm aware of at least). Some mods I probably have used in the past may of disappeared from the web too. Several sites for Japanese mods that I went to were really old when I visited them years ago, and many weren't even around then. They were some of my favorites, and while I have some of the buildings saved, they are so disorganized and I may not have some of the dependencies. Does someone have or know of some archive that may of saved some of these lost files? TLTR: Does anyone have a folder(s) full of essentials and must have buildings like PEG's works and stuff? Maybe some archives?
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