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  1. SimCity 3000 uk buildings

    I just came out of the GOG store. 1) I was looking for SC4 deluxe in Spanish and I found it bundled up with a lot of other languages. I'll wait a sale on that. 2) Ran into SC3000, an UK version for less than €9.00. @Dollar Tower$, with an avatar you should just buy it and avoid all the legal hassle. Maybe before you buy, you should ask them (GOG) if the buildings you want are included. Who knows? Maybe they know.
  2. No More Neighbor Connection Arrows That one is renamed "No More Neighbor Connection Arrows Thingy". I was looking for the and got it from redfox85, in the above post. But Merci anyway. I missed that and that is a very welcome feature. When I go down to the SOUP office I'll give it another go. Merci you too. And Redfox85 too. Merci.
  3. I was looking for the yellow border thingy everywhere with no luck. And the minimize button remover is an added bonus. thanks @redfox85 !
  4. Using SC4D seaport efficiently

    Most helpful bunch of tips and huge amount of them. My great thanks, more than a llama can express.
  5. This be a pol But I don't know how to that. Ain't it a good idea? Lots of feedback, if you ask me...
  6. I'm looking forward to this club, but it's a little empty. What kind of details?
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    Way to go! Could you tell me (us) how do you zoom in the region? Is it a paste up? I really could get into that. Thanks in advance.
  8. Nice trick! Looks promising. Will try it really soon. Thanks. EDIT: Well, tried it and didn't please me. Maybe I don't know how to use it. I don't see the purpose of having the Clip2Pic window included in the pic. I'm sticking to the "print screen" key. @Cyclone Boom's tip is neat too.
  9. Show us Your Oddities!

    That's one cool site...
  10. Nasty Popup

    After logging in, I get a repetitious message from Mozilla, it has a community.Simtropolis.com in bold. I don't want it and I refuse. But every time I change from thread to thread, the darn request keeps popping up. How can I disable it ?
  11. Site Header Redesign

    This has worked very so far. Isn't this a non relevant issue? I love the new header BTW. The comments are just nitty-picking at things that don't matter at all.
  12. How often you log here?

    I just realized that I didn't profiled myself... I log twice or thrice a day: Once, very early -I mean really early- to check recent posts which sometimes sends me to some old -and very old posts- this time around is mostly reading, tagging and/or downloading stuff. Twice, around the middle of the day, I try to sort out what I got this morning. Then I get much more into the bounty I got. That means finding dependencies, guides and tutorials as required. Thrice, I load the most important/interesting wherever it is required. The rest of my early evening is spent testing and playing. As you can guess, something is wrong with this method, as my SC4 is quite a mess, with my plugins folder (quite smallish by other peoples standard) is quite scrambled. many mods don't work and I get an occasional brown box. But I'm having fun!!!
  13. I just went to the steam link given by @JurisicSantiago and they are selling SC4 Deluxe for £ 3.99. Good deal!
  14. Good counsel this. Most people (me included) don't pay too much attention to country of origin. BTW, where is ST located at?
  15. Que proyecto! Parece muy prometedor. Tienes que hacer por lo menos lo mismo que México logró contra los USA en el mundial de minifoot ayer mismo.
  16. Show Us Your Overview of Your City/Town

    OK. Does it have a purpose?
  17. oh man. Can't people stay away from Origin? They are the worst! There are a lot of posts about it... NO MOE LINKS TO ORIGIN!!! Go to gog.org for the move dependable softs and Jesus on a bicycle!!!
  18. Wouldn't this topic merit a poll? It would give people orientation about which way to turn, point to new angles, open new horizons and such. That's my nickel's worth...
  19. I'm half -Playing the game player and half -Sandbox player, hoping to add another half as -Mad Modder, once I learn all those neat tricks. Yeah, lots of halves.
  20. Did give a powerful click, and it worked, so I downloaded it. TaDa!
  21. London - Canary Wharf

    Just awesome! Have you made any tutorials?
  22. Just now, I got:
  23. Show Us Your Small Towns

    I love those curving streets. Is so much more realistic than those straight grids. Do you have any mods that allows you to do that?
  24. Show Us Your Small Towns

    This is one of the best topic I've seen. I hope It comes out profitable. A big smile from me when I saw it. In fact, it DOES open new horizons. Little towns up in hard to get hills? What about little towns in the middle of a large amounts of farms? OFC @CorinaMarie has shown on that, but still...